Join Me at BlogHer in Chicago

Join me next weekend as I teach a photography class at the BlogHer Conference in Chicago! Learn my favorite photography tips and tricks!

BlogHer in Chicago

Hi guys! I am so sorry my posting has been sporadic lately! I have been a bit distracted by the pool this summer. :) I couldn’t wait any longer to share this fun news with you guys though. I am so excited to be teaching a DSLR photography class at the BlogHer conference in Chicago next weekend!


BlogHer '13

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a blogging conference, I highly recommend it! :) They’re so much fun and action packed all weekend with friends, food, parties, and fun. The perfect girls weekend getaway. If you’re anywhere near Chicago and want to join us for the DSLR class, I would LOVE to have you! :) I even have a special discount code to get you 20% off the ticket price. You can come just on Friday when my class is, or you can come for the whole weekend! :) The Expo room is not to be missed, lol! :)


Join me at BlogHer in Chicago and use promo code
BH13SPKR for 20% off a Blogger Rate registration.


Also definitely be sure to stop by the Folgers Recharge Lounge while you’re there. They’ll have outlets to recharge your phones, laptops and tablets while you enjoy delicious Folgers Gourmet Selections and Black Silk Coffee, Pillsbury Donuts, giveaways, and free samples to take home. You can also follow the #FolgersLounge hashtag on Twitter or visit the Folgers Facebook page to view others’ experiences at the booth from home. If you’ll be at BlogHer next weekend, let me know! :) What are you looking forward to the most? :)

Chicago is such a fun city, and I cannot wait to run around and explore it again. If you have any recommendations for me, I would love to try them!! I’ll be staying near Ghirardelli and Magnificent Mile. :)

Thanks so much, friends!! Talk soon!! :) xoxo

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28 Responses
  1. Kristi

    Welcome to our city!
    1. I say skip Molly’s cupcakes. They are good but nothing great.
    2. Pequod’s pizza (the pan pizza not thinP) is a quiet local favorite on Clybourn.
    3. Girl and the Goat is awesome but so are Bavettes and Maude’s Liquor Bar.
    4. Doughnut Vault is stupid good. You have to be in line by 7am or you will not get any. It is tiny and when they sell out they are done.
    5. Garrett’s popcorn (the Chicago Mix) is awesome and sinful.
    6. Michigan Avenue is busy, the sales tax is steep and fun to walk around but not to shop.

  2. PK


    I love your blog and I check back in regularly to see your fun posts and updates.I am so excited you are coming to my city!! Here are my recommendations:

    1) Try the coconut custard bao’s at Wow Bao in the Water Tower Place! They are steamed and the right amount of sweet. You can’t leave town without digging into one of these.
    2) If you haven’t been to Girl and the Goat (fancy) or Little Goat (diner), you must go. I’m a top chef junkie and I was so happy when Stephanie Izard established herself in Chicago. Its a little easier to get into Little Goat, just have to wait about 45 minutes maybe, but you won’t be disappointed. My favorites at Little Goat – Pork Belly Pancake, Tempura Fried Mash potatoes, Goat Milk Cappucino, Blood Orange Meringue (to die for!!!)
    3) Magnolia Bakery from NYC has it’s shop on State Street. Don’t miss their Banana Pudding, I bet you won’t stop at one quart. I never do! :) I’d try their pudding over their cupcakes.
    4) FireCakes is another doughnut shop to try.
    5) If you’re into the speakeasy type of drinking scene, you must make a pit stop at Violet Hour or the Drawing Room. Fair Warning, one you get a taste for these cocktails, there is no drinking the regular stuff! :)
    6) Another great top-chef restaurant is Sable Kitchen and Bar. They have bacon jam, OMG, do I need to sell the place anymore? They are a Tapas style restaurant and have some really amazing small plates of deliciousness!

    I hope you’ll get to try these places. Have a great time and I will look forward to your post on all that you ate/tried/tested in Chitown!

  3. Stacie M

    Definitely Lou Malnati’s and make sure you get a salad too…the dressing is amazing and the best part is the crunchy pepperoni bits they put on instead of bacon bits…Mmmm Mmmm…wish I could go too!!!

  4. laurie

    I’ve been following you all the way from Florida when I lived in Pensacola and now in Chicago.
    So excited to have seen the conference on your site! I had no idea it was coming to town.

    I have registered for Saturday only because I work but I hope to run into you there!
    If you have never been to Chicago you will absolutely love it.
    There is way too much to do there to recommend any one thing – but we love going to the Lincoln Park Zoo (it is free) as well as Navy Pier and I recommend taking one of the River Architectural tours.

    As far as food, there is an absolutely fantastic French restaurant (I think it is on Dickson St.) very near the Girradelhi store. There are many quaint little stops around there so you will have fun I’m sure.

    See you there!

  5. Maureen

    Amanda –

    Welcome to our great city!

