Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Awhile back, I had to do something with our pots & pans storage situation. It was getting to be a nightmare. An avalanche of cookware overflowing from the cabinets whenever I needed to retrieve a single baking dish. I was taking everything out of the cabinets every time I needed something. Then trying to shove everything back in again. And get the cabinet door to shut. It was time to take action.


I picked up a few of these kitchen cabinet organizers from Walmart, and what a difference they’ve made! Two of these racks are holding all my glass baking dishes in the picture above.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

And another one here has made storing and accessing pans & skillets a breeze. The racks on the top shelf holding the muffin pans are just slightly different- they are “vertical slotted organizer racks“.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Here they are again storing my cutting boards, serving trays, and cooling racks. And a mini muffin pan! See that notebook up there? That’s my recipe binder. It holds all the recipes I print off the internet.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I bought it because I liked the stripes and it had a little BT head on the side. See that little guy up there? :)

And now you will forever know what the inside of my kitchen cabinets look like! I probably should’ve dusted first.

And I really hope you can’t see me in any of the reflective surfaces.

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130 Responses
  1. Margot Howe

    Love your storage ideas. Got any advise for someone with few cupboards and only large deep drawers in a 4×8 island?

  2. Diane Bender

    I can’t find these on the walmart website. Can someone please give me more information as to what they are called? Thanks.

  3. Nancy

    I use the same little rack for my skillets, but instead of standing it up, it lays on its side & the skillets slide right in, their handles resting on the floor of the cabinet. It looks like you have a cabinet like mine with the stupid half shelf in the back. My skillets stand on their sides right under that shelf. :)

  4. Jennifer

    this is great! Got any ideas for tupperwear type storage? I am about to go all straight jacket candidate if I don’t find a better solution for the bottoms and lids! Tonight I shoved them in the cabinet in frustration and closed the door for the next poor unsuspecting soul to open and have them fall all over the floor (who will most likely be me, by the way.)

  5. jessica

    omg i LOVE this!! my pans are scattered all over the place and i always get mad when i can’t find something i’m looking for

  6. Eileen nerf

    WalMart here I come. My son took over the cooking while I was recovering from back surgery, and he kept complaining about my pots and lids. I’m finally back in the kitchen and cleaning out my cabinets will be my first big job. Your blog is at the perfect time. Thank you. Eileen

  7. Stephanie Clark

    What a fantastic idea and very inexpensive! I can’t wait to try it in our new rental. There is very limited storage. Thanks!!

  8. Rebekah R. Alberstadt

    Thanks for the inspiration. I was checking through Pinterest and saw your racks organizing your kitchen. Well, I’m a Pampered Chef consultant with a LOT of STONES to organize. I’m actually in the middle of a kitchen reorganization (Thanks Amanda from Style networks Clutter Prescription App!). Anyway, you reminded me that I had bought something kind of like these a couple of weeks ago at Walmart. Only difference were mine we’re all the same heights. We had come to a dead stop today at one point trying to figure which cabinet to use and how! Thanks!! Now my stoneware is in a higher cabinet all standing up and EASY to use!!! I no longer have to move them all to get the one piece I need for a meal for my family or a Pampered Chef show!! THANKS Kevin and Amanda

  9. Vickie

    Loved your ideas will be putting some of them to good use. I ABSOLUTELY adore your BT. I have one also – Bailey 2.5 years old and she is a little love bug.

  10. Jennifer

    I know my store won’t carry them. I never had any luck finding stuff there. Is there a link to the one that stores the pyrex dishes? I saw the baking ones on Amazon. Thanks!

  11. Tuesday

    I’ve been using these organizers for about the past year, standing up for skillets and laying on it’s side for cookie sheets/flat pans. Do you have a suggestion for the upright position? I used the adhesive and it still wobbled all over the place. I would love to use it for my Pyrex, but would be nervous it would fall over.

