Brand New 7-Quart Kitchenaid Giveaway

Time’s up!

The winner of the 7-Quart Kitchenaid is:

#852 Aimee Poe

Congratulations Aimee! I’ve sent you an email. Have fun with all your holiday baking!

Have you guys seen the newest model from Kitchenaid? It’s the brand new 7-qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer. Isn’t she a beauty? Here it is pictured above in gorgeous candy apple red. Swoon. Today, courtesy of the amazing folks at Kitchenaid, I am so happy to be able to offer one of these beautiful mixers to one lucky Kevin & Amanda reader, in your choice of red, black or silver.


KitchenAid 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Giveaway
($549 value)

KitchenAid‘s Best Performing Stand Mixer

  • Our Most Powerful, Quietest Available — 1.3HP high efficiency DC motor is designed to run longer and delivers optimum torque with less he at build-up. Easily handles recipes requiring longer mixing, kneading and whipping times. The all-metal, precise gear design produces a smooth, quiet sound.
  • Our Longest Lasting — Designed for long life of high performance; backed by 2 year hassle-free replacement warranty.
  • Our Most Efficient — Advanced feedback control communicates in micro seconds to the motor to ensure optimal power is delivered to the bowl.

Largest Capacity Residential Bowl-Lift Available 7-Quart (6.6 L)

Includes Dishwasher Safe Accessories:

  • Maximize bowl coverage stainless steel 11-wire Elliptical Whip
  • Coated metal Flat Beater
  • Power Kneadâ„¢ Dough Hook

I love the new style of whisk that comes with the new 7-qt model. It reaches every surface of the bowl for maximum coverage and less stopping and scraping down the sides.


How to Enter

To be entered to win the Kitchenaid 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Giveaway (in your choice of red, black, or silver) simply answering the following question in the comments section of this post:

What’s the first thing you’d make in your new Kitchenaid?

Contest Ends Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 8pm CST. One entry per person please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.


Can’t wait to read your responses! Good luck!!

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3,634 Responses
  1. Mommy Katie

    I would make some cookies, we love baking this time of year and my kids love to make cookies, so we would make some cookies together!

  2. molly

    I would make my grandmother’s secret bread recipe. It’s a sourdough bread, but there is NOTHING “sour” about it. It reminds me of fall/winter as a child. She’d fry the bread on the second day (if there was any left) and top it with homemade strawberry preserves for breakfast. I would love to recreate that with my family.

  3. Michele

    My husband has PKD and I am always adapting recipes, so that he can eat healthy foods. I use a mixer almost every single day. I sure could use a new one!

  4. Heather West

    I would make my delicious pumpkin bars! I want one so bad, I’ve been saving $20 here and there to get one so I would LOVE to win this!!

  5. Lee Barrow

    I will make a YUMMY SCRUMPTIOUS homemade Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting!:) My all time favorite! This mixer is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Josh K

    I am constantly baking and one of my favorite things to make are Sour Cream Cookies. I don’t make them very often because the dough is extremely difficult to mix the 5 1/2 cups of flour in but with this mixer, the first thing I would make would be Sour Cream Cookies.

  7. Christine

    I have been waiting for this mixer to go on sale ,but free would be so much better!!! I would whip up some delicious wine cookies !! Just in time for Christmas!

  8. Katherine Greenough

    I would make some cookies!!! With the holidays upon us it would be great to have this in my kitchen to help me whip up some yummy cookies!! As well as all of the other holiday baking that I need to do!!. =)

  9. LaWanda

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer. The first thing that I would make is bread and lots of it! I love the smell of homemade bread. Thanks.

  10. Erica Schumacher

    I would make my father’s favorite meringues and thumbprint cookies for his memorial service in 2 weeks. The man loved his cookies!

  11. Chris O.

    I would make my wife very happy. :) I would make your mom’s peanut butter balls, the 5 qt mixure isn’t enough, and the bowl unless you put it in a ice bath gets too hot.

  12. Cindi

    I would whip up a batch of pumpkin bread the minute I got it out of the box! I would seriously use this mixer all the time!

  13. Brett

    We have a recipe for “Big Mama’s Sugar Cookies” that would have to be the first thing I would make if I won this mixer. Big Mama was my husband’s great grandmother and her sugar cookie recipe is to die for. What an awesome way to make and share her wonderful recipe!!

