Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Giveaway

Time’s up!

The winner of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Giveaway is #690 Matt L. Congrats, Matt! I’ve sent you an email.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review & Giveaway

I am so thrilled to share this fun giveaway with you guys today. The awesome folks over at Masterbuilt are offering one Kevin & Amanda reader their very own Electric Smoker. I’ve gotten a chance to use mine a few times, and I am seriously loving it! I think I am ready to start smoking everything.


The first thing I made was this pulled pork. The smoked flavor of the meat was absolutely incredible! I made it exactly the same way, I just cooked it in the smoker instead of the oven. It was a breeze because the smoker comes with its own built-in meat thermometer and a remote so you can monitor the cooking temperature and the temperature of the meat just by glancing at the remote — you don’t have to constantly keep running outside to check on the smoker. And the manual that comes with the smoker gives suggestions for wood chip flavors (found at the grocery store with the charcoal).


If you’re not sure what you’d make first, Masterbuilt is including their fabulous cookbook, Dadgum That’s Good, with easy instructions and tons of ideas for making the most of your new smoker with this giveaway.

Here are the next three things I am wanting to try!

You can get these easy recipes and tons more at


Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Giveaway

  • The smoker is 30″ and priced at $349.99
  • Comes with a remote that controls the temperature and time, as well as monitors the meat temperature so you can check on your food from the comfort of your home, just by checking the remote.
  • Has a viewing window and internal light
  • Built in meat thermometer
  • Built in wheels and handle for easy moving
  • Push-button digital time temperature & time control panel
  • Thermostat controlled temperature
  • Chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Convenient side wood-chip loader
  • Removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan


How to Enter

To be entered to win the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and recipe book, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post: What’s the first thing you’d make in your new smoker?

Contest ends Sunday at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.


Keep in touch with Masterbuilt on Facebook & Twitter:


Good luck!!! :)

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1,946 Responses
  1. Charlotte Swenson

    Informative Site… Hello guys here are some links that contains details which you may uncover useful yourselves. It’s Worth Checking out….

  2. Kallyn

    My step-dad’s smoker is not as nice as this one, it’s old and beaten up. If I were to win this, I would give it to him so that we can make his fantastic beef jerky! mmm!

  3. Teresa

    Ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey??? I’m getting ready to start my carb addicts diet again, and boy would this come in handy.
    Love, Love, Love your website.
    My nephew, Kevin, is marrying a sweet girl named Amanda!

  4. Michael

    I have two deer backstraps and a pork loin with fresh asparagus from the garden that would be great smoked with hickory and apple woods.

  5. Shannon

    oh my goodness! I grew up in Alaska and always had fresh smoked salmon to eat all summer. I used to call it “candy”… it was that good.
    SO I would definitely get some salmon from the market, and try dad’s recipe for smoked salmon. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had any.

    After that… maybe some ham! Yum!!!

  6. Alanna

    Oh My !! We have been looking at a smoker … I am drooling at the thought of making smoked baby back ribs … and the pulled pork … and salmon !!!

  7. Charlene

    I would love to try a turkey…. doesn’t that sound awesome. Pulled pork sounds really good, too…. it’s making me hungry!

  8. Jenny Buttler

    brisket, pork, anything… my husband would DIE… and I would save it and give it to him for Christmas!!

  9. Julie Paquette

    I would make smoke meat. Im from Montreal Quebec, Canada, and let me tell you, we like our smoked meat! MMMM.

  10. mike

    I’m a Texas boy transplanted to Tennessee! Without question a Texas style beef briskit would be my first choice for a Masterbilt Smoker. Made the slow smoke way over hickory making it fall-apart-in-your mouth good!

  11. Amy

    I’d definitely have to make ribs and maybe chicken! My husband had surgery a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t had much of an appetite–I bet I could entice him to eat with something from that!! :)

  12. Abbie

    Ooooo…. i’d try some salmon! And then pulled pork, and then… and then… ooo! the possibilities are endless! thanks for such a great giveaway!

  13. foodie

    No question, I would make a smoked beef brisket. My brother was known for making this every year for a party. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore but it would be a great reminder of him :)

  14. Ronnie W.

    I would definitely have to smoke a Boston Butt with my favorite rub found here on !!!

