Daring to go Digital? A Giveaway!

polaroid my memories suite digital scrapbook software giveaway

If you’ve been thinking of going digital- digital scrapbooking, that is- But have absolutely no idea where to start?? This is one giveaway you don’t want to miss!

Time’s Up!! The winners have been posted here! Thanks for playing!! :)

With the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software program you can quickly and easily create and share digital scrapbook pages- and even entire albums. It’s user-friendly format makes it super simple to drag and drop photos onto a page, add backgrounds and embellishments, and finish it off with coordinating mats and drop shadows to all the photos on the page- with just one click! Have trouble deciding how to arrange your photos? The software comes with tons of pre-loaded templates to choose from. You can even use your own digital scrapbooking supplies if you’ve already built up a nice collection! ;) If you’ve been daring to go digital, check out more about the software features on their website.

polaroid my memories suite digital scrapbook software giveaway

My favorite feature? I love all the ways you can share your created albums! :) After you finish an album, or even just a few pages- with *one click* you can turn it into a beautiful slideshow presentation that’s sized perfectly for sharing- you can email it, post it on your blog, share it on Facebook, or even make a high-quality DVD! You can add music & narration for complete personalization. Way cool.

Time’s Up!! The winners have been posted here! Thanks for playing!! :)

The Giveaway!

Interested?? To win your very own copy of My Memories Suite Version 2.0 from Polaroid, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

The Deadline…

The contest will run until Thursday, January 21 at noon CST. The winner will be chosen by his or her comment number (using’s number generator) and announced on this post on Thursday- Check back to see if you’re the winner!!! :)

Oh! And don’t forget to stop by the My Memories Suite Facebook page! There’s tons of good info, tutorials, and helpful folks there if you have any questions! :)

Thanks for looking- and good luck!!! :)

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959 Responses
  1. shannon harrison

    your blog is ADORABLE! just came across this today by happenstance looking for handwriting fonts and “BAM!” thank you for all your terrificness…

  2. Katie

    I am so envious of your scraproom and have been designing my studio this week so I can be more organized like you. thank you for inspiring me. I have been considering digital scrapbooking as well. Maybe I will win! Thanks.

  3. Michele Petty

    I have just started digital scrapbooking and my trials are running out on software programs. I would love to continue scrapbooking digitally and this like the perfect software! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Charitie Jones

    I would love to do digital scrapbooking. I need to make more time. That was one of my New Years resolutions. I hope I can keep it.

  5. Nancy

    OMG nothing would make me happier than to be the new owner of this wonderful software. I love photography and would love to share with my friends and family. Keeping my fingers crossed!


  6. Amanda Brown

    Hey,I would be so excited to win as I have TONS of pics that need to be organized, what better way then digital scrapbooking….Hope to hear from you soon… XOXO

  7. Deb C

    Just starting digital scrapbooking — looks amazing — thanks for all the info on your site! Trying your recipes too! Great!

  8. Kelly

    Amanda, I love your site. I am always amazed at what you can do. This is an amazing offer. Thanks, I hope to email you soon to ask you some more questions.

  9. Cherie Gailey

    Wow! Thanks Amanda! My chances are slim, but I hope I win. ;) I’ve never done digital scrapbooking before, but I sure would like to start! :D

  10. Patty

    Wow Amanda, this would be a great opportunity for me to finally get into digital scrap booking. I have so many memories but never had the time to organize all my prized pictures. I hope to win:)

  11. Jenifer Howard

    I would love to win this!! I have been interested in learnin ghow to digital scrapbook and this might be the perfect push i need to start doing it!! :)

  12. Kerrie Kuhn

    Hi Amanda! I’m very excited about the giveaway and SO glad I caught it in time! Digital scrapping is a new addiction for me – I’m still learning but your site has helped me so much with this and also with the blog for our young women group. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us!

  13. Mindy

    Very cool give-a-way! I loved when I stumbled onto your blog (first because it’s amazing, 2nd you love DOGS!) I send everyone here for the “how to’s” (the are SO helpful), anyway PICK ME! PICK ME! I have a bazillion pictures to digiscrap from my husband’s recent military graduation and this sounds like the perfect way to organize the craziness!
    Thanks Amanda

  14. Karen

    Ive never entered a blog contest before! I have used a free program which only makes 8 x 11 pages but would love to have a real program that can make 12 x 12s, is easy to use so i can digi scrap with my adult daughter, whos very good at it!
    my email is: xhater AT

  15. Kimberly Goon

    I would love to win this. I am just starting to get into digital scrapbooking. This would help so much.

