I can’t even be trusted at the grocery store anymore. A few weeks ago I was minding my own business, strictly adhering to the list, when what do I notice between the Cheerios & peanut butter?

York Peppermint Patty Candle

A York Peppermint Patty candle. Dark chocolate covered York Peppermint Patty scented candle.

How appropriate.


My ever-growing collection of favorites is multiplying by leaps and bounds. I may need help. Of the professional variety.

Blueberry Tart Paula Deen Candle Walmart

Blueberry Tart. This Paula Deen candle can be found at Walmart and is without a doubt the most fragrant candle in the house! I don’t even have to light it to fill a room with its deep blueberry scent. I love to combine this with a Vanilla Cupcake candle. Dreamy!

Sugar Cookie Blueberry Vanilla Candle

Sugar Cookie Blueberry Vanilla. This one was already combined for me. I picked this homemade beauty up at an antique shop in Blue Ridge, GA. With a name like that, how could I resist?! Powerless.

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows Candle

Hot Chocolate. This smells just like hot chocolate. With marshmallows. So rich!

But is it just me, or are soy candles not as fragrant when burned as “regular” candles? This one smells so delicious when unlit, but when uh, lit, it just doesn’t fill up the room as much as I’d like. I’ve noticed a trend with my other soy candles.

Someone please educate me on this.

Strawberry Shortcake & Hawaiian Coconut Candles

Strawberry Shortcake & Hawaiian Coconut. These are fabulous. Strawberry Shortcake really smells like a big slice of angel food cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream. And Hawaiian coconut is a sweet, exotic coconut.

I bought these with the intent to burn them together to create a combined scent – the sweet heavenly perfection that is strawberry & coconut.

Strawberry Shortcake & Hawaiian Coconut Candles

But then one day I forgot to blow out the coconut one. And when I came back to check on it later, this is what had happened.

Hazelnut Candle Walmart

Triple Layer Candles from Walmart.

Hazelnut Cream / Fresh Baked Muffins / Chocolate Pound Cake.
Cinnamon Roll / Cinnamon & Clove / Buttercream.
Vanilla / Cookies & Cream / Cinnamon Vanilla.

Glorious. The Hazelnut candle from Walmart is probably one of my favorite candles of all time – they sell the hazelnut cream scent just by itself. Combined with fresh baked muffins & chocolate pound cake?? Somebody save me. Please.

Yankee Candle Vanilla Truffle Candle

Vanilla Truffle. Snapped this one up at TJ Maxx for $6. It’s incredible! Very buttery. Kinda like a big fluffy buttermilk belgian waffle with lots of sweet maple syrup. Oof. I’m burning it right now. I may never leave the room.

But I don’t like multiple wick candles. I can’t explain it. I have a completely irrational prejudice against multiple wick candles.

Diagnose me, please.

Seductive Woods Candle by Victoria's Secret

Seductive Woods. No, wait. THIS is my favorite candle of all time. Of all time. Oh, sweet merciful petunia, I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s ineffable. I’m so sorry they haven’t invented scratch and sniff internet yet. Google? Febreze? Can you guys get on that please? I know you can do it.

Of course now the candle is discontinued and you can only buy them on eBay for more than I have in my entire life savings.


French Vanilla Laura Ashley Candle

French Vanilla. Lovely! Found this one at Marshalls. I like to burn it with the Vanilla / Cookies & Cream / Cinnamon Vanilla combo above. Makes the whole house smell like a cupcake! (AKA, the mothership.)

Beach Fire Candle by Mixture

Beach Fire. Hold the PHONE! This is not a bakery scent! But this little shot glass sized candle is wonderful. Like a beach bonfire on a crisp fall night.

Boston Terrier Candle

I even have a candle with a BT on it. I’ve never burned this one.

Angel Food Cake Candle

But with a name like this? I’m thinkin’ I outta get on that.

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106 Responses
  1. Jennifer W

    OMGoodness… I bought the last Blueberry Tart Paula Deen candle at my Walmart last week. It is so yummy! I usually don’t like fruit scented candles, but I love, love, love that candle. I went to Walmart today to see if they have restocked that candle, but sadly they have not :(

  2. Lori

    Have you ever smelled Gold Canyon??? They have wonderful, yummy scents…and one candle literally fills the house each time you light it. My favorite right now is cinnamon garland…check ’em out.

