Summer Loves ~ Shopping in California

I had such a fun time in California with my sweet friend Jenny a few weeks ago! Not only did we totally splurge on some seriously sinful sweets, but we also had the best time just running around Newport Beach and definitely hitting up some famous California shopping. ;) I love shopping with girlfriends and finding new products I can’t live without. ;) I think we found an excuse to go to South Coast Plaza every night whether it was for shopping, sushi, or Sephora, lol!

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

Here are a few things I picked up on our many shopping trips that I’m loving right now. Good thing I had extra room in my suitcase to bring it back with me! ;)

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

Jenny introduced me to Jo Malone fragrances, and I am in love. They are so light and pretty and not overpowering or perfumey at all. Just lovely. But what’s so fun about these fragrances is they are made to mix and match and layer to create your own signature scent. Too fun! I got Ginger Biscuit (which smells like Biscoff, and I am addicted to it. I can’t stop inhaling it.) and RedCurrant & Cream, which smells like light raspberries to me. I love layering both of them with each other and also with with my favorite vanilla perfume ever and my new chocolate-scented perfume. See below. :) So many fun scents to mix and match!

Oh my goodness. So when Jenny and I were in LA, we heard about Scent Bar. We heard they had a whole section of vanilla and chocolate scented perfumes, and we were so all over that! We had to pop in and check them out.

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

We both had been searching for a good chocolate scented perfume, and we found it in Sud Pacifique’s Amour De Cacao. It’s just light and pure with a perfect hint of chocolate. So fun to wear. We each got one. ;)

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

You know we couldn’t stay out of Sephora :) I’ve been wanting to try this new blush from Nars. Have you heard of it?

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

I’d read that it is like the best selling blush color of all time and it looks beautiful on everyone. I wanted to see for myself! :) I love how shimmery it is. Here’s where you can find it on Amazon. I got this color and Jenny got the “super” version. :)

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

Jenny also introduced me to this new milk chocolate scented bronzer.

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

It literally smells just like a freshly opened bag of chocolate chips! It just too fun to put on every morning! I had to get this :)

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

I love Mac’s Paint Pot eye shadows. They’re so smooth and creamy and shimmery. They seem to stay on me longer than regular eye shadows.

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

This is Let Me Pop. It’s a pretty light coral color. I want to try Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection next. :) I also got this eye shadow brush to apply it.

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

Here’s a dorky picture of me with my new makeup on. And some new blue earrings from Target!

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

I also got the cutest striped maxi at Target! I am so loving this dress! It is lined and everything. Now all I need is a fun chunky necklace to go with it.

Summer fun makeup and perfume.

Love these fun sparkly sandals from Target! They are very comfy once they are worn in.

And I didn’t technically buy this dress while I was in California, but I wore it in California and I got so many comments on it I wanted to share it here. It is by THML and I got it at PiperLime. They have free shipping and free returns which I LOVE. I’m totally more likely to buy online if I know I can order a couple of sizes, have them delivered right to my door, try them on, and send them back risk-free if I don’t like them. Wish all shopping was that easy! :)

Hope you enjoyed our little shopping spree! ;) Thanks for looking!

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22 Responses
  1. Jennifer

    I love this post. I see a few things I will need to try on my next trip to Sephora. I absolutely hands down LOVE the Nars color you got. I wear it all the time. I even have the cream stick version as well. I didn’t realize there was a super version…I see that as a must have!! Thanks for sharing all your fun finds.

  2. Sybil

    I just got into Jo Malone this year, especially their limited edition Sugar and Spice Collection. Your 2 scents are from that collection, so I know how yummy they are. There are 5 flavors and I heard from my Jo Malone SA that once they are sold out, that is it! I was lucky enough to get the Bitter Orange & Chocolate cologne before they ran out. It smells exactly like it’s name. So, Yay! to you for your Jo Malone purchases. I love shopping at South Coast Plaza, too. My husband says it’s a very dangerous place :)

  3. Chelsea

    I got that dress a few weeks ago & wore it last week – LOVE LOVE LOVE. Normally Maxi dresses are… eh… on me – lots of curves and hips and etc. but this one, because of the way the tummy area is cut, is SUPER complimentary and comfy.

  4. Emmy

    I came across your blog via Bakerella and just thought I’d let you know how fab it is! I love the mix of recipes and shopping posts, such a fun blog to read. Have a fantastic day x

  5. Carla @ Carlas Confections

    I want ALL of that! That dress is so cute! And I need those sandals! I need some comfy ones for FL! :D

  6. Chez

    I LOVE the Nars Orgasm blush too! It’s my every day go-to blush. I went with the Multiple cream stick over the powder version just because cream blushes work better with my skin. I love how sparkly it is and it really does look good on everyone.

  7. ~*kristi*~

    I’m going to have to try that Nars blush! I’m always looking for the perfect shade.

    I am LOVING that top that Angie/Bakerella is wearing!!! I’ve been searching for tops just like that and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I must be looking in the wrong places :( Bakerella, if you’re out there….where did you get it??!! LOL

  8. Jenny Flake

    We had the best shopping week ever! Love all of my Jo Malone purchases and make up! Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into in FL, lol! xoxo

  9. Heather || Heather's Dish

    I had dinner with a girlfriend the other night and she had that dress – I forgot to ask her where she got it! YAY Target – you always find the best stuff there :)

  10. Heather D

    I love Nars Orgasm blush!!! My cousin bought me some a few years back for a birthday, and I’ve been using it ever since. The perfect shade on everyone! Now the name? Well I usually don’t mention that either…haha

  11. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Loving those sparkly sandals from Target! They’ve had some awesome sandals and flip flops lately. And so continues the money-trap that is Target. ;)

  12. Mindy

    Amanda, You look stunning! Thanks for sharing all of this info with us!
    May I ask you, what size is that blk/white maxi dress from Target?
    You and I look to be about the same size, so I was curious because I want to buy it online.
    It looks fabulous on you! I also am in love with the THML dress, but I think it will be out of my budget =( Also, love those Target sandals. How long did it take you to get them “worn in?”
    I hate to be in pain when I walk, so I have to find shoes that don’t take too long to get comfy in.
    You look super cute!

    1. Amanda

      Thanks! It’s a small. I only had to wear the sandals one or two times before they were super comfy. My trick for breaking in shoes is putting a bandaid on where shoes rub my feet. That way it’s a like a preemptive strike — it can’t give me a blister there and it’s a little extra padding to help break in the shoes! :)

  13. Elizabeth @ Confessions of a Baking Queen

    I love that nars blush! I won’t lie I tend to love all Nars blushes ;) And I love South Coast too- I live about 20 minutes from it and that is a dangerous thing sometimes! I love the bright blue earrings-will have to look next time I am at Target!

  14. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Amanda I am loving this post! Chocolate perfume, oh wow, sounds so good! Years ago I once had cotton candy body spray. I was sad when the bottle ran out! And Jo Malone fragrances are so fun and the room/house sprays, candles, it’s all so yummy!

    Super cute maxi dress, pedicure, and the paint pot eye shadow. Love it all! It’s pretty dangerous being that close to South Coast Plaza :)

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