I’m teaching at the Scrapista 2009 event!

That’s right! I’m super-excited to announce that come this fall (September 26 and 27th to be exact!) I will be in Atlanta, Georgia teaching at the fabulous Scrapista 2009 event! :)

scrapista 2009 weekend scrapbooking retreat

Scrapista is a weekend scrapbooking retreat, open to any and all scrapbookers who want to get away for some food, fun, classes, prizes and most importantly, relaxing and uninterrupted scrapbooking time!

Read more about the Scrapista event here.

Did you see the part where they’re going to have a *massage therapist* on site?? Oh. I. am. so. there.

Now here’s where I need your help- and there’s a giveaway involved! Of course there’s a giveaway! :) But that’s not all-

You guys get to pick what I am going to teach at the Scrapista event!!

I have a few ideas, BUT- I really want to teach a class that you would really be excited about taking. And what better way to find out than to just come right out and ask, huh? ;)

Here’s a picture of the awesome Scrapista 2009 giveaway prize pack:

Scrapista 2009 Giveaway

It includes………

Heidi Swapp Chipboard Alphabet – Center of Attention
Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Vintage Mix Letters
Thickers Shoebox Chipboard Stickers
Luxe Designs Double Sided Paper in Simple Dot, Simple Pinstripe, Capris Oregano, Capris Rosemary, Simple Lined, Simple Calico, and Simple Grid
Hambly Screen Prints Mini Chandelier Transparency
Heidi Swapp Moments Clock Overlay
Big Black Rick Rack
Green Dotted Grograin
Green and Blue Fancy Ribbon

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question:

What should I teach at the Scrapista 2009 event?

Just throw out some ideas of what kind of class you’d be super excited about taking and you’re automatically entered to win!

One entry per person, please! The winner will be chosen by his or her comment number, which will be picked by‘s number generator. Contest will run until 11:59 pm CST on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009.

Thanks so much for all your support- I can’t wait to hear your ideas!! And good luck!!! :)

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108 Responses
  1. Jamie

    I know I am way too late for the drawing but Congrats on the new teaching at this event. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Amanda,
    i think it’d be great if you taught a class on color coordination, and how to match different prints and ribbons and different embellishments. you can also teach about how to use embellishments and where to put them and what kind of different things you can use for it. Good luck!

  3. Cher

    Amanda come to Utah and teach!!! Lots of scrappers out here. Stay at my house! You could teach sooo many subjects, blog design, organization, photo tips, how and where you get your inspiration, how to start the design process, start a business etc.
    Good Luck and congrats!

  4. Michelle

    How awesome is that!?!
    And even more awesome would be me…..there….at your class!
    (insert cheezy grin)


  5. Stephanie

    How exciting!! This event looks like it will be a lot of fun!

    I like everyone’s suggestion of a class on color. I would also love to attend a class on using embellishments and ribbon. I love using ribbon on my projects, but I would like to learn new ways to use it.

  6. Sara T.

    I would love to have a class on using your stash….not sure how that would be done, but maybe something on techniques that replicated using a variety of supplies you already have.

  7. Anne

    How about scrapbooking in minute segments? What you can do in 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. How to use up leftovers. Frugal Scrapbooking.

    I could see a very cool class: Short on Time and Money: build your scrapbook pages with minimal time and money. Use what time and supplies you have. Especially with people stretched for money in this economy a class like this could help people still enjoy the art of scrapbooking when money and time are short.

  8. Brooke

    I would love a class on how to make cool headers. Maybe this is something simple, but I am new to blogging and I need a cool header and I don’t have a clue on how to make them.

  9. CCT

    I think a great class would be some type of scrapbooking with old looking paper and old vintage photos. There are some great older looking embelishments out there that would look great!

  10. Angie

    I live in Mexico and unfortunately can not attend, but taught me gustaria q cookbooks ….
    Thank you

    Vivo en Mexico y lamentablemente no puedo asistir, pero me gustaria q enseñaras recetarios….

  11. Natali

    Hmmm, I can’t even imagine what new suggestion I could add to the pile, so I’ll have to vote for either a recipe book class or a mini-themed book. I did one with all the Halloweens from forever into one 8×8 album and it turned out SO cute!

    I don’t know if your class is supposed to be paper-based or digital based, but if it is digital, my vote would definitely be on designing a blog background. Even after going through your tutorial step by step I could still use some help!