  15. Angela R

    I for sure would do pulled pork first it is one of my favorites! I would probably have a whole line up of what to do next, like salmon, brisket, chicken is probably my second favorite thing I liked smoked! Yum!

  16. Keira Welter

    Every few years we buy a pig… so what would I smoke? Everything! Hubby is a firefighter and in the military so he does not have much time to monitor an old fashioned smoker… this smoker is something I could use to make amazing dinners.

  17. Ana Murphy

    I would definitely make pulled pork. We miss the awesome pork made in hawaii and I would love to make some for husband and sons who absolutely love it.

  18. Alyson

    Pulled pork is my favorite!!! I would serve it Carolina style with some yummy coleslaw and bbq sauce!!! Pick me!!

  19. Stella

    OMG.. so many wonderful things but I guess I would have to start with Brisket.. thank you so much for doing this.. I just found your website today and I’m in LOVE!

  20. Teresa

    Mmmm…salmon. Oh how I love smoked salmon. I was originally thinking something with buffalo but noticed you said salmon so I’m going with that.

  21. Bobbi G

    We are having a bourbon and barbq party in the fall, so I would most likely try out some pork, and some chicken. OR anything with bacon!

  22. Codi Breeggemann

    I have heard of making smoked macaroni and cheese in a smoker… I might have to try that first! Yum!!!

  23. Krista Golden

    My absolute favorite is smoked salmon, maybe with a miso/mirin glaze. Mmmm, I can almost taste it now. Next would be pulled pork.

  24. Karin Muserallo

    I have seen this Masterbuilt smoker sold on QVC!! It is absolutely AMAZING!!!!The cookbook is the BOMB!!!!!!! I would treat my wonderful husband and myself
    to some smoked pork butt and make the most SCRUMP-DE- LEE-ISHESS pulled pork sandwiches on some Hawaiian buns with some luscious North Carolina tangy mustard BBQ sauce !!! Then we would die and go to HEAVEN- Pork Heaven, that is!!! I wanted to buy this for my husband’s 60th birthday – the kids wanted to buy him a metal detector!!! Maybe I’ll get lucky!!!!:) Thanks for offering something wonderful and so reputable as this Masterbuilt!!!

  25. Christina

    First, I’d give the smoker to my husband! I just know he’d drool like crazy over it! I’m guessing the first thing he’d want to make is some good brisket, just like we used to get when we lived in Texas. What a great give-away!

  26. Mindy M.

    I would probably have to cook the Baby Back Ribs!!! Never had them smoked before but heard they are delish!!!

  27. Beth York

    I am with you Amanda…I would definitely try pulled pork first! LOOOOOVE some tender smoked pork! :)

  28. Molly K

    Oh my! That is awesome!! I love smoked turkey, however, hubby might veto that one for some red meat!!!

  29. Stephanie Howard

    first thing i’d make is… PIZZA! at my nephew’s 1st birthday party, my brother in-law made two smoked pizzas and it was hit with everyone…it was so yummy!

  30. Lacey P

    I would 100% make ribs…I’ve tried everything under the sun and I can’t get them just the way I like them. We love smoked food and this would be an awesome addition to the family!

  31. Christine M

    The first thing I would make would be smoked ribs mmm I can just taste the low salt ribs right now =)

  32. Julien

    Since it would remind me of my youth in Texas, I would have to make some brisket with mop sauce, of course!

  33. julie cope

    first thing i’d make would be some kind of meat….prob chicken or turkey! My husband would sooo love to have this! he dreams of being able to smoke his own meat..he’s a hunter!


  34. megan

    oo, this would be awesome! i would smoke a big fat roast and have a bunch of friends over for a summer feast! thanks for the chance at such an awesome prize!

  35. Amber S.

    I would love to smoke some of the venison that has been in my deep freeze forever. There are just so few ways to cook venison with out it getting chewy, but I bet it would be delicious smoked!!

  36. LiSa

    the first thing I would have to make is some sort of jerky! It’d be much healthier than the gas station kind ;)

  37. lizjeep

    So many things – I AM buying the pork roast – so 1st would be the pulled pork…..but ribs, salmon, brisket, chicken thighs, turkey…..the possibilities are endless! Oh, how I covet that smoker!!!

