Stella & Dot Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winner of the $100 Stella & Dot Giveaway is entry #708 Natalie Campbell! Congrats Natalie! I’ve sent you an email! :)

Exclusive Stella & Dot Special

Place an order by Wednesday, November 24th and you’ll be entered to win this beautiful Rachel Necklace (an $89 value). Made with freshwater pearls, this versatile piece can be worn as a single strand, accented with additional charms and pendants, or tied up into a double strand with a lovely black grosgrain ribbon (included). Just enter Anne Brinker when prompted for your Hostess name.

And check out Annie’s Stella & Dot Facebook Fan Page to keep up-to-date on new products, sales, giveaways, and more!

Stella & Dot Giveaway

Here’s a fun giveaway to celebrate the upcoming holidays! Annie Brinker, an independent Stella & Dot stylist, would like to offer one Kevin & Amanda reader a $100 gift certificate to go shopping at Stella & Dot! Just take a look at their beautiful, one of a kind jewelry pieces. They’re perfect for all the parties, family gatherings, and get-togethers this time of year! :)

$100 Stella & Dot Giveaway

Stella & Dot offers boutique-style jewelry that has been featured in top fashion magazines, like InStyle and Lucky, and worn by celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many others. The Stella & Dot design team is led by Blythe Harris, who previous designed for Banana Republic. She has created a line of jewelry for Stella & Dot with variety and style, from vintage-inspired pieces to modern, versatile designs. With pieces ranging from $15-$250, and half the line under $50, the collection has something for everyone.

Stella & Dot Giveaway

How to Enter

To be entered to win the $100 Stella & Dot gift certificate, all you have to do is leave me a note in the comments section of this post. How would you spend your gift certificate? I would love to see your favorite piece! And would you keep it for yourself? Or do you have the perfect recipient in mind? :)

Contest ends Wednesday, November 17th at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.

Stella & Dot Giveaway

For those who’d like to place an order, Annie would also like to offer fellow Kevin & Amanda readers an exclusive Stella & Dot promotion.

Place an order by Wednesday, November 24th and you’ll be entered to win this beautiful Rachel Necklace (an $89 value). Made with freshwater pearls, this versatile piece can be worn as a single strand, accented with additional charms and pendants, or tied up into a double strand with a lovely black grosgrain ribbon (included). Just enter Anne Brinker when prompted for your Hostess name.

And check out Annie’s Stella & Dot Facebook Fan Page to keep up-to-date on new products, sales, giveaways, and more!

Good luck!! :)

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923 Responses
  1. Elsbet

    I really enjoyed looking at the website! You always post the nicest products. If I were to win the gift certificate I would buy my mom the silver riviera pendant necklace for christmas. I dont think I could ask for better parents they are so supportive of me and everything I do even though Im not living at home anymore. My mom never spends money on herself and i would love the opportunity to buy her something beautiful. With the left over money I would probably be a little selfish and buy myself a whimsical charm.

  2. Kimm W.

    I am obsessed with so many things from that site at the moment. St. Tropez Statement Necklace in Ivory and the Bloom Flower ring in black and silver are at the tops of my list.
    I would be totally selfish and probably keep the gc for me, but I just might get something for my little gals from it too. :)

  3. Kayla

    Heck, I love the packaging that the jewelry comes in…how cute! Love the turquoise a lot.

    I would get my 8 year old something fun like the Lola necklace as a reward for her awesome report card. I like the pave clover necklace for myself. :)

    Thanks A.

  4. Jehn

    Oh my gosh! I must have the fringe hoop earrings, Riveria coin earrings, Jenna Teardrop earrings, Audrey cluster bracelet, Sofia cluster ring, Belle Fleur Ring, Riveria pendant necklace, Charmed life necklace, Riveria coin necklace, Colette necklace, oh my! Need I say more! :)

  5. Penny

    OH my!!! I don’t know where to start. The deco drop earrings are incredible, but then again, the Latte earrings are to die for! So, I guess I would spend the money all on myself! I would let my daughter borrow the earrings though!

  6. Hannah

    I would probably spend it on my friends for Christmas. They all love jewelry and looking at this makes me want to get everything for them. :)

  7. Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    Oh’ I’m so selfish, well that and the fact that I only have a son and no DIL, so it would all be for ME,ME,ME. I loved the Garden Party Chandelier Earrings — Ivory, and the same pair in green and gold.

    Thanks for letting me enter….Tracy :)

  8. Deanna

    So cute! I would use the gift certificate for the Charlotte charm neckalace and buy the mini Charlotte necklace for my daughter. Love the whole line though!

  9. Mrs. Fine

    Wow! What a great shop! I’d most definitely splurge on myself and get the Bloom Flower Ring — Black/Silver and a Chelsea necklace. :-)

  10. Carolyn

    Annie, congrats on your new venture. Good Luck. Please enter me in the contest and if I win, I will be sharing it with my lovely daughter, Allison. Thanks, Carolyn Gilbert

  11. Christy T.

    The garden party necklace is so cool and so is the Natasha Embroidered Bib necklace. So cool. thanks for throwing this giveaway!!! I’ve never been to their website before but I have heard of them. Very cool

  12. sara cross

    Oh how I love jewelry but don’t have a whole lot..that being said my sister turns 69 at the end of this month and I sure could fine a beautiful piece here for her…hope so anyway!!!

  13. Sonya

    I’d get the Owl Charm Pendant Necklace for my mom for Christmas. It looks like a piece she had a long time ago. With the rest of the certificate, I’d get a Charm Bangle for myself!

