Clean Color by Erin Cobb

One of my dear friends created an amazing photo editing tutorial, and she’s here today to tell you all about it! Plus, there’s a giveaway – so stay tuned!

The Best Way to Edit Photos

*I’m letting my sweet, talented friend Erin take over my blog today while I plan a fun surprise for you guys next week. :) Take it away, Erin!

Hi Guys! My name is Erin Cobb and I’ve had the honor of knowing Amanda for about two years now. She’s truly one of the most creative, kind, and inspiring people I know. Basically everything you *think* you know about her is actually true!

I am a professional photographer in Huntsville, Alabama which is how I’ve gotten to know Amanda. I also have a couple blogs of my own (The Pigbear and The Erin Cobb Photography Blog) although neither are anything close to what Amanda has created here at I’m so proud of the amazing niche she’s carved out for herself in the great big blogosphere!

I’ve been honing my craft for about 6 years now and in the course of that time I’ve gotten thousands of emails from people asking questions ranging from shooting to business to how to win the Baby Gap Casting Call. No joke. (A photograph I took of my daughter, Sarah, actually won the Baby Gap Casting Call in 2006 but I can’t say I know the secret to winning!) Far and away though the thing I get asked about the most is my editing process. Finally last year I launched Clean Color – a product that answers that question in its entirety.

Clean Color is a workflow video tutorial designed to show you my image editing process from beginning to end. There are two versions — one for Full Photoshop and one for Photoshop Elements. There is also a bundled version which contains both the Full Photoshop video and the Photoshop Elements video. In addition to the comprehensive videos (each are roughly two hours in length) you’ll also receive the shortcut actions I’ve created to use in my editing process, all of the image files showcased in the video so you can play along at home, and an appendix detailing how to get the most out of the video tutorial and where to go for additional resources.

It covers almost every topic in Photoshop that you can think of – color balance, levels, curves, skin retouching, liquifying, cloning, cropping, sharpening, and much, much more. And in a nutshell, it shows you how to do this..



And the best part of all…you’ll learn how to do all of that WITHOUT ACTIONS… except the ones you learn to create yourself. Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to learn Photoshop, and really understand it? Well, now you can. =)

The Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

Head over to the  Clean Color Store to learn more about how this two hour long video tutorial can change your editing process today. But before you do, drop your comment in the comments section for your chance to win a bundled version of Clean Color which includes both the full Photoshop version as well as the Elements version.

(Have no fear…if you don’t win the Bundle just use the code kevinandamanda to get $20 off either version now through March 25th…)


Time’s Up!

The winner of the Clean Color Photoshop and Elements Bundle is #387 Tiffany. Congrats Tiffany! I’ve sent you an email.


How to Enter

One winner will receive the Clean Color Photoshop and Elements BUNDLE ($170 value).

To be entered to win the Clean Color Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. What do you love taking pictures of the most? Family? Pets? Food? Travel?

Contest ends Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen by and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Erin Cobb Photography.


Thanks for letting me share Amanda! =)

Good luck!

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997 Responses
  1. Debbie in S. Florida

    Oh, this looks amazing. The photos are pretty to begin with, but the “after” is just incredibly. I’m just beginning to learn Photoshop, so I’d be thrilled to win something like this! Thanks for the opportunity, and I’ll definitely be checking this out!

  2. sue

    What an amazing give-away! Thanks! My favorite subject was my dog, Katie Jo. However we had to put her to sleep this past week because of heart failure. She was my pride and joy … I miss her so very much!

  3. Janice Britton

    What I most love taking pictures of…family, pets, food, travel…YES! Definitely, all of the above. But I do need lots of help with editing. Thanks for sharing about your new product. It looks like a winner, and best of luck with your endeavors.

  4. Kel M

    I love taking pictures of people…strangers, people doing their jobs, people waiting in lines, people laughing, kids staring….it is just to show how people are in everyday life…I find them fascinating! Have been getting more and more intrigued by the editing and enhancement of photography. Would be a blast to win!

  5. Louise

    I love to photograph life, a corner of a building, a texture, travel locations. . .everyday life. Never leave home without your camera! Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  6. Christina Richmond

    I love taking photos of our farm animals, and the nature that surrounds us. It would be great if I could take my photography to the next level.

  7. Rachel Whitson

    I love taking pictures of my two sweet kiddos. They are not fans of my camera, but I keep trying LOL! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  8. Lisa J

    What an INCREDIBLE giveaway!
    I have had PSE for 3 years and don’t use it b/c I don’t know how.
    This would be PERFECT.
    My favorite thing to take pictures of is my 5 year old daughter, Autumn.
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! :)

  9. Willie

    I love taking pictures of people, trees and churches. I’d love to make a picture book of all the beautiful churches left in the world.

  10. Karen gowen

    I love photographing people of all shapes, sizes, ages and stages! Love your clean, crisp look! Would love to win your give away! Thx!