  16. Tiffany Jackson

    Oh My Gosh! I would totally love this. I am just getting into the digital scrapbooking. I am a photographer in Utah and do alot of photoshop, but this would be amazing! Pick me!

  17. Ashlie

    I’ve been downloading digi scrapbooking stuff for a couple of months now but really have no clue how to make it all functional. This would be pretty cool to have a program specifically for all of the digi goodness. :)

  18. Nicole Shealy

    I have been thinking about starting digital scrapbooking, and I think winning would be the push I needed to give it a try =)

  19. Angela Iacono


    This is such a wonderful giveaway-especially for those of us that would love to get started, but just need a little nudge!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts :)

  20. Hilda D Tovar

    I’m in for easier digital fun. Thanks for telling us about” my memories suite” I did not know about this product. Love n Hugs

  21. Julie

    Just discovered your brilliant website via Shabbyblog…
    I am new to blogging and scrapbooking so this would be absolutely fantastic to win…if I’m lucky :)

  22. corinna

    My 2010 promise to myself is to learn how to digitally scrap and complete at least 10 digital or hybrid layouts. What perfect timing for this giveaway! ;-))

  23. Chandani

    Hi Amanda,

    I once tried to make a cute blog and it never happened. I would love this software to help me update my family on my whereabouts and adventures. Blogs are a great way to inform the mass so this would be really helpful. I also dont have a webpage because I am so technologically illiterate but I have managed to get on facebook if you ever want to find me! Thanks!


  24. Jen

    Oooo, this is the best giveaway I’ve seen yet! I love scrapbooking irl and I would love to try out digital scrapbooking! Yay!

  25. Rissa

    I really need to get on the stick and learn to digital scrapbook, this sounds like just the thing I need! Thanks!!!

  26. Caroline JG

    I discovered your blog, and I love it; it looks so nice,enjoy the tutorial (just created my first signature). I’d loved to be pick-up, and THANK YOU for your blog.

  27. Terri Shaver

    This type of program would make it so easy for those of us who are “less than creative” and struggle with the entire prospect of going digital and making the transition from paper and scissors to mouse clicks. Thanks for the prospect of the give-away!
    Terri S.

  28. Annalise

    This looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to get into scrapbooking, but fear all of the supplies necessary. This would be the perfect alternative!

  29. Kate & Richard

    Hi Amanda, I came by way of Pioneer Woman and the Christmas shot of your beautiful doggie, Howie. It was my absolute favourite ‘bokah’ shot and I was bummed you didn’t win. Anyway, your site has really inspired me and I’d love to learn how to become a dig-scrapper so I’m not embarrassed to give out my blog address. Cheers x

  30. Marilyn

    I have been wanting to go digital, or atleast try it! I would so love to win this. Thanks for your awesome giveaway!

    Marilyn C.

  31. Sherri

    I’ve just found your blog and fallen in love! I would so love to try out digital scrapbooking, so thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  32. Jill F

    I would love to win! I am so intimidated to even try digital scrapping, but this sounds like the perfect solution to get me on the right track! (Fingers crossed!)

  33. christine

    Answer to a prayer! I’m looking for something that is completely user friendly. Even if I don’t win, I will look into the product. Thank you!!

  34. Camee

    I have been wanting to learn how to digital scrap! I’ve just been putting it off, because I don’t know where to start. This would be perfect!

  35. Zippy

    Thank you Amanda for a great give-away. I’ve been hesitant to give digital scrapbooking a go, but with a such a great program like this one I don’t think I could say no! Hope I win! : )

  36. Amanda L

    What a wonderful trat to win this fantastic program. Maybeit will help me with my new years resolution to finally do something creative with my huge collection of pictures.

  37. Alberta

    I’ve always been fascinated by digital scrapbooking and all of the digital kits out there, but just haven’t taken a stab at it. This would be a good opportunity to go for the gold. Thanks!

  38. Elizabeth

    I have so many photos on my computer and I would love to be able to organize them in a creative way! This software looks really amazing.

  39. Jeannette Chirinos Gold

    this is an amazing giveaway Amanda, you and mymeoriesuite are very generous
    I will love to learn how to use t …..Thank you so much…. even from venezuela you are kknown :)

  40. Samantha


    that’s so wonderful! ive never done it before but i’m so interested in starting! i’ve just started getting into digital photography and this would be perfect!!!!