    Good luck teaching, I’m still checking my calendar to see if I can make it.

  12. Amy N.

    Wow.. I have a hard time knowing when papers that don’t match, coordinate! How about showing them how to scrap using mismatched papers and make it look fantastic??

    Have fun!

  13. tchrtiff

    What a fun opportunity for you! Wish I could attend b/c I think any class you teach would be a blast. I think you could teach a great class on making a recipe scrapbook. How fun and cute would that be? I’m really interested in learning how to coordinate items (paper, embellishments, etc) to create a cute scrapbook page. Often when I go to the lss they don’t have the complete line by a particular manufacturer so I need to learn how to buy paper from one, letter stickers from another, flowers from another and make it all coordinate and look good. Have fun no matter what you decide to teach!!

  14. Diane Eck

    Congratulations Amanda!! I would love to be able to come…but living in central PA, I don’t think that will be an option. Be sure to take lots of pictures to put on your blog!!
    As far as a class topic, you have so many different talents, but an overriding one is your gift for organizing and teaching. Sharing how you organized your materials in your room from the pictures to the computer wires would be helpful to any of us! Also, teaching how you did your digital scrapbook for your blog!!…with all your awesome fonts and embellishments!

  15. Amy

    Hi Amanda,
    I love your blog it just gets cuter and cuter everyday! That is awesome your going to be in Atlanta! I would love to take a class on your photography! I also have a rebel but don’t really know how to make the most of it! thanks for your blogging!!!

  16. Ginny

    Would love a class on making a page using products from various manufacturers. How to match the different products, etc.

  17. Susanne N.

    definitely a recipe book (or maybe a mini book on organization or decorating–you’re so good at those!!!)

  18. Sabina

    Congratulations!!! I would love to learn a way to use the different size of paper. Not only 12 x 12 pages. I am really interesting about recipe albums. I love mini albums :)

  19. Colby

    Scrapping your lovable pet(s). Surely that’s something that you do often. And after just getting a new puppy myself, it’s something I NEED to be doing often!

  20. Susan

    Wish I could come to your class! I am always saying I need to organize my recipes, and still have yet to find a creative way to do it. I would love to learn about creating a cute recipe book!

  21. Laura Mae Findley

    I would want to take a class that will teach me things with products that arent your everyday scrapbooking products or techniques that arent your everyday scrapbooking techniques. For example there was a class on 2peas about stamping with bleach, that never occurred to me and now I love it! or I would just love to take a layout class that has fun and different layouts for all different sizes. Pretty much I’d just love to take any class if it has to do with Scrappin! <3

  22. Alecia

    Congratulations!! I wish I could go to this event!! You are by far the most talented scrapbooker I have ever seen and learning anything from you would be a privilege!!

    As far as what to teach, I would love a class on coordinating colors and picking out matching colors, patterns, etc. Additionally, I think a class that teaches people how to incorporate embellishments that are “punched” onto/through the paper, sewn in, etc. would be so exciting to learn!

  23. Ashley

    congrats! sounds so exciting! i think you should teach a class on wedding scrapbook pages. when i finally get the rights to my pictures (gotta wait a year) i want to make an incredible (digital) album, that won’t look dated (or boring) in 5, 10, 25 years.

  24. Alisha

    I would love to take a class on journaling. I do so well at choosing the perfect papers and embellishments, but when it’s time to write about the pictures, I seem to draw a blank! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  25. Kelly

    I would love to take a class on how to coordinate patterns on the same page. Some scrapbookers can use 2-3 different patterns and I’m always amazed at how good they look together….and then I try and it’s a disaster!! Have fun!

  26. Audrey

    I think a mini album class would be fun! Maybe something like products you use every day or another theme of something in every day life.

  27. Lindsay Lowery

    I think that you should teach a class involving those cute recipe pages that you make. I would really like to complete a box such as that myself!

  28. Sarah

    I would personally enjoy taking a class on mini albums. I have everything needed to assemble quite a few of them, but for some reason they are intimidating to me – go figure! I guess the thought of completing an entire album at once per se is what throws me off. Anyway, love your blog, and thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  29. peaMissy

    Oooh how fun!! I wanna go! I would take ANY class you taught. But I would expect that you would teach a variety of fun ways to use the fabulous free FONTS on our layouts, album covers, or home decor? Show how easy it is to match colors, resize the font for the project, etc!! Or I’m SURE there is a need to teach digital stuff so that would be cool too!