  14. Amanda Dawn

    I am LOVING their necklaces!! The delicate ones are so sweet! It would be very hard to choose, but I would probably try to find something for my mom to give to her as a thank you for helping me so much with planning and creating my upcoming wedding :)

  15. Jen F

    I don’t think I could choose just ONE piece – love her stuff! I’d selfishly use the gift certificate for myself!

  16. Melanie Cook

    I would sooo share this with my best friend Mandy. She is having suregy tomorrow afternoon so this would brighten her day up. :)

  17. JaCobi

    If I won, I’d probably buy a Christmas present for my sister (with hopefully something left over for myself!) There are so many great necklaces that I just love!! I really like the Rachel Necklace and the Jenna Pearl & Ribbon Necklace!

  18. Steffanie S

    I took a quick look and found a necklace I really like—the Silver Starfish necklace! So delicate and pretty. Reminds me of one of my favortie places to vacation!

  19. Aurelia

    I’m liking the look of the Avery Chains & Pearl Necklace. I’ve never tried anything like it & would love to if I win. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Arlene and the dogs

    Every thing I wear is black,,I thought a little color in a necklace would be nice,,however I REALLY like the Rachel necklace..

  21. Stacey Alexander

    How perfect would it be to get a new neckalce for the holiday season…I would for sure have to go with one of the bib necklaces…which one would have to be determined when I find my Christmas dress!

  22. Erin

    I have a true love of jewelry, but I would share this gift certificate with my sister because she is going through a hard time now and needs a pretty piece to remind her of her strength!

  23. Shelly Windeknecht

    I love their stuff! So pretty. Anything I get usually gets ‘borrowed’ by my teenage daughters…so I hope that I’ll at least get to wear it first. :) Beautiful.

  24. Melissa

    I would love to pick out one of these beautiful pieces….but with Christmas coming I know my best friend would love something too!

  25. Rona

    I love the Stella Vintage Link Necklace and the LoCoco Gold Pearl Strand Necklace. I would keep them for myself!!!

  26. Beth

    I LOVE the “love” script necklace and the Charlize wood necklace– so so so cute! :) thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  27. Michelle

    I love, love, love the Ella Dove necklace. I wouldn’t share a penny with anyone. Okay, thats a lie. Some for me, some for those I love.

  28. Elisa

    All of their jewelry is gorgeous — I love the bold statement necklaces, but I think I would definitely get something nice for my mom. Being a poor, recently graduated college student sucks, but this would be a great way to get a gift AND save money!

  29. Jodi

    The Signature Dot Disc necklace is gorgeous — as is everything on the site. I’d love to shop for myself (I’ve been trying to wear more jewelry to “complete” my outfits) and then do some holiday shopping here!!

  30. Melissa Kalson

    I would love the necklace in that photo or any of those charming bracelets. I don’t know yet if I’d keep it myself or share it with my sissy but I’d probably get something for both her and myself. Love your site and just joined your newsletter. Looking forward to more great stuff here. I’m gonna try out your recipes too for the holiday season.

  31. Mitzi

    All their stuff is so great!! As much I would love something for myself, and have no problem making a list, as tough as things are lately this would be so perfect to use for gifts!!

  32. 52scrap

    Just checked out their site – AWESOME! So hard to choose! I am totally in love with the Chelsea necklace! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Sara M H

    Very cute! I love the leather wrap bracelets. I would probably keep it for myself… although i would feel really guilty about doing that this time of year!

  34. Patricia Trosclair

    Stella and Dot is FABULOUS! I’m actually wearing the Petra bracelet right now! You’ll LOVE the quality~ Hopefully I win and can get myself something else incredible!!

  35. Amy Stanford

    I LOVE Stella & Dot. I would pick my sister something out for Christmas. She’s had a rough year and she LOVES jewelry and that would blow her mind. Love the hootie owl necklace. Thanks for the chance!


  36. Megan Butler

    I lOVE the garden party or Colette necklaces! But I would probably use it for a gift! :)
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  37. meg lyons

    Love the Rachel necklace! I would give it to my snazzy dessing mother in law whom has everything and always loves something gorgeous and stylish!

  38. Cori

    Oh my goodness! I love all the charms. I would get a little something for myself and maybe something for my sister! Beautiful!

  39. Dayna

    I LOVE all the chunky jewelry. I SHOULD give it to someone for Christmas but I don’t know if I could part with it. Does it count if I give it to me?

  40. Deanna

    I’ve always been a tomboy and have only recently started a jewelry collection with a few cheap things I’ve picked up. Winning would add a few treasured pieces and help build that. I would probably choose the Bardot Spiral Bangle because I’m on a bangle kick and the Heirloom Deco Bracelet. Oops. I went over. :D

  41. Kate Gaines

    I am hanging my head low because I would spend it ALL on myself! However, I know that my daughter would be getting to “borrow” it as well.

    I love the Petra Braided Bracelet!

    Thanks so much for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!

    The Gaines Gang

  42. Jan

    would love to win the gift certificate and spend it on Christmas gifts. I’d have to browse for a while before deciding on a favorite!

  43. Ashley

    It would be so difficult to choose- I really love this style of jewelry. I definitely couldn’t pass up those leather looking bracelets!

  44. Jamie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelets! They would be perfect gifts for my sisters who live in different states… I would buy one for each of us so we can think of each other when we are apart.

