Microplane Essential Kitchen Tools Giveaway (Winners Announced!)

Microplane Giveaway

Time’s up!

The winners of the Microplane Essential Kitchen Tools Giveaway are:

#26 Maureen: “Very hard decision, I guess first my Chef’s knife, then my cast iron fry pan.”

#740 Caroline: “My dough blade!!!  I use it almost daily which is silly because I don’t make bread everyday.  But I love it and could not get through my cooking frenzies without it.”

#1087 Heather Jenkins: “I love my apple corer!”

Congratulations girls! I’ve sent ya’ll an email. Enjoy your new goodies!

I’ve got a great giveaway today for fun set of new kitchen tools from Microplane. I love kitchen gadgets, and these are a few of my favorites – plus a new one that I can’t wait to try! I want you guys to have ‘em too. I’ve got three (3) sets of these to give away today, and they include one each of the following tools from Microplane:

Microplane Classic Series Premium Zester/Grater

Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Easy Prep Pizza Cutter

Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Easy Prep Straight Peeler


Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Specialty Series Cut Resistant Glove

Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Herb Mill

How awesome does this look? This is the one I can’t wait to try.

From “Microplane’s easy to use Herb Mill cuts fresh herbs like parsley, dill, cilantro, sage and mint with hundreds of tiny scissors without bruising or blemishing. Dishwasher safe.”

Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Gourmet Series Coarse Grater

Microplane Giveaway

Microplane Gourmet Series Fine/Spice Grater


How to Enter

To be entered to win the Microplane giveaway, all you have do to is leave a comment on this post. What is your one favorite kitchen tool? The one you could never be without, the one you think everyone should have? I can’t wait to read your responses on this one! I bet I’ll be adding a few to my collection…

Contest ends Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen by and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Microplane.

For recipes, videos, promotions, and kitchen tips, keep in touch with Microplane on Facebook.


Good luck!

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1,408 Responses
  1. Missy

    My chef’s knife. I use it for everything. I’ve heard very good things about Microplane though, just haven’t gotten around to buying one yet.

  2. Denise

    I was tempted to say my kitchen shears, but that’s just a sometimes convenience. What I really can’t live without is a good quality, really sharp knife. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Kandi Rich

    Pot holders! I have like 10 because as soon as the oven dings they all seem to hide from me! And I panic to find something to use so my food doesn’t burn!

  4. Shara

    Hands down my stoneware scraper from Pampered Chef! I buy my kitchen tools from a variety of locations, but these handy little scrapers are my favorite!!

  5. Kindyll A

    I would love to win! I have been eyeing a microplaner for ages! My favorite kitchen gadget/gizmo I insist on having is my Pampered Chef stoneware to cook on. I cook everything on it!

  6. Alicia

    I love so many things in my kitchen… parchment paper, my microplane zester, my Kitchenaid, my food processor… it’s my favorite place to be!

  7. Katie Fisher

    I kind of feel like I cheat when I use it, but I am attached at the hip to my Kitchenaid standing mixer–the classic, tilt-head, 5 QT model. My grandparents had a tradition of giving the girls in the family who graduated from high school $300-worth of jewelry, but when my turn came, I respectfully asked for a mixer instead. They loved my idea so much, that they continue to gift the same item to all of my cousins. I’ve had it for 9 years now, and it’s truly indispensable, and is the primary workhorse in much more than baking (which I’m pretty great at. if it’s okay to toot my own horn)!

  8. Tiffany P

    Favorite is my Kitchen Aid hand mixer, i use it at least 2-3 times a week! I am SUPER interested in that herb mill…. perhaps that will be my new favorite!

  9. Lynn A.

    When my Aunt passed, my relatives pounced on her belongings like piranha. There was not much left, save for memories. I did get some of her amazing recipes and a small all-purpose knife. This things is probably 70 years old, if it is a day. The handle is near giving out, but the blade is still true. It is not the things, but the meaning behind the things. That which others find to have no value are worth the most.
    I appreciate good things that make our lives worth living.