  11. Pat J

    I love taking pictures of my family and pets. Although my girls are 19 and 21, they are still my favorite subjects. I recently bought an SLR and I need all the help I can get with Elements. Thank you!

  12. Jennifer

    I am not a professional photographer but love taking photos of my family and friends. I love actions and photoshop elements for editing my not so perfect images. Would love to learn more!

  13. Melinda T

    Wow, great giveaway! I love taking pictures of everything, but especially of my girls and the sky! Thanks for the chance! Now, I’m off to check out the video!

  14. Cinnamon

    Probably my favorite subjects include my family and travel in the same instance. Candid photos that are impromptu. I just bought photoshop (the cheap one?) and don’t really know how to use it much, so a tutorial would be just fabulous! Happy ST Patty’s Day!

  15. Bev

    I love taking pictures of my daughter and making books out of them. But I really just enjoy taking pictures of everything. Photography is secretly my passion. ;) I really like your Clean Color. I will probably get it even if I don’t win. Thanks for the coupon!

  16. Janel

    I just stumbled upon this blog today and so glad I did! Most of the pics I take are of my boys, ages 5 and 3. It’s St. Patty’s and I’m Irish so maybe luck will be on my side today! :-)

  17. Morgan B

    I love photographing my dog (a 1-1/2 year old Morkie), as well as all of the places my husband I travel (we’re going to Belgium this summer!). Understanding photoshop would be fantastic! I only know some of the basics right now. Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  18. Lisa

    Sometimes when I use an action I feel a little too lazy to just experiment with the photo! Would be so great to actually know what to know! :)
    I love taking pictures of the city I live in at night, my little 10-month-old niece or street art.
    AH I would so loooove to get the giveaway :):):)

  19. Melissa

    I love taking pictures of pretty much everything. I love to capture moments that are special and want to remember them through photography. I love taking pictures of places I travel to so I can have something to remember the trip by. I also take pictures of my pets because I love to capture their silly and cute moments!

    This bundle is perfect! I purchased a couple Photoshop Element 6 books recently so I can learn more about the software. I enjoy editing photos and making them my own!

  20. fran vanStaalduinen

    What an amazing giveaway! I take hundreds of photos in
    a week and this would be a great tool for me. I love to take
    photos of just about anything…nature, raindrops, our dog,

  21. Brandy A

    I love to take pictures if our hikes in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Every summer I can’t wait!! The flowers, views, and colors are out of this world!!

  22. Jen Arledge

    My favorite subject to photograph would have to be my little nephew! He’s such a ham in front of the camera and loves to learn how to take pictures, too! He’s now getting to the age that he wants to learn about Photoshop! I can see a summer camp in our near future! ;)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Laura

    I love the clean look you produce! What a generous giveaway! I LOVE taking candid photos people! Strangers, friends, clients, but especially kids! Thanks again!

  24. Kimberly Z

    This is GREAT! I have really grown a passion for nature photography…there is so much beauty all around us! Everywhere I travel, I love to capture not only the memories, but the scenery as well :)

  25. Ingrid

    I enjoy taking pics of my own kids, but especially enjoy capturing pics for my friends during special times, like birthdays. I know how hectic it can be to run a party and still capture pictures so I like to do that for them. I have a lot to learn about photography and post processing, but I have fun all the same. :)

  26. April Southers

    This would come in so handy…. have bajillion pictures and need to learn how to properly edit them :) My favorite subject is my daughter, but my 2nd fav is outside pictures–especially the river! My pics are ok, but they could really use some editing to become fabulous!

  27. Sagit

    I love taken pictures of my children and my jewelry and polymer clay design.
    I pain shop pro to edit my pictures but my wish is to know how to use Photoshop.
    This tutorial will help me A- LOT!
    Thank you for the chance :-)

  28. Carla F

    Pictures! Memories! I love how they bring us back to that exact moment. I would love to learn a little somthing about how Erin creates those fabulous results.

  29. Susan L-P

    I make specialty cakes but my pictures aren’t always great! This would help so much. Maybe I’ll be the lucky one.
    Love your blog and your beautiful photos.

  30. Vicki P

    I love taking photos of my precious pooch, Ginger. She is the most adorable thing — a rescue Schnoodle.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. This looks like an amazing thing I need to improve my photos!


  31. anita

    I am absolutely intrigued by this tutorial! I would love to be able to produce the fabulous photos that Erin does. Taking photos of my furbaby, Peanut, is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  32. Julia Sutterfield

    I love taking pictures of my son who is 2 1/2. I just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 and cannot wait to document the pregnancy and the beginning of my new little one’s life! I really wish I had been into photography when my son was born. I just got Photoshop Elements a few months ago and have been reading books and blogs on the basics and then tricks of the trade. I love what I have read so far and am seriously considering purchasing if I don’t win (but I hope I win, *wink *wink).
    Amanda- I just love your blog!!

  33. Audra W.

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway opportunity! What do I love taking pictures of? All of the above, but my favorite would have to be my husband and daughter.

