In with the new- What I’m wearing this fall!

Because it’s rainy, and because all I want right now is a hot, creamy bowl of chicken and dumplings, and because it’s really starting to feel a lot like fall around here…

Let’s talk about fall. Let’s talk about new, crisp, fall clothes. I love this time of year- bundling up in layers of corduroy, sweaters, and scarves. I’m completely in love with the delicious berry colors that are oh-so-popular right now.

Here are some fun new fall pieces I picked up this weekend with my mom- we headed out to the mall and shopped that place out! ;)

fall fashion trends 2009

Ok, it was mostly Ann Taylor Loft that we shopped out. I love that place! :) I stuck mainly with layers I could mix and match- more bang for the buck! ;) Tank tops under sweaters, cute tees that can be worn now while it’s still warm, then layered over a long sleeved white tee when it gets cooler, and warm, gray corduroys that go with everything.

Here’s a closer look…

Fall Fashion Guide 2009



1. Maybelline Expert Wear® Eye Shadow Quads (Natural Smokes)

I saw an ad for this in InStyle while flipping through the magazines the last time I got my hair cut. I instantly fell in love. Let me tell you. I know NOTHING about makeup. Literally. Nothing. Especially eye shadow. For the past 5 years I have been wearing blush, YES blush, as my eye shadow. I just threw it on. The lid, the crease, the brow bone, everything. I longed for those smoky, sultry eyes, that just popped (Jennifer Love Hewitt’s look on Ghost Whisperer, anyone?). I even watched a youtube video on how to get that look. It helped a little. But this. This eye shadow. It does everything for you. It comes with four coordinating colors and it tells you exactly where to put them: lid, crease, brow bone, and corner. It even shows you a picture on the back of EXACTLY where to put each color! Just what I needed! I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through every baby step when it comes to makeup. Sure, I can dive into pages of of gnarly CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP when it comes to blog makeovers. But makeup?? Real live makeup? Hold me. This eye shadow does just what I need.

2. Folklore Paisley Scarf from Ann Taylor Loft

Love this scarf! Love it! Fell in love with it immediately. Everything I bought for fall goes with this scarf. People are going to get sick of me wearing this scarf! :D I even wore it to dinner with friends last night, even though the temperature outside was a balmy, 75 degrees. Help me.

3. Bolero Dropped Shoulder Cardigan in Cedar Heather from Ann Taylor Loft

Sooo soft and cozy for layering over tank tops and tees! Goes great with jeans and cords.


4. Chiffon Trim Cami from Ann Taylor Loft

Very comfy, and the pleating across the chest is actually very flattering. I got a couple of these in different colors for layering.

5. Corduroy Modern Boot Leg Pants in Shadow Grey from Ann Taylor Loft

I like corduroy, but what I loved about these was the COLOR! It’s a really warm gray- immediately draws you in- and it goes so well with the pinks, creams and purples. These pants will definitely be getting their wear this fall!


6. Coach Penelope Op Art Clutch – from the Coach Outlet store in Foley, AL

Kevin’s mom bought this for me over the summer when we went to the Foley Outlet Stores. Now talk about shopping that place OUT. We spent eleven hours there one Saturday. Yes! ELEVEN HOURS!! :) I went there specifically to go to the Coach outlet store- I knew I wanted a small clutch, just big enough for my keys, cell phone, and monies. I LOVED this one, but I wasn’t so sure about the color. I wanted something to go with everything. I’m not one of those trendy, chic gals that changes my purse with every outfit. Although I wish I was. I really wanted it in just the classic, Coach brown. But this purple was what they had. And it was on sale. And it matched the outfit I was wearing that day. And I really, really, liked it. And Kevin’s mom offered to buy it for me. :D It didn’t take much to convince me. :D And you know what I discovered? That purple really does go with just about everything I own. It looks warmer with warm colors and cooler with cool colors. And I was just tickled pink (purple??) when I realized how well it would match my new fall getup!

7. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

I hardly ever wear anything on my lips, and only lip gloss when I actually do remember to throw something on before running out the door. But I got a free sample of this lip gloss at the store one time and I really liked it! It gives my lips just a hint of color and a shimmery, glossy sheen. Not clown like. Not ultra fakey wet dripping supermodel like. Just right. And after flipping through the catalog at Ann Taylor Loft, and seeing how *every single one* of their models was wearing that berry pink lipstick color (that matches the tank top), I decided to follow the fashion trend- I got this gloss in Cupquake- the perfect pink to match my fall colors. Plus, I had just gotten a pedicure with OPI’s Pink Flamenco, which totally also matches! ;)


8. Miss Me Jeans

I needed a new pair of fall jeans, and the ones at Ann Taylor Loft fit me really well, but… Well. The design on the back of the jeans was… Well to be honest. They were butt ugly. *snicker* Get it? Butt ugly?? Ahem. Sorry… I just crack myself up sometimes. *SNARF!* Get it?? CRACK?? *wiping tears* Okay, I’m back. Anyway. Yeah, I really liked these jeans. Hey, if they gotta have a design on the back, might as well be cute right?? ;)