  10. Sam

    Oh my goodness, the zester would be the best addition to my kitchen- I frequently bake and have a lame zester/peeler that barely gets the job done :(

    I’m not sure about my favorite kitchen utensil, but I know what my fiance’s favorite tool is- his Darth Vader spatula!

  11. Katherine

    The herb mill looks really cool – I spend so much time prepping / cutting that I often resort to dry herbs in recipes. I have the Microplane zester and love it.

  12. Kimberli

    Definitely my Kitchen Aid mixer, couldn’t live without it – I use it almost daily!! Thanks for the chance to win those fun tools!!

  13. Amanda

    My food chopper…use it for chopping all the fresh fruit and veggies that we have been cooking with lately. Had to change up our diet for health reasons and now are making everything fresh and from scratch…thank goodness for our Cuisenart!!

  14. Michelle

    I can’t live without a good set of knives! And I so want that Herb Mill! I pinned it to my wishlist board on Pinterest a while ago. Yeah it’s awesome!

  15. kelly

    saptulas and “bar board” mini cutting board that are great when you just need to cut a lemon or fruit for the kids snacks!

  16. Nancy

    After using one at a friend’s house, I got my own Dexter knife from a restaurant supply store and love using it every single day. It was less than $20 and is so sharp and feels good in my hand. Also, totally in love with Dawn dish detergent. It makes doing dishes so easy!

  17. Kathy Davis

    I am pretty fortunate that my husband does 90% of the cooking, but when I do make my way into the kitchen my favorite tool is my kitchen sheers. I just asked my husband what his favorite tool is and he said, Pizza Cutter. I think he was being silly because he couldn’t find the pizza cutter tonight. Looks like we need the Microplane Easy Prep Pizza Cutter.

  18. Emily

    I love anything that helps with cheese, as that is pretty much my favorite food. I also love the thing that removes kernels from cobs of corn.

  19. Shelley B

    I use the pizza cutter ALL the time! Couldn’t live without it! Well, maybe I could… but it makes life so much easier :)

  20. Judy Edmonds

    Silicon oven gloves with a long cuff made from very thick padded fabric. I can reach right into the oven and get multiple things in and out without burning my arms on the side of the oven!

  21. Janie Hyde

    I love my pizza cutter. I use it for pizza of course and for making rolls. It cuts the dough nicely for crescent rolls, which are my favorite to make!

  22. mary jane s.

    My favortie kitchen utensil is my whisk and 2 sets of nylon spatulas, I use the whisk all the time and the spatulas..they are so useful i would love to win those tools, my, oh my..luv your blog, happy holidays!!!!!~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

  23. Casey L.

    I just have to say I love my pizza cutter! It’s a lifesaver with 2 toddlers in the house. Cutting up dinner in a million tiny bites with a knife and take forever but with my pizza cutter it’s done in seconds. Plus it doesn’t smash stuff or demolish yummy things like pancakes. We even bought a smaller one to keep in the diaper bag for dinners out! Lifesaver I tell ya :)


    It’s a tough call, but I have to say: My coffee burr mill grinder! I have no other way to control coffee grind sizes to make uniformly excellent coffee with my various coffee makers: drip, press, and espresso. Runner up: knife sharpening system by Spyderco.

  25. abby!

    The whisk… Ok, now I know it’s nothing fancy, there are no batteries, or cords, or gadgets involved, but every time I get to use my whisk, I get excited.

  26. Ashlee Frisbey

    My kitchen Shears are my favorite. They are perfect for cutting up meat for chicken nuggets for my wee ones or cutting open packages. I use them on a daily basis! I would love to get a new micro plane!

  27. Eliza

    I love microplane, but as a starving college student it will be a long time before I can afford my own… Unless I win this, of course :)

  28. Cheryl Newton

    This is gonna sound totally lame, especially since it was a gift-with-purchase. But it’s the container/grater thingie that I got when I bought 2 lbs. (or however much it was) Kraft cheese recently. I love that the grater fits right over the little storage container. Before, I’d position a grater over a plate, which wasn’t very stable. (I once grated a knuckle. I know; gross.) And, if I don’t use all the cheese I’ve grated (OK, so that hardly ever happens, because is there such a thing as too much cheese?), I can put on the lid and store the cheese for another time.