  34. Natalie

    I love taking pictures of my floppy eared basset hound. He’s the most cheerful little man ever with the most expressive eyes.

  35. Tanja


    I love to take pictures of nature and all the places I see on my travels. There are a lot of things I want to capture forever and I’d like to learn how to edit my pictures professionally!

  36. Lacy Martin-Elmo

    My favorite things to take pictures of are things that make me tear up as I think about seeing them in years to come :)

  37. Amanda

    Great product!

    My favorite thing to photograph (besides my beautiful children) are newborns. They are a challenge but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to snuggle them and pose them in fun ways. They give me my baby fix since I am not having any more!


  38. Sabrina Padgett

    Great prize! Clean Color looks awesome – I hope I win. My husband will use it to clean up photos of all the amazing events he gets to entertain at (, and of our children. I LOVE taking pictures of our two kids – especially at the beach and in unusual moments.

  39. DeAnne Watson

    Thanks for an awesome chance to win. I love taking pictures of my family, to document memories. We love looking back at photos, and I love scrap booking them!

  40. Janet

    I love taking pictures of my family – hubby and two girls who are really almost grown.
    I want to record our lives with the camera, whether it’s a vacation, sightseeing in our “new” hometown, holiday celebrations, or just everyday events. I have a wall of photo albums and many more pictures to get put into albums.

  41. joni

    i love taking pictures of my children the most. i love when the light hits their eyes just right and i get that perfect shot. thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  42. Andrea

    I love taking pictures of my family! We don’t get to see each other very often so I love taking pictures of them when we do get together.

  43. Lisa s.

    I just got my copy of photoshop in the mail TODAY! Talk about perfect timing, this would be such an awesome tool for a true beginner to dive in :) I love taking pics of my two silly and beautiful girls. :)

  44. KC

    I most enjoy taking pictures of nature. I love the way the colors, light, and textures come out. I am still learning alot when it comes to moving objects, inside photos and people. smiles.

  45. Brenda Ring

    I love photography, I love to take pictures of about anything, especially my family, food and close up macro shots of flowers. I would love this software to help with my photos. Thanks!

  46. Gwen

    Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I need! I love taking pictures for my children, but never have the time to sit down and *really* figure out Photoshop.

  47. Kelli

    the only thing I take pictures of really is my 2 1/2 year old, Ryker. I would love to improve my skills to make even better photo memories of him!

  48. Ashley

    Love this blog! I enjoy taking pictures when I travel the most. We have family in Huntsville, travel there a lot and thoroughly enjoy it.

  49. Stacie M

    I love taking pictures of anything…especially things that catch my eye or things that most people don’t notice. I take my camera almost everywhere with me :)

  50. Sally

    I love taking all kinds of pictures from pets, to kids to vacation destinations. But I desperately need some pointers on how to make the best of my photos.

  51. Susan Sanchirico

    I have always taken the family photos but for the past 21 months that has gotten better because of my granddaughter Adele! Lots of photos – she dominates the photos and those I take of things I crochet and post on Ravelry. Cleaning up my photos would be great – thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  52. bcaf

    I take the most photos of food, but I also have a passion for capturing people enjoying their life. I received a DSLR for my college graduation, and have slowly been learning to use it well. Learning photoshop would be a huge help!

  53. Jessica young

    What a great giveaway. By far my favorite thing to photograph is people living their lives. Capturing the fluidity in each and every day so that they can look back on those times in their life and remember.

  54. M-b

    Anything that strikes my fancy – besides my children anything with interesting color and contrast! Thanks for the give away.

  55. Cleo Starkey

    I’ve been doing some digital scrap booking and after all the time spent making a page, I would like my photos to be sharper and clearer. I have a great camera and just need to learn how to edit my work! I have 5 kids and 11 grand kids so I have many subjects!!

  56. Barb B.

    Looks like an amazing product! I love to take photos of things in nature and travel photos come in a very close second.

  57. Fionna S

    I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of my family and friends, people make the best subjects!! Mostly the nieces and nephews…they’re more candid…

    i also love taking pictures of nature, flowers, ferns, trees, the sky and animals.

  58. Donna H.

    Sounds very interesting and awesome! Love taking candid shots, but my passion is gardening so can’t stay away from the shots there as well.

  59. Clarissa

    oh my gosh, what great timing! I was just looking at my community college’s catalog to learn more about photoshop but would love to win this instead! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Cynthia Cobb

    I plan on capturing my two passions: Animals & Family(s). I’m finding actions are not the path I want to take when editing photos. I really like the step by step approach you take and that its clearly visible with the same sample photos!!!!

  61. Chantelle

    I love taking pictures of my handsome significant other and my sweet little dog (both at the same time results in the cutest pictures imaginable).

  62. Debbie R.

    I am actually torn! I love to take photos of my dogs as well as food, but unfortunately need some help on both fronts!! Thanks for this great opp!!

  63. Joyce

    Awesome give-a-way! Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite things to take pictures of is most definitely my family and my kids sports. Would luv to learn all about photoshop elements.