  12. Trish

    I saw these just yesterday in Walmart. I’m going to have to try this because, though my pans are nested neatly, I seem to be the only one who “gets” the nesting/stacking concept here. LOL Thanks for another life-changing tip, Amanda!

  13. Ruby Knolls

    Your kitchen is very organized! I want mine to be like your lol! Were planning to renovate our kitchen before thanksgiving so everything will be organized.

  14. Tamie

    Saw this on Pinterest and had to come to your blog to find out what the racks were. Can’t believe they are just from Walmart…they look great! I love that they will hold all the weight of your glass baking dishes. Thanks for posting this.

  15. Dawn Hart

    I’m cleaning house right now, and have taken a break to check out your site. Could you do a blog on how to make cleaning more fun? Or more manageable?? :)
    I love your site!

  16. Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    I have the same brand of binder dividers and also bought them because of the little Boston Terrier – too cute.

    Love the kitchen cabinet organization. I so need to do something like this; I DREAD opening my cabinets because of the avalanche of cookware.

  17. Allison

    Oh my goodness girl! Have you been reading my mind! I’ve been going CRAZY with trying to reorganize my junk around here! And now I see that there is a way to organize pots and pans? AWESOME!

    I hate walmart, but hafta go anyway because I’m looking for a pump to pump up the kids’ pool so I’ll be on the lookout for those as well! Thanks girl!

  18. Sherrie

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my pots & pans cupboard!” For so many years I have just dealt with trying to find things in this cupboard, not to mention stuff falling out each time the doors would open. All it took was your idea and a little motivation (which really came on its own!) What a wonderful idea and a much needed quick-fix. I now think I’ll be able to find whatever I’m looking for without everything ending up on the kitchen floor! I even think this will make unloading the dishwasher easier on my 18 & 20 year old boys. Thank you again Amanda!

  19. Suzanne

    I have had my cabinets organized within an inch of their life since I had to redo because of Katrina, EXCEPT for my Pyrex baking dishes. What do you do with them? Stack them all up inside one another, such a pain to get to the one you want. I haven’t even looked in the organization aisle in walmart in ages, thank you so much for the tip, I bought 2 of the yesterday. Now I won’t go out of my way to try not to use them. lol!

  20. Lee Anne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I own that very same cupboard and it has driven me insane for years. Thanks to your idea….it is no longer a complete disaster. Feel free to check out the before and after!

    Lee Anne

  21. Valerie

    Very nice! And why didn’t I think of the binder? No I know what to do with all the stacks of paper I have stacked in my cupboard!!!

  22. Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom}

    Oh I’ll have to pick me up some of these! Thanks for sharing this resource.

    On another note PLEASE share how you did the “Shop with K&A” Amazon linky. LOVE it!

  23. Carla

    Can you hear me yelling at you – once again – that I LOVE YOU AMANDA!!!! You have THE BEST ideas and I am going to Walmart in the morning to pick some of these up, my cabinets totally need help and THIS is it! (sorry for alot of all caps, but I am ALL excited!) You’re the best Amanda, thank you so much! *hugs*

  24. Brittany Coleman

    Love the organization! Quick question though — on the baking dishes – if you were to take out the ones in the front, would the back ones make it tip over? And same for the skillets – if you remove the bottom one or two, does it become top heavy and tip over?

    I have something similar from container store for some big dinner plates we have, and if I use too many at a time, the back ones start to lean a little too much!

    1. Amanda

      No, thankfully they don’t tip over at all! :) They’re very sturdy. On the baking dishes, I am always using the ones in front first. And the skillets- the biggest one on the bottom is almost never in there because it’s always on my stove! :)

  25. Melissa

    I’ve had to buy a few of these myself- our cabinets have no shelves! ahh! but you gave me some ideas… to organize them even better. Thanks! :)

  26. Bree

    amazing! I really never knew stuff like that was out there! I will have to look into these! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  27. Elyse S

    Wow Amanda, you are so clever! We were just talking about how we are having so many issues storing our baking pans and dishes and here you are with this wonderful idea! I see a weekend project in the very near future… :)

  28. Joanne

    WOW! This cabinet is amazing. It could solve LOTS of my clutter problems.

