A friendship, in verse.


I have a friend. His name is Stewy.
He makes me red beans & rice
after I have surgery.


To sum up, basically, I annoy and bother-
Stewy! I screech. Take off your sunglasses!
Sigh, says Stewy.


But he obeys. We’re all happier that way…
I am a bossy friend.

The end.

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28 Responses
  1. Lori R.

    I stumbled upon your site completely by accident and love it! Thanks especially for all of the awesome photography tips – I just got a Canon and am learning to use it little by little.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Natalie Edgil

    Funny story….I stumbled upon your website a few months ago, and I am now hooked! Nobody recommended the site; it was completely accidental. I attended Auburn for my undergraduate degree. I was sitting here catching up on previous posts I have missed. I TOTALLY KNOW STEWART!! My college sweetheart and Stewart were in the same fraternity!

  3. Claudine

    Hey there, new here – love the site! Wondering where to get those almonds you feature, buffalo wings flavored??? Looked at Publix and Target today with no luck:( Can’t wait to try them!


  4. The Prairie Hen

    Dear Bossy Belle,
    I have the boss gene completely and rightfully due to being the oldest of 6. Just got home from being home with all my sibs… it was great! I get antsy if I haven’t bossed ’em about a bit for a long while!

    Oh, how they love me.
    Oh, how they wish for a mute button.

    Loud and Preposterous in NE

  5. Daneilia

    Those are some of the best moments you can share with close friends :) Only you can get away with doing that with your best friends…..its what my friends and I do to each other lol.

  6. teresa

    You are adorable Amanda!
    And congrats on Auburn’s year!
    So SAD about Bama’s loss to LSU!
    I finally had to leave the room…Greg was whispering some really…not so nice….things under his breath!
    Hope your surgery went well!
    Snuggles to your fur~babies!
    Doogan has been rehearsing for his starring role in Annie here on Bainbridge Island!
    Enjoy your Beans and Rice!

  7. Lisa

    I am a bossy friend too!! But they all love me for it! jj Surgery? I hope your okay! Hang in there I just had surgery too—you have to take it easy and let your loved ones take care of you!

  8. Daphne

    LOL love the post…its great to have friends and a great friendship is hard to come by these days. I myself have friends, but long for that one and only true friend. You know them kinds you can be yourself with. the one where every time you 2 are around each other the inner child comes out…hehe. I enjoy them kind you can sing and be silly with but you can still be serious with ya know…Cheers to great friends…and yeah to your friend that cooked for you,…:0) I’m that friend, I love to bake..

  9. chinamommy

    haha, cute! everyone needs a bossy friend!! No, that’s me TELLING you that, cause I’m the bossy friend in this neck of the woods!
    LOVE your blog!!

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