  3. Angela

    I’m also a candle fanatic – and just placed my first Scentsy order last week! My favorite candles right now are Crossroads buttered maple syrup and 1803 Candles perfect morning and apple butter house. The 1803 candles are soy and are extremely fragrant. I can smell perfect morning throughout the house.

  4. McKenzie


    While shopping the other day, I discovered these candles and thought of you! Have you ever tried a woodwick candle? When you light them it sounds like you have a real log fire going (and it’s deliciously scented!)

    I thought you might like the WW Trilogy Blend of Vanilla Bean, Caramel and Biscotti! I know I wanted to climb right into the jar! There is also a Pumpkin Butter scent that was amazing!

    I found mine at Bed, Bath, & Beyond but I’ve seen them in several stores!

  5. Jaime

    So many to choose from!! I would love to try: Baked Apple Pie, Cozy Fireside, Honey Bear Cider, and Autumn Sunset to name a few :) I LOVE anything with apple in it though!!!

  6. Ann-Margaret

    Ok, Amanda, it is all your fault!! teeheehee I had just seen this post last night so while I was in W-M today I just so happened to stroll by the candle aisle! Yep, ended up with 3 in my cart! I decided to try one of the Paula Dean candles since I had not done so before…bought the Mystery Pecan Pie, and yes, it does smell yummy! Has my office smelling great…I should work much better this afternoon! I, too, love the Hazelnut candles from there and have a few stashed away in my candle drawer. Oh, I did get one of the triple layered candles…one with the Mandarin Orange/Cranberry. I have had the single Mandarin Orange/Cranberry many times but thought I would try the triple layer since you mentioned those. I’ll let you off the hook since my office is smelling so delicious right now! :) Thanks for all the good reviews! Oh, I often put my soy candles on a warmer, too, like someone else mentioned! :)

  7. Melissa

    I see that you a quite the lover of candles. I want to pass along to you my favorite candles of all time. They are hand made with soy wax by a gorgeous actress, no joke. I’m not advertising for her, but she is a very dear sweet friend of mine and I would love for you to check out her line of candles. They can be bought at

    Yes they look a little pricey, but the packaging alone is so special. You can wipe out the jar afterward and place something special inside that will gather the remaining scent. I think you would especially like White Flower Lei from the Fleur collection.

  8. Sheri

    Totally agree on the hazelnut candle from WalMart. They have some new “seasonal” scented ones right now, and the Spice Cake one is glorious!

  9. Shopping diva

    I just cannot get enough of your blog. It became a daily routine for me with the first coffee :)

    I like the buttons, so I’ve put 2 on my blog for 2 reasons as well!
    First so people who come on my blog can see all nice things you are doing here, and second, ’cause design of the buttons make my page looks even better!

    Keep up the good work, and stop by sometimes.

    All the best!

  10. Alison

    Those all sound sooOOoo yummy!
    My favorite candle company/scent is Circle E candles brand Bird Of Paradise or Peace… Oh So good!
    Although I have just recently become hooked on Scentsy!
    …………so many scents, so little time!

  11. Amy (Sing For Your Supper)

    So nice to finally find someone who loves candles as much as I do! I have GOT to get that York Peppermint Patty one!! Mmmm!!!

  12. Theresa Devan

    You have to try SCENTSY they are so much safer than candles for your home & your health! The use a low watt light bulb to melted scented wax in over 80 flavors and each month the come out with a new awesome warmer and a new scent!!!! They will change your life and could save your home and lungs from ingesting all the black soot candles give off!!! check em out!!!
    You could do a giveaway too I can get you info:)
    Love your blog!

  13. Lynn

    Good grief girl!!! You beat me big time in the crazy for candles slot! I have to know…where did you find the York Peppermint Patty candle???? I will go and get one this weekend!!!

  14. Canchy

    Have you ever tried the candles from IKEA??? They have good scents and they are very inexpensive. I like to buy the tea candles in different scents and light them in exotic combinations. Also, if I forget to blow them out not a big candle is wasted!!!!

  15. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Amanda, thanks so much for all these tempting candle choices! I am not sure which to grab first. I know I want my house to smell from all this sweetness :) XO

  16. Angela

    I was digging through the bargin bins at Michael’s last month and found Baked Cookie candles in tins for just $1 – they smell sooooo good, I have to keep myself from biting right into the wax! I also have a brown sugar/caramel candle I bought eons ago from Wal-Mart that I keep in the bathroom for bubble baths…heavenly! Excuse me now while I find some candles to sniff!