    My first time here, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

    Thanks for the great blog-time!

  29. Merideth

    We have racks like that to organize our pots and pans too, but somehow yours looks much less chaotic than my arrangement does!

    I am following your blog and just added your button to my site MommyIsCrafty!

  30. Annalise

    Love the organization with such a simple product! And what a coincidence. I have the same brand of binder for my recipes! I just got the one with the swirly flower design instead of the stripes. The Bostie totally sold me on it! I have the mini address book too… must go back to Target for more…

  31. Tracie

    I just wrote down “Add to project list…organize kitchen cupboards: pots and pans, appliances”. This was after I put a few items away and then opened the cupboard and a bunch of stuff fell out with a very loud clatter! Will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  32. leslie

    Went to Walmart last night. Can’t wait to get my cupboards in order. Thanks for the idea. I really appreciate it. :)

  33. Gretchen

    Thank you, Amanda! I have a question – I clicked on the link and stumbled across your favorites page… on the side were a couple of books on another subject – food styling and photography. Can you recommend a book on the subject? And someone else posted about an odd corner cabinet – do you have suggestions for organizating in those? We have 2 corner cabinets with 2 shelves that is like a lazy susan. Your suggestions are nice and helpful. appreciatively :)

    1. Amanda

      Hmmm… I think if I had a corner cabinet with one of those lazy susans, I would probably keep plastic food storage containers on it… like tupperware, gladware, etc. Or maybe spices. My mom kept her spices on a lazy susan when I was growing up, and still does, so whenever I see one, I automatically think spices! :)

      As far as food styling, now the best food stylist out there is Miss Jenny from! :) I would run right over there and see if she has any recommendations! She has an Amazon shop too. :)

  34. AnaBel

    Luckily I don’t have a storage issue – I have plenty of cabinet space, but thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and solutions. Amanda, you are changing people’s lives!! :o)

    I have to say, and I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but you are the Martha Stewart for our generation!! Cooking, crafting, blogging, gardening, fashion, home decor, storage solutions… and so much more! Martha who?? Thanks and keep the great ideas coming!!

  35. Tahnaykay

    This is so cool because I have been looking for a way to organize my cabinets too but had no clue on what I was going to do. Thank You for the great idea

  36. Christine

    I’m going right to Wal-Mart to get some of these. The baking dish organization sold me! Mine are all haphazardly placed in my cabinets and I’m always afraid of broken toes when I open the cabinets! Thanks for the ideas!

  37. Lauralee G.

    Soooo on my way to Walmart! And definately on a mission to find, and get, the spice thingy Rachel C. posted!!!

  38. Ness at Drovers Run

    It’s *so* impossible to find organizers like that in this country. I too, constantly struggle to find the dish I’m looking for – even though the kitchen cupboards are organised according to use. Once I’m in the ‘right’ cupboard, it’s still difficult to locate the exact pan that I need – even though I don’t have very many. Having storage organizers like that would *really* help me :) Maybe I should think about importing them!

  39. Shell

    Nothing worse than having to take all the pans out to get to one pan…lol We bought our first house and the storage here is not so great I have been making due but this inspires me to do something about it. Wish mine was like yours you have the small top shelves mine has the full top shelf so you cant access the bottom to well without getting all the way down to the ground. I think I will have to get put out storage units that will cost a arm and a leg. Thanks for the ideas and your cabinets look tidy awesome job.

  40. katie foss

    Love this!!!
    I too will be reorganizing my kitchen cabinets!!! Things fall out continuously and i just throw whatever back in and hope it doesn’t fall right back out…
    Thank You for sharing. I love your blog…

  41. Jaclyn

    Amanda, I just started reading your blog and I am already in love with you! You have wonderful ideas and your creativity seems endless! Can’t wait to read more and thank you so much for sharing!!

