Laundry Room Makeover

I really, really wish I had a picture of our laundry room {before}. It was bad. It was really, really bad. It was so bad, I didn’t even want to take a picture of it when we first moved into the house. I looked through all my old pics, all my old backup CDs and external hard drives and nothing. I couldn’t bear to take one single picture of the laundry room! I took pictures (and posted them right here on this webpage) of our bathrooms & toilets for cryin’ out loud and I wouldn’t even post pics of the laundry room. Apparently I had to draw the line somewhere. :p

But! I do have do have a picture of our laundry room from the apartment. And it looks really similar. Same plain wall color. Same washer/dryer we had before. Same wire shelving. Same small space. (Although actually I think the apartment laundry room was bigger…) But you get the idea. So for the sake of this laundry room before and after makeover, let’s pretend this is my laundry room before…

The Laundry Room { BEFORE }
laundry room makeover before

Can you see it? Are you visualizin’? Okay and now…

The *real* laundry room…

The Laundry Room { AFTER }
laundry room makeover after

The Washer / Dryer
We got this LG washer and the matching dryer from HHGregg. We were on our way to Lowes & Home Depot to look at washer/dryers and someone suggested HHGregg to us. It was right on the way, so we decided to pop in and look. And I am so glad we did! :) It was a Saturday afternoon, but someone was immediately available to help us. And let me tell you. That guy knew every single thing about every single washer and dryer they sold. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, so I told him what features I thought I needed, what my current machines didn’t do that I really wish they did, and stuff like that. He made some suggestions for us and we walked around the store looking at the machines. I had never owned a front-loading washer before so I had to ask him practically what every single button did! LOL. He answered every single question and didn’t even have to stop and think.

lg steam washer LG wm2801hwa

After tons of questions and looking at all the different models, we were pretty sure we wanted the above LG pair. But we did want to go check Lowes & Home Depot just in case. Well, on Saturday afternoon, Lowes & Home Depot were packed and we couldn’t get anyone to help us. They both only had one salesperson on the floor and there were about 5-6 customers ahead of us. We walked around and looked, and price checked, but then went home. We looked around on the internet and read reviews and price checked the machines from HHGregg. HHGregg had the best price, we couldn’t even find it cheaper on the internet!

We went back to HHGregg later that afternoon and ordered the LGs. I think they had some kind of shipping deal that most places have these days- you pay up front for shipping and delivery and they give you a mail-in rebate to make it “free”. Well, I hate mail-in rebates. They never seem to come. LOL. So we just asked- Hey, we don’t like mail-in rebates- can you take the shipping/delivery fee off our total? They said “Sure!” and didn’t even blink. And guess what- they still gave us the form for the mail-in rebate, and said we could mail it in and still get our “money back” for shipping even though we didn’t pay for it. Neat, huh? But what was really cool- like I said, we ordered it on a Saturday afternoon- and they delivered it the next day. On a Sunday! Isn’t that weird?? But cool! It would’ve been awesome if our old washer and dryer were broken and we had a laundry crisis and had to do laundry right away. lol

After using the new washer and dryer for a couple of weeks, I’m very pleased. I really wanted to be able to wash our huge, fluffy, king-sized down comforter. It just wouldn’t fit in our old machine. The middle wouldn’t even get wet. lol. It did great in the new washer and came out so bright and clean. I can also wash all 5 of the dog beds in one load- compared to 2 at the most in our old machine- and that Sanitary cycle sure comes in handy! LOL

I originally thought I wanted pedestals. I didn’t want to do all that bending down. lol. Plus I really liked the extra storage space. We shopped around for the best price on the LG pedestals and found them for about $70 cheaper on than what HHGregg was selling them for. We printed out the shopping cart page from Newegg and brought it into HHGregg. We told them we were very pleased with their service and would like to buy the pedestals from them too, but found them for a better price online. The guy took the piece of paper, went behind the counter and got the price down to within $7 of the Newegg price. No questions asked!

We ordered the pedestals from HHGregg, and they too were there the next day. My dad came up that weekend and he and Kevin spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon installing the pedestals… But after seeing them in my laundry room… I didn’t really like them. :\ It made it feel more closed in… I guess because the washer and dryer were higher? And also, I couldn’t keep laundry baskets on top of the washer and dryer anymore- the cabinets were in the way. And I had a harder time reaching items in the cabinets. As far as bending down? Well, I found I actually prefered it! See, I would take the clothes to the laundry room in a laundry basket. Then when it was time to move them to the dryer, I just opened the door, scooped all the clothes in the the basket, slid it over and scooped the into the dryer, all in one big scoop. If the clothes were up high, on the pedestals, I would have to pull each item out of the washer separately to make sure it wasn’t attached to any other article of clothing- because I’ve done that before and it always falls on the dirty laundry room floor. Fun! lol

So my poor dad and Kevin spent the rest of the afternoon taking the pedestals OFF the washer and dryer and returning them to HHGregg for me. *sigh* :)

The Cabinets

premade laundry cabinets
These were just pre-made cabinets that we bought at Lowes. They were a perfect fit, and such a huge improvement over the wire shelving!!

The Baskets
I got these from Target. They were originally a lighter, honey color, but I wanted them dark so I spray painted them. Worked great! :) And for those wondering- no, I definitely can’t reach them without some kind of vertical assistance! ;)  But Kevin has freakishly long monkey arms and can reach them easily without a step ladder. So I keep things he normally takes care of up there- like extra light bulbs. :)

Wicker Baskets from Target

The Rug
The rug was the “inspiration piece” for the room. ;) I saw it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and *had* to have it. I knew it would be perfect to liven up the laundry room! I took the rug to Home Depot  and they color matched the blue in Behr paint for the wall color.