  38. Amber Moore

    I would make ribs and chicken. I recently used leftover smoked chicken (took 9 hours to smoke!) to use in the egg roll recipe on your blog…DELICIOUS!!! My boys, (9 and 5) love ribs.

  39. Jennie

    Well I am in South Carolina and BBQ is huge here, would start with a Boston Butt, and move on to salmon. Now that’s good eating!

  40. James

    I think ribs and the smoked mac n cheese would be on the first of many great loads of food to be smoked.

  41. Andrea

    I think I would try a turkey. I would try to replicate the turkey legs that you can find at state fairs!

  42. Lindsey

    Oh man, I would smoke some ribs and tri-tip. Can I just say that if I won this, my husband would be in hog heaven ;)

  43. Amy Geiger

    Definitely the pulled pork! I made your recipe in the oven and it was outstanding – I would LOVE to try it in a smoker! What an awesome prize!

  44. Ashlee S.

    I would SO make Pulled Pork for sandwiches.. um.. YUM!!!!!!! =) I love smoked foods.. would absolutely have a blast with this for sure!!!

  45. Lynn

    I asked my husband what he would like to smoke first….he said fish…preferably salmon! I like this because he would cook and I would eat it for a change!!

  46. Charity

    Rainbow trout…YUM!!! We have a family cabin in the mountains of NC with a trout stream on the property. A new smoker would be a great addition. :)

  47. Amanda @SomethingSavory

    I definitely want to try the smoked mac and cheese!
    But since you said the first, I’d have to start out simple and test it out with some chicken!

  48. Lela Fleetwood

    I have a freezer full of salmon just waiting to be smoked so that’s what I would make! LOVE smoked salmon!

  49. Kim F.

    I know it sounds unoriginal, but I the first thing I would smoke would be a chicken. My stepdad makes the best smoked chicken, but doesn’t do it near enough for me. I would love to be able to perfect my own smoked chicken.

    After that, though, it would absolutely be smoked mac & cheese. I nearly drool just thinking about it.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Jodi

    Pulled Pork and Macaroni & Cheese!!! It is freezing in my office right now, and the thought of chowing down on some warm gooey Mac & Cheese, and some sweet heat pulled pork make me want to actually get some work done!

  51. missty

    Tri-tip or ribs….this would be fun to try! Eating out is so expensive and cooking like the pros and making food at home that taste good is good for my family would be a dream.

  52. Josie

    I would make meatballs. I’m not even sure you CAN make meatballs in a smoker, but I love them more than almost anything, and I would love to give it a whirl!

  53. Stephanie T.

    Oooh, I don’t have a grill or anything special to prepare meats so the first thing I’d use this smoker for is kabobs! I always, always dream of making kabobs and, I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, a broiler does NOT give the same flavor as a grill or a smoker! I’d LOVE to call this my own!

  54. Margaret L

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would make my famous smoked chicken thighs-yummy! Right now I smoke ’em on my grill. Smokin on this would be heaven!

  55. Kristian Ashley

    I’d make pulled pork for my boyfriend, since it’s his favorite food. Poor guy doesn’t get to have it very often!

  56. Lori Braswell

    The first thing I’d cook in this smoker if I were to be lucky enough to win? The most delectable baby-back ribs you could ever imagine. And I can imagine eating the ribs while watching the college football kickoff classic in just a few weeks.


  57. Quinn

    We would love this smoker sooo much! We would probably do your amazing pulled pork that we’ve made many, many times now. It is the best anyone has ever had. Ribs would be next. I hope we win!

  58. Carrie Vosika

    I would give this to my Dad for his birthday, which is also Christmas! He’s one of those guys that has everything and is very hard to buy for. I would hope if I gave it to him he’d make me prime rib!
    Thank you!

  59. Susannah

    Oh, I absolutely love smoked chicken, but I think the very first thing I’d smoke would be a nice, big slab of salmon! Ymmmmmmm.