  45. Stacy D

    I’m making a career change in the next few months that will require me to dress much more fashionably than I do now. Normally if I won a giveaway like this I’d use it for gifts, but this time I’d get some things for myself- like the Jenna Pearl and Ribbon necklace or the LaCoco Brooch necklace! They have so many nice things it’s hard to choose a favorite.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Leah

    My sister is a bling machine,the bigger the better. I am not. So this would be a perfect place to get her Christmas present.

  47. Connie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this jewelry! I would love to get my 7 year old girl Paige any of their jewelry…or there always is the Claire Necklace for me :)

  48. stephanie d

    I love stella and dot jewelry, I have several pieces and always want more, if I won I would use it on me,myself and I! Sorry I don’t share very well!I just recently got Live multi charm necklace-a splurge for me and constantly wear the signature scalloped and leather along with the pearl and leather bracelet. I would love the pearl drop earrings!

  49. Krysta S.

    Wow! There are so many pieces I like it would be hard to decide! But I do really like the Claire necklace because it would go with so many outfits!

  50. Annie H

    I Love the Charmed life and Penelope necklace! I’d probably buy something for myself as well as my sisters and mother for christmas!

  51. Zonda

    OOhhh!! I want! All of their pieces are just gorgeous! I hope I win, but then I’ll have to agonize over what to decide on getting! LOL!

  52. Kelly

    I love the Adrienne Gold Chain necklace, and the stackable rings! There are so many great pieces, it would be so hard to choose!

  53. Jodi Jenson

    I love the colors and style of the jewelry. I would love any piece from the Stella and Dot collection. I hope I win!

  54. Leah Burton

    I’ve never heard of Stella & Dot before, but I would love to get one of their charm necklaces. All the jewelry is so beautiful.

  55. Briana

    I would get GLINT FLOWER CZ NECKLACE — SILVER and BLOOM FLOWER RING — BLACK/SILVER. They are just soo beautiful!!

  56. Amy Geiger

    These are gorgeous! I so want the earrings in the top left corner – so cute. I could have fun with this and I think I may be stingy and keep them for myself :-)

  57. Brenda Belanger

    Love this jewellery – especially Lucky 7 rings (so many options for wearing them!) and Clover wrap bracelets (funky!). Thanks! :o)

  58. Lorena

    Wow!! It’s all wonderful!! I really like the Liv Multi Charm Necklace.. so elegant and soft! Kisses from Italy!

  59. Dani

    I LOVE that butterfly/flowery necklace in the top photo!! I would spend my certificate by buying a bunch of stuff for me (LOL) and then I would buy something for my sister who loves this stuff like I do, and then I would buy something for my best friend. So I would pretty much split the certificate three ways. OR, I would split it four ways and spend 1/2 the certificate on me. :) Thanks for sharing!

  60. Jynelle

    LUV it all, but I think I’d get matching earrings for my daughters & I for our upcoming family pictures….& maybe necklaces too!!!

  61. Cheri

    Love this stuff! There was a booth at a craft show I went to recently and it was the first time I’d seen this company. Don’t know the product number, but there was a necklace I was practically drooling over! And, heck yes, I would keep it for myself! I’m in the middle of Christmas shopping for everyone else, so it’d be kind of nice to get something for me. :)

  62. Montanna Honc

    Everything in the Stella & Dot store is something I would wear. I am really hooked on the Vintage Cluster Ring and the Audrey Cluster Bracelet.

  63. Clare Cal

    oh goodness! i think i’d get something for myself and then maybe something for one of my best girlfriends. i don’t know though…i might have to be totally selfish and keep it all for myself. ;)

  64. Diana Davis

    I JUST went to a Stella & Dot party two weeks ago and fell in love! I spent way too much money on gifts for my mother-in-law and daughter, so this time I’m ready to spend for me! I have the Liv Multi Charm Necklace as well as the Charmed Life Necklace that I bought 2 years ago, however I never know what in the world to wear them with!I need accessories help from Anne Brinker! I have found a new love and am thinking about even looking into selling it myself! Such a nice offer right before the holidays… Thanks Amanda & Steve & Annie Brinker! fingers crossed!

  65. Kara

    I don’t really own any “real” jewelry (you know, something more than $12)so I think I would find a nice necklace or pearls.

  66. Cassandra

    I love the stackable deco rings! I have been looking for a ring to go on my right middle finger, and this is perfect! I also am in love with the together forever necklace…just simple and clean. :)

  67. Timo Harris

    I wouldn’t mind winning that $100 gift certificate. I’ve been eyeeing the Penelope Cruz necklace for a while now and would love to get it for my self. It is very romantic and unique and definitely a classic piece.
    The matching earrings would be the icing on the cake!

  68. Lianne Carper

    Wow! I have to say I have fallen in love with the owl pendant and the pave bee pendant – they are just too cute. I saw some adorable lady bug earrings too (I’m noticing a trend

  69. Brooke

    Love the pieces…would probably pick the necklace in the first photo or a bracelet. Or a ring. Or earrings. Sigh….

  70. Alison M.

    This would definitely be a Christmas gift for me! I love the wrap leather bracelets and starfish earrings. I’d love an initial charm on a chain too!

  71. Joan

    This jewelry is so pretty. I would probably share with my daughter or at least have her help me choose. She has an eye for fashion. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Tracy

    I would get some Christmas gifts with the G.C.. Although I may pick up a little somethin’ somethin’ for myself too!