Oh, and btw… This stuff is *awesome*


I wanted the rug so bad, but didn’t think it would work in the laundry room because of the two doors- there wasn’t enough room to put the rug down without the doors catching on it and flipping it up every single time- annoying! So I bought this tape from Target and it rocks! It’s strong enough to hold the rug down- the doors don’t get caught on it and I can even vacuum it! But when I got ready to throw the rug in the wash before taking these pics, it was easy to get up.

The Laundry Tower

whirlpool laundry tower

Since I didn’t get the pedestals, I decided to splurge and get this Whirlpool laundry tower (special ordered from Lowes). I had one of those little cheap, plastic rolling carts there initially, and it worked fine, but this one is nicer. :D I love the drawers, and I love that there’s enough room to fit a little mini-trashcan down there for lint. It holds all the essentials- detergent, bleach, fabric softener and dryer sheets all right there. Btw. Yes. That’s indeed Cascade you see in there. It’s my secret for whitest whites. ;)


Thanks so much for looking! :) Whew- I don’t think I’ve left anything unsaid, but if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comments! :)

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168 Responses
  1. Carol

    I love your laundry room. I tried to find the laundry tower on lowes but I cannot find it. Do you have a model number. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you as always for all your great tips, recipes and help.


  2. Cathy


    I am having a hard time trying to find a Laundry tower like the one you have. I google and they come up but no where to place an order. Everywhere I have been no one carries them anymore. Any help will be appreciated. Love the shade of blue. Gives me some good ideas for my laundry room.

  3. Murphy

    I see you did this several years ago, but it still has all the elements I’m looking for! It’s even the same sized room. I am returning those pedestals….and I never knew about a laundry tower. Thank you!!

  4. Rochelle

    Your laundry rom is beautiful, I am currently in search of a similar tower. I do have a questions for you.

    1. Do you miss having somewhere to hang things that need to air dry?

  5. Jan

    I’m interested in the specific LG washer and dryer you purchased. I clicked on the link but all it took me to was the HH Gregg site, not the specific model. Did you get the high end or the low end or somewhere in the middle? Thanks.

  6. jen

    Hi I just found your site, I was wondering if you could tell me what model number is your washer by LG, and do you like your washer & dryer, any problems, as I was thinking of purchasing a LG washer & dryer, and wanted to make sure that the one I chose could was a king size blanket….if I could get by with a 3.6 capacity v.s. the 4 or 5 which are higher in price, but if they are the only ones to wash a large blanket, guess that the way to go… you notice any extra noise with your machines, and are they hard to load and unload, since you took the pedestal out….I see that they wanted $500.00 for two which I thought was…..Thanks for any information….Jen in northern Wisc….

  7. Debi

    Are you still happy with your LG washer and dryer? I’m buying a new house and need to purchase a washer and dryer for it.

  8. Tracey Evans

    Hey There! Beautiful transformation! I was wondering on the front loader machine. Have you had any problems with it starting to have a musty odor? So many people I know that have a front loader complain about a smell after a while. I wonder if they are just not cleaning them and leaving the door open to air out. Have you had a problem with this? I have a top loader. Do you feel like the clothes get just as clean with less water than when you used a top loader? Thanks! :)

  9. Judi

    I re-did my laundry room this last weekend as well. I never got the pedestal for my whirlpool duet. My back was aching reaching down and in for the clothes. I knew I didn’t want the ones that come with the washer/dryer because 1. theyre very expensive and 2. They raise up too high. Like you, I still wanted to keep my basket on top or be able to fold. So my husband built me one! I had him build it 10″ high vs the 151/2″. He did a beautiful job, making it look like a piece of furniture. Also, I don’t know if LG sells something like this, but whirlpool has this nice Worksurface topper you can get that sits over the washer/dryer. It saves them from getting scratched up and makes it all one solid surface. Check it out!

  10. Catherine

    Hi Amanda!
    I love the look of your laundry room. I am currently redesigning mine and am wondering what the depth is of your wall to front of the machine. Thanks!

  11. Sydney

    I just want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I guess I thought I’d have to live with my dull laundry room forever. I thought I might have to get someone in to redesign or reconfigure it for me. I was really at a loss at what to do. One of my biggest problems is my basement isn’t easily accessible and so the laundry room becomes the place where everything that doesn’t seem to have ‘place’ gets tossed. I’m a new widow with less confidence to tackle the ‘big’ projects myself. But after seeing your photos and catching your enthusiasm, I am in the middle of taking my laundry room from being the dungeon of the house into the bright and beautiful place it will become. I might have to hire a plumber to install a surgeon’s sink, and some local boys to hang the cabinets, but besides that, I can say I did it myself!

  12. Ashley

    Amanda, laundry room looks awesome, i could be in there all day doing laundry!!!haha… you’ve inspired me to redo mine…its almost the exact size and dimensions as yours! just wondering what the paint colour is?

  13. Sandra Padilla


    I am another admirer, you have done an amazing job it just flows so amazingly well. I am hoping you would tell me the color of your walls. I am currently doing my laundry room right now and your color just sticks out. I have also stole your ingenious of adding extra storage with a set of laundry baskets. I finally have place for lightbulbs and in reading your blog I see you have done the same…so I must be on the right path to bad creativity doesn’t come as easily for me, as it does from some of you. Kudos to all for just having the vision and be kind enough to share with those like myself who need a little help!!