  14. Rebecca Lorraine Walker

    Mashed potatoes! I’ve had them from my daughter’s Kitchenaid and let me tell you, that machine whips them so thorough they’re afraid to leave a lump behind. The most delicious potatoes I’ve ever had! Best cooking tool ever!

  15. Melissa G.

    I think I would make good ol fashioned chocolate chip cookies! Then I’d have to go for something more substantial, but you can’t pass up a chocolate chip cookie!

  16. Kay K

    This mixer is perfect!! As a Kindergarten Teacher I would make dozens and dozens of cupcakes to give as a thank you to the PTA of our school who do so much for the children, staff and teachers.

  17. Erica

    I missed it to! Just graduated and moving out on my own so this would have been wonderful! Looking forward to making pumpkin everything this season! I would love to try pumpkin rolls!

  18. rachel

    Oh dear, I think I just missed this by 3 minutes! How sad.
    Well, I’d still make chocolate chip cookies in that beautiful mixer. :)

  19. Erin Willis

    It’s not too original, but some warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies for my four children. Who can resist a tasty classic like that??

  20. Kayla

    I would take this over to my mom’s house and use it to make all of our christmas goodies. My mom, sister and myself plus a few extra little ones around the house spend an entire weekend making christmas goodies to giveaway every year. This would make our holiday treats a total breeze. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  21. Laura

    I’d attempt to make my boyfriend’s, Grandma’s “lazy day” cake. A quick cake recipe for those days where you just couldn’t get to making that daily dessert before your husband got home from work! haha!

  22. tanya

    Oh I would love this!! I would make lots of chocolate chip cookies. Then some sweet breads. Then…well you get the idea. I would bake to my hearts content:)

  23. Cynthia P.

    The first thing I would make is a red velvet cake. Yum :) I always go to my grandmother’s house & borrow hers.

  24. Amanda

    I’m a baker and would make a cake or frosting or fondant or bread or cookies! Oh the possibilities are endless! :)

  25. Ashlee Shrigley

    Oh for sure this would be the best thing to win ever!!!! I would makea chocolate icebox dessert!!! Our favorite!!!! I bet this mixer would make the layers even more creamy!!! -Ashlee

  26. Tristine R.

    I would start with a batch of homemade cookies. Then I would raid my pinterest and start working my way through my baking dream board!

  27. Elizabeth Lopez

    I would make some delicious Almond – Coconut Chocoloate Chip cookies. I just received a new cookie cookbook and this is the recipe my son X wants me to make first! I would love to share it with him and this beauty of a mixer :)

  28. Erica

    I would make Christmas sugar cookies for my husband since he was deployed last year for Christmas and the cookies I sent then finally arrived a month and a half after Christmas!

  29. Melissa

    I’m gonna get the ice cream maker attachment and whip up our first batch of dark chocolate peppermint ice cream of the season!!

  30. Tami E.

    I would invite my daughter over and we would make Grammie’s Sugar Cookies for the next tailgating party….. Football shaped of course!

  31. Suzy Gray

    I LOVE that red color…. the first thing I would make is my grandma’s nutroll recipe. My dad asks for that each Christmas (only gift he wants) and it takes muscles to make them without one of these. Thanks for the chance to win hoping you pick my name

  32. Chelsea

    A black mixer would look just perfect in my new home ready for me to break in the new kitchen with some yummy Christmas sugar cookie making!

  33. Angela V.

    Without a doubt the first thing I would make in *hopefully* my brand new kitchenaid would be my grandma’s sugar cookies and the frosting to go with! It’s just not the holidays without grandma’s yummy sugar cookies!!

  34. Jami Newman

    Are you kidding me? I love this Kitchenaid! I would be able to make enough of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to feed everyone at work!

  35. Robyn Rasmussen

    Oh my goodness. I would make my favorite homemade from scratch Cinnamon Rolls that is a recipe passed down from my great grandma. They are so irresistable and it would be so fun to make in a NEW kitchenaide!

  36. Misty D.

    Oh, the things I would make with this! I’d probably start off with some whole grain bread, followed by various cookies to give as gifts this Christmas.

  37. Pam McHenry

    The first thing I’ll make in my new mixer is smashed potatoes with sour cream and butter. Don’t forget tons of cheese!!