  73. Kim

    I am new to your blog and have enjoyed your recipes, projects and photographs! (I am thinking about asking for a new camera for Christmas!) If I won the g.c., I would choose the perfect piece to give to my sister in law… she tragically and unexpectedly lost her husband this summer… We don’t usually exchange gifts, but this would represent a celebration of the new year and the “new normal” and a sad goodbye to 2010.

    1. christine pethers

      Oh my goodness . How to choose ?
      I think I would have to give the voucher to my daughter Natalie who is 18 in 6 weeks time . Shes my baby but also a woman in her own right , so she would have to choose for herself . It would make a fantastic present for her especially as I am a single mum – with disabilities and unable to work – so money is very tight . Infact nonexistent once the bills are paid .
      what else can I say apart from Yes Please
      love Chris

  74. kelly ann

    i think i have a new favourite online store. ;) i would most definitely use the gift certificate toward the garden party necklace, it’s without a doubt my favourite piece!

  75. Mollie

    I bought my first piece of Stella & Dot jewelry just a couple weeks ago and it will definitely NOT be the last time! I was at a trunk show and everything is absolutely fabulous! I bought the Charlotte Pearl ring and wear it daily. With $100 to spend? I would buy the Charlotte Statement Necklace to go with it…

  76. valerie

    I love this!! I would get a leather band, and have to keep it for myself!! :) I know it’s not the season for being selfish, I just don’t think I could give it away!!!! LOVE THESE!

  77. Virginia Smith

    oooooh! They have a pretty grey flower pin/pendant that will go with my fall/winter wardrobe and their cz hoop earrings are a classic. Great introduction to a new fave!

  78. Gretchen Korf

    If I were to win the Stella and Dot contest, I would shop for my three daughters. (14,10 and 6) My ten year old was just telling me tonight’ “For Christmas I want rings that fit me and are very pretty!” The other two chimed in with their requests also! I know they would love it!

  79. Kristi Baumgarner

    WOW! So many beautiful pieces! I can’t decide on one piece, I would probably have to look about ten times before choosing something!!


  80. Lindsey

    Jewelry is one of my weaknesses! I love the bracelets and necklaces in your photo, but I especially love the charlize teardrop earrings on the website!

  81. Sarah

    This jewelry is so beautiful and uniquely feminine. I would probably give mine to my sister, as a thank you for all that she does for me.

  82. Megan

    Oh my goodness… I think I would have to order the starfish necklace for my mom! So many beautiful pieces, so little extra cash!

  83. Ashley

    I would love to win this, they have the perfect Christmas gift that I could give to my younger sister; if I won. I would love to give her a Charm Bracelet & Charms I think that would make her Christmas.

  84. andi

    i would get something for my mother in law—- since money is tight right now and i cant afford the usual stuff we get her. something shiny, large, and colorful.

  85. Stephanie Campbell

    with $100 I would ABSOLUTELY buy a necklace….or maybe a bracelet….Oooo but the rings are so pretty!!

    Ok, the possibilities are endless!!

  86. Aspen

    I honestly have never even heard of Stella and Dot, but it looks pretty fly! I haven’t bought anything pretty of myself in a long time!

  87. Michelle

    I LOVE rings. I would buy a few rings. My first would definately be the stackable deco rings. I love them – soo beautiful. Christmas (along with my birthday) I shop for myself. I would keep the certificate for myself, but I am sure my daughter could beg to use what I bought with it. This would be a perfect Christmas gift to myself.

  88. Anna Hill

    Oh wow! They have the prettiest necklaces! And, um, let’s be honest here. I would TOTALLY keep the gift for myself! I was good this year, I deserve something this pretty for Christmas! ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Trisha

    I would without a doubt keep the certificate for myself. This jewelry is just too good to pass up. I love the Heirloom Deco Bracelet. I just bought a black dress for New Years Eve and this would be the perfect bracelet for it. I might also have to pick of one of the amazing pairs of earrings for an early Christmas gift to myself from Santa.

  90. Carlee Anderson

    I would totally get the Glint Flower CZ earrings & matching necklace and still have a little bit left over for something else!

  91. Tatiana

    My sister has done so much for me in the past couple months, I would love to be able to give her something to make her feel beautiful. The Fringe Hoop earrings and the Musette Necklace are my favorite pieces.

  92. Jennifer

    Hello Amanda!

    I would love to win this…. if I did, I’d buy something for my sister who is graduating from college after 18 years. YES! 18 years…. long story, but great ending, yes???!

  93. Kelly E.

    there are so many beautiful things, and i can’t decide – but whatever i picked out, it would be for my momma bear!

  94. Melissa B.

    I love the costa azul wrap bracelet, the fringe hoop earrings and all the charms! I would have to get something adorable for my little girl–maybe the mini bloom flower necklace or the mini soiree bracelet. Love it!

  95. Amanda

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!!. How would you spend your gift certificate? I love the deco drop earrings and my favorite is the owl pendant necklace…..I would have to keep it : )

  96. alex m

    I would have a hard time picking, so many beautiful things! I guess I’d pick a necklace, I’m on a necklace kick lately

  97. Amy Jensen

    So many choices…I would have a hard time selecting something but there were many pretty bracelets I would LOVE to have. I hope I’m the winner!!

  98. Michelle

    I LOVE IT ALL. It is so hard to pick a favorite but I do love the first neclace. I am a mom to four precious kids. I just had my fourth and I am trying hard to get out of the everyday t-shirt and jeans and back into looking cute for my hubby and myself. So…I would spend it on myself and of course share with my bff and sister who is about to deliver her twin boys.