  14. Susan F

    What a great laundry room! We are planning to convert a linen closet to a laundry closet and this is exactly what I’m picturing. **Could you please provide the dimensions of only the space where the W&D, cart, and cabinets are located? Thanks! :-D

  15. Elyse

    Okay, SUCH a cute room!! But I have to know how to handle the cascade in the laundry. Are there any specific directions or tips? I’ve been dying to know. . . . .

  16. Heather H.

    This post inspires me to create a cute Laundry Room of my own! What a fun and calming environment….almost makes you want to do laundry. We’re in the process of trying to find a house, so I’m hoping to try it out as soon as we find one and move! :) Thanks Amanda!

  17. christine

    this inspired me! i use to hate walking in my laundry room now i cant stop thinking of what i want to do with it lol. thank you !

  18. Jen

    Love the makeover. I am curious what size your cabinets are?? My area is 60 inches across but I don’t have room for a tower.. ;-)

  19. Pinky

    Fabulus make over!! I love that little cart next to the washer but I don’t think I even have rrom for that! All my supplies are in my cabinets now. In fact I just took pictures TODAY to post about my laundry room! I lived with those horrible wire shelves for almost 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t figure out why now, cause I HATED them. Your laundry room colors are beautiful. XO, Pinky

  20. Dana

    This is beautiful, yet practical. I’m curious to see your system for organizing the laundry before it goes in the washer…

  21. Carla

    AMANDA…..I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this laundry room design!!!! My room is almost identical to what you had; the wire racks & dull boring color, but instead of blue & brown, I think I’m going to incorporate green & brown. It will flow well with the rest of my home. Question, do you have any pics of the other side of your wall. I’m still trying to figure out if a tall cabinet would be suitable for that area.

  22. Debbi

    I have to go ahead and admit it…I am like so jealous!! No…not in an ugly way..but, I look at my laundry room and want to cry. Ugly brown panelling, tacky vinyl floor…one worn out cabinet above the dryer and some shelves on the wall that are made out of at least 25 year old pressboard! Like you…there is no way I would EVER take a picture of it! lol! I have to say you have inspired me! I absolutely love what you have done with yours…thanks for showing me what actually is possible!
    Hugs :-)

  23. Doreen

    Your laundry room is simply magnificient! I feel depressed about ours! lol There’s nothing to it. It’s in the cold basement, nothing special about it at all.

  24. Heidi Pope

    So, I’m totally addicted to your site & totally jealous of your entire home. You’ve given me so many ideas for my own home I’m excited to begin my redecorating. We just finished remodeling about 6 months ago and I had no clue where to begin with the decorating, the only room I managed to get complete was my living room. You’ve also inspired me to create my own blog showing my progress on my rooms, but I’ll definitely have to link to your page so that others can see where a lot of my amazing ideas have come from.

  25. Marlena


    Hello, I really like your laundry room make over. So how do you like your LG washer & dryer? Do you have any mold issues that they talk about? Any feed back would be appreciated.


  26. Elyssa B.

    Hi Amanda! I just found your blog and I AM IN LOVE!! It’s like I found a creative soulmate! lol So, I was wondering…where in this laundry room do you store your extra hangers? I just inherited my mom’s house & she has one of those wire shelves above her washer & dryer. This is where she keeps all of the extra hangers because when she’s doing laundry, she puts all of the hang-up clothes on their hangers and then puts them away. I’m not sure if everyone does this, but I’m wondering… =)

  27. Ms. Mig

    I (heart) your laundry room! When my little family stops moving around and finally settle in one place, I have my fantasy laundry room. Having a beautiful place to wash clothes actually takes away the “chore” of the task. Big Thanks. Mig

  28. kim

    Love your laundry room makeover! It is so inspiring. I would also like to know more details on the cascade for whites. As the mom of three littles, I love new laundry tips! :)

  29. Cheryl Fillers

    Hi Amanda . I am so inspired by your laundry room makeover I love it , I show my husband a picture of it every week ,we even went out and bought the new washer and dryer with storage risers. Now sinse I am coping your room I need to know the name of the paint and brand so hopefully I can make my laundry room look as pretty as yours. Thanks Cheryl Ps I would hire you come to to my Home in EAST Tn to come and decorate my home for me….Thanks Love reading your blog. Cheryl

  30. Kristie

    Love it! If my laundry room looked like this instead of a dark, scary corner in the basement, perhaps I’d be more inspired to wash clothes! :) And, I can’t wait to try out the Cascade!

  31. Paige

    It looks wonderful. Just got a new LG washer myself, and I’m beyond thrilled with it. I LOVE, love, love the laundry tower. Lowe’s, you say? I’m going to have to look into one of those.

  32. Kristy Harrison

    I love your laundry room but I have one question for you. What do you do about “hang up” clothes? I have a bar above my washer and dryer so that I can hang up the closes as I take them out of the dryer and then after I finish a load I take them to their respective closets. How do you manage without a bar? Just curious because I love the idea of the cabinets too!

  33. Carolyn

    I just came across your website today while looking for a desert recipe…but I got hooked and couldn’t stop exploring your site! It’s so cool! And your house is amazing! It’s giving me alot of ideas :) Love the inspiration! Thanks

  34. Ada

    I love your laundry room. It is beautiful. The rug is great. I think I might get it for the baby room :)
    So, you say cascade works for your whites? Do you just pop in 1 tablet with your white clothes? Does it work for front load washers?


  35. Annabelle Lee

    OMG, Amanda. You are so creative and I’m so jealous of your Scrapbook Room. I <3 your website because it gives me so many creative ideas in which I can decorate my house all beautifully. I really wish I can just steal your house and beg you to let everything in it stay. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas and I love what you did with the laundry room. You certainly made it much more than just a laundry room.