  64. Amrita

    I love taking pictures of family, especially my baby niece, friends, travel, food, cards I create, etc, etc! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  65. Sarah K

    I love to take photos of my 4 kiddo’s but I have also dabbled in engagement and family photos. I recently did a newborn photo shoot and loved it!! I would love to learn more about editing tho!! As always, thanks for the give away!! Fingers crossed!!!:)

  66. Becky

    I don’t have kids…but my LOTS of my friends do and it’s my JOY to capture them and then see all those pics displayed in their homes :)

  67. leah

    Me! Me! Me! I need help. I have two adorable, cherubic, magnificent, delicious little boys and my current photography skills don’t do them justice. Please let me win so that these years are not forever lost…..

  68. Cheryl

    Clean Color is the perfect description of your photography, the colors are amazing. I love taking photos of pets and landscape/scenery.

  69. Lindsay

    I love taking pictures of my son : ) He grows so fast that I make sure to take a lot so I can always look back and remember him at any age. Thanks for this giveaway!

  70. Autumn

    What a great giveaway! I love to take pictures of kids. I’ve got lots of nieces and nephews… they are my favorite subjects:)

  71. Reagan

    My favorite subject is my family…My 5 year old (that just lost her first tooth) & my 4 year old twin boys… they ALWAYS challange me and make it a lot of fun with lots of giggles!!!

  72. Shirley

    I just found your page and LOVE it……I love to take pictures of family most (my beautiful dog included) but really everything. I just got a new camera and am really itching to really learn how to use it to its fullest. Thank you for the contest.


    I see so much of my work in the before photos. I’d love to learn how to turn them into the after photos. :)

  74. Susan

    What a great give away!!! I LOVE taking photos of my two daughters and aren’t the photographer I would like to be. I would LOVE to learn how to enhance the photos that I do take!

  75. Lori Cash

    I love taking pics of almost anything, but expecially my kiddos. I have all boys, however, and they are getting to the ages that its not cool to smile so I have to find other willing subjects to be tortured. This tut video looks fab and I would love to learn more about it.

  76. angela

    My favorite subjects are, hands-down, my three munchkins! I can barely stumble my way through Photoshop at the moment so I would just love to win this :)

  77. Stephanie

    wow, i would SO love to win this prize! photography is a little hobby of mine and for the most part i just fumble around with the editing process until i get something i sort of like – i’m never really sure what i’m doing though! my 3 fave things to take picsture of are FOOD(!), flowers/nature, and my adorable calico kitty, Ruby. :)

  78. Melinda Shapro

    I love to grab my camera and take pictures of random things that catch my eye, like a beautiful mural painted on a garage door in a run down alley, or interesting patterns found on buildings.

    The give away sounds awesome. I still have a lot to learn!

  79. Joann Barayuga

    I absolutely love taking pictures when traveling and of newborns/toddlers, couples and weddings as well as sports/underwater photos!!

  80. kristina

    I can’t say no when it comes to taking pictures of my 2 dogs :) They’re like children and so awesome. Their personalities and expressions are endless and I don’t think taking pictures of them will ever get old. {grin}

  81. Lisa B.

    What an awesome giveaway! My teenage daughter is really into photo editing and would really benefit from them. She loves to take pictures of her friends. I, personally, enjoy taking pictures of my family.

  82. Ashley DeStephano

    My children inspire my photography the most. I enjoy capturing their silly expressions and personality in each image!

  83. Mandy

    I am a food blogger and that’s what I love taking pics of. I also love taking photos of my family and our life. I’d love this to help with my photos!

  84. Georgia

    I love to take pictures of the city. My latest setting was Savannah, GA during the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts and all the St. Patricks Day festivities!

  85. Sharon Gilmer

    I love taking pictures of my 18mth old. She is my inspiration. The best part is to look back and see how much she has changed in photos. LOVE IT!

  86. Kristin in Mobile

    Without a doubt, my favorite photography subjects are my daughters…..

    I would LOVE to win this prize, because I have never even delved into Photoshop yet – it seems so intimidating! I think a tutorial would be a great way to start with a clean slate, and learn how to use it from the very start!


  87. Fran

    Your photos are darling, love the brightness! Thanks for the chance. I love photographing my son and then scrapping the photos, but I also love taking pics of animals!

  88. Sarah @ East9thStreet

    OMGosh, I would love to have this! I already have Photoshop CS5 but I haven’t done anything with it! Of course my daughter is my favorite subject but over the past 6 months I’ve really been trying to improve my food photography.

  89. Lauren H

    What an awesome giveaway!! I can honestly say I love taking pictures of everything! Food, my two pups, family, friends, and places I travel. I would love to learn more about Photoshop!

  90. Shawna Jimenez

    Thank you so much for chance to win this amazing gift.
    My favorite pictures to take are of my son and his sports. He plays soccer and volleyball. I also love taking pictures of cupcakes and food I make!!!