  38. Kristal G

    I would love to make bread! I love love love bread and I bet the dough hook attachment would make some killer bread!

  39. Carrie Shaffer

    I LOVE making sugar cookies and icing for my kids to decorate with my Kitchen Aid Mixer! The BEST memories start with the mixing :-)

  40. Emily McHenry

    The first thing I will make in my brand new kitchenaid will be a big batch of homemade buttercream icing to go on top of my cousin’s wedding cake that I am making for her! Then I’ll make meringue for a chocolate pie!! Woohoo!

  41. Lauren

    I would make gingersnap cookies, dipped in white chocolate – yum! The first time I made them I burned the motor in my hand mixer. Ever since, I have had to get my husband to help stir the molassas into the mix. This mixer would really help!

  42. Heather

    Oh my, so many things! Frosting is at the top of my list, mixing with a hand spun mixer is so tiresome!!
    Amazing Amazing giveaway!

  43. Britany Holmes

    Oh my goodness I’ve always wanted a mixer. I would die and go to Heaven if I won this! But first I would make strawberry cheesecake cupcakes! Yummmy!!

  44. Kelsie

    The possibilities are endless! I’d make homemade bread, then cookies, then all the other holiday goodies I’ve got up my sleeve!

  45. Dawn

    Ahhh, I’d make bread from scratch. I have a classic kitchenaid, and though it works still, it seems to be a little bogged down with things like bread… so I don’t make it much in attempt to not cut it’s life short!

  46. Evelyn

    I am teaching my daughter how to bake. Our plan this year is to make all of our Christmas gifts this year.. from breads, cookies, and cakes. Of course it takes a lot of practice to get them tasty.. so we need to start practicing them now.. :)

  47. Katherine

    I’d love to make some wonderful Pumpkin bars (my mom’s famous holiday recipe). It would be great to make this before the fall season is over!

  48. Katie Weathers

    I would make Homemade Chocolate Chip cookie with my daughter for the first time! Nothing better than fun Mommy Daughter time in the kitchen!

  49. Alexis Speed

    If I won this beautiful piece of heaven, I would make my beloved grandmother’s famous sweet potato pie. A recipe that was used to wow southern dignitaries and upperclass family in the South during the 30’s and 40’s. My grandmother was cognitively starting to decline four years ago and before we lost her I was able to sit in my kitchen, show her ingredients and have her tell me how much of this and how much of that! It worked-my sweet potato pie’s taste just like grandma’s.

  50. Amber

    Holy wow! Gosh – what wouldn’t I make?!?!? A batch of my favorite Christmas fudge… or perhaps the classic chocolate chip cookies.. although with freshly fallen snow right now, a piping hot cinnamon roll sounds delish.. Thanks so much for the chance, Amanda! :)

  51. Kristi McGraw

    I have always wanted a Kitchenaide mixer and have never been able to afford one. I have a family of five and this would be awesome to make baked goods for them. I would make several loafs of french bread with this mixer. :)

  52. Lisa

    The possibilites are endless with this mixer! You can make anything and everything from here to the moon!! please pick me!! :) I would make my mom’s homemade bread and then some snicker doodles! Mmmmmmmm!!!!!! :)

  53. Alexandra

    I’d make pumpkin spice cupcakes, with a fresh buttercream frosting, and topped with candied walnuts! Can’t go wrong with a classic silver Kitchenaid!

  54. Amanda Dawn

    BREAD! I’ve been hounding my husband about wanting a Kitchen-Aid for Christmas….but I can’t wait that long! I am dying to try out so many bread recipes I’ve seen online. I have an old, old, old Sunbeam mixer (it was my husband’s grandmothers) and no dough hooks. Boo. I no great cook, but I am determined to become a great bread maker! :)
    *candyapple red is so totally swoon-worthy.

  55. Lisa Byxbee

    Omg. That mixer looks beautiful. I’ve been dreaming about a mixer for a while now. The first thing I would make in it is my infamous triple chocolate chip cookies! :)

  56. Sarah G.

    What is the first thing I would make with a new mixer? Where do I start? I use my mixer on a daily basis, so lets say i will start with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins!!!