  36. Ashlee

    So I have a quick question about using Cascade. Do you only use it with whites? Or does it make other colors look bright too? I am excited to try it! Also, does it work if you wash whites in cold water (with Tide cold water detergent?)

  37. Mary Jane

    Hi Amanda,
    I just found your site today and I love your writing style and personality. The laundry room is gorgeous and could be in a decorating magazine! Awesome!

  38. Carolyn

    Thanks Amanda for showing and telling your laundry room. It is lovely! I searched online for ideas and yours was the very best. I think many of us are updating to frontloaders and older homes are not made for them- the plugs and hoses show.I have a handyman coming to fix that. I plan to use a restful spa teal and cream floral wallpaper behind and on one side, and order matching fabric for the curtain/shade on the door. You helped me make the decision!

  39. Ebru

    I absolutely love your blog! Your home is beautiful, I hope you guys live many, many beautiful years in it! You have great ideas that I would like to use in my place as well, maybe I’ll start with the crate bumper/padding for my puppy! :)

  40. fran thomas

    i fogot.we are using a spare already has a closet……….so we are putting shelves in there along with the shelves above the washer and dryer.also a laundry sorter several baskets and what-nots!it should be nice when we are done.

  41. fran thomas

    we are puting in a new laundry room.i have all natural chestnut woodwook that i am not painting.the walls will be a pale yellow and the ceiling will be an even paler color of yellow.almost white.
    my concern is the floor.we live an in old vitorian home and the floors are not level.we don’t want to make this into a major porject.we have a panited floor in there now.i’m thinking of painting it a dove gray and sponging or feathering one(or both) of the yellows on to it(very sparce though).what do you think?and……do you have any sugestions for colors?washer and dryer are white,ironing board on wall will be white,shelving will also be white.not sure what color the counter will be but the room is not very bright.only one i wanted a broght room.i also going to have a murel of something painted on the back wall………….
    any advice?

  42. Stephanie

    My dryer broke and I found myself buying a new washer and dryer this week. Of course, now I am thinking the whole room needs an update. I love what you did and you gave me some great ideas! Thanks you so much.

  43. Cindi Kruger

    Hey! love the udated laundry room…. my husband and i are in the midst of fixing to redo ours. Ours looks just like your before so adding the cabinetry in looks fantastic! I was going to ask where do you hang your clothes when you get them out of the dryer? my husband sais thats the only downfall is that theres no wheres to put dry clothes at…..

  44. Catherine

    that is such a cute laundry room! i will be getting married and moving into an apartment house while we redo our real home. the apartment house laundry room is the basement so its not possible but my real house would look amazing if it came close to yours! were your washer and dryer expensive?

  45. Megan

    You’re my inspiration for everything I want to do in life! I’m so glad I found your blog. I came across it on TCBOTB! I love your house! I hope I have a home as adorable as yours someday!

  46. Sabrrina@SabbyInSuburbia

    Ok so I’m a little tardy to the party…but WOW! I love the way this looks! I’m currently hunting for laundry room ideas and this is totall what I have in mind. Great work!

  47. Danielle

    Abfab laundry room! We have a sort of laundry closet, with stackable washer/dryer and the other half consists of two of those wire racks, which we need for our clothes (we have a big, old house and it only has TWO closets! Insane.). There really isn’t any room for our detergent, bleach and so on, I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of solution. Anyway, our laundry “room” is in our (HUGE) bathroom, behind louvered doors, and I have really been wanting to paint that area a different colour from the bathroom, which is a restful, inobtrusive light sage green. I have to ask…do you dry a majority of your clothes? If I didn’t have so many of my clothes that I hang dry (to prevent shrinkage), I could ditch one of the wire racks…maybe I should go back to one of those wood drying racks that fold up?

  48. The Dapper Darling

    Is your entire house this organized?? I bet you dont even have a junk drawer do you? Im exhausted just thinking about it :) The Virgo in me wants to be organized…the mom in me just wants to rest…hhaa.

    Love your blog!

  49. Jennifer

    hey Amanda! I emailed you a few weeks ago about blog design but now I am back wanting to know the size of the rug you used in your laundry room makeover. LOVE your room!!! ♥ Was it the larger version of the rug? I have to say the room is gorgeous and I must get mine looking better. My first step was to buy the rug from Bed Bath and Beyond today. I bought the smaller one but I think I may need to go back and get the larger one. So if you have a minute could you share the size you used?

    Thanks so much!

  50. Kat

    I *~LOVE~* your laundry room! It was the very first thing that drew me to your site. I was searching for laundry room makeovers and was blessed to stumble on to your blog. I got great ideas for my laundry room and my mom immediately ran to Target to get the rug gripper, which she loves. I visit your site all the time and even my dear old husband has been on here looking at all the info you have posted about your camera (he has the same camera). You are an awesome photographer, I LOVE the free fonts, and I have enjoyed your recipes as well. I found a gold mine when I found your website!

  51. Jaynet

    Love your blog and not to mention your home. Thanks for sharing! Question on that cascade…is it the kind w/clorox or not? I’ve so been wanting a remedy for sparkling whites ;-)
    Thanks for all the tips :)

  52. Carrie D.

    OK. I am not sure if I am doing this right. Here’s a link to B Johnson’s fab earrings: I like the white :freedom” birds! I can wear them with a sparkly new turquise outfit I purchased on sale! Woo Hoo.

    Next, I am soooo envious of your new waher-dryer combo. Saw an add for them. Wouldit be tacky to register for them for my wedding?

    Happy 4th!