  91. Leisa Bowmaster

    Photoshop is an incredible program, but it can be a bit overwhelming–thanks so much for offering a tutorial to demystify it!

  92. Nicole Hochstetler

    What an awesome prize! I follow and love both blogs. I love taking pictures of my four girls. I am definitely a novice to Photoshop but would love to learn more.

  93. Sue

    My favorite thing to photograph is my family. We don’t take as many photos as we should and we need to start doing that to preserve our family history. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Jennie Ringwood

    I have been following Erin Cobb for a few years now, and have admired her work for so long. I love her clean, crisp style.
    I love taking pictures of my family interacting with one another. Those simple, quiet (or not-so-quiet) moments when they think no one is watching are priceless.

  95. Laura

    I love to take pictures of my kids but at 21 and 18 they are not very crazy about me taking their pictures. So I take them when I can!!

  96. Gayle Exton

    Your Clean Color product looks amazing! I would definitely love to know your secrets! I love shooting the innocence and wonder of young children the most!

  97. gretchen

    I love taking photos of dogs and babies! I am trying to complete a 365 project and am failing miserably or failing greatly- :-)

  98. Deborah Hallenbeck

    Who could decide………….but probably my granddaughter is my favorite person to take pictures of. Travel comes in a close second. With a new grandbaby on the way I sure could use to figure out how to really use Photoshop Elements!

  99. Yvonne D.

    I love taking photos of my family, including the 4 legged ones! I would love to learn how to take it to the next level. Incredible the difference it makes.

  100. Cheryl E

    I love taking pictures of my kids and I’m getting better at it, but I need to learn about editing photos. I love how Erin’s pictures look on her website and appreciate the chance to win!

  101. Em

    I absolutley love taking pictures of sweet little babies and their parents. I cannot have children of my own so when I am able to capture that connection between the two I somewhat get fufilled in a void I am not able to fill myself.

  102. Sue S.

    Wow! Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win. I love taking pictures of my family, especially outside in any type of nature setting.

  103. Samantha

    I <3 taking pictures of my little boy. He's 8 now and the years really do fly by. What better way to make those moments stand still then with a picture. Would love to learn about the editing process.

  104. Sarah Parker

    Thanks for the chance to win!! I love taking pictures of my two yellow labs, my 1 year old niece and my 2 almost 3 year old nephews! I also like to photograph the beautiful nature all around my home.

  105. Renee

    Awesome giveaway! Currently I take photos of anything that inspires me – clouds, sunset, my two adorable and lovable Boston Terriers, however I’m mostly looking forward to this summer when I can take a gazillion photos of my new baby boy we’ll be meeting in July!!

  106. Cristin Spoerle

    This Mamarazzi snaps photos EVERY SINGLE DAY!! We have 4 children ranging from teen to toddler, so I enjoy the challenge of capturing their sweet faces. I can’t get enough of my 21 month-old son in his fireman rubber boots these days!

  107. Renee

    Love your work, Erin! My kids are definitely what I love to photograph, though if I ever have the opportunity to travel, I’d love that too! Thanks for this opportunity.

  108. abeer

    i love taking pics of my backyard and nature as well as food and people…basically everything!! i got the canon rebel sx and would love this tool to make the pics look really nice!

  109. nile

    i love taking pictures of my friends and family and would love this to make the pics look nicer and cleaner for lasting memories!

  110. Nicky H

    There are so many things I love taking pictures of. My boys. When I lived in Alaska I loved taking pictures of scenery, but now that I live in Las Vegas, not so much. ;) When we go home to visit I especially love taking pictures of my boys with my parents and grandmothers together, interacting. Those connections are fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  111. Kate aka stinkydudette

    What an amazing workshop!! I’m currently taking a photgraphy course, and think this will be perfect to finish it off!! Hoping I win!! Heehee…

  112. Shannon

    I love taking pictures of my dogs, where I go (every day and while traveling) and just recently I’ve started taking photos of the food I encounter along my life’s path…and I’d love the chance to learn how to make all these photos BETTER through your tutorial! Thanks for the chance to make that happen…winning would certainly add a *wow* factor to my birthday!

  113. Mary

    I love to take pictures of everything. From my family to building our house, step by step. Way to many picture to count. But want I would love to have your “Clean Color” for, is I am a Freelance Designer in the Craft industry and it is a must to send in the best photo of my work for companies to use for publications, advertisements, etc. Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful tool.

  114. Mary-Michael McDonald

    It has to be my daughter, but food is a close second! I have been trying to teach myself Elements so I would LOVE to have this!

  115. Heather Conroy

    WOW! What a great prize, have just started to get in Photoshop and it is oh so overwhelming.

    I love to take pics of my girls and their sports, right now its track season and the weather is so delightful!

  116. Rainee

    What fun! I would love to see what my little ones look like after having some really editing lessons. Beautiful sample pictures!

  117. libbywilko

    What a generous prize ! I love taking photos of my kids, family and friends and any pretty gardens we visit . Thanks for the chance to win i have ps but find editing my photos intimidating so this would be a terrific help. Love your style Erin.