  60. Stephanie

    Ooh! Maybe salmon or chicken or pork. They all sound good right now! I guess I could throw in some veggies too. ;)

  61. June Willett

    I’m a seafood kind of girl and I’d smoke salmon first…. Then follow with smoked prime rib…. Then smoked turkey…. Then smoked pork butt….. Then smoked brisket… and so on and so on. (or as Yul Brynner said in “The King and I”, etc., etc., etc………. YUM!

  62. Kristi Gubbs

    I would have to smoke ribs. Just had a couples wedding shower bbq where there were smoked ribs. Would love to have them again after we get married!

  63. Becca Harris

    Baby back ribs and smoked mac & cheese – how yummy that sounds and in an awesome new smoker! :)

  64. Laura

    I would make some midwest flavored pulled pork or ribs! A great way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

  65. Jenny W

    The first thing I would make would either be some pork for pulled pork sandwiches or maybe some smoked turkey – yum!

  66. Michael Guelker-Cone

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and catch plenty of King salmon this time of year. The first thing I’d try out is smoked King salmon. Just marinade it in a salt solution for about 20 minutes, pat dry, sprinkle with a heavy grind of black pepper and smoke it. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  67. Melissa G.

    I totally would be making pulled pork!! It’s my favorite! But a very, very close second, would be ribs. Can’t get enough BBQ!!

  68. Mallory Nikolaus

    OMGoodness!!!!! I’d LOVE to win this! I would totally make BBQ RIBS!!!!!! YUMMY!

    Pick me pick me!

  69. elizabeth

    I made the mistake of scrolling through the other answers before making my decision – YUM – this is hard! I’ll go with a chicken. Sounds healthy and delish :)

  70. April

    I have never smoked any kind of foods before… This would be a fun and entertaining experience!! I would probably go for smoked chicken or turkey on my first attempt. However… after seeing several of the recipes in that cookbook… who knew you could smoke side items??

  71. Bonnie Nivens

    I would smoke a turkey breast – Honey Baked Ham no longer offers their smoked turkey breast so I’d make my own!

  72. Joe Wallace

    I have two Masterbuilt products and they are the best. The only thing better is my dry rubbed baby backs. My wife won’t eat ribs at a restaurant any more after having our ribs out of the Masterbuilt smoker…..Dadgum that’s is some eat’n….

  73. erica

    wow, this thing is really high tech. i would make a pluthora of meat like smoked sausages, ribs and chicken. then i would have everyone over for a party to enjoy these delectable meats! i could probably say that if i won this thing that it would be the highlight of my kitchen because it’s looking pretty sad and i get really tired of making the s.o.s. in the oven!

  74. robyn

    You had me at sweet smoked salmon! and beef jerky, and baby back ribs, and pulled pork…..the possibilities are endless.

    What a beautiful smoker too – I am amazed at the remote control!

  75. Mandi Atchley

    DEFINITELY smoked chicken and a “smoked cheese”. Read several articles about a smoky gouda thats absolutely fab. Would love to eat it w crackers and fruit or incorporate into mashed taters or mac ‘n cheese.

  76. Debbie Nichols

    My mouth is just drooling just thinking about RIBS!!!! I have such a vision of juicy falling off the bones RIBS!!! I would love the experience of having this cooker and fulfilling my food dream!

  77. caroline

    The first thing I would make is a Boston Butt. I would invite the whole family over for a picnic!

  78. Kristi Borders

    Turkey! This would give me a great excuse to have turkey some other time besides Thanksgiving. The leftover sandwiches would be great the following week for school lunches, etc.

  79. Jennifer Stickler

    I would hand the smoker over to my hubby and he would definitely make some wild game jerky..he makes yummy duck jerky:)

  80. Kristin

    I would be making alot of things if I won this incredible smoker. I am thinking that ribs, pork, and chicken would be the first few things on our menu!

  81. Kristen Maynard

    BBQ As simple as it is I love a bbq sandwich w/ tangy bbq sauce and coleslaw on a hamburger bun.

  82. Stephanie

    The first thing I would smoke in the smoker is our fresh caught Alaska Salmon! :) We love smoked salmon and do a lot of it, so this smoker would be awesome for that! Thank for the awesome giveaway!!!