  17. Andrea

    Yum! Heavenly bakery scents without the calories! :) Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I have lost 25 pounds since August…

    Your weight loss journey was such an inspiration to me that I finally got off my butt and did something about it. :) I’m almost halfway to the total pounds I need to lose. Thanks for sharing your story on this site.

  18. Kristin S

    So, lock us up in the same addiction ward. My friends make fun of my obsession with candles. My fave WalMart scent is the cider one. Smells divine!

    I’m also a Slatkin addict. Used to love the Target jar candles but they changed them so I abandoned.

  19. HonestNiceWoman

    I’ve not read through all the comments, but you should invest in MULTIPLE CANDLE WARMERS.

    I clean house on Friday mornings and turn on the candle warmer before leaving for work. I come home to the house being filled with Paula Deen’s Creme Brulee. If we have any unexpected guest, the house is welcoming with no effort!

    If you have multiple warmers in different rooms, the scents will meld together in between the rooms and you have a sensual kaleidescope going on!

    And a plus with the candle warmers: 1) you don’t have to worry about leaving it on. [the wick does displace in the liquefied wax – no burning it thereafter] and 2) you don’t have the “blown out” scent to ruin the mood!

    I agree with ava-j, I’d read anything you post and thoroughly enjoy it!

  20. Jessica Jensen

    You have got to try the Bath and Body Works candles! They are to die for! Seriously! You will be in heaven when you smell them! ALL OF THEM smell divine. I have the Cupcake Frosting, Sweet Peppermint, and the Pumpkin Patch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOVE THEM! :)

  21. Marisol

    Bath & Body Works has a seasonal scented candle called Winter. I L-O-V-E it!!! I get so excited this time of year because it’s in stores. But NOT as excited as I’ll be in December when they put these babies on clearance to make room for the Spring scents! I’m still stocked up from last year. :) Hi, my name is Marisol, and I’m addicted to candles…(in unison) Hi Marisol.

  22. Teri Schofield

    Twice my hubby spent the day climbing on a ladder,cleaning the soot caused from my burning candles. I promised to never again burn a candle in my home. I have tried candle warmers, Scentsy, and anything else that promised to make my house smell “YUMMY”. I finally bought a Candle Lamp…WOW! It is amazing, and the entire room glows with the color and the smell of the candle you are warming. They even sell lamp shades you can change for a different look including holidays. Amanda, this is a must for a candle lover like you!!!

  23. Angela

    I Love candles too and I burn them year round. I highly recommend trying out the Bath and Body Works candles…get a coupon for BBW and go use it on candles. I do buy the 3 wick candles, but they are amazing and burn very evenly. Autumn Leaves is my current “flavor”, but Twilight Woods, and Bamboo Leaves are 2 other faves.

  24. Kendra

    When I saw the results of what my Gold Canyon candles did to my home, (dark soot on the walls) I made the switch to Scentsy! Plus I always forget to blow the candle out.

  25. Lynnet Hardwick

    I love candles, but have to be picky because some of them give me bad headaches. I love coffee, birthday cake, and chocolate, but have found that Rejuvenate from Adair Ya Candles really make the house smell just right. I think my husband would be happy if there were a hamburger scented candle!

  26. Sandi

    Here’s the deal with the multi-wicks for me. They suck the life out of my beloved candle like a vampire wick! I want a big, fat jar o’ yankee to last me at least two months (that’s a “season” around here – in candle scents, anyway). With the multiple wicks, I feel like it’s double teamin’ my wax and just totally goes too fast. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I’m sticking to it. :)

    Right now I have an apple cider, which was not quite cinnamony enough, and a cinnamon burning simultaneously. All Yankee, all the time. I just love those jars and the lids fit so nicely back on top, preserving them for next year’s rotation. (if there’s anything left)

  27. Tara @ Tara Being Tara

    Yum! We have the BEST local candles in Cincinnati. We get them at the flea market and they are mason jar sized, but only $5 each. They are wonderful!!

  28. Rhiannon

    Hello, my name is Rhiannon and I am also a candle adict. I love Party Lite candles but my favs are the cheap stuff i pick up from kmart for like $4! The jar candle in Cookie dough yummmm-o!!!

  29. Becky

    I love candles. The Paula Deen candle sounds like one I’d love to try. I wonder if they choose the scent from the flavors of her cakes she makes. I’ll have to look for them at Walmart. I have never looked there for candles. Thanks for all the info. ((Hugs))

  30. Bec

    Bath and Body Works has some new yummy ones- Mint Chocolate, Homemade Cookies, and a cupcake one. I used to not love multi wick candles, but their’s burn really well- you just have to let them melt evenly the first time (let it burn long enough so the entire top layer is melted) and you are good to go. No wasted candle :) Cranberry Woods is my current favorite.