  30. Rena

    Congrats! How exciting! I have always wanted to attend a scrapbooking class, I have always just taught myself. I think a great class would be on how to coordinate colors, textures, etc. I wish I lived closer to Atlanta. Have fun!!!

  31. Melanie aka browneyedgirl

    I would love to see a kicka$$ mini book taught….can never have too many mini books, right?

  32. Susan

    I would love to go to a class that somehow involved organizing all the memories (pictures, brochures, souvenirs, etc.) in the time between the trip/event and when you actually get to sit down and scrapbook. I would love to learn a good system for that! I have stuff everywhere! Thanks!

  33. MiINDY SUE

    Congratulations!!! My thoughts for a class would be “Adding Dimension” to your pages by introducing rubber stamping. Rubber stamping additions to your scrapbooking pages look phenomenal…especially when you emboss the stamps when stamping a border or an embellishment. This is a great technique to incorporate and add great dimension to your pages…and everyone goes WOW! Have a great time.

  34. Sue A.

    I would love to take a class that uses different sized pictures on one page – things other than normal 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 & wallet. Put many different sizes on one page…. AND….how you would be able to print those different sizes. Is that as clear as mud? :)

  35. Jacqueline

    I would love to see something on how to put together acrylic albums. I love how they look, but have a hard time with being able see everything all around, instead of the “flat” way of traditional scrapping.

  36. Jodi

    I first wanted to comment that I really like your blog. It is very bright and easy to read.

    I think a class about coordinating elements leftover from recently used products. For example I always have scraps of papers and some embellishments left over from a monthly kit or project I just did. I would love to learn a way to use this stuff up creatively. Like a mini album or cards etc.

  37. Danielle Roe

    So this is an impossible task… but personally what I would love is some kind of class on which pictures to scrap, and then what to do with the ones you don’t. I’m an avid photographer… my kids being my main subjects. I take tons of pictures, and all of the pictures I keep (as in don’t delete as soon as they are on the computer) I love for whatever reason. But considering I take at least a handful of pictures every day, and sometimes a TON more, I can’t possibly scrap them all… and I’m in a constant state of distress over what TO do! If there was a class on resolving this ongoing debate, I’d be all over it. :)

  38. Lori Mc

    I would jump at the chance to attend a class showing us how to do those word albums – FAMILY, BABY, BEACH – those – I think they are so cool, but I have not a clue how to start on one.

  39. Sheri

    I would love to take a class based on your recipe album. Loved what you have shown on your blog. If not that, then a book of me. Any class that you decided to teach will be awesome. :)

  40. Angela

    I think a recipe album would be cool. I’ve tried to do one of these, but was at a loss. I’d love a class like that.
    By the way, love the new fonts! I just downloaded them. Thanks!

  41. Amanda

    Right now I would want to have a wedding book class. I think any class that uses resources you already have is a good idea.

  42. Megan

    I would love a class with ideas about being creative with what you already have. Most scrappers have tons of stuff and keep buying more and more. I would love some fresh ideas for basic products that we probably all have at home already that would help me use up some of my stash (so I could go buy more). :)

  43. Kristen

    Mini Albums!!! Who doesn’t love ’em? Who wouldn’t love a class on different ideas for mini albums?!

  44. Annette Bowers

    Hi Amanda! OMG! How cool is that. I am soooo trying to see if I can get away for this crop, not only to scrapbook all weekend but so I can meet you. I too am a massage therapist and have done massages at crops before. Everyone will just love that when they are done scrapping.

    As for my idea on what you can teach: how about teaching embellishment techniques for pages using beads, ribbon, etc.? Is that something that you like doing on your pages? I see that you are so good at doing many things.

    I think you should just think about what you like doing the best with scrapbooking that is unlike anyone else, and teach that! :)

  45. Carole Tinker

    Hi Amanda,

    I think a class on using chip-board would be great. I’ve seen so many wonderful projects using chip-board, but I have no clue how to paint/decorate and use it!

    I’m also starting to get into stamping – would love to learn how to incorporate stamping and scrapbooking!

  46. Carrie

    I think it would be cool for you to teach a budget-friendly tips class. There could be projects with creative uses for common products.