  29. Amanda

    Kitchen Aid mixer…greatest thing ever. And, mine is purple – I’ve been known to call it Her Royal Grapeness on occasion. A good spatula is always necessary too!

  30. Theresa

    I couldn’t do without my 8 cup measuring cup. I use it to mix up so many things. But I’d love these microplane tools!

  31. Amanda

    Definitely my Kitchenaid Mixer, couldn’t live without it! Well…I could, but life wouldn’t be as much fun! ;)

  32. Yvonne C

    My favorite kitchen gadget has to be my garlic press and my second fave would be my skinny scraper spatula. Thanks for the chance at winning some awesome kitchen gadgets!

  33. Lynn Wild

    I love my Zyliss non stick garlic press – it crushes cloves of garlic without having to peel them first! These tools look very useful though – thanks for the chance to win them. :)


  34. Hayley Jane

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Pampered Chef food chopper! Works great with everything and is definitely used with every meal prep!

  35. Teresa Hall

    Hey Amanda! I definitely could not live without my paring knives. I have a set of three, one a smidge larger and one serrated. I use one or more of them every night. The tools look amazing – thanks for the chance to win one!

  36. Robin Williams

    My favorite tool is my silicone spatula/spoon from papmered chef. I have the big one and the little one and use them all of the time.

  37. Sarah

    awesome give away. i can’t live in the kitchen with out my kitchen scissors. i cut up just about everything with them, pizza, chicken, lettuce. you name it i seem to use my kitchen scissors to cut it!

  38. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    can’t live without my hand mixer! such an essential baking tool! would love to get one of those beautiful KitchenAid stand mixers one day though!

  39. trisha handy

    My most favorite is my parm grater… the one that you put the cheese in and turn the’s the best!

  40. Stacy

    My rubber spatulas are my favorite kitchen tools – they help me get eeevery last bit of batter out of the bowl when I bake :) I’ve been looking for a good zester to add to my collection of kitchen tools – this one looks perfect!

  41. Amanda Soto

    Oh DEFINITELY a good knife! It is such a pain in the butt when you are trying cut up meat or veggies with a dull knife. Then you butch up whatever it is you’re cutting. Presentation is big for me so I hate when I’m trying to get precise cuts and a bad knife ruins it for me! It’s the worst with sushi. Good knife is key to a happy kitchen.

  42. Betsy

    That’s a hard decision for someone like me but I use my zester/grater constantly for so many things. Unfortunaley, it is not a Microplane brand and has seen better days. I would love to win this one! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. Mahima

    I love my spatula. Without it I was wasting so much food that I could have used in my recipes. Plus it’s a pretty green, and has a bamboo wood handle.

  44. Lisa Y.

    My Kithenaid Mixer for sure…it’s actually in the shop right now and I can’t wait until Tuesday to pick it up! :)

  45. Jamie Snyder

    My one litchen tool I could never live without is my food processor. I got one as a gift and did t use it for a about a year and a half. Once I used it I couldn’t believe I waited so long. I use it all the time now.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and all of your great posts.

  46. Juliana Walters

    I have this ridiculous 20″ rocker pizza knife that no home cook really needs. But, whenever we order take and bake it is a pretty fun gadget to have. We all fight over who gets to cut the pizza.

  47. Amber DuVentre

    A good cutting/ paring knife. You can’t start a kitchen project without a good knife. My paring knife/knives travel with me! The worst part is I have no idea where I got them. :-|

  48. Karen Seltrecht

    I would enjoy the Herb Mill. I grow my own herbs and this would be fantastic!
    Thanks for everything Amanda. I am continously using things from you blog. Keep up the awesome work!!

  49. Jenn

    I could not live without the 3 1/2″ serrated edge paring knife from Victorinox. This is the most incredible knife, they’re inexpensive and cut through anything!