  83. Shannon

    Brisket! And then take it to my dad, who had rotator cuff surgery a week ago and hasn’t been fully functional yet. And he’s the chef of my parent’s house.

  84. Julie

    What a great giveaway! My husband would love this. We’d definitely go the pork route for starters, I’m sure.

  85. Carli

    I would make a smoked chicken or turkey breast- this is the one item my boys love. My boys are the pickiest eaters, and it would be awesome to win this so i can try new recipes!

  86. Sarah S.

    I would definitely smoke a turkey first! Oh my, I can taste it now! Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize!

  87. Bennetts

    The first meal that I would smoke would be an antelope hind quarter. I have always wanted to try that. We love game meats and have cooked many different styles. I think that the antelope would be great smoked. Throw in a few pig butts and… :)

  88. Amanda Sparks

    What a great prize. I’m thinking chicken, pulled pork or maybe ribs. There are so many choices. Thanks

  89. Ali

    Hi Amanda,
    I just came across your site last night, and have been reading it all night/morning! I love it! Your photography is amazing and I love your tips. I have 2 rescue pups, Kylie and Jimmy who have a blog (that I have been neglecting) :) If I win, I would use it to make some great homemade dog treats, like Sweet Potato chews and other healthy natural snacks! Hopefully some for Matt and I too!! Thanks again for putting so much love and effort in this blog- it’s very visible! I can’t wait to get to know you better!
    Northborough, Massachusetts

  90. Sue Braithwaite

    This would be hard to say what I would fix first, but I think it would be a turkey so I would know how good it would be for the holidays comming up.

  91. Honey

    I, and my children, have been vegetarian or vegan our entire lives until a few months ago when we tried meat for the first time. (We’re going on the GAPS diet) My husband wasn’t a vegetarian until he married me ;) but his momma cooked for him.

    I simply don’t know WHAT I’d make as I don’t know what pulled pork is or even what pork tastes like! I’m still learning meat cuts but I did recognize brisket and ribs ’cause my grassfed angus farmer mentioned those. But, I’ve only made fried chicken a few times and I even made some hamburgers about 3 weeks ago! It was…chewy. I miss my Boca Burger texture! :) So, I think I’d make recipe #1 in the Dadgum recipe book! Or…you can send me a recipe that’s former vegan proof! ;)


  92. Reagan

    Favorite things to smoke would be fresh caught fish-We love to fish off-shore and stock up our catch! Also enjoy the whole family over for a rack of ribs- Something crazy to smoke would be chitlins! Never know what we will throw on a smoker or grill in the south!

  93. jenny

    i’d love to cook whole chickens and a brisket! as a girl…who is not married, this thing would be a dream! :) i hope i win!

  94. Edward

    Believe it or not, you can smoke up some tomatoes! But you have to do it carefully and use not so ripe ones. Then once they are slightly smoked.. grab a large fresh bagel (slice it) and spread some cream cheese on it, and top each half of cream cheese bagel with a chunky slice of that smoked tomato! Yum.

  95. Ashley

    I would probably try a brisket. I did make your pulled pork, southern corn, and ice cream the other night for company. It was the best meal ever!

  96. Veronica Concha

    I would smoke a good tr tip with a homemade rub on it. Then share it with my closest friends and family. .

  97. Patricia

    Probably pulled pork. We love it. Made some the other day, but am sure it would be better made in this smoker.

  98. Patricia

    Probably pulled pork. We love it. Made some the other day, but I’m sure it would be better made in this smoker.

  99. Jill R

    I’d totally give this to my husband for his upcoming birthday and make HIM smoke some pulled pork for ME. :) Love the remote to monitor the temp! Awesome!

  100. elisa

    I would not actually make anything, but gift it to my brother as it’s his birthday next week and he actually MADE a smoker himself, albeit a bad one. He loves using it and it would be great to see him make a real rack of ribs or pork shoulder that he doesn’t need to worry about all day!

  101. Malkie

    A smoky rack of baby ribs sounds awsome! I wonder if you can smoke veggies. I love grilled peppers onions eggplant….so why not smoked.

  102. Lisa Y.

    My kids would love this…pulled pork is their fav! That would definitely be my first thing to smoke in this!!