  42. Lauren

    I so need to do this… like yesterday! My cabinets are terrible! I think I’m going to try to get those organizers at Walmart tomorrow!!

  43. Alberta

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been wanting to organize my cabinets not just for the organization, but the durability and longevity of my pots and pans…which is even more important now that I’m ready to buy a new set. Do you have any suggestions or preferences regarding brands? Thanks!

  44. Chelsie

    Thanks so much, Amanda!! It’s like you were reading my mind. We’re getting ready to move, and this will make my life so much easier!

    Love your site! :oD

  45. Megan

    I was just thinking… have you ever done a post about your kitchen? Now that we know how organized your cabinets are, what about a look at the whole room? I’m curious! I have a corner cabinet with a door that is MAYBE 10″ wide. The cabinet holds the majority of our pots, pans, bowls, and who knows what else. It’s a mess. But I honestly don’t know how to fix it because it’s so hard to deal with the inside. Oh well. Thanks for the inspiration! If I had better cabinets, I would TOTALLY have those racks!

  46. Denise

    Amanda, what a wonderful idea. I have the same problem with all my cooking pans. I have even broken some glass baking dishes, while trying to get the one from the bottom. I will have to look in walmart for these organizers. Thanks sooooo much.

  47. Lorie

    Oh my! I need those! Especially for the pans and the pyrex dishes!! I am going to have to check Walmart and see if I can find them!!

  48. Ashley

    Thank you sooooo much. I’ve been going back and forth (for months) about what to do. I’ve even changed cupboards, etc. This is awesome! As always, love the pics you add. You’re the best!

  49. Tammy @ Not Just Paper and Glue

    How did you know that I have been trying to figure out what to do with my shelf-less cabinets? I can’t believe you got these at Walmart!! I am going there to find these! Thanks so much!!!

  50. Emily

    Great find!! Thanks for sharing! I think I will have to copy you! I just assumed the pots and pans cabinets were just destined to be a mess! thanks!!

  51. Lucien

    Oh golly, We have added cupboards in our kitchen and are painting the old cupboards. I didn’t like the ones in stock, much too small and won’t hold large dinner plates. I do my best thinking after going to bed and last night I spent a good while organizing them in my head. Today, your post. AWESOME! Soon I will post pictures. Thanks for sharing…

  52. Diana

    I just LOVE those organizers! I’m going to have to do the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!! =)

  53. Lisa G

    Great idea…I am definitely going to be getting a couple of these…but, what about your regular pots and pans (not fryer/skillets)…how do you store these? I seen what you did with the lids…which is another good idea!!!

    I love your blog!!!

  54. Kim

    Ooooh! Awesome ideas! Thank you! I’ve been wanting to deal with my baking dishes and pots and pans ever since I shattered two baking dishes back in September (I guess they weren’t as stable in their stack as I thought). Those look super simple – and perfect!!!! THANK YOU!

  55. Sara

    Those rock! I know a few people who could use those! My mom, my sisters, my aunts, some friends, etc! Such a great idea!
    I do have a fun activity you can do with your Pyrex! If your in the crafty mood try etching your name on the bottom or some fun designs! That way if you take a dish to a party or over to a friend or neighbor because they were sick, had a baby, needed some upliftment, etc. they would know whose dish it is and can return it!
    I was going to do it for my siblings for Christmas. You have to be careful you don’t get the kind that comes off. There is a etcher that will etch off a layer of the glass and it can’t be removed! I used it in JR. High to do a mirror. It is so fun! If you lived closer we could do a little etching party! ;)

  56. Amy

    Thanks for posting this! I too have a hard time with the cookware storage in my cupboards, but have never found anything sturdy enough for the glass bakeware! I will definitely be checking these out!

  57. Donna

    Love these. Going to have to go out and get me some!! I look forward to your posts that I get in my email every day. You have such great ideas.