  118. Virginia

    i love to take pictures of people (strangers) while I’m travelling! And pictures of my cute beagle, Leia, of course!!! :)

  119. Crystal Paul

    I love taking photos of the people who mean the most to me – be it my family or friends who are like family! Would love a chance to win Clean Color.

  120. Debi

    I love, love, LOVE taking pictures of my cat, my family, my home, my friends, my travels…. I’m an avid scrapbooker and even take pictures of friends’ and family members’ weddings as my gift to them. I would dearly love to learn the ins-and-outs of Photoshop so I can make my pictures look even better.

  121. Stephanie

    I would LOVE to win this! It’s exactly what I need! I love to take pictures of my family and especially of my kids. Lots of my pictures are taken indoors and I’d love to learn how to edit them so that they don’t look quite so blah. Thanks!!


    I love taking pictures of my family and any project that I work on. I like the editing process to bring the pictures alive. I am new to blogging and taking/editing pictures.I would love to win this product sounds and looks amazing.

  123. Anna G.

    What a great product!

    My favorite subjects are my kids. I especially love taking pictures of them while we’re traveling – they love to look at them and remember all the fun we had!

  124. Mary

    I love taking pictures of my kids but they usually don’t make it far past the computer because I don’t know where to start with photoshop! I would love to learn! Hopefully I win but if not I think I know what my next purchase will be!

  125. Ada

    without a doubt pictures of my kids. all 5 of them!

    I actually will be thrilled to win this, I am in the midst of Karen Russell’s class right now (AH-MAZING!) but there are so many things to buy! I have yet to get ready for our week together-and with my “need list” (no longer “wish list”) growing with every week of lessons, this bundle would be awesome!

    Your photography is awesome. I love how you keep it exactly that-Clean.

    thanks Erin & Amanda for the fun!

  126. Erin S.

    My favorite thing to photograph is families!! I love seeing how the relationships come through the camera.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  127. Carmen Goddard

    I love taking pictures of my family. I have two boys that are very active in sports. I would love to learn how to improve my photos. Thank you for the opportunity.

  128. Betsy B

    Just got Photoshop Elements and basically ‘stare’ at the screen not knowing what to do. Would love to edit all the photos I take of my family.

  129. Linda Hare

    Thanks for the blog post. I think I’m in love with your Clean Color concept. I love to shoot people photos and especially kids.

  130. Jennifer Rapoza

    I love photographing my friends in everyday life. Capturing the little moments and memories as they happen. Thank you for sharing your talent so I can perfect my
    photos. I look forward to learning more about you and your work.

  131. Holly G

    Thank you Erin for this fabulous opportunity to win your Clean Color give away! I love taking pictures; travels, events, family, flowers and especially my two little granddaughters. I purchased CS4 last year and would love to learn how to “really” use it. I like using my Photoshop but know that I could be doing so much more with it. Having your videos that I could refer to often would be absolutely wonderful!

  132. Allison Torgesen

    I love taking pictures of my kids and our daily adventures. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Hoping… Hoping… Hoping…

  133. Tonya McLeod

    What a generous gift! I LOVE child portraiture and also capturing the little things of everyday life with my own children (ages 3, 5, 7, 8)…you know, those things we think we’ll never forget but really do…like how the youngest is always hiding behind the same chair in the corner with the snack she once again stole from her brother’s backpack and the pile of wrappers she always leaves there! :)

  134. jo keifer

    I have 5 precious grandsons that I love to photograph. Would love to take those ordinary pictures and turn them into something so professional looking.

  135. Michelle Giaimo

    Since I just learned to shoot in manual mode, via I love to shoot everything. Just in time to a trip to Maroc Island too!

  136. Pamela

    My favorite thing to photograph are my family and friends, my cats…and I would love to photograph Travels..but sadly, I don’t go I love photography though and would love to learn how to take better pictures and develop some great skills. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  137. Lauren | Lauren Nicole Photography

    What a great giveaway! Thank you!

    I love taking photos of my kids, weddings, newborns and my food. :)

  138. Heidi B.

    I love taking photos of people doing what they love to do…I take photos of my students, my daughter, anyone I can shoot really!

  139. Carla Walker

    I love photographing food but I dont know anything about photoshop! This would be so amazing to have! Thank you for the opportunity and the giveaway! So amazing!!!! :)

  140. Joee

    I LOOOVE taking pictures of my husband,food, family & couples!! :) I am pretty new to photography but I LOVE engagement pictures! They are sooo fun. I most often take pictures of my food cause that’s that the easiest for me to do!! I look forward to taking family pictures, eventually!! I JUST LOOOVE taking pictures…

  141. Juli

    My favorite subject to photograph is my son! I have been thinking about getting Photoshop Elements…and would love to win this!!!!!

    Thank you!

  142. Christian @ Modobject at Home

    I love taking pictures at home. I never tire of finding a new way to view something that I look at every day. Home is my haven.

