Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker Review

The Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker is a fun new kitchen appliance that will carbonate literally almost any drink! Not only can you carbonate water to make your own sparkling water and soda, but unlike other machines that can only carbonate water, this Drinkmate will carbonate almost any beverage!

Sparkling Peach Juice served in champagne glasses

I am so excited for this fun new kitchen appliance to play with this summer! The Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker will carbonate any beverage. It goes without saying that you can carbonate water and make your own sparkling water and sodas, but unlike other machines that can only carbonate water, the Drinkmate can carbonate any drink!

Sparkling peach juice made with Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker

Drinkmate vs Sodastream — What’s the difference?

The Drinkmate and the Sodastream are similar appliances, however the Sodastream can only carbonate water. Sodastream specifically says on their website to only carbonate water in the Sodastream machine.

On the other hand, the Drinkmate can carbonate any beverage like coffee, tea, juice, wine, sodas that have gone flat, and more.

Can I carbonate orange juice in a SodaStream?

Sodastream does not recommend that you carbonate anything other than water in their machine. However with the Drinkmate you can carbonate any beverage. Yes, you can really carbonate juice with the Drinkmate!

Do SodaStream bottles work with Drinkmate?

The bottles are approximately the same size as the Sodastream bottles, but unfortunately they aren’t compatible. You can’t use Sodastream bottles in the Drinkmate.

However you can use the same standard CO2 cylinders as the Sodastream. All brands of 60L CO2 cartridges in North America work with both machines.

Is there an alternative to SodaStream?

The Drinkmate is a much better alternative to Sodastream because it does everything Sodastream does but also so much more. With the Drinkmate you can actually carbonate wine and make your own sparkling wine!

Does the Drinkmate need to be plugged in?

No, it does not need to be plugged in or charged. There’s no cord, so it’s easy to put away and store so it’s not taking up valuable kitchen counter space. You can also take it outside and use it in the backyard for barbecues, or take it with you to a pot luck or friend’s house. It’s small, lightweight, and portable.

Sparkling Peach Juice served in champagne glasses
Homemade Sparkling Peach Juice

What drinks can I carbonate?

Drinkmate is the first home carbonated water maker that can add sparkle to virtually any cold beverage you desire. The possibilities are as endless!

Can you imagine drinking a sparkling ice coffee this summer? Or sparkling iced tea?

You could carbonate freshly squeezed orange juice for a healthy orange soda. Or what about watermelon juice??

I would love to try carbonated Gatorade or Kool-aid!

You could also make your own sparkling wine or apple cider.

What drink would you carbonate first??

Where to Buy:

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker on Amazon

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below! We’ll do our best to help.

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  1. vikki

    I bought the Drinkmate but ran into several problems. First, there is no place to buy the canisters except online. At least with the other soda stream you can buy the canisters at Walmart if you run out.

    I sent into canisters with the label 2 to 3 weeks ago when I replace my last canister that I use in as an individual. I still have not received my replacement so now do not know what to do. The company is unreachable by phone, so I have left a message. I have emailed them as well. I was hoping it would be really easy to return the canisters and get a discount on my next two but there is nothing in the works that I can see so maybe they disappeared in the mail..?

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