  41. Natasha

    oooooh! i’ve always loved to do that!! it’ll be amazing if i was the lucky winner!! oooh, i wish i wish!

    love your site so much!


  42. Diane

    I NEED this, and I would love this! I am new to digital photography, and have never done a digital scrapbook page. Your website is wonderful!

  43. Sharon Popp

    Kevin & Amanda,
    Thank you for such a wonderful site! I love it & use your fonts on my blog! I eventually would LOVE to do some digital scrapbooking and would love to win your giveaway! ;0)) Sharon P.S. Loved your snoring dog video.

  44. Jenni S

    I’ve wanted to do digital scrap booking for so long, but didn’t have the software to do it. This looks really cool!! I hope I win! Thanks, Jenni S

  45. Therese

    I have been slowly trying digital. Alot to learn and I love that mistakes can be fixed with the undo button.

  46. Genna Haddad

    Would love to try out the software and go Digital! Thanks for the fun giveaway, good luck to all of us :)

  47. Maggen Buchanan

    I love to scrapbook, really have wanted to start some digital scrapbooking just havent really made the leap.. and I love your page you’ve always got great stuff on here.

  48. Debra Lawrence

    Thank you for helping me develop a better looking blog. You are amazing, and so generous with your time and talent.
    Sincere thanks, Debra in WI

  49. Christy Bennett

    I would love to win this. I don’t have time to do “old-fashioned scrapbooking” like I used to, but think this would be much quicker and easier.

  50. Barbara Noland

    Digital is something I have been dying to try, but too afraid to jump in w both feet. This would be a great way to get started.

  51. Christina

    I have been wanting to try digital scrapbooking, but I have been to scared and didn’t know where to start. Great giveaway!!

  52. Macy

    Hi! I love your website! I really love the pea fonts. I also love your digital scrapbooking kits! :) I hope i win this contest!!! :)

  53. Larke

    I would absolutely LOVE to know how to get started with digital scrapbooking! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking at your ideas – they inspire me!!!!!

  54. Samantha

    I would love to win this. I love scrapbooking and have been wanting to try digital scrapbooking for awhile now. This would be the perfect excuse to try it!

  55. Casie H

    I love your site, it inspires me to be a better me. I would love to try out this program, so pick me! Please!

  56. Kristen

    This sounds like a great giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing with the digital community! Here’s hoping to Win!

  57. Jen

    I have thought about creating a digital scrapbook, but I honestly didn’t have a clue where to begin. This is such an exciting opportunity. I think the best part about scrapbooking this way is being able to share with my friends and family over email! How amazing would that be! I’m crossing my fingers!

  58. Brittany

    I would love to give this a try! I like that you can use digital scrapbooking files that you already have, too! PERFECT!

  59. Kim

    OMG…I am hesitating to start scrapbooking digitally and this would be a great way to start. BTW I love giveaways! Hope I win – I would love this! ~Kim

  60. LuRae

    Definitely something I’d like to try! I’m doing the picture-a-day challenge so I’ll defintely have some picture to scrapbook.

  61. Michelle Kelly

    We just started our family and I am so excited about digital scrapbooking as a means to capture special moments! Thanks for providing such an amazing site!!

  62. Kay

    Ha! I have been trying to dare to go digital for over a year now. If I win, I will take it as a sign that I need to stop trying and start doing!

  63. Sally

    Amanda, I love your website and have told several of my friends about it! I especially love your recipes. I am a scrapbooker and have thought about doing some digital scrapbooking, but other than making several online photo books, haven’t done it because I don’t really know how. Keep up the great work on your blog.

  64. Mylie Wilde

    I have always wanted to do digital scrapbooking, but it is so hard to give up my traditional way of doing it. this would be a great way to start!

  65. Denise Dean`

    This software sounds too good to be true! Can’t wait to see how it works! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  66. Jennifer S.

    I am a graphic designer and make greeting cards. I have never tried digital scrapbooking, so this would be a great way to expand my graphic designs! :)

    Thanks and Good luck to everyone! :)

  67. Tammy

    I was just introduced to this site and I am so excited to have a new place to help fuel my own imagination! Yeah for people with great ideas!

  68. Lori

    I’ve just discovered your site and wow! I’m hooked. I cannot believe all the wonderful ideas you have and I’m just getting started. I really would love to win this and have some very special gifts to share with family and for me too! Thanks so much for sharing all your fantastic ideas. Blessings to you both.