  57. Heather Monk

    If I won the KitchenAid Mixer, the first thing I would make would be my fiance’s favorite dessert, Turtle Cheesecake, for his birthday, which is actually on Thanksgiving this year! I know he would love the dessert, and I would love the fact that I made it with my very own KitchenAid mixer!!

  58. Christy West

    The first thing I would make would be chocolate chip cookies from scratch with my kids!!! And kiss my hand mixer goodbye lol I have always wanted one of these!!!! Thank for the chance to win

  59. Susan B.

    I would love to win this! The first thing I would make would be my son’s favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies!

  60. Danielle Gsoell

    I would use it to make my famous homemade holiday marshmallows! My family loves them and it’s fun to try new dipping combinations. The most popular last year were dipped in peppermint flavored white chocolate dipped in crushed candy cane. Yum!

  61. Amy

    Oooh, nothing like getting in at the last second.
    I’d make cookies… likely some using my girls leftover Halloween candy.

  62. Kristal Price

    I think I would be so excited to finally have one that I would just throw in water and flour and the first thing my hands got a hold of!

  63. Brandy Eckhardt

    I’ve wanted a kitchenaid mixer for SOOOOOO long! The first thing I’d make would be a chocolate fudge bunt cake that my husband has been asking me to make for a long time! Nom Nom Nom…

  64. Stacey Massey

    Oh my goodness, I’ve wanted one of these mixers FOREVER!!! Definitely, without a doubt, the first thing I’d make in this amazing mixer is Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake!!!

  65. Jess Kaurala

    The first thing I would make would be chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting! (husband is a chocoholic!!) or try to make red velvet with cream cheese frosting

  66. Anna

    Anything my seet husband wanted!! I have been asking for one of these for years. I would show him that I can bake with the right equipment.

  67. Monica

    I would mix up a bunch of cake batters for cake pops and cake push-up pops for family and school holiday parties. :0)

  68. Melanie

    This has been on my wishlist for a long time. I would make my world famous red velvet cupcake for my 4th grade students!

  69. Ruth

    OH MAN… would i love to win this one!!! I have been dying to make your most delicious chocolate cake… that would probably be the first thing i would make but it would be so helpful with all the baking this holiday season!!!
    You guys ROCK!!! :)

  70. Jody H

    I would love to have a mixer that would handle bread dough! My current one bogs right down…my family loves home made bread :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Brittany

    I will make my “I’m melting” snowman sugar cookies for our annual Christmas Cookie Swap. When I got married I hoped we would get one; we didn’t. I want one so bad!!

  72. Kathy Winters

    I’ve been entering every single giveaway I can find for one of the KitchenAid Stand Mixers because I want one so bad. Oh my gosh, I’ve been baking like a fool and the first thing I would make is some yummy Pumpkin Bread — double batch because I could. Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. megan l

    I would give this to my sister in-law who has been wanting a KitchenAid forever. She makes chocolate chip cookies for her Grandma all the time, so I bet that’s the first thing she would make :)

  74. Jennifer F.

    Lemon Meringue Pie! My handheld sucks so bad, this would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win!!! :)

  75. Jamie R.

    I would love to win this mixer!! I would make all my Christmas goodies with it! I have to bake 20 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange party, that I am so nervous about! I love your site. Thank you!!!

  76. Monica

    Oh wow Amanda! I never win anything, but I keep trying ;). The first thin I’d make would be a chocolate espresso torte! Nummy! Thanks for the opportunity to win, even if I don’t ;)

    Hugs, m

  77. Debbie

    I would make bread dough so I could make cinnamon pullaparts. YUM! Yet the possibilities would be endless! I am sure my 18 year old son could make an alphabetized list of goodies to make with this amazing mixer.

  78. Michelle Matter

    I would make chocolate cookie dough cupcakes for my son’s birthday party. It would be awesome to stop making buttercream frosting by mashing butter with a fork!

  79. Bree Wakefield

    I would whip up a batch of to-die-for Starbucks Frappacino Cupcakes!! Sinfully delicious! I’m already dreaming about three of my favorite things – Starbucks… Cupcakes… and the Kitchenaid Mixer I have been dreaming of since I was a child. <3

  80. Susan G.

    I’m thinking it would be just in time for my daughter and I to make all our Christmas cookies. That would be Fabulous!