  99. Tina Bowering

    What lovely baubles! I’d love to share some of these beauties with my nieces, as I only have boys at my house!

  100. Kelly

    I adore the Allie Pearl and Ribbon bracelet for my daughter and I also like the penelope necklace…for me…

  101. Kristin S

    Oh, LOVE Stella & Dot! What a great giveaway.

    I could spend $100 in the blink of an eye but right now I’m loving…

    Deco Drop Earrings
    Clover Key Necklace
    Stackable Band Rings

    Guess I have to stop now, right?

  102. Kelly Weaver

    WOW. It would be so hard to choose with so many great selections. But I would definitely lean toward that Petra Braided Bracelet!! Very cool.

  103. Delecta Rollins

    I love Stella and Dot. I’ve never been able to purchase anything, so I’m crossing my fingers that this will be my chance! If I happen to win, I’d like to purchase 2 smaller items, one for me and one for my sis! Thanks for this opportunity!

  104. Elyse

    Silk Charm Necklace & Bracelet Wrap – Grey, Red or Teal Ombre

    I would love to have one of these!! They are like scarves for your wrists!

  105. Tanktop

    Oooh, I think I would have a ton of fun in the charm section getting my daughter a ton of fun things for her birthday!

  106. joy

    Love the turquoise bracelet! So cute! I probably should give this to a friend, but I might have a hard time not being selfish.

  107. Wanda

    Love their stuff. I would want to buy for me….but I NEED to use it for gifts.
    The Allie Pearl & Ribbon necklace is precious!

  108. JennStar

    I “heart” necklaces- so I’d probably add the silver Riviera Pendant Necklace to my arsenal- and I’d probably pick up a 2nd to give to my BFF for Christmas!

  109. Courtney

    I really like the Boca Chic necklace-I think it would make a great gift for my mother-in-law. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  110. Tonya Smith

    I fell in love today, with all things “Stella & Dot”..I would definitely have to have something in the turquoise family (there goes the gift certificate). I would also just buy something special for my mother.

    Thanks for sharing that! I think I may become a stylist. Will talk to
    Annie about.

    Thanks again Amanda!

  111. Roxann Shook

    Every December my husband and I take a trip into the city and spend a night in a lovely hotel, getting away from it all and attending a concert. I would love a piece of this jewelry to compliment the little black dress I will buy for the occasion.

  112. Jami

    I would probably keep the piece for myself, but loan it to my mom or SIL if they wanted to borrow it. I love the Tulum Turquoise & Leather Bracelet.

  113. jenny

    i want to win something! i have never won anything!
    if i won, i would buy some of those wrap bracelets for myself, and for Christmas gifts! LOVE THEM!

  114. Kim Solimini

    Well I have to admit I would use it for me! Love the Garden Party Chandelier earrings and can’t decide if I love the ivory or green more…so I guess I would get both!

    Stella & Dot rocks!

  115. Jennie

    I have just started branching out of my everyday with more bold earrings. So, I think I would purchase a pair of flashy earrings. I have never had any Stella and Dot, but my sister ravs about it all the time!

  116. Jill Leaming

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Sorry I think I just peed a little. LOL. Yeah I LOOOVE the jewelry because is is my style and yes… I would keep it for myself.:)

  117. Toni

    What beautiful jewelry. My favorite is the one with the butterfly. Although I would drool over it and want to keep it for myself. I would give it to my daughters for Christmas.

  118. Jennifer

    hmmm… I think I would buy earrings! I would have to choose the pearl drop and the silver jasmine filigree earrings. So fun!!

  119. Laurie

    my birthday is sunday and i’d love to have this gift to spend on myself… i might selflessly share a little too! love the leather wrap bracelets and the pave clover necklace.

  120. MelindaB

    would love to win!! I think I would a get a couple of pieces like the Charlize earrings and the soiree pave bracelets

  121. Amy at The Scene From Me

    Stella & Dot is da bomb when it comes to jewelry! Magnificant pieces and selections. I love those leather bracelets. I would have to get something for my equally fashionable sister-in-law! Great giveaway!

  122. Heather Allen

    Ummm…I feel a little guilty about saying this but…I would TOTALLY keep it for myself. Everything on their site is beautiful and so I am having a hard picking just one thing! Please pick me! Please pick me!

  123. Pam

    These pieces are so pretty and such great colors! I would love the necklace and would give my mom something because she is very special.

  124. karen

    Love the bling. I’d order a set of lucky seven stacking rings for myself and my sister. Who couldn’t use a combination of lovely rings AND luck to boot. cheers, kk

  125. Amanda H

    I LOVE Stella and Dot! I got a gift from them a few years ago and I have been dying to get something else, but I can’t ever choose! But my knew favorite like is the Rachell!

  126. Allison

    What beautiful pieces of jewelry! Each is so exquisite and unique in design! I’m not sure i could choose one favorite piece. I’m a big fan of all jewelry! Although I’d like to take the entire collection home with me, I’m sure I would have to share some with the other ladies in my family! Thanks for the chance to win, Amanda! :)

  127. Elizabeth

    The Jill CZ Hoop Earrings look so cute and fashionable! I’d love this gift certificate to buy my Christmas presents! Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. Nina Dee

    I love all the clover designs! I definitely would want to get the signature clover bangle and necklace. I also think the ladybug stud earrings are simply adorable! :)

  129. Kirsten

    I love Stella & Dot! I’ve been to one of their jewelry parties, bought something as a gift, and couldn’t resist getting a little something for me, too! There is so much more I’d like for myself, as well.
    I think I’d want the Riviera Coin, Garden Party Dot, Adrienne Chain, Charlize Teardrop, or Josephine Cascade earrings. I don’t know how I’d ever choose!