  69. Debbie

    I would TOTALLY love to win this software. I’m exactly the person you described, so it sounds like this would be a nice treat for me!

  70. catherine s.

    I have sooo many digital pics that are just screaming to be digiscrapped! oh, and the possibilities for websites and blogs – I shake with excitement just thinking of it. Thanks for the opp to win!

  71. Tracey Southerland

    What an awesome giveaway!! I have been hearing so much about digi scrapping & would love to give it a try. Regular scrapbooking has been put on the backburner with a toddler running around. ;) How nice to be able to do it all digitally!!

  72. Monika Wright

    I never thought I would be interested, but am now taking baby steps into hybrid scrapbooking. Might even go all the way!

  73. Erin

    Ooooo! I would love this! My trial version of Photoshop Elements is about to expire, and I’m going to need something to digi-scrap with!

  74. Lauren

    THANKS for doing this fun giveaway! I’ve been a paper girl for so long but would love to take the digi-scrap plunge!

  75. Audrey

    How cool! I have thought about starting to digital scrapbook, but have been intimidated by the photo adjusting process & etc… I am excited about the possibilities of using a software like this. Thanks Amanda!

  76. Allyson

    I just got started doing the digital and LOVE it!!! It is so much quicker and easier than traditional scrapping…and now that I am expecting baby #4 in the fall the faster and easier things are the better! :-)

  77. Charlene

    I have been very hesitant to go digital, but this would definitely force me to try my hand at it! This looks like a great product!

  78. Ashleigh

    I’m totally torn right now on whether to make the big switch. Right now I dabble in a bit of both and I think it’s probably harder than just deciding on one. Thanks for the chance. It might just help me make my decision. Love your blog by the way.

  79. Amy

    Love it. I’m just getting started in digital scrapbooking and need lots of help. Thanks for all the good info.

  80. Kiana

    I’ve just started digital scrapbooking and would love to own this software since I’ve been looking into getting something simpler than Photoshop. This looks like the perfect product – thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Chelsea

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been really wanting to get into digital scrapbooking lately since I have this adorable little baby to scrapbook about now! :) Thank you!

  82. Cindi

    COOOOLLL! Love this idea of being able to share in so many ways. I LOVE your site as well as your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me!

  83. Katy

    I want this so badly! I do not have the time or patience for paper scrapping and never get pictures printed so this is perfect for me! I could print entire books!

  84. Janette

    I wouldn’t mind trying this out. I am a decent digital scrapbooker, but I am super slow in Photoshop. This would make my life much easier!

  85. Amy Corrigan

    I would love to win this! I recently lost my daughter about a month ago and it would be a great way to not only, finally, go digital, but to start to scrap her life and make a memories album out of it. I love your blog and look forward to more insightful crafty information from you!

  86. Janine Copeland

    Wow I had no idea a program like this even existed. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Always enjoy your blog entries. I have never really scrapbooked, so I guess I will be back here for many tips!

  87. Leslie

    I keep thinking that I should go digital, but have been hesitant. This would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  88. Nancy

    This is an amazing concept to me. I’m not very artistic so this would be a great help to me. I have 2 grandchildren so I have tons of pictures waiting to be “scrapbooked”.

  89. Kim Hartmann

    How Awesome it would be to win this!! i love digital scrapbooking and anything that would make it better and more fun! I hope i get picked.

  90. Cindy Teague

    I just started venturing into digital scrapbooking and totally love it so far. I would love this program to help me learn more fun things about going digital!

  91. Melissa Pierce

    I have never done digital scrapbooking…. I would love to try it. With three kids under the age of 6 I could probably get more done!

  92. Montanna Honc

    I would really love to start scrapbooking digitally! I would love to be able to share my photographs and journaling with family and friends.


  93. Brandi K. Vowell

    OMGosh! Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity! I just bought a Nikon D90 and I love how you share what lens, setting, etc. you use on your photos. Now to think I could add them to my facebook and emails! How fun!

  94. Kristi

    I haven’t seen this software before. Looks really neat and user friendly!
    Thanks for sharing with us! Hope I win!

  95. Stacey

    I have always wondered a great way to get started digital scrapbooking. I am a big scrapbooking and like the look of hybrid pages too where you can do neat stuff with the pictures and layouts and then add some real embellishments.


