Return of the Swamp Monsters

return of the swamp monsters-02

This weekend, it rained.

return of the swamp monsters-01

A lot.

return of the swamp monsters-06

But by Saturday afternoon, a small break in the downpour arrived.

return of the swamp monsters-07

Confined to the house for the better part of two days because of the storm, Miley and Howie jumped at the chance for a few minutes of outdoor freedom.

return of the swamp monsters-05

To do this.

return of the swamp monsters-03

And this.

return of the swamp monsters-04

And this.

return of the swamp monsters-08

Nothing thrills them more than the swampy, marshy, sunken pit of the backyard that only appears in the spring after a heavy rain.

return of the swamp monsters-09

Howie’s no stranger to the mud.

return of the swamp monsters-10

Get ready…

return of the swamp monsters-11


return of the swamp monsters-13

Just before he reaches his destination, Howie gets really excited and starts running like this.

return of the swamp monsters-14

This mini soccer ball is his LIFE.

return of the swamp monsters-16

He carries it with him everywhere.

return of the swamp monsters-17

To bed. To eat. To pee.

return of the swamp monsters-18


return of the swamp monsters-19

Don’t worry! I’ll save you!

return of the swamp monsters-20


return of the swamp monsters-15

Miley goes in for the grab…

return of the swamp monsters-12

And comes up victorious!

return of the swamp monsters-21

Miley. She’s the dainty one.

return of the swamp monsters-22

So prim. So proper.

return of the swamp monsters-23

Spring. The time of year where we say, Oh well! They needed a bath anyway.

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92 Responses
  1. Jill Ricketts

    I have 2 Bostons, too. Roxy and Winston. They are both rescue dogs and never learned to play with a ball-and they don’t seem want to learn either. But they are a huge comfort to me. I have had all kinds of dogs growing up, but there is nothing like a Boston.

  2. Sara

    OMG! That is so cute! My furbaby Panda has the same squeaky soccer ball & it is her LIFE as well, she could spend HOURS playing fetch with that thing! Love your blog :)

  3. Ann

    That is totally the very best series of “why I love my dog” I’ve ever seen. Complete enjoyment both for the dogs and for us viewers. I gave up dogs because of traveling but I sure do love other peoples and yours are adorable. We could all take advice from them – life is fun, go for it!

  4. Debbie C

    WOW your pictures are fabulous and you captured such action I love it. All your food pics are so great as well. I love seeing the dog pics though they are really cute! I bet it was fun having to clean him up afterwards!
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary

    I just discovered your site, I love it!! We also have two boston terriers, aren’t they the cutest?!!! I am trying one of your recipes tonight :)

  6. Joan Pratt

    Awesome! My family & I love the pics of your boston’s as we have one too! They are so full of life, arent they? Love them!

  7. Nicole B

    I just love this so much! I have looked at it 5 times since you posted it, makes me laugh. I also have shared it with my aunt and her friend. They love it too!

  8. Jennifer

    Amanda, I LOVE your Howie and Miley posts. Their energy just makes them so adorable! Well, they are just adorable anyway, but still! :)

    Have you ever heard of Your pictures would be PERFECT to submit. You should check him out.

  9. Hannah E.

    Those photos are too funny. :) We have a dog, but he’s a Golden Retriever… He likes to ROLL in the mud better. ;)

    I loved all the photos and they’re really great action shots! Fantastic job on the images and text.

  10. Shelby

    Those are great pictures! Miley and Howie look like they are having the best time ever!! I have a feeling they weren’t as thrilled for the bath afterwards though. :)

  11. Meredith

    *LOVE*!!! I love the way you capture their movement, and your commentary is PERFECT! I was practicing my ‘freezing water’ skills the other day – whenever I am using my new camera (D3100), I am trying to think back to what you’ve taught me – you’re such a help!!! :)

  12. Mary

    Hysterical. My boston starts doing that little “prance/hop” running thing from excitement right before she pounces as well. Love the photos!

  13. Tami McBeain

    I love seeing your pics of your dogs, your pictures are amazing! Love the captions too, you made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  14. TJ

    Hi, Amanda! I want to let you know that I love the things you write and the photographs you take. I don’t have a professional camera (yet…still wishing), but you pictures are an inspiration! And it was your blog that encouraged me to begin blogging myself. Also, many of your blogger design tutorials went into use to pretty my blog up. So in my own way of saying thank you and expressing how much I love your blog, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award: I know this if probably nothing to you since you’re up so high in the ranks of blogging, but I though it appropriate to award you with it because your blog was my inspiration. Thank you! I hope you have a great day.

  15. Deborah Hallenbeck

    What absolutely amazing pictures. Can’t believe you got those shots. Your camera is amazing and you really know how to use it.

  16. kelly

    that looks like dog heaven! i am sure a pain to clean them off whenever they go out though!
    my dog wants to take his blanket out to pee in the morning but we tell him to leave it at the door and he does. so funny!!

  17. Lynn

    Amanda…your muddy pictures always make me laugh. Miley and Howie are hilarious! I can’t even imagine what the bathtub looked like after you got them clean….but the looks on their faces in the pics say it was all worth it!

  18. Angela B

    Love the pics!! Especially the one where Howie looks like he’s flying. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Howie!!!

