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It’s Free Font Friday here on on Kevin & Amanda and I have 14 new Fonts for Peas to share with you! :) Fonts for Peas is where I take *your* handwriting submissions and turn them into free fonts for you to download! :) It seems like with every new font upload, I have a new favorite font. Here are a few from this collection you won’t want to miss! :)

1. Pea Amy G.

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

2. Pea Amy Jo Jo

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

3. Pea Pea Croxford

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

4. Pea C-Squared

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

5. Pea Kar Kar

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

6. Pea Lex Valentine

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

7. Pea Loftsgard

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

8. Pea Ambrielle

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

Very cool, very detailed doodle alpha from Ambrielle!! Love this!

9. Pea Panda’s Doodles

Free Handwriting Fonts | Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

These doodles are so cute, I could just eat ’em up.


Head on over to the Fonts for Peas blog to grab them all! Or send me your handwriting! Thanks for looking and have a GREAT weekend!! :)

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40 Responses
  1. Susan H.

    Thanks for more amazing fonts Amanda! I just finished making over my blog for football season using several of your fonts and some of your digi-scrap kits. Thanks to you my blog is good to go until December. Wareagle!

  2. Healthy Honey

    You are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing so much for free! :) And check out my blog. Thanks to your fabulous tutorials, I have used 2 of your fonts – 1 in my header and 1 in my blog titles!

  3. Marissa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do!!!!
    Normally I don’t leave a comment because I figure I would get lost in the crowd. This time I have to let you know that I am loving these fonts. I have thought about doing my own handwriting into a font, and well, you make it a possibility!
    (Oh and the kitchen organization was fabulous!)

  4. Julie

    It’s soo awesome that you share your talent and knowledge with us! I just love these fonts. Thanks you. I love following you too!

  5. Michelle

    Hi Amanda…I just went live on my new website, I used your Pass the Chex font in the logo box and it’s been such a big hit. I’ve been recommending your site to everyone I know. Also, while I’m writing…thanks for the chocolate cake recipe. It’s amazing! Keep up all the posts…I’m addicted! Michelle

  6. Freida

    Thank you sooo much…these are FABULOUS, as always! How would I go about having my own handwriting made into a font? This would be so cool!

  7. kayleigh

    i absolutely adore your blog. it is lovely. i stumbled upon a link to your weight loss story, which led me to the blog, and you’re wonderful. :) i shall be stopping by more frequently!

  8. Nicolle

    I must just be REALLY new to this font thing! I LOVE a lot of these fonts, but am not sure how to use them???? Any help?

  9. Ada

    I love em!
    I have sent so many friends over here after using your fonts on cutie fun things like text on pictures, making little tags for gifts, and even labels. zillllions of uses of cuteness!
    Now, IF I could just find the time to learn how to use them on my blog…read the tutorial, can’t quite figure it out…or maybe I just can’t can’t concentrate that long :)
    ~Ada in Coastal Cali

  10. Amy

    Can you use the Doodles in blogging (specifically Blogger posts)? I haven’t gotten around to trying it but thought asking first would keep me from trying to do something I can’t do.

  11. Casey

    Wow – I just ran across your blog , and love all are wonderful ideas. You are amazing talented ! I DL your fonts , thank you so much for sharing – I am making a family rules board this weekend , so the cute fonts will certainly add character .-:) Casey

  12. jacqueline

    I just found out about this as i am new to your lovely space! I LOVE them and they are sooo cute! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  13. Charity

    Hi! :-) I found your site through my friend Ingid… and I LOVE it!!! I am going to spend some time searching through old posts now!! :-) Would it be OK for me to use some of your fonts to screen print some sayings onto clothing that I sell on etsy?? Anyhow… thank you BUNCHES for all of the wonderful fonts!!! :-)
    Charity <

  14. Demetria

    SOO SOOO NICE… Thank you as always these fonts ROCK!!!!

    I just saw a young lady with the newest handwriting at school and I think I’m gonna ask her if she wants her own font… that would be sooo COOL!!!!

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