  81. Cyndie Dunn

    Well…the first thing I’d make with this fabulous mixer, would be…of course…Christmas cookies!

    Then I want to try shredding chicken breasts in it like I saw on Pinterest!

  82. Kristy

    I’m in heaven just looking at this gorgeous machine! I’ve never used one so I don’t even know where I would start… Oh that’s not entirely true… I’d make something so delectable and delicious, it’d knock my family’s socks off! Something like a real homemade cheesecake, or macarons! Skies the limit right?!

  83. Mandy McQuillis

    Oh!My DREAM!I run a home based cakery business and would LOVE to have something like this to help speed up the process when making my frostings and cakes!I think the 1st thing i would make is some of my Oreo Filling as that is a favorite!
    Thanks for the chance!

  84. Kristine T

    Well I have 100 cookies to make this coming weekend for an open house at my husband’s business so I would use it to make those cookies. This mixer would definitely make the job easier!

  85. Amanda Morgan

    I have an Artisan series mixer now, but I would LOVE to upgrade to a bigger size. Well, shoot! I could make twice the food (and twice the mess) at the same time!!

  86. Kelly K.

    Fabulous giveaway! I have about 6 – 7 dozen cupcakes, cake pops, and a b-day cake I need to make in the next month for my little boy’s 1st birthday! This would be amazing!

  87. Alicia

    I would make birthday cakes for my family (Hubby, Daughter, and Son) who all have their birthdays VERY close together!

  88. Tiffany Lee

    I love your recipes! I’ve tried the gumbo and it was amazing!
    Thank you!

    If i won this, i would make pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays!

  89. Geralyn Hodges

    If I could win this mixer, I would make homemade oatmeal-scotchies. Just before Halloween I dislocated my patella and have been on crutches since then. I haven’t been able to get around at all and I have just started walking this weekend. I know my kids would love for me to be able to bake something homemade for them!

  90. aly

    Well I just made the decision this weekend to get my kids in the kitchen with me more. They have picked out tons of recipes from Pinterest. I would guess the first thing we would make would be cookies….or maybe cupcakes….or bread. Or whatever they want to make…it’s all about them :) (I would guess cupcakes, though…Creamsicle cupcakes)

  91. AmyC

    The first thing I would make are these yummy cookies called Maxine’s cookies (although they are so addictive I call them crack cookies!).

    Also, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the suggestion of the Camellia Grill in NOLA!! We are just headed home from there, and ate there twice. My friends think I’m a genius. I told them yes, I follow KevinandAmanda and Picky Palate!!

  92. susan

    Where to begin? I wish I could make tow or three things at the same time! Oatmeal bread for french toast, gingerbread for a snack for all at work tomorrow and some killer coconut cookies!

  93. Karla Garcia

    I would make my pumpkin upside down dessert that I make for Thanksgiving every year and as a birthday cake for my sister-in-law. That’s what she asks for every year! Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Hannah

    Oh my goodness! You do not know how badly I want this mixer! I am a student, in love with baking and am looking to go into culinary school. The first thing I would make would be icing! lots and lots of it! It’s so difficult to make without a mixer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  95. Karen Duncan

    I would love to have one of these mixers. I would put it to good use by making pancakes for my granddaughter and then make a cake for my husband.

  96. Chelsea S

    Oh my gosh I was just looking on there website dreaming about owning one of these! I have never owned a mixer. Gosh its hard to think of just one thing…maybe pumpkin chocolate cookies, or orange rolls.
    Here’s hoping I win!! Please please

  97. Laura M.

    I’d make the best ever chocolate cake with buttercream frosting! What a beautiful mixer. Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

  98. Danielle Geneva

    The first thing I would make is CHEESECAKE of course! I’m currently in college and have always wanted one of these to make my cheesecake making process simpler (I currently use a hand mixer!). My family has come to expect cheesecake every time I go home to visit and this would make the cooking of it much more enjoyable!

  99. Missy

    Bread! I’ve been wanting to start making bread but every recipe seems to need a mixer with bread hook and I don’t have one!

