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I love blogging. I love sharing with you guys. I love hearing from you guys. Thank you for being here! Last Friday I launched a new design for Kevin & Amanda. Here are a few of my favorite new features.

Camera Settings

Most of you guys already know this one. I added this feature a few weeks before the new design. But just in case you missed it, on all the newer posts, you can now click on the photos to show the settings I used to take that photo. You can try it out here!

Search Results

Searching Kevin & Amanda or browsing through the categories and archives should be a little easier now, with post excerpts like this.

Short URLs

This is one of my favorite features! If you click the Twitter bird at the bottom of each post, it will generate a custom short url that looks something like this:



The comments section is another favorite. I think I love the color-coordinated alternating speech bubbles the most. And you can quickly find my replies to your comments by scrolling through and looking for the bright background.

If you’d like for your picture to show up next to your comment, you can get a Gravatar. It’ll show up next to your comments on all blogs that have Gravatars enabled!


The recipes section of Kevin & Amanda got a new design too! It’s got all the same features with a slightly different color scheme.


The font used in the header is Esfera NF and the handwriting font on the recipe blog is Pea Sadie.


Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything you were wondering about. Thank you again for being here. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate ya. Hope you like the new design!

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67 Responses
  1. Kate

    Ok, so I am trying to modify the css to change the look of my Intense Debate comment area, but it’s not really getting the look I want. Any chance you’d walk me through what I need to do {in dummy-speak} or could point me to a blog that cold help me?

  2. lyy

    I love blog but hate the comment form. I love yours and how it highlights your replies and how you are able to reply back to each individual comment. Can you help me with that?

  3. Synz

    Hi Amanda!
    Your new design is really great. Since I stumble upon your site, it became my no.1 favorite. I always check my google reader everyday for your new post. I really learned a lot from your site. Keep posting! :)

  4. Mae

    Hey Amanda! I’m from the Philippines and I just want to say that your blog’s really nice! When I first visited your blog, I just completely fell in love with it. The fonts, recipes…Everything! Keep up the good work! God bless you and Kevin! :)

  5. Melanie

    I love being able to see your replies easier. I was usually already putting in ctrl+f and amanda to see if anyone had already asked you questions I wanted to ask, which they usually do! This makes it so much easier!

  6. The Mrs. (Success Along the Weigh)

    Love all of the changes! (Especially the camera settings since I want to improve my camera skills and bought the book you suggested in your Amazon store!)

  7. Leah

    I love tour website. Not only is it a visual feast, but there’s so much helpful stuff.

    I have to ask though – how DO you find the time to be so awesome?! :>

  8. Kair

    Thanks for answering my question! Your blog is definitely my favorite – you do a WONDERFUL job – and the new design is so purdy! :)

  9. Sharie T

    I am commenting just to see if my Gravatar worked….
    PS – During Spring Break I plan on taking lots of pictures!! I will be reviewing your site a lot this week :)

  10. the wanna be country girl

    I love the design! I’m jealous. I can’t wait to do mine. I love to stop by here everyday. You have the best ideas.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  11. Amy

    Love the new look!!! And excited to see you moved to WordPress!! Would love any tips and tricks you have for using WordPress and the Thesis theme. Love your blog!!

  12. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Amanda your site looks amazing!!

    About 3 mos ago I transition from Blogger to Self Hosted WordPress and had an entire site migration and makeover. Gray hair much? :)

    So i KNOW the work you put into this bad boy and your site is looking great!!!

    Thanks for the email/camera picture info yesterday. You’re a sweetheart :)

  13. Jamie

    Hi Amanda! I just LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for sharing all of the fantastic things you share! I just wanted you to know that I’ve been hemming and hawing about starting a blog for quite some time now…well, thanks to your FABULOUS tutorials, I did it! I started a blog! Not only that, I think it’s really cute too!!! Just wanted to let you know and thanks for ALL your tips and tricks!

  14. sparrowchild

    i LOVE your new design! it looks awesome. and what great freatures! your site is so user friendly. that’s why i like it some much. :)

  15. val

    Love the new look. Loveyourblogloveyourblogloveyourblog! Thanks for the fonts, the recipes, the photography helps, the chance to follow along on your trips and ALL the rest. This is one of my VERY favorite spots to visit. I love your creative energy and I always get a boost when I stop by!

  16. Teri

    I really liked the old style but new is good, just have to get use to it. It seems like you have gone in different directions since I first found your site. More travel and food, I liked the scrapbooking part, but now you take me places that I will never get to go, just which I could reach in and get the food!!!
    Thank you for your time in making a great site!

  17. Kelly Caster

    I think the new look it great. Very clean and simple. I also like the colors your using and the font. My husband collects typewriters and the font looks a lot like typewriter font. I think the camera settings idea is great. You take a lot of great pictures. Do you do much editing after you shoot?

  18. Ron Watson

    Hi Amanda.I truly love your website and I’m mostly in it for the recipes.I do most of the shopping and cooking at our house so I’m always looking for new things to try and some of your ideas are really making mealtime interesting.Thank you so much for sharing your life with others.Like me…
    PS I enjoy the photos too.Great looking family!

  19. Amy @DYKTMP?

    Very sharp Amanda. That twitter link is super clever. I also really appreciate the camera settings. I’ve been using them to improve my own photography.

  20. Susie

    Some of my favorite things are that you make it so easy to leave a comment (hard to miss!) and the RECENTLY on Kevin & Amanda. I can see at a glance what I might have missed. Thanks Amanda, your blog is such fun!

  21. Briana

    Love the new design! It looks wonderful!! I especially like the photo details (your post on lighting has helped me so much; I have just started taking pics!) Thank you!! :)

  22. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I love it – so clean and pretty! The colors make me long for spring to get it’s butt in gear around here in Alabama. Oddly it also reminds me of the Miami Dolphins which is meant as a compliment because I’ve always loved their colors!!! Well done guys!

  23. Tara Lee Conklin

    Love the design Amanda. By the way, I forgot – what site do you use to host your website?

    I am building my new blog ground up and getting great help and ideas from you. Thanks for the tutorials!


  24. Jen

    I love it too!!! I love your creativity and ideas! I just recently tried the biscuit beignets and made a camera strap! Love, Love, Love!

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