    Thanks for sharing,

  58. Rhonda

    You have the most organized kitchen cabinets I have ever seen! …Thanks for giving us such cheap and easy ideas for organization. ~Love your blog.

  59. Rachel C.

    I use the same thing to organize my cutting boards and flat serving trays. For everything else i just need more cabinets!

    All my overflow kitchen gadgets have moved to the office closet and no more linen closet for us. I use that for all my cake decorating stuff.

  60. teresa

    You are amazing!
    Do you KNOW how excited my hub would be if my pots and pans were organized like this!
    I think I might get him these for HIS bday!
    Thanks for featuring this great idea!
    Following you on TWITTER now!
    Just started TWEETING!

  61. Lois Hartwell

    You are a GENIUS!! I would never have thought to turn that one little bugger on its side to hold the frying pans. I kept looking at it going “but where is the other organizer she bought for the frying pans?” Duh! That is the artsy side of your brain hard at work!

  62. Debi

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I have the same problem, now that I’m living in a tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen. I’m having to do as you did–pull everything out to get to the right pan. By the way… I’d love to see some pictures of your kitchen–the rest of your house looks fabulous! Did you ever decide on a new light fixture to go over the table?

  63. Donna Tafuri

    Wow! I am organizing right now because I just got new countertops and don’t want to put things back all messy! Will be heading to Walmart! Thanks

  64. Christina

    This is great, I will be buying up these the next time I go to Walmart. Very unique what you have done with one product. Very creative. Thanks for the post!

  65. Jen Jones

    Wow, that looks great! We have a weird corner cabinet that I really need to work on. Anyway, that can wait. My more important question for you is the spice cabinet. In an effort to find the spices for your pulled pork (it looks so delish! I’m attempting your recipe this weekend!)I had to pull out every single bottle to know what the heck was in there! And we unknowingly had multiples of several things. Thoughts, ideas or suggestions for organizing spices? All the bottles are different shapes and sizes, making it even more difficult. I’d love to hear your thoughts and see photos of your spice cabinet! Thanks!

    1. Jadene Payton

      I have my spices on a “lazy susan” turn table (you can buy them 2-tiered & in various sizes) and alphabetized. I always write the date of purchase on the the label so you don’t keep them too long.

    2. Debbie

      Jen,I selected a drawer, next to my stove, to house all my spices. They are in alphabetical order also.

      My mom had a wall shelf that held spices and she kept in decorative bottles (looked nice, but she never used them :))

    3. Kristi Oliver

      I bought several double-tiered lazy Susan style spinning shelves from the Container store and line up all my spices (labels facing outwards) in my awkward upper corner cabinets. That way, I can slowly spin the shelves as I search for certain spices. It saves me having to reach behind spice bottles and knock down a few in the process. :)

  66. Erin J.

    ohmygosh..this is awesome! I have a few casserole dishes but they are all stuck at the bottom of the cabinet underneath my corning ware set. I have to drag EVERYTHING out just to get to my casserole dishes. We have no space in our kitchen :(

  67. June

    Thanks so much for this organizing tip!!!!! I will definitely have to get some of those. I am also tired of the avalanche problem!!!!! Thanks again!!!!

  68. Melody Johnson

    I’m running right out and buy these for my cabinets. Perfect solution to the same problem. I especially like the frying pan holder.
    So worth the investment.

  69. Alisha

    Amanda! I love those little guys too — they have saved me from being devoured by my pots / pans / baking dishes! I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart and/or Rubbermaid should begin to pay us both commission, because I’m constantly singing the praises of those organizers or showing people my cabinets! Haha, it’s really the simple things in life. :)

  70. Melissa in MI

    I LOVE the organization! I have the same problem accessing my bakeware and pots & pans. Will definitely have to give this a try! Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

  71. Jamee

    I will so have to check these out! We just moved and I’m having a terrible time organizing our kitchen cabinets! Thanks for sharing!

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