  31. Herb

    ((((But is it just me, or are soy candles not as fragrant when burned as “regular” candles? This one smells so delicious when unlit, but when uh, lit, it just doesn’t fill up the room as much as I’d like. I’ve noticed a trend with my other soy candles))))

    It’s not easy to explain why your Soy candle does not throw scent well.

    There are five parts to a candle, wax, jar, color, fragrance and a wick. The key is the correct combination.
    *Not all fragrance works with soy wax
    *Too much fragrance can work in reverse, each wax can hold only so much.
    *The wrong wick can burn too hot or not hot enough to get a good throw or clean burn and proper melt pool.
    *Each fragrance needs it’s own perfect combination.

    Oh yah, then you throw in your nose that can sometimes just get burnt out on the scent, put the candle up for a few weeks, then burn it again and you will be surprised how the scent comes back to you.

    I would take that Soy candle you like so much and put it on a candle warmer and see if that helps(don’t light it!). If its a wick problem this will tell.

    You can tell a lot by the pictures but it’s too much to go into now.

    I know I’m boring!

  32. Brandy

    Did you know that candle turn your walls and ceiling black when you burn them? Thats why I switche to Scentsy. Melted Paraffin was that has the exact same scents as these candles do. They last over 80 hours no fumes or smoke. You can even get a Auburn warmer. How about them Tigers #1 on BCS. I am so excited. Scentsy is doing a drawinging with the college campus warmers. Which ever team makes it to the Championship game in Jan. Which ever consultant that sold on of those warmers gets there name put in a drawing. If your name is drawn you and a guest get a all paid trip the game.I am keeping my fingers crossed for Auburn to go and I win that drawing. Know of any good stores in Alabama that has some very cute pink Auburn clothes. Like coming home outfits??

  33. Jody

    Have you heard of Swan Creek Candle Company? They make soy candles and smell so great even before you light them. I especially love the Roasted Espresso one.

  34. Lisa Johnson

    Have you tried the Blue Volcano candle from Anthropologie? It’s kind of pricey but is FAR & AWAY (movie title, lol) my FAVORITE candle smell ever! And it’s so fragrant that I sometimes have to blow it out for a little bit to let the smell disipate.

  35. Sharie Thompson

    The candle we sell at CH have devine scents too! I didn’t see one in your collection. Please tell me how to get one to you? Then i’ll just have to figure out your favorite scent, hmmm….ya right…that’s easy ;) NOT!!!
    Lastly, make sure your wicks are lead free and or candles made in the USA!! Just looking out for your health…OH, and NEVER leave your candles unattended….i’ll step down now ;)

  36. Ashley

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this crazy love for candles! I just ran into the store yesterday for a Glade candle. JUST for it. I had noticed it the day before, and I wasn’t able to pick it up, so I made sure to run in! haha.. Another amazing candle that I fell in love with, Mint Chocolate from Bath and Body Works. It’s amazing!

  37. Sheila

    I am addicted to candles also. I have boxes full of Home Interior candles that I have bought and never burnt. I will agree that the Hazlnut Smells yummy from WalMart. I was there today doing a sniff test. The Better Homes and Garden Spice Cake Candle is super yummy, I mean smelly :)!

  38. Bre

    Hello Amanda…If you like soy candles, we have a local company her in the Sierra Valley of California that sells the MOST AMAZING candles. The smell great, especially while burning. The are an all natural soy. they have the best flavors. My favorite is the Cowboy coffee….YUMMY!!!
    check it out if you ever have the time.
    have a great day :-)

  39. Susan M.

    You are not at the Therapy level yet. ;) Wait until you start finding them hidden all over your home, I’m talking stashes of hidden candles not including the stashes you remember.

    I feel bad for people who cannot burn them. They are very comforting to me. Thanks for the critiques and suggestions. Now to go find that Fall Harvest candle…

  40. mamajax

    Amanda- try Autumn Walk by Gold Canyon Candles–it is a close second to Victoria Secret candle. I have all the sizes and the car scent and the room freshener. I love this smell. mamajax

  41. Janna Campbell

    I have no explanation either but soy candles just DON’T smell as good as the non-ecologically friendly ones! It’s a bummer!