9. Fleur Applique Graphic Tee in Vintage Plum from Ann Taylor Loft

Love the color of this shirt, love the pattern, and hey! It matches my new jeans. ;) Can be layered over a scoop neck, long sleeve white tee for cooler days, or under a warm cardigan for even colder days! :)


Okay. That was fun. :D If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with my fall fashion rambling! ;) But what I really want to know is… What are YOU wearing this fall??! :) Or what do you WISH you were wearing this fall?? I would LOVE to see a blog post of your favorite fall pieces! :) makes it super-easy to put together ultra-stylish collections. Hope over there and check it out- and if you post your collection on your blog, leave me a link! Pretty please? I wanna see!! :)

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76 Responses
  1. Úrsula

    Hi Amanda! Now I’ve already bought my own real autumn and winter stuff (no Polyvore) so if you want to have a look on my blog here is the link:

  2. Dawn Farias

    Layering tees over long sleeve shirts is a great and cute idea for stretching your wardrobe. I like AT Loft, too. When they get their colors right they really get them RIGHT.

  3. Ursula

    Your stuff it’s beautiful and the web you recomend it’s fantastic. If you want to see what I’m wearing this fall just visit my blog: Thank you! All the best!

  4. Janet

    I love the maybelline eyeshadows. I have the green, blue, nd purple set. I love the green the best. I know what you mean about eye shadow envy.

    You have great style.

  5. Melissa

    Hi Amanda!

    First off I love what you put together for your fall clothes. I actually got the same camis at Ann Taylor Loft, I will be wearing the pink one in my family pictures coming up.

    I wanted to show you a cute family rules canvas I made from your AdOrAbLe… FREE fonts! Thank you so much for having these… my board would not be half as cute without them. Thanks… I love your recipes too. :)

  6. Alisha

    I just adore you, Amanda! Everything about this site radiates joy and happiness, like a cupcake on the web! As a newlywed, I am ever-so-grateful for your recipes! If only my husband knew my secret! :) And as an avid scrapbooker, I look to you for advice and ideas! Fun! And finally as a fashionista-wannabe, I adore looking at your wardrobe finds! I think we’d be great friends. :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. casacaudill

    This might sound like a strange question – and not at all keeping with your post (which has some very cute stuff I must come back and revisit) – but I wondered how you are able to take fun, flirty fonts and make them your post’s title. I know it’s using CSS but I’m quite simply dumb when it comes to understanding what I’m reading. Thanks!

  8. adrienne

    Hi Amanda- I wanted to ask you if you knew what could be going on with my fonts on my blogs- I have Pea Jenny font on them for a while now and they have been working fine until right now- when the page loads it shows the blogger font and then usually will switch over to Jenny but now nothing shows up. This could just be something going on with blogger so I’ll give it a while before I freak but didn’t know if something was discontinued or if that site isn’t working right. Not sure, please let me know if you know anything. (I have not fooled around with any code in a long time btw)

  9. Victoria

    I am in love with your new site layout! A-freaking-dorable! You are a web genius! haha! Anyway, I miss your posts, so please post another one! In return I’ll give you a to-die-for banana coffee cake recipe!
    (yes, I just bribed with a recipe, I hope you don’t mind!)

    love you!

  10. Gema McAlister

    Hey there! I just started my blog a few weeks ago, and I love how you put those pictures up with the clothes! What site did you use? I went to Polyvore and it would only let me do it on twitter and FB. I also subscribed to your blog :) I don’t have my blog totally done yet, cause I am looking to get my header, tabs and signature done, but the people who I have asked to do it, are not getting back to me :( I hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Michelle W.

    Love the new fall items, those jeans really are super cute. You have me wanting to try the eye makeup now, the colors are great. I am not the best at doing eye makeup so will have to try it. That lip gloss is so nice use it a lot now, got some myself for free. Little tip for those who shop at VS, you can find free printable coupons for free lip gloss with your purchases. Well love your collection thanks for shareing.

  12. Celena

    Cute new clothes and accessories! I found your blog through and I think its just awesome. Just took advantage of the match deal with Crystal, amazing! thanks so much!

  13. Stacy Elizabeth

    So, my cousin just pointed out to me that you are using my font as your Title Font and on the Peas For Fonts page. THANKS! I love it!!! I use my font all the time. And I love your website, it’s great. You are doing some fun stuff. Thanks for doing my font for me and keeping us updated. You’re the best!

  14. Jennifer

    I LOVE your fall collection.
    I loved the whole post in general,
    you have a great personality!
    Im going to go make me up a fall wish list,
    as i cannot afford to get it yet,lol


  15. Jacqui

    hi amanda, i love your choices, especially those jeans!! i’m going to see if they’ll ship to australia, i want a pair so bad!!
    Georgous colours with all your choices:-)

  16. Stephanie

    This was my first time looking at your blog! Wow… I love everything your site has to offer. The fonts are great, and I really enjoy looking at the pictures of your pups! My husband and I have two dogs that are our babies too! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Alexis

    I uploaded my own favorites in my Fall closet. What a great site to look and make! I also made a wish list full of sparkly bling and beautiful dresses. It should be fun to look at.