  53. Janet

    OMGosh! I LVOE your laundry room!!! I love the color, whic btw, what color is that? It’s beautiful!! I love it. And I sooo want those washers, but we’re still working on the rest of the house and the ones I have now will just have to work. :)

    My boyfriend and I just moved into a rental from his parents and it was a fixer upper indeed. We were allowed to do what we wanted with it as if it was ours. So like you, I didn’t take pictures of the house before because I was probably to embarassed! LOL, but now looking my house, I wish I would have. I love your site and home. Lovely! ;) I’m a new fan.

  54. Amy

    wow! your laundry room looks fantastic. i think i’m inspired to work on that room next. i have the same washer and dryer and wanted to send a shout out to say how wonderful they have been for me too! and i love how they play me a little song when they turn on and off. just sayin’.

  55. Sherry

    You have such great taste. I love everything you do. This laundry room is awesome, and I just had to have the rug. So I redid my master bath. It looks great, thanks to you!!!

  56. Joy

    You use Cascade for your whites? How much (measurments)? Also love the laundry tower, I love organization. Going to check out your ‘free fonts’.

  57. Sara

    I love your laundry room, it’s so beautiful! I keep hoping our 15 year old washer and 20+ year old dryer will finally die so I have an excuse to get some nice front loaders. I love the color on the walls, so serene.

  58. Gigi

    What brand and color did you use for the wall paint? I am looking for something exactly like that. You did such a beautiful job with your laundry room and now I want an LG washer/dryer set so badly!

  59. Misty


    I love the new laundry room! We are working on the floor plan of a new house right now and I am taking the w/d from the hallway upstairs and making a laundry room downstairs. I would love to do something like this in mine one day! You have officially inspired me. I am curious of how much cascade you use per load on your whites, this is a new thing to me.

    Thanks for all the inspiration on everything you post!

  60. Becca

    Oh my, I have to admit, I am jealous of your laundry room! It looks beautiful! I especially love those drawers to the left of your washer/dryer… ahh!

  61. Megan

    BEAUTIFUL! I’m jealous! I love the colors, the appliances, shelves/cabinets, and baskets! My laundry “room” is just a part of a large, unfinished basement that has no personality or anything that could even turn into personality… well, not without a lot of work, some walls built, and well, you get the picture. Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough to post a picture of it for some help but that may be awhile! :)

  62. margaret

    wow! i LOVE your laundry room. you have definitely given me many ideas about the “perfect” laundry room…whenever i buy my house, that is :) thanks for all the great tips!

  63. Pita

    I found your site by accident, and it’s very interesting.. I’m looking for some ideas and your site had been so hopefull.. Thank You !!

  64. Michelle

    Wow Amanda your laundry room is so amazing. Wall color is pretty, and love that new washer and dryer set. I bet you love doing washing now…lol I know I would, I am jealous. I would not hate doing the laundry so much if I had a laundry room like that. Last year I was tired of my plain white walls so I painted mine sky blue. After I did it I was unsure but now it has grown on me and I love it. I wanted new sheleving but am making due with what I have for now. So I have sky blue paint and brown sheleving lol. Dont go very well but oh well. My washer is trying to go out and I am thinking I would like to get a set of the front loads myself but gosh they cost so much I have a hard time paying that. And I would love to know that trick to better whites how much cascade do I add per load? To can you use it on cloths with whites and some colors. I really dont want to put to much and mess anything up. Hubby would be so mad if I messed his cloths up. Love the laundry room cant wait to see what else you make over…lol

  65. Barbara Boyack

    Amanda, you inspired me to go out and buy a new LG washer and dryer..we didn’t get the top line model like you have, but we got a heck of a deal on the next one down the line from has the sanitary and allergiene cycles, we have bad allergies so anxious to see if that helps. Bad thing..won’t be delivered until June 2nd as we should be closed on our new house by then..We got white, tried to see how it would work without the pedestals, my old Whirlpool Duets had pedestals, well i bent down and I have arthritis in my neck and back, so I ordered the pedestals..Anyway, you inspired me, and I am going to give the cascade a try..blessings to you and Kevin..

  66. Samantha @ TwoHeartsTogether

    Looks straight out of a magazine it so clean and fresh looking!
    I never knew about the rug gripper, going to get that stuff ASAP that is such a pet peeve or mine to have slippy rugs.

  67. Alyson

    I had no idea I could wash my down comforter! I’ve been taking it to the dry cleaners for years! So… do I just throw it in the wash with the normal amount of laundry soap? Do you air dry or use the dryer? I don’t have a front loader so I’m assuming I’ll take it to the laundromat (ours is SUPER huge – extra, extra king size – so I know it won’t fit in my old washer!)! Any tips would be appreciated! :)

  68. Jessika

    Amanda, you are so freaking creative and have such a cute style! I love it! I fell in love with your recipes and fonts and have just started finding (well making time – at work hehe) to read your blog. I just bought a new house and just have a laundry closet but it is so boring, I want yours! Thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas! I also love the pictures of your dogs (not in this post) but it makes me want some of those too! Anyway you are awesome! Thanks!

  69. Cheri

    I love your laundry room. It is very artistic just like everything you do. I love the accent rug and baskets. They add that extra touch. Jpw are Miley and Howie? God Bless, Cheri

  70. Michelle

    Hi Amanda!
    What an awesome, inviting laundry room you have!!(did I say inviting and laundry in the same sentence?? E-Gads!)
    And just a question regarding the Cascade. Is it regular, Hyrdoclean or Extra Bleach? I have trouble keeping my whites, white. So thanks much for the tip!!