    Love how dogs (and cats) live in the minute. I think we could learn a thing or two from them!

  19. Taryn

    My Boston is the same way about his Octo-Bunny toy (I swear, it’s a bunny with 6 octo-legs) as Howie is with his soccer ball!

    Great pictures! You seem to have so much fun with your dogs.

  20. Kim

    I really loved looking at these photos. Loved seeing the pads of their back paws and their toes spread in a few of them shots – head on. Now that’s some mid-air action!

  21. Jenni

    Hi Amanda!

    How are you?
    Love those pictures! They really made my day lol. My dogs would love those pics as a movie. They were watching Marmaduke the other day & barking at the TV lol …
    Gotta buy a new camera so I can take pictures like you do!

  22. Nicole

    I love these posts! I am the mom of a lab and 3 mixed rescues who do whatever he does plus their sister who “hangs” with me. We know all about the mud and love to see other “babies” making the best of rainy day. (I always show Miley and Howie to my husband) One question: How do you get those mud stains out? Ha!

  23. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Just darling. I can’t imagine the mess afterwards!! Love how you’ve caught Howie in a “Superman” pose mid-air too :)

  24. Marcella

    THANK YOU…great morning giggles. I just love pictures of your dogs they are so darn cute and look to be tons of fun! Your pictures are so good…wish I was that good when I take pictures of our dog…but then again we have a Bulldog (Bruiser) and they by nature do more resting than moving! Ha..really you take wonderful pictures and always enjoy them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Mason

    Dear Amanda,
    How on earth do you take these photos? Are you down on your belly in the dry part of the lawn?! They are wonderful! I would love to have your photo tips – you should have a photo blog! Enjoy your blog so much, (and am inspired by your weight loss story) keep up the wonderful work!
    Mary Mason-Leskowitz

    1. Amanda

      Hey Mason! I was squatting like a baseball catcher. :) For more info, you can click on any photo to see the settings used to take it. :)

  26. April Driggers

    I absolutely love these! You need to give us the settings you had your camera on! :) My previous two Bostons were just like this.. the one I have now is the most dainty, prim, proper … NON-dog it’s just night and day! I miss the playful fetching active ones I used to have. :)

  27. elizabeth

    just love the new pics of the bts playing. I have a 14 yr old. Boston so those days are behind her, but every once in awhile that sassiness and that urge to play come out. your photography is great!

  28. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I keep telling myself that this rain will make for great kayaking creeks but man I’m over it. Your poor lawn – but it looks like the puddles went to great use!!! Ours looks like it’s ready for some mud wrestling too!

    I just remind myself of how green the grass will be.

  29. Andreea

    Such good dogs!

    I went to Georgetown Cupcake a couple days ago (current first post on my site) and thought of you (sorry I hope that doesn’t sound weird). But I just think you would LOVE their cupcakes. So fluffy and light and tasty and delicious! If you haven’t been, and you’re in the DC area, they’re well worth the wait (took us around 40 minutes)!

  30. Marilyn

    I love all these pics but esp. the one of Howie mid air right before he reaches his destination. Made me laugh out loud. :)

  31. Dana

    Oh my gosh!!! This made me smile! Thanks for posting their romp in the mud! Great action shots!!!!! Your pictures are amazing!

  32. Pamela Palmer

    I love to read about your dogs. They are so precious. I have two yorkies. My grandparents had a dog like yours but, it had a glass eye or atleast that is what they called it. I was a child. Thanks for sharing. Whoever, is taking the pictures are doing a great job.

  33. Dawn Lepper

    How do you get such great photos? These are funny, adorable and just awesome. Whta lense and camera did you use for these?

    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Crystal Perkins

    I absolutely love this series! Though I don’t know your pups personally, I think you captured their personalities so well, and they look like they are having so much fun!! Wonderful action shots, thanks for sharing, really made me :o) today!

  35. Chere Mortensen

    They look like they are having the time of their life. Hope Kevin was at home to help you give them a bath. Your bathroom must have looked like a bomb hit it.

    My little cocker spaniel does everything with a tennis ball in her mouth. Yes she can bark, pee, poop, sleep, anything a little dog needs to do. Dixie has not learned to eat with it yet. But she is working on it. The ball is always near by.

  36. Chrissy Farnan

    Super photos and boy oh boy that toy is a prized possession. May favorite photo is the air born photo which looks like he’s lying on a pillow with his paws almost crossed.

  37. Jennifer

    Amanda, thanks for your frequent posting of pics of the dogs…. I can’t tell you how many times I head over to your site when my 4 y.o. boy is in a grumpy mood. He LOVES seeing the funny pictures of the dogs (we started with the peanut butter ones from Christmas). I can’t wait to show him these!!

  38. Merck

    Omg, this are so funny!! I can’t stop laughing! My grandfater had a Boston terrier as well, these photos bring back great memories!

  39. Robin C.

    Such great pictures! Miley and Howie look like the happiest dogs! Thanks for sharing those pictures of your dogs experiencing pure joy!

  40. kimberly

    I LOVE the Howie and Miley picts – you make me smile and that’s a tough thing to do these days… Thanks for the smiles so early here in California (2 am).. Insomnia sucks. –

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