  47. eunice

    I totally LOVE scrapbooks and you’re the best person i’ve ever seen to do such great work…my idea may not be good enough but here it goes..
    I suggest you teach them how to organize photos and to take them in highquality.
    Also, add different papers in just one page to keep it looking nice and cool. The scrapbook should have DIFFERENT them for each sets of pages to give out the real exciting effect.

    Hope my ideas were fine:)
    luv u amanda!!!!!

  48. michelle Monroe

    I would love you to teach a 12×12 page class that shows how to give your page that extra something. I always feel like my pages need something and can never figure out what it’s missing for that “WOW” factor! : )

  49. renojax

    I agree with so many of the comments already posted—maybe some spot light topics including organizing your scraproom, using and downloading fonts, color coordinating your layouts, starting and finishing from thought to sketch to papers and embellishments to a gorgeous layout- it seems to me that without any one of these things organized, fonts, start to finish layouts you (me) get so frustrated that I leave my project and never go back (hence that wooden crate of neatly ziplock bagged projects to finish—can’t wait to see what you end up with at the event–thanks for all your sharing

  50. jen

    I love mini album classes – where I can actually finish the product (if not in the class, shortly afterward!) I’d also like to see tips on doing hybrid scrapping. :)

  51. Malea

    I’m thinking mini album… I always love them!! They are something that you can do in a rather short period of time but always come away feeling like you have accomplished something. Maybe a recipe theme since you are so awesome with sharing recipes.

  52. Melissa Pierce

    I would love to have a class that helps you out with creative idea’s for stamping! I love stamps and would like to use them more but I get stuck on one idea and cannot get away from it!

  53. Peggy Whisenhunt

    I think there should be a class in shabby sheak. Messy fussy pages with all kinds of stuff on them. I like pages with lots of stuff and have a hard time visualizing it. I see some pages and love them, but can’t seem to vision in my mind how to go about doing them.

  54. Christy

    I think it would be great to have a class teaching how to choose the right photo(s) for the paper or choosing the right paper for your photos. Like – how do you choose when to do black & white photos on colored paper? How can you find paper to really make the photo POP off the page.

  55. Mel

    I’m totally a sucker for a mini album class—there’s something about walking out with a completed project that’s so gratifying! But, I also like two-page spread classes, or classes with new techniques and things to try. Good luck–have fun!

  56. Amy

    I am terrible at getting my whole book to “flow”. It always seems so choppy. I’d love a class on making my scrapbooks smoooooooth :)

  57. Teri

    Congratulations :) I would like to have a class on “Recycle supplies Into New Trends” I have so many good dies, paper, ribbons etc. that my space keeps growing and has started to bulge, need to rethink outside the box. A class sure would help. See you in GA. :)

  58. Serenity

    I really think you should teach a class inexpensive tips and tricks. There are alot of scrappers out there that just can’t afford some things and it helps to find inexpensive things that look good and are easy to do. Plus easy things that look like hard, time consuming things. For example, white gel pen instead of stitching on your page. Things of that nature. I’m always on the hunt for new things to use on my pages. Good luck and have fun!!!

  59. michiganhill

    What a great opportunity for you! I think you should teach a digital class. I loved your first digital kit! And you do such fun things on your blog. A class on how to change colors of digital elements and how to pick and use all of your fun fonts in a project would be great. I also appreciate how you keep the pictures the focus without overwhelming them with colors and elements.

  60. Melanie Hyatt

    Hi Amanda,
    How about a class incorporating journaling with your fabulous Fonts. I find myself frequently struggling with journaling the whole story!! Your fonts are so COOL and that would be an awesome class! Thanks!! Hope you have a blast!

  61. juls

    i can’t make this event but boy i sure wish i could!! i think that combining a class with different elements and techniques would be great.

    a class on layering would be great from the foundation to the last embellishment.

    a class on non-traditional color combinations and patterns.

    a class on embellishments; making your own embellishments out of what you already have.

    i do like the recipe idea someone mention before.

    a pet album made with an acrylic album; a dog bone shape or fish shape etc. would be cute!

    p.s. any new recipes coming soon? :)

  62. Kimberli

    How fun to be able to teach!! I’m jealous, I wish we had something like Scrapista in my area! I would love to attend a class about using all the new (at least to me) embellishments like brads, ribbon, tags, etc as I’m just now venturing out and using more then paper, stckers, and photos!