  143. Sara

    I love taking pictures of family and food. It’s really fun to take pictures of family with food! But I have gotten into my 2 little nieces and trying to master little kids picture taking!

  144. JulieBee in Iowq

    Hi Erin. Nice to meet you! I just put on my list of goals yesterday to learn how to edit my photos. I have both PSE 5 and PSCS 5 and don’t know how to use either one of them really, but PSCS 5 especially. I would love to learn how use both of them to improve my photos – fairly quickly. I’m so clueless. Winning your prize sounds like just the ticket! :o)
    My most favorite subjects are children – my own when they were little – now not so much since they hate it and don’t cooperate so they just make me mad…. so now it’s my grand-nephew, my husband, etc., then after that, nature. I hate pictures taken of me because I suddenly seem to gain 80 pounds that I didn’t remember was packed on me… ick.

  145. Jenni Anderson

    I’m far from being considered a photographer but I adore snapping photos of my family. Would love to learn more on photography.

  146. AmandaK

    My boys and family are my favorite! What a fun class, I’m always wanting my images to look how I feel they should b their best!

  147. Heidi

    My favorite photo sessions are of children. They are so real and spontaneous! I have some knowledge of editing, but it mostly comprises of actions. I’d LOVE to learn how to edit with such fresh colors as in the photos you have here. LOVE IT!!!

  148. Erica R.

    Much to their dismay, I enjoy taking pictures of my two children the most! (So much so that a co-worker jokingly once asked, “Do your kids ever see your face?!?!”)

  149. Leslie Kiley

    I love taking pictures of my wonderful family! I am not the greatest but always want to learn and do more! This program sounds like just the boost I need! Now with things in my life as they are , it is even more important to document everything!

  150. Peggy

    I love the color in your pictures. I would love to win the bundle but either way, will be getting the video. I have two grandsons and I never get tired of taking their pictures.

  151. Jennifer E

    My son is my favorite photography subject – we were so blessed to have him, and I don’t want to forget a single moment of this precious time!

  152. Karlea

    I’m so excited about this giveaway!!! Crossing my fingers. It’s awesome! My favorite picture subjects are my kids…especially my two year old twins. I am happy every time I see their sweet faces!! I’d love to learn how to make their photos pop!

  153. Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm

    I love taking pictures of anything that happens to get in front of my lens! I am excited about this!!! :) Hope I win!

  154. BarbB

    I love taking pictures of my kids! I also like to take macro shots of flowers and scenery. I like to make poster prints or canvas prints of the scenery/macro shots.

  155. Jennifer

    I love taking pictures in the moment – especially of the kids. I sneak up on them all the time trying to capture what they are doing without posing. So many candids – love it!

  156. Gayle M.

    I love taking pictures of my grandkids. They grow so fast! I want to be able to look back and remember them as they grew up. I try to capture all the little things they learn as they are growing ie. crawling, eating food, climbing etc. Any editing help would be a plus!

  157. Lynn

    I like taking pictures of my travels. I would love to take good pictures of my spirited Brittany Spaniel, but he does not cooperate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. Hope Strickland

    My boys! Even though they are getting to the age where they don’t want their picture taken at all and actually hide from me :(

  159. Karen P.

    I love to take pictures of my two boys! Only photo editing has been what is available through iphoto. Would love your help in that department :)

  160. Lauren

    This giveaway makes me so terribly happy!! I just baught a Canon Rebel T3i a few months ago and I am totally new to the photography world. I would LOVE to learn how to edit pictures the right way.

    I love taking pictures of nature the most, but family is definitely a close second. I hope to be as amazing you someday at photography!

    1. Carolyn S

      Woops, forgot to say that my favorite subjects are my children. Too excited about the possibility of really knowing what to do to create great photographs!

  161. Sharie

    Hi Erin!! I don’t really know what to call it but I love taking pictures of my family and….for lack of a better term, objects. Babies hands, babies feet, flowers at a wedding, candles with a star filter, the back of the wedding dress. You probably get the idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  162. Malissa M

    Ohh I SO want to win this! My hubby bought me Photoshop for Christmas after months of pleading and it’s still sitting in the box b/c I’m so intimidated by it! My favorite subjects are my kiddos… I have a 6 year old, 4 year old, almost 2 year old, and 2 week old… so lots of pictures to take! :-)

  163. Stac G

    I can’t really say I have any favorites to photograph. I have enjoyed taking pictures of family, pets and nature. I am now eager to learn more about food photography and also to fine tune my photography skills when taking pictures of my hand crafted goods.

  164. Tracey C

    I love to take pictures of family the most. Children grow so fast and everyone changes. Taking pictures of my family allows me and family members to revisit great family times.

  165. Lizzie Baird

    I’m a sports photographer nut but I’ve recently gotten interested in casual portrait photography. I could surely use help on my editing skills!

  166. Heather Reeder

    I hope I win this, it would be very helpful to me!