  100. Kelli Dietrich

    I would start all my Christmas baking now! Cookies of all kinds, fudge, divinity…. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  101. Kaitlin Hill

    The very first recipe I’d make in that gorgeous mixer would be my Grandmother’s famous Chocolate Choke cake! She makes this cake all the time, but one time years ago, I choked on a piece..and I was fine, of course, but we laugh about it until this day! It’s delicious yet dangerous. I’m newly married and I’d like to make it for my sweet husband who tolerates my inexperienced baking, haha. Maybe this mixer will help me out a little bit!


  102. Beth

    After I spent an hour or two just looking and this gorgeous thing on my countertop and jumping up and down, I would mix up a recipe for pumpkin spice cake I’ve had my eye on. The jump up and down some more.

  103. Christy Y

    I’d make a huge batch of sugar cookie dough and then cut out and decorate Christmas cookies with my children!

  104. April P.

    Oh wow! I would probably make cupcakes first since that is what my 3 year old loves to make. (although she calls them pupcakes)!!

  105. Rona D.

    Oh my goodness, I would love to make chocolate chip cookies without having to have my hand mixer beaters stuck in the batter. I have never owned a stand mixer and I know that this one would be so awesome. I could not imagine how wonderful this would be!!!

  106. becky wuerfele

    I have always been intimidated by any recipe with yeast involved.
    So I would learn to conquer rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner with my
    new KitchenAid Mixer.

  107. Lesley Kramer

    I am 3rd Generation of owning a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Mine is 38 years old Harvest Gold. Looks outdated in my kitchen. Squash Pie for Thanksgiving my Husband Grandmothers receipe will be the first thing we make.

  108. Rebekah

    If I won the mixer, I would give it to my mom! There is no telling what she would make!!! She loves to cook and has been using a mixer that she got when she married my dad over 30 years ago!

  109. shara bachman

    ooooooohhhhhhh…. i would LOVE this. so much.
    i would make our jumbo english muffins just in time for christmas ;)

  110. Liz

    Thanks for the giveaway!! So great!!!

    I would make my mama’s cranberry bread…. or maybe her banana spice muffins!

    Too many choices….yum-o!!!

  111. Jessica Difazio

    The first thing i would make is cinnamon rolls and pop tarts. I have always wanted to try a pop tart but they are quite expensive to buy here so i would make my own and experiment with the fillings.

  112. Tia

    I would love to win this giveaway. The first thing I would make is the filling for my grandmother’s super secret fudge pie for Thanksgiving.

  113. Katie {Sweet Rose Studio}

    I would love to make a yummy cheesecake. It’s no fun trying to make one of those by handmixing!

  114. Amchwa

    I would make the biggest batch of peanut butter cookies!
    My family would probably eat them right out of that pretty mixing bowl.

  115. Sarah lejeune

    I would love love love to win! Both my daughters are great bakers anduse kitchenaides. I would lve to have one.

  116. edgefarms

    I would have to finally break down and make those chocolate chip cookies that my 12 year old has been begging for!

  117. Christie

    Gorgeous! I would make something with pumpkin. Bread maybe or cookies. I’m reading for Thanksgiving cooking :)

  118. Jen

    Oh, it would be so hard to choose what to make first! so many possibilities!! I guess it would have to be a delicious rye bread :) thanks for the great giveaway! xox

  119. Erin Smith

    To be honest the first thing I would “make” would be simple fresh whipped cream. So delicious it can be used as a topper for any dessert.

  120. Heidi W.

    I would probably either make some yummy dessert for my family or I was also thinking it would be great to use to help my hubby grind some venison. (Someone told me that you can buy a meat-grinder attachment for this?) He’s really big into hunting & we are trying to pack the freezer full this year since money is tight. :)

  121. Karey

    Came across a recipe today that needs to mix 5 minutes per each egg. Since there are 4 eggs in the recipe thats a total of 20 minutes. My current hand mixer won’t be able to stand up to that much time. BTW the name of the recipe is Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Pie. It is on
    I don’t have a kitchenaid, but my daughter-in-law to be does. I purchased her a scraper blade last year. So if I won I would be asking for a scaper blade for Christmas this year.
    Congrats to the winner!

  122. Rachel

    I would be able to make a DOUBLE batch of my favorite rolls! That would make me so happy with Thanksgiving right around the corner!!

  123. Miranda L.

    I would make the same thing I made with my first mixer that I recieverd for my 15th birthday… Stuffed Shells! Every time I make that it takes me right back there.