  71. creole wisdom

    Amanda, I cannot tell you how much I love this room! The colors, and that rug are fantastic. The story is fun, too. I love good customer service stories : ) Keep up the decorating posts, please. They are def. my favorites!

  72. Anna Marie?

    Hey Amanda!
    I love your laundry room!! My laundry room is next on our list. I did paint it once since I moved in – it’s now a “poop-y” brown that I thought would look oh-so-cosmopolitan!!! Ha! The joke was on me! Worse part is I ran out of paint and so part of the walls are the old crusty gold. “Very pretty”!! ha ha
    So this gives me encouragement to do my room as well. Haven’t read the other posts but my husband was wondering if you bought your towels to match the run (he has alot to learn)?

  73. melanie

    hey hun! got word today of a pirating site and some of your fonts are there! Just thought you needed to know.

  74. terri

    Amanda, the laundry room is wonderful. You did good! I wonder if you could work a miracle like that in mine.


  75. Christine in NY

    As usual gorgeous! I would not mind washing clothes daily in a room like this.

    Thank you for sharing I wish you many blessings in your new happy place…an my who would have thought a laundry room! :)

    Cascade huh.. you r too cool Amanda!


  76. KarrieLyne

    You take the most amazing photos! You even make Rug Gripper Tape look great!! LOL! Love the new laundry room!! It will make doing laundry just a tad bit more fun with new toys :)

  77. Kim j

    Never in a million years did I think I could be jealous because of a laundry room. I. AM. It looks fantastic. Great Job!!!!

  78. Christi

    Just another comment to tell you what a fabulous job you did! It looks great and I’m jealous. Though you’ve also inspired me to *renovate* some of my own spaces!

  79. Caley

    Hey Amanda,

    the colour in the laundry room looks wonderful! My boyfriend and I are actually looking for this exact kind of colour for our bathroom. Do you have the Behr colour name or number so that we can find it up here in Canada?


  80. Tamara

    WOW! Your laundry room looks great!!! It would definately make laundry a happier task with a beautiful and well organized room like yours. Great job!

  81. Stephanie

    Love the makeover! Feel free to come do mine (sorry no new washer and dryer included) I have the matching bath towels to your rug–I need to dig out my 20% off coupon and get over to BB&Beyond!

  82. IkeaGoddess

    Wow, it’s gorgeous. Can I move into your laundry room?
    Joke aside, the colors are perfect and everything pulls together very nicely. At first I thought the photo was out of a magazine. You had me fooled till I read the story.

  83. Becky

    ~~Pretty~~ ~~Pretty~~ ….. these are the colors I want in my living room. Your rug gives the room so much character. I bet you look forward to laundry day now. :P

  84. Stefany

    Love it! Ok, you’ve inspired me! I am going to take before/after pics too. I’ll send to you when I am done. I need to find my ‘inspiration’ rug. The one now just won’t do! I love your bath & body works collection too. How very nice and organized, now will it STAY this way!?

  85. Nicole-Lynn

    Your laundry room looks great! I love the colors you used, the rug & baskets are too cute and match perfectly! Great job!

  86. Amanda

    Hey Tary!
    It’s just a regular light bulb. I’m not sure what the wattage is… But the lighting is pretty decent in there. :)

    LOL Jamie! :) I hadn’t thought of that before! But I do love how it “sings” when it’s done! :) I am a manual-reader (I know, I know :)), but actually the HHGregg guy told us all that since he knew it was our first front-loader. Of course I did come home and read the manual, but I kept thinking, “Oh, I knew that! Brooks told us that!” LOL

    Ooh, Karen, you’ll have to post pics of your laundry room upgrade! :) We really liked the pre-built cabinets! I think I said in the post that we got them at Lowes, but now I’m second-guessing myself… I think we got them at Home Depot?? I know we looked at both places, and they both had them and they were both almost exactly alike… I think I just liked the front of the cabinet doors a little better from the ones at Home Depot. At the time the cabinets were installed, I wasn’t thinking about leaving enough room for the baskets on top or for the laundry baskets on top of the machines- fortunately, it worked out that they both fit! :) The top of the cabinets isn’t actually flat- it has edges around each cabinet, so we just bought some cheap birch plywood and had Lowes cut it to size for us so it would just lay right down in there and give us a flat top to store the baskets. Also, you can’t really tell in the pics, but there’s a couple extra inches of space on either side of the cabinets. One day we may put some molding there to make it look like the cabinets go all the way across. :)

    Tara & Ashley – I had no idea dyer sheets were so bad for the environment! I just love the way they smell! :)

    Jaime, I just found this site last night and I LOVE it!! :) Inspiration for Decoration– Have fun decorating your new house! :)

  87. Amanda

    Hey girls! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! About the Cascade– In the new front-loader, I put about 1/2 cup in the pre-wash tray. In my old top-loading machine, I just put about 1/2-1 cup in at the beginning with the detergent- just like you would use Oxyclean or another laundry booster type thing. For tough stains, my mom adds just enough water to some Cascade to make a paste, then lets it sit on the stain overnight.

  88. Rachel

    I love it! My bedroom is done in blue and brown. I’m also happy to hear of your experience because there is nothing I love more than good customer service LOL!

    I would also like to add that your photography is impeccable! Looks like something right out of Better Homes and Gardens!

  89. Jaime

    I love the new laundry room! Who would have thought a place I like to spend the least amount of time in could be such an inspiration! Did you redo the flooring too? Looks like new tile. Do those towels also match in your bathroom? I love the colors. As always, beautiful job. I’m about to move from Louisiana to Colorado in a couple of months and would love some interior decorating advice :)

  90. Janeal

    I love what you have done with your laundry room. I wish I could do something that creative. I would actually have to have my room clean first. LOL! I have a lot of laundry in my house.