    I love taking pictures of landscapes and nature. My most favorite subject to photograph would have to be my four year old nephew. He ignited my love of photography and he’s always a good sport about being photographed. He usually asks, “Is that a good photo?” or “Did ya get it?!” :)

  167. Shannon Stamp

    Love taking pictures of animals and travel… I don’t have any kids, so I never really got into child pictures… but love the animals.

  168. Mindy Sue

    I have to say…my most favorite photos are of my family. I also enjoy scenery. I’d sure like to win this one….he! he!

  169. Kristin

    I’m a momographer. :) So I’m always practicing on my kiddos. I would LOVE to be able to use Photoshop without actions! How empowering!

  170. Dana Nelms

    My favorite subject is my family. I recently took my first photography class, and learned exactly how much I do not know!

  171. Lori

    My favorite of all time is family! There are so many great moments and fun ways to get great shots. This product sounds wonderful! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  172. Amanda N.

    I take a zillion photo of my pets, but I do really enjoy landscapes and close ups of anything.. flowers, water droplets, anything!

  173. Taniel McKellar

    Thank you for an opportunity to win this.
    My greatest inspiration to start learning about photography is my children. When my first was born, I had a local photographer who photographed our wedding, take photos of him when he was 7 days old. It was in his studio, and he included false backgrounds….I thought that the images were fantastic. Then….I discovered a natural light photographer…*sigh* and I was so inspired, that my personal photography journey began.
    My son is now 3 and I also have an 11 month old girl. All of my photos are SOOC, as I have no idea on how to use Photoshop….. that was on my next ‘to do’ list.
    Even if I don’t win, thank you very much for realising that there are others out there that are so overwhelmed by editing software.
    Thank you from sunny Darwin, Australia.

  174. Belinda

    People…I love taking pictures of people, of course my favorite people are my family but I love taking pictures of all people! Thanks for the chance!

  175. Missy Windom

    I am determined to learn photoshop elements this year! This giveaway sounds fantastic! My favorite things to photograph would be kids and landscapes.

  176. Laura M.

    Looks awesome! :D
    While I love taking pictures of my dog & my travels, probably my favorite subjects are my family. Our photos of beloved family members are treasured, especially those that are no longer with us.

  177. Lisa B

    Who doesn’t love to take photos of their family the most beautiful people we know. I also love to take nature photos. I’ll be heading over to check out your site. Thanks so much!!!

  178. JaimeG

    I love taking pictures of my family, especially my kids. I’m a novice photographer and this would be such a great help, thank you.

  179. Jannette Bole

    I take pictures of everything and anything…but would say my most favorite would be of my nieces having fun (i.e. not posing). I love when I develop a photo with one of their big huge happy grins–and it makes me smile right back at it. GREAT software–first time I heard of it. Pick me! : ) I’m hopping over to your site to check it out–and going to share your blog with my photography friend.

  180. Jennifer Griffin

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! Your product looks amazing!! I love to photograph my crazy family and my kindergarten students!!

  181. Kristy

    I have photoshop, but I don’t know how to use it! I love to take photos of my 2 children. Thanks for a chance to win.

  182. Pam Tetreault

    I love taking pictures of my family. I make cards for deployed military and would so love to learn how to improve on them as well as family ones. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this. ~ Pam

  183. Susan B

    I love to photography everything. My twins are my favorite models though. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  184. leeshka

    What an awesome contest! My favorite thing to take pictures of? It’s silly, but I love shots of my husband and daughter together from behind.

  185. Leydi

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! My finance just gave me a new Canon DSLR camera this Christmas and I have been learning to use it little by little. Winning this will improve the quality of my pictures tremendously. I love taking pictures of everything (lol) but my favorites are nature pics & my family. Hope I win!! Thanks again :)

  186. Katherine Wall

    Thank you for the chance to win! My favorite photo subject are my best friend’s twin 4 year old girls. Lots of fun!

  187. Diane@InMyOwnStyle

    Hi Erin and Amanda –

    I enjoy taking photos for my blog and the projects I make along with travel photos.
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

  188. Emily W

    The clean color video would be AMAZING! I can only imagine how many more photos I would take and how they would look so beautiful. I love taking pictures of children/family and scenery.

  189. Jamie Seals

    I love taking pictures of my new son and my family. I would love to know how to work photoshop. This is so exciting!!!

  190. Marsha Sayer

    Actually, I have no favorite thing when it comes to photography. I have my camera with me 24-7 and when I see it, I snap it. I’m totally addicted to photography.

  191. Tricia Kalita

    My favorite subject is by far my uber-photogenic six-year-old daughter. She makes it easy to get a good shot but I never have learned Photoshop to make them even more dramatic. What a great prize this would be!

  192. Chandra

    I love taking candid photos of children!!!! Their expressions are the cutest and you can get the best photos of children when you let them do their thing and you just follow them.

  193. Nicole

    I love most taking pictures of my boys, but I think it’s easier to take pictures of the food I cook because it doesn’t run away with its hand over its face!!