  124. Amanda

    I would LOVE To own one of these!!!! I’ve always wanted one! The first thing I’d make would probably be homemade cinnamon rolls:)

  125. Lorrie Nunemaker

    If I were to be lucky enough to win this beauty, I’d certainly use it to mix up a big batch of Butter rum Cookies!!

  126. Carole Toppen

    Oh wow–Thanks so much for this fantastic giveaway–I think the first thing I would make would be Sweet Potato Crossants–I just saw this recipe on the Sisters Cafe blog–Thought they would be great for Thanksgiving dinner.

  127. tabatha stimpson

    Ohhhh sooo many yummie goodnesses i would make!! Homemade bread is my specialty…..just ask anyone whose ever eaten it :-)

  128. DeniseG

    Cookies, because I’m 7 months pregnant and that’s the only food group I recognize. Probably followed soon after by mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

  129. Sara Coleman

    “What’s the first thing you’d make in your new Kitchenaid?”

    I have wanted a kitchenaid mixer since I was a little girl watching my grandma use it to make her homemade bread that we would all enjoy every holiday. If I won this kitchenaid I would use it to carry on the tradition passed down through our family by making my grandmothers holiday bread.


  130. Mischa

    I would make a big batch of sugar cookies for Thanksgiving and the coolest part is I wouldn’t have to make multiple batches because unlike my current Kitchen Aid mixer, this one is big enough to handle a big batch! And it’s so pretty too!

  131. Barbara

    WOW! I would love that. I would make a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls and deliver them to all my wonderful family. Barbara

  132. LauraEmm

    The first thing I would make would be frosting for our baby gender reveal party on Thanksgiving! I am either going to fill cupcakes or a cake with pink or blue frosting for the big surprise. :)

  133. Amy Martindale

    Lemon Cake for my fiance! Or any other kind of cake… it doesnt matter… I just want to win a kitchenaid!

  134. Cindy H

    Soooo many choices but never enough time! LOL
    I hear this running around in my head…over & over again…What to make…What to make…Now, what Would I make with such a beautiful piece of the KitchenAid lineup?
    It would have to be my softest & yummiest oatmeal cookies ever with 2 secret ingredients! I haven’t made them in years – mostly because the actual recipe given to me as a teenager is for a double batch and way too much strain on the handheld electric mixer I have (and cannot find!) It makes about 12 dozen cookies So you can imagine how WONDERFUL it would be to win! I’d share them at work and at home.
    I have wanted a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for as long as I can remember.
    What a Beauty !
    I, too, would pick the Candy Apple Red one – it simply could not be any more beautiful ! After all – it’s home would be in the kitchen
    — Isn’t The Kitchen the Heart of the Home?? Could this be any more perfect ?

    Thanks K & A and the generous folks at KitchenAid for such an incredible opportunity! Congratulations to whoever the lucky winner is!

  135. AlysiaH

    I would make divinity…the last time I tried (about 5 years ago) I burned out my hand held electric mixer and have been wanting a Kitchenaid mixer!
    Thanks for the chance to win one! <3

  136. Noelle

    “What’s the first thing you’d make in your new Kitchenaid?”
    The very first thing I would make, would be cinnamon rolls!!! I would LOVE to win one of these!! Thanks for the chance!

  137. Heather Brickner

    I would give it to my husband for his birthday, he loves to cook and is so good to me. He has been talking about makeing birthday cakes for his daughters.

  138. Amanda

    Ohhh I’m in love! I have wanted a candy apple red Kitchenaid stand mixer for yeeeears! The very first thing I would make would have to be my Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake… oh yeah!

    Fingers crossed!!!!


  139. Sharie T

    My husband has always wanted to buy me one of these…but now is my chance to win one!!
    I learned a really great basic pound cake receipe….all you do is change the extract flavor! They would make great holiday gifts and would be really pretty in cello wrap :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  140. Nancy B.

    I’ve baked since my high school days in the 60’s, always mixing by hand. Turning 60 in January, I still make and bake the sugarplums my family has expected and loved every Christmas. I’d love to invite this beautiful machine into my kitchen to help create the Russian Teacakes, Chocolate Crinkles, Thumbprint Cookies, Italian Biscotti and more for my family this holiday season.