  130. Tiffany H.

    I would love a bracelet and of course I’d send you photos of me wearing it. :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  131. Megan N.

    If I won I would buy the relationship charm(the mom one) with the gold chain and give it to my mom for Christmas. She is always making sacrifices for our family, and most the time she doesn’t a very big present or one at all.

  132. Tammi D

    I would have to pay a bit for shipping and such to get the pieces I want but I would love to get myself the Jenna Teardrop Earings, I love the ribbon along with the metal. I think it’s a great look that can go from casual chic to dressy depending on what you pair it with, and since it’s black it will match with SO much. Then I would use the rest towards the Ella Dove necklace for my best friend and the Teardrop scroll necklace for the same friend. She loves jewelry even more than I do and they are both understated but beautiful and could fit so well into her everyday wear.

  133. Jennifer Nugent

    Love, love, love the gold double hoop dangly earrings in the photo you posted! Adorable! I would most definately use it for myself. The girls steal/borrow my jewelry anyway…So I guess it would be a family bonus!


  134. ToriMay

    I can’t decide what to get, or even if i would share it. I would probably keep it for myself though. It’s hard to pass up this kind of cuteness!!

  135. Nikki

    The Charmed Life necklace is gorgeous and would be a perfect gift for my mother. Who, incidentally, leads a pretty charmed life!

  136. Shanyn

    Not sure that you’ll get all the way down to this comment but the featured necklace and the four ‘flower’ earrings were being worn, beautifully I might add, by Miss Rodeo Canada on the cover of Canadian Cowboy Country this month! They look even better on a lovely person than on display!

  137. alison

    I would purchase the Birthstone Briolette Charms. I am expecting my first child in May and would purchase one for the baby, one for myself, and one for my husband and put them together on a necklace.

  138. Lacey RW

    I love this website!!!! I would totally rock that Vintage Cluster ring and the Charlotte Statement Necklace…to DIE for!!! :)

  139. Christie R.

    Gorgeous pieces! They are so bright and vibrant! I love the owl necklace, would probably keep that one for myself, or a pair of earrings for my best friend!

  140. Suz Gray

    what necklace or pair of earrings did i not like… their stuff is fabulous. I must have Liv Multi Charm Necklace

  141. Mary Civello

    I would use the certificate to buy the CZ cross necklace and a pair of earrings for my grandchild, Cara, who will be 17 tomorrow. She could wear it with her bride’s maid dress (brother’s wedding) in Dec.

  142. Katrina

    I’ve been planning on getting a statement necklace for my mum for quite some time. Maybe this could be my chance.

    For myself? Probably a chain, but I’m definitely loving the bracelets in the second photo of your blog post.

  143. martha

    whew! talk about a hard decision! so many beautiful pieces! i HAVE to win or buy the owl charm pendant necklace for my daughter. for myself, i’d love to have the green/turq colorburst enamel cuff. (and it is now on my christmas wish list for my husband to choose from) of course, my daughter would probably just have to borrow that too. lol.

  144. Jodie McMilon

    I love your website. Thanks for keep us entertained and amazed at your artistic gifts!

    What would I do??? Well, I guess I’d buy ME stuff. I’m not good at that and I end up not having all this cute stuff! My daughters and sisters have lots though. :)

    Keep it up!

  145. nicole

    I am absolutely loving the stella & dot line…it is new to me! :) I would have to get, I think, the Soiree Pave Bracelet — in Turquiose for me. And I think that I would look for something for my mother with the rest of the 100$. It is going to be an easy 100$ to spend! :)

  146. Allyson Dubenko

    I’ve been invited to a couple of these home parties but have not been able to attend. After looking at your post, their jewelry is beautiful. I’ll have to make sure I can make it to the next party I’m invited to!! :)

  147. Caroline Sandoval

    I have wanted the Garden Party Necklace for the last year! That is definitely what I would purchase!!

  148. LeGwen

    I’m an earring fanatic. I would love to buy me, Lillie, Rachel and Sarah each a pair. That’s my daughter, niece and daughter-in-love.

  149. Bryann

    how funny! i JUST attended a stella and dot party over the weekend! they have such great jewelry. I did purchase something for myself and my daughter (they have the cutest little girl lines!). BUT i would love to enter :) i fell in love with the “owl charm pendant”, almost bought that one but decided against it and to go with the “together forever necklace” and bought my lil one the “Kristen Pearl Bracelet.” I’m not sure if I would keep it for myself or give as a gift??? Probably spend it on myself (we all need a little treat now and then). Thanks!!!

  150. Karyn

    I would spend it on the delicious Medium Jewelry Travel Case in Teal and then add a few more pieces to my collection

  151. Becky M

    Stella & Dot have amazing jewelry! I would LOVE to give this to my mother for the holidays! She loves big statement necklaces with plain tops.

  152. Janet Gallaher

    I love Stella & Dot anything, love Kevin and Amanda’s blog, and would love to win this give away!! I’d be tempted to keep it but know I’d pass it on to my sweet daughter Kelli. I’m wishing myself good luck on this one!

  153. Stephanie

    I’m afraid I would keep MOST of it all for myself, I have been trying my hardest to collect beautiful jewlery that I can afford.