    While you are here, please make sure you stop at:

    – Sugar Bliss Cupcakes on Wabash (between Madison and Washington), you won’t regret it.
    – Millennium Park, and our famous Bean will make for an awesome photo opportunity.
    – Lou Malnati’s is hands down the best pizza. I love, love their thin crust. Can’t go wrong with any of their pizza though.
    – Top of the Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower is a great place to view the city, especially on a gorgeous day. Entrance is located on Jackson between Wacker and Franklin.
    – Don’t know if you are a Phish fan, but they are performing in Chicago this weekend.
    – Walk around Navy Pier – great views, crowds, fun atmosphere.
    – Architectural Tour is a MUST. Tour times are on line.

    You are staying in the heart of the shopping area. Water Tower and Michigan Avenue are forces to be reckon’d with! ;-)

    If I can think of anything else, will post.

    You are in for a great weekend, weather wise, once this heat departs on Friday.


  6. Susan

    Have fun!! I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago, but maybe one day I’ll get there! Have you ever considered holding a class in the Auburn area when you’re home? I know many people from the surrounding counties, like me, who follow your blog would probably love to come. Please think about it!!

  7. Jules

    Just visited there a couple of weeks ago on business. The Signature Room atop the John Hancock building has unbelievable views of the city and Lake Michigan. Great for photos!

  8. Kristina

    I love Chicago! Our favorite restaurants: Frontera Grill (Rick Bayless) , Table 52 (Art Smith), Giordano’s Pizza, 25 Degrees (awesome burgers & adult shakes). If you don’t go to any of these, you must try The Doughnut Vault! It’s fantastic. Surprisingly, our favorite is the chestnut glazed. The line will be around the corner, and they close once they sell out.

  9. Dodie

    I love your photography tutorials and am wondering if you would consider given a class on your website that we can pay for? I live a long long way from Chicago, but love your teaching method and would really like to take a class from you. Thank you for all the photography tips posted on your website. I have a Canon SX50 which I only keep on auto setting, but it does have manual settings if I knew how to use them. However, it does not have the capability of changing lens.

  10. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

    Woo hoo!!! I will be there! I can’t wait to get a tutorial from you because your photos are always amazing! Ok, so I am a Chicagoan and you need to get Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza. That is hands down the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Trust me. Also, Molly’s Cupcakes in Lincoln Park. You must go there. I know you love good cupcakes and this small place is a must. I also love the pot roast nachos at Mike Ditka’s Steakhouse which is down the street from where you are staying. I can’t wait to meet you!

  11. Jenn

    They couldn’t have chosen a better instructor for a photography class! BlogHer is on my bucket list. Maybe next year when the kids are old enough to leave behind.
    Any idea where it will be next year?

  12. Michelle Ramsay

    That is awesome. You just have to try Garrett’s popcorn – it s just the bet!!! You also have to go to the top of the Willis Tower where there is a glass deck outcrop you can stand on – amazing. I am from South Africa and ave been in the USA on a 4 week holiday. Currently in New York and sadly we eave tomorrow. Holiday blog is

  13. Ann White

    Can’t make it to Chicago, but maybe someday you would teach one in Huntsville. Love your new home and what you have done with it. So thankful I had the opportunity to meet you way back at The Rubber Stamp Lady. Enjoy your blog and it lets me travel and see things through your eyes. If we ever get to travel again, I will use your blog as my guide book. Thank you, Ann

  14. Jen

    Definitely take the food tour and the architectural boat tour of the city! Both incredible options! Enjoy the Windy City! Also-Rick Bayless has two fabulous Mexican restaurants in the area. You will not be disappointed by Frontera Grill or Topolobampo.

    1. Stephanie

      He also has a fast casual restaurant right next door to Frontera called Xoco. Highly recommend!

  15. Allison

    When you’re in Chicago, you should totally go to Crumbs Bake Shop in Water Tower Mall! They have huge cupcakes that are absolutely delicious :)

  16. Lori

    Amanda, I was in Chicago for a conference last month. Sure wish this had been going on at the same time!! We stayed very close to where you are staying and had some wonderful Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s. Highly recommend!!! Highly!!! They are super busy, but will take your order while you are waiting for a table, so by the time you’re seated….voila…dinner is served. While you’re waiting you can grab an appetizer in the bar area, or if you like to people watch like me…just head back outside. They take your cell phone number and text you when your table is ready!
    P.S…..Florida native here….now living just between Opelika and Phenix City, AL!! And agree with the Lori who commented above…a local class around Auburn would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

  17. Lori

    Wonderful! Congrats on such an awesome gig. Now…bring all of that info back to AL and teach a LOCAL class! I’d be there in a heartbeat to have you give me your great tips and tricks on taking great photos. :)

  18. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Congrats Amanda! If I was in Chicago, I would soooo be there to hear you talk! If you get inspired to write a few highlights of your talk and post it to your blog, I know so many people would be hanging on every word :)

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