  63. Jeanene Hagood

    I would be very interested in learning about recipe scrapbooking. Especially from someone as creative as you!!! I know whatever you decide it will be brilliant and fun!

  64. Tiffany

    I’ve been a *stalker* of your site for a while now. One thing I really admire is your organizational ability. You do a great job of unifying different elements and creating a cohesive, consistent product. I would love to take a class where you explain how you develop a “theme” and the steps you take to bring it all together. Your scrapbooks are beautiful and they all flow together so well. I’m totally jealous of your workroom!

  65. Carla

    I recently attended the Scrapbook Mega Meet in Novi, MI this past weekend. I attended a course called 12 x 12 Album – Enhancing and Stamping Techniques. This course was AMAZING!! It was a 2 hour course for Intermediate students. It was fast paced, however you are able to finish the album outside of the class. It showed us different trendy techniques. The cost of the course was $40, but valued at $100. See the following site to check out the picture.

    It’s the first class listed.
    Here is the class description:

    12×12 Album – Enhancing & Stamping Techniques – Poppy
    Come and join SEI for this fabulous 2-hour class where you will leave with a finished 12 x 12 — 20 page album! Learn how you can quickly add stamping and monograms to showcase the talents and attributes of your favorite person or people to make an album that you will treasure for years to come. Learn how to change-up this album kit by adding several fun techniques to your pages. You will receive two additional 8×8 albums with a complete digital scrapbook program that will give you hours of joy and fun as you learn to print complete pages for your additional albums at home.

    Anywho…..have a great time with your course. I would love to do this for a living! Doing what you love…that is what it’s all about.

  66. HeatherC

    Mini books!! They are my new obsession and I think they are so super fun to make — since summer is coming maybe one around summer themes or in fun summer colors.

  67. Ashley Dantic

    I think that you should teach how to make a whole scrapbook “go together” So many of mine seem to jump from one theme to another or one group of colors to another. Yours are always so consistant throughout the entire book. Beautiful work! You have the Taj Mahal of scraprooms too!!

  68. Missy J

    Hi, Amanda! This event will be lucky to have you. I am just starting to use chip board. And I would like to learn how to decorate the plain stuff. Also, you could totally teach about organization – keeping your work space organized. And…I want to learn more about water coloring.

    Just some ideas for you. You will do great! Take care.

  69. Peg Boyd

    You have some great suggestions so far- I’d like to see a class in how to coordinate pattern and solid in a mini-book and using the bind-it-all :) I don’t use my stuff nearly enough.


  70. Linda

    Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity! I think “simplicity” is a good subject. Sometimes we get caught up in too many frills and spend so much time on one page we get overwhelmed & let our pictures stack up because we don’t have the time to put them in albums. A few embellishments here & there brighten up the page but still get our story across. Remember to make snapshots of everything that has been a part of your family. You will be surprised later on in life how one picture brings back those wonderful memories! Best wishes and good luck!

  71. MMG

    I think a class about the embellishment and details that can take a project from nice to WOW would be great for scrapbookers at any level of experience and any individual style!

    Thanks Amanda! As always, love your blog!

  72. Carolyn

    Amanda, I am not at all surprised that you will be teaching! You have such a talent! Wish I could attend. However, I can suggest some topics for your class…what about teaching on how to organize and choose fonts for our pages – after all, you are definitely the font queen! Or, scrapping recipes (as has been suggested already) since that’s something else you rock! I’d also like to more about word books and you probably know everything about that too! Good luck.

  73. Therese

    I love your recipie book and would love to have you teach that. Start it in class and finish it at home. Oh yeah! Thanks for asking.

  74. Cathy

    I won’t be able to attend your day… being on the other side of the world! But if I did I would love to know how you make your fonts. BTW I would LOVE that giveaway… it looks divine!

  75. simply sarah

    The Scrapista event sounds really exciting. How honored you must be! I havent paper scrapped in a year, and have a whole room full of scrap materials. I would like to know how to use out of date items. Styles change so much in scrapping, same as the fashion industry and everything I have is pretty much out of date except for my bind -it- all (that I had to have and never used yet) and my cricut (still my favorite thing ever).

    Another thing I really want to know is a good pre-prep for paper scrapping. Like organizing papers, embellishments, and photos for quick pages.

    Can’t wait to find out what you are gonna teach. My girlfriend visits Atlanta often… Maybe I should convince her to attend for me.