  154. shanna uptergrove

    Swoon~ The Allie Ribbon and Pearl necklace and bracelet for my little ballerina! And I would probably pick the dainty drop earrings and have my sister spend the rest for herself.

  155. Leslie

    For my daughter I would get the Kristin Pearl Bracelet, ring and necklace that match. So cute! I would also love to get my Mom the Chelsea Necklace — Hematite.

  156. mandak

    I would love to add the Riviera Coin Necklace to my own collection…..but would likely use the gift certificate to get some christmas shopping done…

  157. Rachel Barnes

    OMG I love Stella & Dot! Since my first S&D piece was a gift I would pay it forward and give a gift to a girlfriend (and for myself of course!)

  158. Melissa

    Oh WOW! Thanks so much for sharing! I would LOVE that necklace in the top picture of your blog! It’s INCREDIBLE!

  159. Sarah P.

    I haven’t worn jewelry in a year and a half because I have an 18 month old who has been a necklace puller since birth. I think she’s finally growing out that so I would get that beautiful necklace in the first photo and keep it for myself!

  160. Jeanette

    I purchased the cutest bracelet from Stella and Dot a few months ago. I have worn it everyday since and it is in perfect condition. It is a brown leather bracelet with silver disks all around. I. Love. It. If I won I would have to get some of the cute girly jewelry for my daughter!

  161. Darla

    Oh my goodness, what beautiful jewelry and awesome giveaway! I would probably be tempted to keep this prize if I win and get the Pave Clover necklace!

  162. Elise

    I love the vintage cluster ring. And as selfish as this might self, I would probably keep some things for myself!

  163. Elise

    Everything is lovely. I love the vintage cluster ring. And as selfish as this might self, I would probably keep some things for myself!

  164. Ashlee Frisbey

    Picking just one of these beautiful pieces would be so hard. Love everything!! Hope I win and since it is the Thanksgiving season I would share my winnings with my sister and get us both something!

  165. Melanie:::Adorkable

    I would have a hard time choosing one item–they’re all amazing! I think I would have to give the gift to my mom because she is HUGE into jewelry.

  166. Jody Klemencic

    I just love the ‘together forever’ necklace, so simple and so elegant. I would also get one for my best friend who l love and adore!

  167. LauraEmm

    I love the Ava Cupchain Necklace & the Silver Bardot Spiral Bangle!! Ooh, also the Riviera Coin Necklace! The more I look, the more things I find! :)

  168. Amanda Gentry

    Love this site!! I would treat myself with a great “thank you for cooking all the holiday meals” gift :)

  169. Heather

    As much as I’d love to give such a great gift away, this one I’d have to keep for myself! I love the Riviera Pendant Necklace. So pretty!

  170. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    Wow all of this stuff is amazing! I’m smitten with the delicate whimsical necklaces in silver, but the gold is tempting I’ve been searching for a great everyday gold necklace. I’d have to say I’d be selfish and keep this for me…. at least it’s my birthday soon right?

  171. Krissy

    I love! It’s my new fav website. The Stella & Dot jewelry is beautiful. I love all of the earrings. If I win the giveaway I will get some earrings for me, my mom and my BFF. Happy Holidays to all of you! :)

  172. Vivian

    I would give it to my daughter since today is her BD and let her pick what she wanted. She would absolutely love these pieces.

  173. Aimie Furse

    I LOVE the Adrienne Chain Earrings – they would go perfect with a necklace I already have and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rachel Necklace. this would definitley be a treat for ME!!! <3

  174. Lisa Johnson

    I LOVE the Claire necklace b/c it’s fancy but subdued at the same time so you could use it with a casual outfit or a nice outfit. I would definitely be kind (even though I am a jewelry junkie) and give it to my best friend who just miscarried last month as a Christmas gift. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  175. gia

    I LOVE the heirloom deco bracelet & the Grace grey pearl earrings (for my daughter Grace!) The heirloom earrings aer stunning too!

  176. Beth Rutschman

    I love this jewelry! I love the vintage luxe line! I especially love the maltese ivory cuff! So many nice pieces to choose an absolute favorite. I would love to win something for myself, but I do have two daughters who love jewelry as much as I do, so I think I would pick out something for them! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  177. Barb

    My favorite is the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace…I have so many things I could wear it with! Thanks for the chance to win….

  178. Laura Ellison

    All of their pieces are amazing, but $100 would be a great place to start! I love the vintage inspired necklaces that you “build”…gorgeous!

  179. Cara

    Ohh, I ♥ Stella & Dot! They’re stuff is just so cute. I’m a huge fan of the Jenna Pearl & Ribbon Necklace. So sweet & feminine! I’m going to have to say that it would be mine, all mine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. Christy

    I LOVE the jewelry! Although I couldn’t pick just one favorite, I loved the Chloe necklace, the La Coco Brooch necklace & the Charlize wood necklace. All three are so different but amazing! If I won I’d be sure to share the love with someone special by purchasing them a cute piece as well!!

  181. amy s (OH)

    I love just about everything on this site.
    A couple of my favorites are the Charmed Life necklace and the Stackable rings!

  182. Nicole H.

    WOW. Too hard to choose a favorite! Honestly, I think I’d have to keep for myself! These are BEAUTIFUL! PLEASE pick me!! :)

  183. Jenny

    Love the threaded coin pearl necklace, the teardrop necklace, the bardot spiral bangle and lucky 7 rings for me and the mini soiree bracelets for my 8 year old! SO many cute things! Thanks Amanda!!