  42. creole wisdom

    Ya, we’re pretty obsessed with candles at my place. I burned through a three wick Yankee Candle autumn leaves in about two weeks. Never have burned one so quickly, but it smelled good! I used to dislike the bakery/food scents, and only really like evergreen candles, but now I love the sugar cookie and vanilla ones. We have a delicious danish sugar cookie Yankee that burns in the kitchen and it is delectable! Candles are just one of life’s little pleasures :)

  43. Leah

    This is a very apt post for me as I blew £60 on Yankee candles today :) At least I have the excuse that *most* of them are for Christmas presents.

  44. Mona

    Who makes the Beachfire candle? I love the beachy scents & the only one I’m come across that I love is Yankee Candle’s Beach Vacation.

  45. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I’m thrilled to see I’m not the only one with a candle obsession. I burn through them so quickly that I’m often left with holders and no candles.

    The Paula Deen ones are hands down my favorite – have you tried the Pumpkin Roll Candle… HEAVEN! Thank you for all the scent suggestions!!! ox


    I love candles, too! It’s such an addiction. Have you ever tried the Scentsy Burners. I have one of their large burners & then a couple of plug-ins. The scents last a really long time, but you aren’t going to burn your house down if you forget & leave one turned on. I also enjoy the glow of a regular candle & all the different fragrances out there. Walmart really does have quite a good selection. Happy candle burning, Amanda.

  47. Vanessa

    I enjoyed reading this post and I can relate. I love candles as well, but I’m very selective in what I purchase (migraine sufferer). Thanks for some new scents to look for.

  48. Amanda Sevall

    mmmmm… this makes me hungry!! Have you ever tried using a candle warmer? I love mine!! I got it at Michael’s. It’s like a hot plate for your candles… seems to make them last longer!

  49. Sara Ellis

    My favorite candle of all time is Santiago Huckleberry by Voluspa! You can get them online or at Francesca’s Boutique (not sure if you have that in Alabama or not). They are to die for!

  50. Nevan

    I too am slightly addicted to candles. My favorite are the fall scents like what can be found at Bath & Body Works this season. My favorite is all of them. I can hardly wait to find a home so that I can light my candles.

  51. Jenny Flake

    There was a time a few years ago where I was a major “candle collector” I would buy candles EVERYWHERE I went and my house in AZ was covered in them. There is something so cozy and warm about burning them. Although I don’t have half as many now, I still find myself so happy burning them around the house! Great post :) Talk soon!

  52. NC Mommy

    I am a candle addict as well. In fact, I USE to sell Gold Canyon Candles! I just didn’t have enough time to work full time and sell candles as well so I stopped selling candles. However, I LOVE them and still get them all the time. I use to buy Yankee until I found these. They will not tunnel like a Yankee. Therefore, you are getting your money’s worth. They are cheaper than Yankee and part of the proceeds go to children’s charities. If you haven’t heard of them go to their website! One of my favorites is birthday cake which is exactly like Yankee buttercream if not better!!!

  53. Carolyn

    After buying Blueberry Scone from Yankee Candle and LOVING IT (I burn it almost everyday), I saw Paula Deen’s Blueberry Tart in walmart. I bought it for a friend and I think I may have to go back for another!!! It’s SO YUMMY! I’m glad I’m not the only person who’s a candle fanatic!

  54. Ruthanne

    I looove candles but I can’t light them anymore with two toddlers running around. Instead, I put one on my stove top and anytime I’m cooking, the wax melts and the smell fills the kitchen. Yum!

  55. Jill

    I know you probably do not need more advice on candles… lol, but the BEST candles I mean the BEEESSSTT are the tyler brand candles. They are a little more pricey but worth it. The best one is lipstick. It smells like that cherry chapstick that I always wanted to eat when I was little. haha. You should def try them

  56. Stephanie O.

    Oh my goodness….A York Peppermint Patty candle! As a lover of that particular candy, I have got to say that this is phenomenal and I feel like I need to head to Walmart right now to grab one (or maybe 10)

    Another candle that is fabulous is pumpkin cornbread from 1803 Candles…The yummy fall scent just wafts through the house…

  57. teresa

    You are just too adorable with all those candles!
    I love it!
    I bet Kevin never knows WHAT scent he’s going to come home to! ;o)
    Have you ever tried TRAPP candles!
    Talk about smelling up the entire house!
    I love the Orange/Vanilla scent!
    That’s been my scent in my home forever!