    I love the blue and the browns. What a beautiful creation. You really have a wonderful laundry room now don’t you. It probably makes you fell more apt to do laundry now doesn’t it? That is so awesome and I have to say that when I first looked at the second picture I was wondering if you were playing a trick and showing us a picture of how you wanted it to look like maybe a picture from a magazine. That is cool. It truly does look like a magazine picture.

  91. Susie

    I am in the market for a new washer and dryer, so your post was perfect timing for me. Don’t you want to take a trip to Michigan and give another laundry room a makeover? I must know your Casacade secret, please share.

  92. rachel in Cali.

    Aargh.. just lost my post ’cause I forgot to put my email and name above. :0(

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your colors look great! Good job on the laundry room!! I bet it makes you happy to do laundry now. I felt like that when I got new dishes. I was excited to cook and use them. ;0)

    Cascade in your laundry?? Hmm?? Do you have to run a second rinse? I have a Cascade tip too…
    It doesn’t work for me anymore because I have a stainless sink now, but when I had a white porcelin sink I would use it after I cleaned the sink. It takes the scuffs out and bleaches it and works AWESOME!!


  93. Christle

    I LOVE your laundry room, gives me some inspiration to do mine! I’m so glad that you explained the cascade-was a little confused when I saw it in your pics but now I’m going to have to give it a try! Decoration tip and cleaning tip in 1 blog-awsome! LOL

  94. mikki roo

    Very nice! I am blessed to live in a new house, and I love my laundry room. I have a front load laundry set (Whirlpool Duet) and I got them built under the counter; just like you, I didn’t want to have them too high. I rather wanted the countertop so I could fold laundry. But I got a great idea from your pics… the baskets up on top of the cabinets. That space is kinda an eyesore cuz I have to store things but they never look that great. So thanks!!

  95. Gina

    I am absolutely drooling over your new laundry room. It is perfect. I’ve been pining for a washer/dryer set like yours for so long. A few months back my dh had to go to HHGreg to get something and ended up talking to one of the salespersons regarding the washers and dryers. He too was impressed with their customer service and product knowledge. It is the way Circuit City used to be back in the day. And he should know, he worked for CC for almost 20 yrs. Long story short, I don’t have a front loader, yet! I secretly pray my stupid Calipso will die. The sooner the better.

  96. ashley morgan

    Jealous! I love your laundry room and it is on my must-have list for our next house. I love the color and the organization! My “laundry room” is currently in the garage…pain in the butt.

    But please get rid of those dryer sheets! They’re so bad for the enviro and unnecessary. I don’t use anything and haven’t noticed a difference, but if you gotta have something, I have friends that have used the dryer balls and love them. Just something to consider :)

  97. Katy

    Ooooh, Amanda! I only recently found your blog, but after seeing your laundry room and reading every detail I feel like I have found a new best friend! It is beautiful! I LOVE the organizational details. Thanks for the inspiration, and I look forward to more! Katy

  98. Jen@OurDailyBigTop

    Looks fantastic. There are all sorts of laundry room makeovers on the blogosphere this month – definitely inspirational. Great job!

  99. Heather S

    I loved those cabinets in our old house. They fit perfectly and were cheap considering what you would have paid for other cabinets.

    The picture of your apartment laundry room could have easily been mistaken for your old laundry room cause I couldn’t tell the difference.

    I am interested to hear that you didn’t like you pedistals. I have been thinking about ordering some for ours and a table top that goes over the washer/dryer and it’s slide proof. So it’s a great place to do laundry and gives you a nice flat solid workspace. I don’t know if LG makes those though. I have a kenmore.

    Congrats on the laundry room. You deserve it!

  100. Debbie

    Wow! You’ve done an impressive job with your laundry room! Looks like it’s out of a home decor magazine!! I am so embarassed of my room that nobody can go in there; the horrors at the thought of sharing a picture, lol. And yes, you must dish about the Cascade!

  101. Carrie

    Amanda! You make me want to paint my whole house! :)

    I’d love to know your cascade secret for whites! I can NEVER get them how I like them!

  102. Krystyn

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous over a laundry room before. Yours is truly heavenly. I’ve been wanting to paint mine for a while.

  103. Kayla

    Wow – I love this – it is gorgeous!! We have been in the middle of one of our own home extreme makeovers so it is so fun to see inspiration here! I love the rug tape idea – I am so going to Target to buy some today!! So glad I found your blog! :)

  104. juls

    love the laundry room! what a huge difference i bet it makes it doing laundry a little nicer.

    i have the older version of this washer and dryer and i love them too. i don’t know if the new models have taken care of the water that sometimes sits on the inside rubber seal but i just leave my door open and it helps or you can wipe it dry after using the washer. enjoy!

  105. Julie

    Amanda, LOVE your laundry room! It turned out really cute, great job. A nice, useful space *almost* makes it a joy to do laundry! Oh, I especially love the rug.

  106. Brooke - in Oregon

    I LOVE my front loading Washing machine, mine is a oldie but a goodie :) Oh and that Laundry Tower is FABULOUS! Love how neat and clean it is but still so very cute. But you know you have to spill the info on using Cascade????? lol

  107. Amanda (Lauber) Strupp

    The new laundry room looks great! I also am wondering about the cascade in the laundry… is that a secret you’d be willing to pass on? Great job, as always!

  108. Judith rushing

    Very pretty and I know you will enjoy it. I am very jealous because I have 20 year old washer and dryer. I love your laundry tower. Very well done and congratulations.

