2013 Product of the Year Giveaway (SodaStream + more!)

Win prize package containing ALL 27

Product of the Year is a prestigious consumer product award created to support highly innovative consumer packaged goods and give shoppers a shortcut to the very best new products on the market.

Here’s what makes the Product of the Year award completely unique:

  • 100% Consumer-Voted. There are no experts or lab coats involved. Products are voted on entirely by a nationally representative sample of U.S. consumers.
  • 100% Independent. The competing products have no other interest in being included other than to put their product to the test of consumers. There are no advertising discounts or packaged deals that often come with magazine awards.
  • 100% Transparent. Brands can participate only if they enter and once a brand wins, the award is theirs to use. Product of the Year does not “nominate” brands or ask for a percentage of their sales if they win.
  • Nation’s Largest Study. With over 40,000 Americans voting on products, Product of the Year conducts the nation’s largest consumer survey on innovation. The study is conducted with a representative sample of the U.S. population — therefore reflecting the opinions of the nation rather than a group of subscribers to one magazine or volunteers.

Win prize package containing ALL 27

This year there are 27 winners. Check out the 2013 Product of the Year winners below:

  • Home Appliance — SodaStream Revolution Home Soda Maker — SodaStream USA
  • Candy — Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars – Nestle USA
  • Snacks — M&M’s Brand Snack Mix — Mars Chocolate North America, LLC
  • Paper Towel — Brawny® Paper Towels — Georgia-Pacific
  • Bath Tissue — Quilted Northern Ultra Plush — Georgia-Pacific
  • Breakfast — Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal — PepsiCo
  • Laundry Packs — All® Mighty Pacs — Sun Products Corporation
  • Oral Care — Aquafresh® Extreme Clean Pure Breath Action Paste — GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
  • Personal Hygiene — Dial® Triple Moisture Body Wash — The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company
  • Tableware — Dixie® Ultra — Georgia-Pacific
  • Home Care — Finish Quantum with New Power Gel — Reckitt Benckiser
  • Mouthwash – LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN Antiseptic Mouthwash — Johnson & Johnson McNEIL PPC, Inc
  • Insect Repellent — OFF!® Bug Control Backyard Pretreat — SC Johnson
  • Stain Removal — Resolve All-Stains — Reckitt Benckiser
  • Skin Care — Abreva® Conceal — GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
  • Pet Care — AdamsTM Smart ShieldTM Applicator — Central Garden and Pet
  • Fruit Products – DOLE® Frozen Fruit Single-serve Cups — Dole Packaged Foods
  • Vegetable — Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic — Pinnacle Foods
  • Children’s Products — Goodnights Disposable Bed Mats — Kimberly Clark Corporation
  • Frozen Vegetables — Green Giant Seasoned Steamers — General Mills
  • Frozen Entrees — Healthy Choice Baked Entrees — ConAgra Foods
  • Frozen Smoothie — DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers — Dole Packaged Foods
  • Natural Sleep Aid — MidNight for Menopause — Meda Pharmaceuticals
  • Feminine Wellness — Poise Wellness Line — Kimberly Clark Corporation
  • Energy Drink — SK Energy Shots — SK Energy
  • Liquid Laundry — Surf Liquid Laundry Detergent — Sun Products Corporation
  • OTC Relief — TUMS® Freshers – GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Win prize package containing ALL 27

The Giveaway

One winner will receive a prize package containing ALL 27 products of the year as listed above, including a SodaStream, Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars, M&M’s Snack Mix, Brawny paper towels, and more. So exciting!! :)


How to Enter

Use the PromoSimple widget below to enter.

Good luck!! :)

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751 Responses
  1. David Smith

    I would love to have the SodaStream Revolution Home Soda Maker and of these products, I believe it should win for product of the year.

  2. Lauren

    I want to try the Soda Stream!! I love to enjoy a soda every now and then, but I hate having it just setting when I’m not craving one…

  3. Nancy L.

    I think I’d like to try the Dial Body Wash. We have very dry winter air here and something moisturizing would be fantastic!! And of course I’d love to try the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars!! Anything chocolate sounds wonderful.

  4. Toni Mathews

    I would love to try the sodastream! It would be a fun thing to do and to figure out different flavors that taste good. Also it would save money on buying name brand pop.

  5. Amy S

    I really would like to try the Soda Stream. It looks marvelous but I just don’t have it in my tiny budget for such an extravagant toy… though I would love one!

  6. Trisha

    Hard to choose just one thing but my top choice would be the bed mats. I am currently trying to potty train my son and these would be nice.

  7. Suzanne

    Definitely the Soda Stream. Our kids don’t drink a lot of soda, but when they do, it’s a real treat. What a great Christmas present! :)

  8. Jen Kelly

    I would love to try something so simple as the Good Nites Bed Mats. Potty training 2 young ones is tiring as is having to change the sheets every night. This is a great concept.

  9. Katie Raska

    I would love to try the soda stream and the pickles. My favorite product is Tide with Febreeze. I absolutely love the smell of my clothes. The scent lasts a long time

  10. Tanda

    I keep walking past that soda stream at the stores and would love to have one! I have given up soda but sometimes something with a little bubble in it would be nice!

