new fonts are here!

Guess what! We have new fonts!! :) As promised, the last 14 fonts of February are finally here!! And I  made one extra just this afternoon, so there are 15 new fonts to download. Head on over to the Fonts for Peas blog and check ’em out! Download til your heart’s content. ;)

{ click } to see the new fonts

29 fonts in a little over a month! I think that’s a new record. ;) With all this font cuteness on the brain, I have been doodling like crazy lately. And somewhere in the mess of all that chicken scratch I came up two fonts of my own to share with ya’ll! So while you’re over there, sneak a peek at my two fonts: kevinandamanda & kevinandamanda funky!

kevinandamanda's fonts

Another new font this time is Pea Stacy Tunibug, a super cute alpha from the same gal who drew the awesome Pea Stacy’s Doodle fonts (The font is named after her puppy, Tunibug!)

Pea Heather's Handwriting Font Download And in case you’ve been wondering about (or drooling over :D) the font in my sidebar titles, I am happy to reveal it as Pea Heather’s Handwriting font! In addition to her totally hip alpha, she also has this doodle phrases font that is to die for!

Pea Heather's Handwriting Doodle Phrases

There are so many more that wouldn’t fit in the picture! There are days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and lots of holiday greetings!!

In other news, I gave the main fonts page a bit of a makeover… I noticed through my webpage stats that it’s the most viewed page on my entire site. It gets more hits than even my blog! I had originally redesigned the new page to look like this:

kevinandamanda's free fonts

Actually, you can still see a live version of this design here. I liked the design, but I didn’t know if it was obvious that you could click on the screenshots to go to the Fonts for Peas and Free Scrapbook Fonts site. With all the new traffic lately, if people landed on that page looking for the Fonts for Peas, I didn’t want them to be confused. So I redesigned it like this:

kevinandamanda's free fonts

See the live version here. This design makes it much more obvious I think. ;) But what do ya’ll think? Do you like the new one (brown background)? The old one (blue background)? Do I use way too many graphics on this site?? (Wait, don’t answer that.) It’s really hard to be objective about your own site. *Ãœ*

And that’s all in font news, BUT! There’s still one more thing to post!! :D We have a winner from the first ever blog giveaway!!! :D

congratulations rebecca!

The winner of the custom illustration from April Shower’s Blog Design is #33 – Rebecca!!


Congrats Rebecca! I can’t wait to see the new digital version of you! ;) Or whatever you decide to have illustrated.. Just be sure and post it on your super cute blog! ;)

Thanks so much for playing everyone and I hope you like the new fonts!!

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14 Responses
  1. Catherine

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your site and fonts!! You are a huge asset to the entire scrapbooking community and font lovers everywhere!!!


    Thank you so much for the fonts they are amazing! I have used them on my site already(:

    And I went to BORDERS last night and searched the magazines till I found the one with your photo on the cover. It made me so excited and it got me inspired and motivated.

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Brittany

    As a first year teacher, I am always looking for fun fonts and cute graphics to use for my newsletters and classroom website. I was so excited when I found your site! I love the fonts! Thank you so much for posting them free online. Through your website I also was led to the Shabby Princess scrapbooking downloads! I have completely updated my classroom website and it will never be boring again! Thanks so much for what you have done! I love your website!!! :-)

  4. Elaine

    Amanda, first of all, thank you for sharing all your fonts!
    Second, a question. I downloaded all the fonts a week or so ago. Where do I go to download only the latest ones? I don’t see a link to download the ones added yesterday. Do I have to either download them one by one or download the entire package again?

  5. Cheri

    Hi Amanda,
    I love your website. You are so talented. Everything you do is a like a work of art.
    Cheri (BoBerry from WoofBoard)

  6. Katy

    As for which screen you asked about, I like the brown background. It’s kind of like that craft paper and that’s one of my favorite things to scrap with these days!

    I love all these fonts…I need to set aside time to get them all!


  7. Demetria

    hey Amanda… WOWsers is all I got to say!!! Thanks for the great fonts! One thing though. The new kevinandamanda font won’t install without replacing the old kevinandamanda font. Seems they have the same file name…

    I tried renaming the file but that didn’t work. Any help???


  8. juls

    Awesome fonts!

    Oh, and a big congrats to Rebecca!

    Thanks for your great blog! :)
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

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