  109. Amy

    Cascade for the whitest whites!? AWESOME!! Do you just put it in with the detergent? I’ve got to try this :)

  110. Crystal

    Ooohh! I LOVE your laundry room!!! So when we buy a house, I’m thinking I should have you fly down & help me decorate. :) I love your style!!!

  111. Diana

    Hey….I’m a former lurker! I love the new laundry room! It’s so pretty. I’m jealous of the front loaders. I want some so bad. Anyway, I’m curious about using Cascade for your whites. How much do you put in a load? I wanna tray it. Thanks!

  112. Cara

    Lovely room, you have such great taste. I, sadly, don’t have a laundry room as much as a laundry closet right now. :) At least the mundane chore of washing clothes will be a little more cheery now.

  113. Tara

    Amanda . . . the laundry room is great! I love the make over. However, I read about having dryer sheets and wanted to tell you about dryer balls from Norwex! They will make your towels more absorbent and are much better for you and the environment. Dryer sheets are full of chemicals! Norwex offers a whole catalog of products to allow you to clean without chemicals. I sell the products and am a firm believer in the concept and love the products. Just an idea for you as we all try to do our part for the environment! tara (

  114. lesliereid

    very pretty! i also love my laundry room but there’s no way i could take a photo of my open cabinets right now. you’ve inspired me to do some cleaning!

  115. Sandy_in_MD

    Love the new laundry room! I have LG products for my washer and dryer (for about 2 years now) – they are awesome. I never thought I would get so excited about a washer & dryer, but I find myself recommending their brand to anyone looking for a new set. Enjoy the time savings you’ll get with the more efficient washing with less water – it will usually save you 15 – 25 minutes on the drying time per load. Thanks for sharing your makeover! (Sandy H.)

  116. Teri Crum

    You really made an improvement, love the ideas I get from you sharing your life and ideas. This is the best site I’ve found!

  117. Kim Morrow

    Well I just love, love, love it! You just inspired me to update mine. I really like the cabinets…it hides alot of clutter and the baskets are too cute!

  118. Janine Nicholson

    I love your laundry room! Great colors too! I want to put those cabinets in my laundry room and take down the wire shelving too. We just renovated our bathrooms and one of them has those colors. It’s an old farm house and we are preparing this place to sell. I love all your posts!

  119. Karen

    I LOVE your new laundry room. My husband and I are getting ready to upgrade ours a little. Our house is new, but we still need to put in some handy dandy storage and my husband was also thinking of the prebuild cabinets. Any tips??

  120. Jamie

    Hey Amanda, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but never commented before. I had to let you know that the laundry room looks amazing!! I love the colors! I have LG front loaders, too. They’re like yours but a few years older. I still love them!
    When they turn on, does the sound remind you of the “seatbelts” ding in airplanes?! My husband thinks I’m crazy. ;)
    I don’t know if you’re like me and never read appliance manuals- or if you actually take the time for that, but I wanted to suggest a few things I learned about having a front loader. If you’ve heard it all- disregard! I used to use those Shout Color Catcher sheets in the wash- bad idea with a front loader! They can get sucked in to the vent and then it can become impossible for the water to drain! soooo annoying! The other thing is when you’re not using the washer- it’s a good idea to keep the door open. Since it forms a water tight seal when it’s closed, it will stay moist in there if the door is kept closed and it can start to stink after a while and make all the clothes smell “musty” when you wash them (I learned this one the hard way).
    Congrats on the new room, the new appliances, and the new rug (you sure seem excited about that rug)!! :)

  121. Katie

    The new laundry room is GORGEOUS! I need to make over my area. I’ve been meaning to for years. Absolutely gorgeous!

  122. sweets

    WOW!!! Now that is nice,,Congrats!! But what gets me is you use cascade for whiter whites? Really?? Never heard of that, now I will have to try that,, Thanks for the wonderfull tip!

  123. Tary

    Hi Amanda,
    You did a great job on the laundry room. What I like most is the blue color playing off the white. One question did occur to me since our laundry room is similar to your ‘before’ picture and I want to re-do it someday. What kind of a light fixture do you have in there? I want my laundry room to be much brighter, like yours. We have a small flourescent in there now and that is just not doing the job.

  124. Pati

    Wow! That’s an awfully pretty laundry room! I thought I only saw those in magazines and in my dreams! Very Nice Amanda! I love the added touch of the stack of towels color coordinated with the rug, the rug in the laundry room! Those baskets you painted look great!It all looks like a professional advertisement : ) I wish we had an HHGregg store here so maybe I could entice my hubby into at least looking at the machines. The idea of washing my bedspread at home (& more often) rather than taking it to the laundrymat sounds good to me! I’ve never had front loaders either but my Mom got them a few years ago and she loves them. Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  125. Julie

    Hey Amanda,
    I always enjoy your posts, and this one showing your beautiful laundry room is excellent too. I absolutely love the colour your chose for the walls and the dark baskets go so well with it and your mat. Everything looks lovely and you’ve inspired me. I need to make over my laundry and it’s all your fault…ha! Thanks for sharing…love it!
    Big hugs across the miles form Australia!

  126. Julia

    Wow! I think I read pretty much every post you made in the past 2 years and I can’t believe I haven’t found you before!! I love your laundry room! I have a room that MIGHT be a little bit smaller than yours and I can’t wait to try to do something like this. I hate my laundry room. I don’t want to be in it at ALL! Love the ready made cabinets! Your blog is so fun to read. I can tell how much you enjoy doing all of this. And tomorrow, I’m going down to my other computer and downloading all the wonderful deliciousness that you have on this blog! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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