  184. Molly

    I love the Jasmine Filigree Necklace Silver and the single wrap leather bracelets in the jewel colors. Everything is so pretty, it is so hard to choose!

  185. Yen

    I’m always having a hard looking for a simple everyday necklace. Their Starfish Necklace is charming and simple and it also reminds me of home. I’m also dying for one of their Charm necklaces! Either way, fabulous site to share and thanks for the giveaway!

  186. Sarah

    I adore the delicate necklaces, especially the Riviera Pendant and the Pave Bee… but seriously, just close my eyes and point and I’d be happy!

  187. Elizabeth Reed

    I LOVE Stella and Dot! Got a beautiful necklace for my birthday from them and will probably get another lovely piece if I win. Pick me, pick me! :)

  188. Sandy Stewart

    I saw their beautiful jewelry for the first time 2 weeks ago… choosing would be difficult at best, but I tend toward simple and elegant so I think the La Coco Silver Pearl Strand is my favorite. If I am lucky enough to win I’ll definitely pick up a pair of the Grace Pearl Earrings – Grey/Silver to go with it! Crossing fingers and toes!

  189. PatriciaD

    I would so love to say I’d give something as a gift but I have to admit I’d probably keep it. Love the Pave Ellipse and Bar necklaces. Wow, they’re so simple but so elegant.

  190. LOU

    This would be the perfect Christmas present for my sister-inlaw. She is a great person but difficult to buy for…she would love any of the pieces.

  191. Alexis

    I love this jewelry–just had a party in fact. I think I would stock up on their rings–they help dress up any outfit.

  192. Petra

    With the holidays approaching, it would be a perfect time to Christmas shop for my daughter and mother-in-law! Maybe a necklace for each of them :)

  193. Monica

    My husband bought me Stella & Dot necklaces and a pin for my birthday last month and I’m a new fan! I LOVE LOVE the little girl’s line and especially the beautiful colors. I really want the round pave diamond-look earrings to go with my new jewelry and would also buy a ring and something for my daughters…

  194. Sena

    Omg!! I would love to get some pieces for myself and my sister especially since our birthdays are coming up :)

  195. Theresa

    I love the leather wrap bracelets and the owl pendant necklace. I would spend the money on me for once! I hope I win.

  196. Laura Craig

    You know, I feel really REALLY guilty saying it. But, I think I would keep the GC for myself {if I were to win that is!} I always seem to spend GC’s that I get on my kids or other people. I think I would like to use one for me for a change! Besides, I could use some new earrings! And I just love the Grace Pearl Earrings and the Devi CZ Hoop Earrings!!!

  197. Kocinera

    What a great giveaway!! I’ve totally fallen in love with the Sloane enamel bangle. You can never have enough bangles!!! :D

  198. Rhonda Turner

    I love the initial charms and the bangle charms! Really hard to decide: keep it for myself or use it for a Christmas present??

  199. Mandy

    I’d have to get myself the Riviera Coin Necklace. Love the simple, clean look of it and I can imagine the versatility of it! I don’t think I could stop at just one piece though…I love giving gifts!

  200. brenda

    I would LOVE the Mocha Disk Necklace. And I would TOTALLY keep it for myself. I have been budgeted and would love a splurge like this!

  201. Kari McWhorter

    I’m a huge fan of Stella and Dot! I’m actually hosting a party this Friday! :) With this $100 I would order a necklace to put charms on and order the silver initial charms P and A and either the January or February birthstone charm with it. I would give this to my sister-in-law who is expecting twin girls sometime in late January or early February and their names are going to be Paisley and Avery (hence the P and A) :)

  202. Lori Paul

    I like the Chelsea necklace and also Together Forever and so many others! With that generous certificate I’d definitely find something for myself and something for someone else!

  203. Chavon Riggins Smith

    Thanks for the chance!!

    I love the Bloom Flower Ring — Black/Silver!! Ka-Hute!

    I would gift a matching item to my Mom!!

  204. Paige

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I would most likely get one of the new fall/winter pearl strand necklaces for myself and would get some fun pieces for my sister and mom for Christmas!

  205. kateosaurus

    ohhhh! I need some pearls in a BAD way. The only pearls I have are way-fake and I wore them in a wedding in the early 90’s! YUCK!

  206. Samantha Lee

    Oh my goodness, such gorgeous jewelry! I know my mother would love a necklace; she’s into wearing staple pieces with a plain t-shirt. :)

  207. Jessica

    Hi Amanda! Thanks for the awesome opportunity! I would definitely buy the clover double and single wrap bracelets for my daughter for Christmas. I know she would love them!

  208. Laura Mae

    OMG I love Stella & Dot. I noticed them on Evites new invitations and checked them out, Anne does a beautiful job!
    I would totally go shopping for my mom and best friend on this website! I would get my mom the Starfish Necklace and the Jenna Pearl and Ribbon necklace for my bestie!

  209. Missy K.

    Wow, looks like they have some great stuff. I would spend the gift certificate getting some gorgeous gifts for my family.

  210. Suburban Sweetheart

    Stella & Dot’s jewelry is absolutely beautiful! I never wear silver, but I’d make an exception for the Colette Necklace. Gorgeous.

  211. Sarah

    Mmmmm this is some fancy jewelry. I’d really want to keep it for myself, but it would be a great gift for my best friend who is also my sister. She spoils me enough because I’m younger, but I’d like to spoil her.