  58. ava-j

    Hi Amanda, I’m not a candle-fanatic although I enjoy the occasional cinnamon scented one.
    But you can write about truck tires…and I’d still read your posts, they really crack me up! And the photos you post are guaranteed to make me drool… (unless of course, you WERE writing about treads and radials!)LOL!

  59. Krystle

    Haha I have the same love for candles…My linen closet is filled with them from Yankee Candle or Partylite and I always have them burning! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  60. Lori

    Yay!! I thought I was the only one addicted to candles! I have a huge drawer full of candles from Partylite, Yankee, and many others.. I walk into the yankee candle store and it is like I have died and gone to heaven! Their Christmas Cookie and Buttercream candles are my favorite!!!!

  61. Debi

    How I love to read your emails….. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do (after I make my coffee that is) is light a candle… I am somewhat of a cinnamon girl. Just love that smell of cinnamon buns cooking in the oven….YUM YUM I do have some soy candles and they don’t smell as strong but they also DON’T make that black soot either…..(and I like that)

  62. Beth

    My Favorite Candle is Fried Green Tomatoes and then they came out with Fried Green Tomatoes and China Rose mixed — called Taffeta!!! Love it and it smells throughout the entire house!

  63. Lee Ann

    Oh my how you’ve got me ready to go out and buy lots and lots more candles. I’m really going to check out the Peppermint Pattie one and the Paula Deen Blueberry scent. I’m hungry now too because of YOU!

  64. Heather (Heather's Dish)

    not to add fuel to the fire, but kohl’s has this holiday pear candle that will BLOW YOUR MIND. i didn’t think anything could be better than my pumpkin and vanilla candles, but i was very VERY clearly wrong :)

  65. Heather @ Sweet Sins 2 Share

    I just picked up two of the hazelnut cream from Wal-mart last night! Love it! And all the Paula Deen Candles are awesome!! I had some sort of vanilla one once and it was great! I have the Wal-mart Pumpkin spice on a candle warmer at my work! I love it! It is so fall and let me tell you that warmer really works I have warmed the same candle for a year and it is still fragrant as ever! Perfect if you have a favorite sent that has left over wax even though the wick is gone!!

  66. Daphne

    Hello Amanda, I am a huge fan of candles!!! I have found an amazing product a few months ago and wanted to share…They are called Scentys. They are AmaZin….lol anyways you should try them…I bought the 2plug in package with 6 different scents…theres tons of xsm bars you pop out and place in the top of plug in. and the plug ins there adorable…check them out…have a wonderful day…

  67. maggy@threemanycooks

    I love candles too! I always go for vanilla scented, but clearly I need to expand my horizons :) What a fun post!

  68. Jennifer

    You are making me want to go out and buy a bunch of candles right now! I’ve been using a warmer lately and buying the wax cubes that are made by better homes and garden and sold at walmart. the spice cake scent is my favorite. very warm and inviting.
    Thanks for sharing your faves!

  69. Jenny V.

    Oh I just love your posts! You have such a way with words and photos!

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on candles! I have a slight obsession… The apple cider one from Walmart is my current favorite. I burn it with my McIntosh Apple Woodwick and the whole house smells like autumn – love it!

  70. Elizabeth

    Angel Food Cake candle would be great, have never seen that one. Love that smell !! I’ve moved into a Scentsy pot and love not having an
    open flame. But, it’s great to have a jar candle (apple spice something) sitting on the stove center when nothing is cooking. Such a nice home feeling.

  71. Southern Gal

    Wow. You have quite a collection there. Love the names of them. I’ll bet they smell even better than they sound!

    Oh, and please don’t forget to blow them out. I have a friend who left the house with a candle burning. I don’t have to tell you what happened. The worst part of it is she is a seamstress and had many of her dresses for her daughter and granddaughters displayed on dress forms. She can’t get back her pictures or her wedding gown.

  72. Rachel

    I have burnt soy candles and they seem to last a lot longer, but they do smell more fragrant when they aren’t lit. I’ve heard soy are better in that they have less toxins but I’m sure a little candle couldn’t put a ton out anyway.

  73. Jami

    I love candles! I used to own a home-based candle company. In fact, I am planning a candle-themed series in November on my blog. I love how the right scent can really set your mood. Don’t forget to trim your wicks! :)

  74. Becky M

    Haha! I’m addicted to candles too. And to make it worse, my sister works for Yankee! My husband is trying to get her a new job so I stop buying candles from her! I’ve never used a soy candle, i don’t know how they smell.

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