  96. Kassie Crapo

    I have soooo many pictures that I want to start digital scrapbooking…I would love love love to win, BUT who wouldn’t! :) Maybe I will get lucky this time around…

  97. Georgia M

    I would love to give digital scrapbooking a try. There are so many choices out there I don’t know where to start. Hope to get my hands on it.

  98. Lisa O

    You said the words I long to hear–EASY.

    Sounds like a great product and would love the opportunity to win.


  99. Cindy

    WOW! I just told myself I was going to learn to do digital scrapbooking, and Kevin & Amanda to the rescue! Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!

  100. mandy crandell

    I am so excited to finally be a follower of kevinandamanda! I LOVE their blog, always so cute and intrigueing! This is my first giveaway i am entering or posting for:) I am almost terrified to start the digi scrap world, to be honest i didnt know you even needed special software!! I am a newlywed and there are so many things i could digi scrap because i lost all my scrapbook stuff to an unfortunate incident! oh man, life will go on though. tear for lost scrapbook stuff:( Well it’s great that there are awesome give aways like this, amanda you rock! I love your blog, thanks for being so sharing!

  101. Tracey

    I’m a traditional scrapbooker and have been unsure about going digital but this looks pretty easy and cool. Wish me luck!

  102. Ali

    I’d love to try that! Now that I finally have my spiffy camera and some decent pictures, I need to do something with them other than just store them on my computer. =)

  103. Ashley Schieber

    I love digi scrapbooking and just started working on my honeymoon scrapbook. This would be fun to try out! Thanks!!

  104. angelblessed

    I could probably open my own scrapbook store, I have so much stock lol! I have dabbled a little bit in digital scrapping, but would absolutely love to learn how to do it. Good luck to everyone that posts, and can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is!

  105. natalie

    i have been following your blog for a while now. i found your blog when i did a search online for how to do something blog-related. i have never left a comment. but i love digital scrapbooking and would LOVE the chance to win this software! thanks for the chance!!! you are wonderful and your knowledge is amazing. thanks for sharing it with me…and everyine else….but i feel like it’s for me. :)

  106. Mallory Nikolaus

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! What a great giveaway! I have been so interested in digital scrapbooking for quite some time and this would be PERFECT!!!! This would be a perfect addition to my new Photoshop program! Keeping my fingers crossed!!! GOOD LUCK ALL!

  107. Valerie

    This is so neat! My grandma and I scrapbook together and I would love to show her how to do scrap-booking with this program! She would be blown away! *Fingers crossed*

  108. Hannah

    Hi Amanda! I have only just discovered your blog and I love it! I’d never heard of digital scrapbooking but I LOVE the idea! I have downloaded your amazing kit and would love to use it!

  109. Rebecca in Colorado

    Hey Amanda –
    Via the blog world, I found a gal with cool fonts, and she directed me to your tutorial on installing fonts (fried brain syndrome at this point) and now I have bookmarked you as one of the blogs I’ll have to pop in on now and then. If I can get through your font tutorial, surely I could embark on the digi-scrapbook world, you think? Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  110. Ashley B

    As much as I love photography and scrapbooking I should already be into the digital scrapbooking, guess now is the time :)

  111. judy foster

    wow that sounds great. I have been downloading things for quite a while now and have yet to do a layout.

  112. lindsey

    this is actually something i’ve been wanting to do for over a year, but didn’t know where to start! this would be perfect!!!

  113. Kristen

    This program sounds terrific! I would love to win. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas through your blog! I just found it and think it is fantastic!!!

  114. Skooks

    I used to do digital scrapping and then my computer crashed out and I lost all of it! This would be an awesome gift to get back into it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. michelle

    Wow, what a wonderful give-away, i have always wanted to try digital scrapbooking, how exciting! I love your site and inspiration you share with so many! Thanks!

  116. Megan

    It would be really cool to go digital! I’m still needing a new Mac though…. I miss my photoshop and all my programs I had on it that I don’t have for the PC. Ohh… some day! :)

  117. chesley

    i would LOVE to win this!! i gave up “regular” scrapbooking due to time & space & have resorted to photobooks, but they’re just not the same!

  118. Melanie

    What a great giveaway! I have been wanting to start digital scrapbooking but like you said I have no idea where to begin or how to do it. I hope I win.

  119. Savanna

    Awesome!! I would love to try this. I have been wanting to try out digital scrap booking and this would be a good way to start!

  120. Candice S. in Colorado

    Oh you have no idea how much this would help me…save my life, actually!!! :)

    Fabulous giveaway! This is something I have been in need of, but didn’t even know it!!