  50. Kirsten

    Oh my word, we have this little gadget that dices onions into perfectly symmetrical/identical little bits, with one motion! Can’t beat that. It’s the one item I miss the most when cooking in other kitchens besides my own!

  51. Elyse Sanneman

    I love my collapsible can strainer from Wilton. It’s the perfect size for a can of beans. You just pour them into the strainer (which has a nice long handle!) and rinse. I also love spoonulas!!

  52. Valerie

    I would have to say…a good cutting board! I use mine every single time I cook! Thanks for the great giveaway – I would also say that my microplane grater is a close second! I always use it to mince my garlic instead of using a knife or garlic press.

  53. Abby

    My go to kitchen tool is my mezzaluna knife from the Giada at Target collection…makes chopping a breeze. Love it and it’s affordable!

  54. Carol

    Simple tools like a paring knife, a potato peeler, nut grinder…I don’t have any fancy tools. I would love any of those microplane tools. My kitchen definitely needs some upgrading!

  55. Jacque

    I love my knives! Whenever I am cooking at someone else house and go to cut something up I almost always struggle with their knives! Good quality, sharp knives are a good thing!

  56. caroline

    Right now I’m thinking my favorite is my kitchen scale. I’ve been making a lot of European recipes, and I couldn’t get by without the scale!

  57. Brooke

    My garlic peeling sleeve thingie from pampered chef is my favorite little thing in the kitchen! I asked for a food processor for Christmas, so that may replace it, but until then, the garlic thing it is! :)

  58. beth stark

    My best kitchen tool hands down is my electric cheese grater. It allows me to buy in blocks so I am not paying for cheese that is shredded which costs more, and saves me a ton of time.

  59. Ruth H.

    I’m just beginning to “get into” cooking…so I don’t have any favorites yet…HOWEVER…that cut resistant glove looks like it’s right down my alley! That would be SO helpful to me! Thanks for such a great contest and I love your blog!

  60. Cassie

    Now that I have a KitchenAid mixer, I don’t know how I ever lived without one. I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

  61. Vicki Bell

    I use my Cutco knives EVERYDAY. But I do love my microplane grader. I think I would love, like you, the microplane herb mill. I love your site. New to it this week.

  62. Lili A

    My kitchen aid standmixer by far… It took me 3 years to splurge on that baby and now I cant live without it! I am so inspired to make new things each week. Dont know how I got by with it this long… The herb mill looks AWESOME!!

  63. Bonnie

    I love my “The Perfect Beaker.” You can measure in cups, pints, ozs., tbsps, tsps., even ML/CCM with this one tool. I think my brother saw Alton Brown recommend this tool and bought one for himself and for me. It really is very helpful!

  64. Nicole Smith

    I could not live without my Kitchenaid Mixer!! I’ve only had her about a year and baking and cooking are so much easier now. I can’t imagine my culinary life without it!

  65. laura

    i know it’s wierd, but i use my beaba babycook every day! i used to use to make babyfood for my little girls, but now i use it as a great steamer. no pots or pans, dishwasher safe, and veggies are always steamed perfectly! i would LOVE to have the cut resistant glove. i cut myself all the time and my husband was just mentioning that he should get me one of the gloves that divers wear in the shark tanks! and the day before thanksgiving i cut off part of my finger using a slicer and had to call 911! so if i don’t get picked, i think i’ll order that glove! ;)

  66. Karlea

    What a great giveaway. I’ve never tried these products before. My favorite kitchen “gadget” is my Vitamix. I use it every day to pour fruit and vegies down my kids in the form of delicious smoothies!

  67. Victoria

    Just today I was talking about my KitchenAid mixer. It just does what it is supposed to do, and does it so well.

  68. Vivian

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Henckels chef’s knife! It’s my absolute most favorite kitchen tool…it makes all the difference when prepping meals!

  69. Emily

    What an awesome giveaway! I could NOT live without all my pearing knives and a pizza cutter, which I use for wayyyy more things than just cutting pizza!