  18. paige rodriguez

    I’m sorry it’s taken me FORever to tell you this, but THANK YOU for the comment on our blog and clarifying the font thing (i’m too tired to call it anything other than the “FONT THING!” ha!) … I know that people really appreciate that tutorial, and I did too!!

    This little fall collection post is SO CUTE, too! love it all! all of your ideas are SO cute!! thanks for sharing them with us!! :)

  19. Julia

    Oooooooh, Manda, your blog is adorable! I love the new look! And your new fab fashions are so cute! I also am lovin’ the plum and berry tones of this fall… whew! Totally awesome. :)


  20. Mary Pat

    What a great post! My brother-in-law is from Fairhope – so my sister always stops by the Foley outlets whenever they got to AL! I’ll have to send this post over for her to check out.

    I loved the tutorials on the fonts. I’m still playing around with them but thanks for the directions! I’m planning on using the fonts on both of my blogs:

    Evie Adventures shows ideas of places to take your kids – there are even giveaways!
    Evie Adventures

    I post my weekly menu to help give new ideas of recipes. Please comment and let me know some of your favorites so I can try them out too!
    Weekly Dinner Menu

  21. Kristine from Few Of A Kind Design

    Hey there! I’ve fallen in love with your site!! well “sites”. Everything you do is so amazing and inspiring! Just thought I would drop a little hello a let you know how much I love your new layout (I’m working on putting together my own right now…it’s slow going but i’m starting to get the hang of HTML) and EVERYTHING in this post is to die for :) Keep doing what you’re doing I love it!

  22. Joann

    I am seeing green! wow what a shopping spree! great looking fall clothes! love your new background – I was trying to find a link to this scrap kit then seen that you scanned in the scarf – wow
    might be an idea for another tutorial – scanning things.
    have a great week-end

  23. Rita

    Love it ALL! And thank you so much for putting my button on your site, I was thrilled to see it there!!! I am so addicted to visiting here and seeing what new things you have posted. Rita

  24. Paige Thomas

    Just found your blog!! SO jealous that you have a LOFT near you. I have NOTHING here in Midland TX and it is just not as fun ordering online!!!!

  25. Brooke

    Amanda, what a nice surprise to see our button on your blog!! We are so incredibly excited and honored that you would include us!! With most sincerity, thank you! War Eagle!!

  26. Brooke

    Amada, what a nice surprise to see our button on your blog!! We are so increibly excited and honored that you would include us!! With most sincerity, thank you! War Eagle!!

  27. TwoHeartsTogether

    I love ALL of those items. PLUM is definitley IN.
    My favorite are the #8 jeans with the design on the pockets.
    I WANT THOSE! I dont have a butt so those will camouflage what I dont have

  28. Ashley

    okay… love the new wardrobe! but what about some new shoes? boots? the new wardrobe isn’t complete without a hot pair of heels or boots.

    and I must know… what font did you use for the “Fall Collection” label??? I love it!

  29. Tami

    Love it all…makes me want to shop. Don’t you just LOVE the outlet mall in Foley?? We go to Gulf Shores every year and I try and spend AT LEAST 1 if not 2 days shopping there!! They have the best stores!!

    Thanks for sharing

  30. Malea

    LOVE the new clothes! I wish I were wearing something along the lines of what you have picked out. Sadly… I’ll be stuck in my frumpy, ill fitting maternity clothes again for most of the fall. I can’t wait to get back into regular clothes!!!

  31. Jan

    I LOVE scarves and have worn them for years. I am glad they are returning. My 3 daughters have been borrowing mine for years so theirs are vintage. My middle daughter was surprised to see a couple of my “old” scarves were at the Hot Topic stores. Cool!!!

  32. Paige B

    I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES! (and the scarf too… i’m addicted to scarves and of course matching toboggins (spelling??) in the winter!!) The colors you picked are gorgeous…. However, the only thing i’m going to be able to rock this fall is MATERNITY CLOTHES… Any suggestions on CUTE, AFFORDABLE , MATERNITY CLOTHES???? Looked everywhere and not much luck so far. Love the eyeshadow too ( :

  33. Jami

    Hey Amanda! I am sure you will look great with the new eyeshadow, but I had to tell you that the time you posted just you with no makeup–it was a jewelry giveaway–very stunning! So now you have to post a pic of you all dolled up in your new duds, K?

  34. Danielle

    Love your new Autumn wardrobe! I love layering and pieces that interchange well.

    Like Dawn, I am wondering about that font. Also, wondering what app you are using to post your blog to Facebook?


  35. Angel Johns

    I so look forward to your updates. Love all of the products and pieces that you chose! Your blog is so amazing. I have got to figure out how to make mine look better!

  36. Erin Snapp

    Such a FUN blog entry!!!
    This made me totally want to go shoppppping :)
    Reminded me of being a teenager again getting ready to buy back to school clothing….but with much better taste!

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