    Thanks so much for the chance!


  121. Nicole Kirk

    I FREAKED when I saw this post…thinking “that’s me, that’s me!” I switched to a digital camera about 2 years ago and I have a MASSIVE amount of photos that need to be scrapbooked. I just haven’t had the time for “traditional scrapbooking” since my second child was born. I have been wanting to try digital scrapbooking for years but have NO CLUE how to get started! I AM SO EXCITED about this software…even if I don’t win, I will be looking into this for sure. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous giveaway! *my fingers are definitely crossed*

  122. Suzie Bertrand

    This sounds exciting! I’ve done some digital layouts, but I could use a lot more help with that format. This should do it!

  123. Connie

    Amanda, not sure how I clicked on your blog but I’ve been following you for a few day. I could spend a few hours reading your posts, thank you much for entertaining me on my lunch hour and winning something would be a perk.

  124. Suzy Doss

    I think often about digital scrapbooking! I see so many adorable layouts done digitally. Still, the thought overwhelmes a little me because its so unfamiliar. This would help me get started! Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. Jenny

    A software program from Polaroid is got to be good! I lost touch with scrapbooking a couple years ago and going digital would definitely get me back into it. Thanks for sharing the info on the new program!

  126. Rita

    Ive many free digi kits & have purchased a few myself but havent done any layouts (still a bit intimidated on tackling PSE) & would love a software prog to get me moving so I hope I win!! Thnx for let us know.

  127. Catherine

    I love your website and found it purely by accident! I just recently went all-digital with my camera’s etc. For years I have used my old trusty SLR and didn’t know exactly how to use my new one- Voila! your website helped sooo much! So thanks for everything you post- I may be old- but I LOVE digital!

  128. Andrea

    Amanda, I just started following your blog a month ago. And now, I’m feeling that I HAVE TO have a blog myself. I love scrapbooking and have been wanting to try try digital scrapbooking, may be this would help me take the leap! Hope you have a great day!

  129. Casey

    awesome giveaway! I really need this to help me, I’ve tried getting pages together a couple times but I’m having trouble still

  130. Carlie & Tyler

    We just got married and are looking for something to capture our memories without all the expensive paper. Please pick us :)

  131. kylee

    That looks like such a neat program! I’ve never even considered digital scrapbooking, but with a new baby at home, it would be such a time saver!

  132. Griffin's Mommy

    Wow! I’ve been thinking about getting into digital scrapping because I am just messy when it comes to regular scrapping. LOL I don’t know a thing about it but this program does sound amazing. I will have to check it out!


  133. Amanda J.

    This is TOTALLY crazy. I just found your website last week. I have always scrapbooked the traditional way but after seeing your creativity, I decided that my scrapbbooks should all be done digitally now. This is 2010 after all. I went to Google yesterday and honestly, I typed in “how to start digital scrapbooking”. Then today I got on your site and saw this. I think I am destined to do this now. This looks like a great program. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  134. Catie

    WOW – Bless you – this is an incredible giveaway – I would soooo love to go digital (better than plaid)
    Thanks so for the opportunity

  135. Tiffany E

    I have been doing digital for a bit. How fun it would be to have a program JUST for that! I love it & REALLY hope I win.

  136. Joyelle

    would LOOOOOVE to be the LUCKY winner!!! I want to digital scrapbook and even have a few freebie layouts… with NO IDEA how to use them!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  137. Nicole

    I would love to try Digital Scrapbooking, but haven’t know how to start or what program to use. This would be great if I could try this out…can’t wait to find out who wins!

  138. Whitney

    I have so many pictures of my daughter and just don’t seem to have time to do tradition scrapbooking. Digital Scrapbooking is something that I would love to try! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  139. Erin

    Amanda, I LOVE your giveaways! This looks like so much fun to start. I have admired other people’s digital scrapbook pages and/or albums and never knew how they did it! I am such a perfectionist that I have never tried regular scrapbooking because I think it will just look hokey, but that has not stopped me from spending way to much money on buying the materials, ha! This would be a great way to assure myself my efforts would be perfect!! Thanks again!

  140. Devry

    I love your blog! …And I’m excited about this giveaway. It’s the first one I’ve ever entered. I’m crossing my fingers!

  141. Cindy Fowler

    This looks like amazing software, it’s so great you are offering it to us. Thanks for telling us about it.

  142. Jennay

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  182. Krystle

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