  11. Kaylee Nelson

    I would love to try the M & M’s. I don’t think it would be a good idea to buy a bag because I would eat the whole thing in one sitting :/ The soda stream looks very fun too!

  12. Kara B

    I have wanted to try the soda stream product for a while. We don’t drink soda in our house because it’s so bad for you, but I like the idea of making your own.

  13. Sara G

    I’m fascinated by the Sodastream, save money while still being able to have my favorite drinks, yes please! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. brandy norris

    I would love to try the Soda Stream! We drink so much soda in our house…I think it would not only get used, but be less expensive!

  15. Lorraine R.

    Would love to see the Frozen Vegetables — Green Giant Seasoned Steamers win… Nothing better than an easy, fast healthy side dish!

  16. Aimee M

    I’ve wanted a sodastream for a couple years and I finally tried one out at my cousin’s house today. It’s awesome and now I want it even more!

  17. Beth Goblirsch

    With my dry and itchy skin, I would love to try Dial Triple Moisture Body Wash this winter! Use Dixie brand plates ALL of the time, it definitely is a favorite!

  18. CCT

    I would definitely use the stain remover the most. With pets in the house and people coming in and out any kind of help with stain removal is always a help!

  19. JayVDK

    I would love to win the soda stream. It’s on my sister and her fiance’s wish list for xmas so if I won it would become their present.

  20. Alyssa

    I want to try all of them!! I live on a very small budget and usually have to buy store brands of almost everything so this would be pretty awesome.

  21. Claire Hearn

    Pickles look yummy! Justin’s Maple Almond Butter is the best thing I’ve ever tasted and should definitely win an award!!!

  22. Tracey Brock

    I would love to try the All mighty packs. I have some nasty infant laundry with baby poop, spit up, drool and puke all over them that could really benefit!

  23. April S

    Would love to try the SodaStream, but in all practical sense I would like to try out the MidNite Menopause :) Several of those products are already favorites in our household. especially the All pacs.

  24. Anne

    I’d try the Soda Stream. A product I’d like to recommend are individual fresh fruit snack packs (apple slices, blueberries, etc.).

  25. Shaunah

    I’d like to try the soda stream as well! I love sparkling water so I’m wondering If i can just make some sparkling water as well!

  26. Kristie

    I would love to try the Surf detergent, and I would give the award to Pantene BB cream – leavesmy hair soft, shiny and smelling great!

  27. jenny z.

    i’d love to try the Dial® Triple Moisture Body Wash! all about keeping clean and i’m always looking for new skin/bath products :)

  28. Lisa

    The soda stream! Although I don’t drink soda, my husband and grandkids do and I think it would be fun for them to create their own!

  29. Kristin S

    Tums Freshers are AMAZING! A friend turned me on to them when she was pregnant and miserable. I keep them everywhere and take two after super acidic meals. Perfection.

  30. Aryn

    I want a SodayStream like you wouldn’t believe…we loooovvvve fizzy drinks at our house! I’m glad I don’t have to pick the winners for the year, so many good products out there!

  31. Tracy

    I love the Quaker Real Medleys line. Those cups are delicious. But the pickles look good, too. I’m obsessed with Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits right now. Not new, but award-worthy in my book.

  32. Robyn

    I would love the Soda Stream. I hear from friends it is great and I would like to reduce the amount of garbage I have from the seltzer bottles that I buy.

  33. Candy

    I use many of the products listed….love Brawny paper towels. I would like to try the DOLE® Frozen Fruit Single-serve Cups. Thanks for the chance to win…..Merry Christmas!!

  34. Becky

    Since I’m a big soda drinker I would love to win the soda stream. One product I can’t do without is my sensodyne toothpaste for it helps with the sensitivity of my teeth so I can eat without tooth pain. Can’t live without it.

  35. Sheryl Harlow

    I’d love the Soda Stream. What a great way to save money. My product suggestion for the Best Product award is Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. Decadent!

  36. Kelly

    I’ve always wanted to try the Soda Stream… And those Thin Mint Girls Scout Crunch Bars are PHENOMENAL! They are definitely the best flavor of the three :-)

  37. Emily Wheeler

    Those Crunch bars looks DELICIOUS! I am really loving fruit and nut bars by Nature Valley. Those are definitely on my own list of favorite 2013 products (or at least one I found this year!).

  38. AnaBel

    We already use some of these products (I love the Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste!), I’d love to give the SodaStream a try, and the frozen veggies/entrees are always a quick fix for meals. Thanks Amanda!

  39. Christy

    I’d like to try the SodaStream. I get bored with water avoid juice and soda, so this might be perfect for me, with a twist of citrus! I assume the Keurig has already won its award, though I hate the amount of waste there is with it.

  40. Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

    Oooo…I’ve been eyeing the Healthy Choice baked entrees, but never purchased them. I’m going to have to try those now!

  41. Greg T

    I’ve tried some of the products on the list in the past. But I’ve never tried the Soda Stream and would like to try it. It looks fun.