  103. Kathy Jo

    The first thing that I would try in the smoker is smoked white fish from the Great Lakes. Thank you for the opportunity.

  104. Julie Urban

    I would make smoked chicken pulled tacos! Thanks for the chance to win an aWEsOmE new ToY!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ your blog!

  105. Elizabeth

    RIBS! My husband just got a rub recipe from a friend at work and we actually have been looking at smokers. Winning this would make for a mighty happy man. :)

  106. Cecilia

    I love pulled pork and brisket so those would be my first smokin’ experience followed by beef jerky!!!

  107. Erika

    I say Salmon!!! Salmon!! Salmon!!! cause it’s my favorite but of course the hubby would want ribs! ;)

  108. Crystal

    Mmmmmm……Ribs!!! I wouldn’t have to heat up my whole house by baking them in the oven, especially since it’s been 109 and 110 degrees outside.

  109. Jen

    RIBS! Definitely ribs! Our extended family eats together every Sunday and we love to try out different kinds made by my father. We would have great times trying new recipes in this smoker!

  110. Robyn Ross

    Oh I would make some yummy smoked pull pork, oh my mouth is already watering lol :-) Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to all :-)

  111. Malorie Edger

    The macaroni and cheese recipe! I mean come on! Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese! The ultimate comfort food!

  112. Tiff & Chris

    RIBS! We’ve had three slabs of ribs waiting in our freezer for the chance to be smoked and devoured for over 3 months!

  113. claire smith

    I would definitely make ribs or brisket. I’d love to see what my fiance could make this thing do!

  114. JoAnna Grimsley

    The smoker looks awesome! I would probably smoke some wild turkey breasts. The cookbook looks amazing too! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!

  115. Lorinda

    WOW! What a neat giveaway Amanda!! Bet you have been enjoying the smoker. I’ve seen John mention a Pecan Maple Glazed Turkey (I believe) and this sounds wonderful! I’d try that first!!

  116. Fred Nesbitt

    I love pulled pork, and I have a butt roast in the fridge right now, just waiting for me to take a whole day off to bbq. I have always used my Weber kettle grill, but it requires a lot of attention adding charcoal, adding wood chips, checking the temperature, etc. What a joy it would be to use a Masterbuilt electric smoker, and not worry about whether it is too hot or too cool, or running out of coals or wood, or will I have to take it off the grill and finish it off in the oven (because I’m ready for bed), or…well, you get the picture. And the remote control just makes me laugh at how easy my cooking could be! GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!

  117. Michele Peters

    Hmmm… So many choices, so little time! Brisket for The Hubs? Or sausage… MMMMMMMMMMmmm! Sausage! But that mac-n-cheese is looking dadgum good, too!!! YUMMY!!

  118. Heidi Jo Phillips

    The smoked macaroni is what is on my mind! So pick me so that I can have some comfort food!

  119. kristy brown

    my hubby makes the best smoke pork loin….I am betting he would make that! Cant wait to try some of the recipes you have posted in our old rusty smoker! hoping to win the new one!

  120. Jennifer Hamilton

    I would smoke a pork shoulder and then make them into BBQ sandwiches and use the leftovers (if any) for BBQ nachos the next day!

  121. Lauren

    Yum! I would make pulled pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce and Cole slaw. And if I was really crazy, homemade buns!

  122. Cindee

    I’d love to do some baby back ribs, or the pulled pork… anything that comes from a pig, I’d be smoking it. MMMMmmmmmm.

  123. Bonnie T

    Mmmm, that pulled pork sounds gooooooood. I think I’d start with that. Made into tacos. YUM! :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  124. jamie

    the hubs would love this so very much! ummmm i have no idea what he would cook in it but i know i would gobble it up!

  125. Michelle

    I would love to (learn how to) smoke a turkey. That’s what I would make first followed by pulled pork and ribs – yummm!

  126. Elizabeth

    The first thing I would try is the baby back ribs…mmmm sweet, smokey, and spicy just like my hubby and kids like them :)

  127. Heidi Pierson

    I would love to try a turkey breast. I love smoked turkey sandwiches with chipotle mayo. Mmmmmmmmmmm