  76. Pati

    I’d have to agree with many of the others esp. since it’s an area I need HELP in! I’d like to know more about putting together colors and patterns, esp using multiple patterns on a page or colors some of us newbies wouldn’t think to put together, make us stretch out of our comfort zone. Also, ideas/techniques on page composition. I love your scrapbooks!

    Sounds like fun Amanda! Enjoy an extra massage for me :)

  77. Karen Johnston

    I would love to have you teach some of the recipe scrapbooking that you do so well. I think this is an area that more and more people are getting involved with. Congratulations on being selected to present!

  78. Fontaine

    I’m in love with mini album classes right now, so anything involving mini albums would be great. Especially if there is also a focus on journaling and recording our stories.

    Congrats, and have fun at the scrapista!!

    Good luck to everyone :)

  79. Jennifer

    I think you should teach a class on scrap-booking recipies! I think yours are soo cute! I hope to start my own scrapbook of recipies soon!

  80. Bernice

    I think it’d be neat if you did a class on coordinating different colours (including patterns), and showed how you could use the same papers to make things with different styles. I just want to know how to make my limited stash more versatile!

  81. Julie

    Hey Amanda,
    Wow, congratulations on getting the opportunity to teach a class a for the Scrapista event. You’ll do an awesome job for sure.

    Since I live in Australia and have just spent 7 weeks in the US 4 months ago, my budget took a battering so the indulgence of another visit isn’t on the books, but if I were to take a class, learning to co-ordinate colours (yes, that’s how we spell it in Australia..ha!) and patterns one would never think would look great together, would be excellent. Also card making using scrap elements….a terrific way to share creativity with loved ones. I think it’s always so special to have cards especially created by someone with love. Also what about using scrapbook supplies to make jazz up an ordinary journal that can also be given as gifts…imagine that, no end to how personalized it could be whilst being so cute and pretty. Fun to make and fun to receive. I think scrapbooking branches out to cover way more than just albums. The sky is the limit really.

    Whatever you choose as your class, I know you’ll make it fun and amazing. Make sure you take lots of pics!

    Warm huggles, Julie.

  82. Barbara Boyack

    How about a book about ‘me’…the scrapper..hopes, dreams, growing up, getting married, kids, retirement, and all the stuff in between…that would be very cool..

  83. Shelley

    How about organization of supplies? You seem to have that down and I never could figure out how to do it with my “real” scrapbooking stuff, (folders on the computer is much easier to manage!)

  84. Mindee

    I think teaching a class on how to make a great scrapbook page be the layout of your blog would be great! Or, how to how to make Custom Word albums. What ever you do I’m sure will be wonderful! You are so talented!

  85. Joyce

    I would love to learn to work with the acrylic albums and 12×12 pages that are on the market now. You are so creative that I am sure you can create something amazing with acrylic pages!

  86. Jenn

    I think you should do a class on your recipe scrapbook album. I love the one you have on your blog and would love to take a class for it myself. Maybe share some of your favorite recipes with the class and have them make some pages for their faves.

  87. Kristin

    I would jump at the chance to take a class for the artisticly inclined, but scrapbooking inept. I can combine color, textures, fonts, etc to my heart’s content in photoshop. But when I try to go to the store to gather all the things I “need” to scrapbook, I get overwhelmed and run out of the store. Literally. Not to mention I get overwhelmed by my small {pitiful} box of scrapbooking odds and ends.

  88. Christy

    Congratulations! I’m sure they will appreciate what you have to offer no matter what you teach. I think Scrappers would benefit from learning layering techniques and stepping outside the box, where you match paper and embellishments together that traditionally don’t go together. That would be fun. good luck!

  89. Steph

    I think it would be great to focus on a project where everyone in the class focuses on their dreams. Yes, that’s right, I said on THEIR dreams! As scrappers (and mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, employees church members, etc.), we are often not the focus of (oh heck, even included on!) our pages and our dreams often come last…after everyone else’s are taken care of. So, I think it would be great to have a class to focus solely on our dreams (using really cool fonts, of course!).

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts and have a great time at the event.


  90. Sandra T.

    I always enjoy taking classes on just 12×12 pages. That’s pretty much it! Good luck teaching! Love your blog!!

  91. Jessica Massey

    I’d love to take a class showing how to put together cordinating paper, embellishments and how to make and entire scrapbook match. I stink at that :(

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