  70. LaWanda

    I don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgets but I do have a garlic press… I couldn’t live without it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  71. Krystal

    My favorite kitchen tool is one of my knives. I use the same knife for almost everything! Couldn’t cook without it!

  72. Schmidty

    My mini food processor is my handiest, I use that thing all the time! …and it’s at least ten years old. Also, my trusty whisk, I love it!

  73. Claire Mendenhall

    I love my cheese grater. Cuz I love cheese! Spatulas r my fav too. I have some on my Christmas list! That glove looks so cool! Hope I win!!!

  74. janeray1940

    Kitchen shears, which I use in place of a knife whenever I can. But I think that herb mill would be a lot more efficient…

  75. Barb

    I would have to say my bosch mixer! It comes in handy for making 6 loaves of bread and 6 dozen caramel rolls, and those huge batches of cookies!
    What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance at winning:)

  76. Trisha Ancel-Supuk

    I love my kitchen shears as well. With two little boys ages 2 and 4, I would not know what to do without them. That herb grinder looks amazing though.

  77. Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef

    my favorite kitchen tool is a good knife. you can do anything with a good knife, but without one, it’s a sad day. :)

  78. Pam

    I seriously could not live without my mini-turner by Mercer. You have got to try this thing. I will never go back to “regular” size turners again…………

  79. Debbie

    A great set of knives. We are always looking for a better set of knives. We use ours all the time and have still not found the perfect set. Something that looks nice that we can leave out on the counter but works great for whatever we need cut. From bread to cheeses to meats. We need a set that does it all at a reasonable price.

  80. Clint

    My favorite kitchen tool is a really nice knife. I went a long time in my life using old crappy knives. Now I know better.

  81. Jessica Endres

    I wouldn’t be able to live without my paring knife! I use it for everything! no matter how big or small!

  82. Lindsey

    The tool I can’t live without is my apple cutter! It makes cutting an apple so quick and easy, I use it daily!

  83. kph

    My rubber spatula! I stir just about everything with it. But I have been eying a microplane cheese grater for some time, MUCH easier than the giant pyramid I use now.

  84. Tonya W

    I love my Pampered Chef paring knives! And a small pizza cutter I got from Ikea, it will cut just about anything!!! :)

  85. Lynne

    I really like my different sizes of stainless cookie-dough scoops. They do multi-duty for cookie dough, ice cream, and to measure out different measures of ingredients. LOVE THEM!

  86. Karoline Smith

    The one thing I could never be without in the kitchen is a good set of knives. That is not to say I wouldn’t love to have all those microplane tools!

  87. deannab1

    I love my food processor – we eat a lot of salsa at my house and I couldn’t make it in large quantities without my food processor.

  88. Ann Callarman

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite. If I had to pick one, it would be my Santoku knife. I just love it!

  89. Jessica

    Small ice cream scoop, because that’s how I get cookies perfectly evenly sized! That herb mill looks amazing!

  90. Taylor

    I LOVE my pampered chef apple peeler/corer! I also can’t remember what life was like before my kitchenaid mixer! I do too much baking to not have one… at least that’s the excuse I told myself when I bought it :)

  91. Lori

    I love my pampered chef peeling tool for apples. My daughter loves to do this for me. Great times in the kitchen!

  92. Heidi

    My fave kitchen utensil is probably my blender, without it i would not be able to make my favorite smoothies or my familys favorite drink in the world, . . . frozen hot chocolate!! thank you i hope i win

  93. Urban Wife

    My food processor, definitely! It’s great for anything from veggies to cheese to making pie crusts. Everyone should have one!

  94. Susan Lightsey

    My favorite is a little food chopper! I love, love, love it. It chops onions, peppers and everything really well, which means I don’t have to stand there chopping forever!

  95. Rhadonda

    Sweet giveaway. I got the cut resistant glove because of your blog last year. Favorite gadget is pampered chef can opener, no sharp edges left. Thanks!

  96. Tina W.

    My 60 year old iron skillet…my mother got it the first year she and my dad were married. It’s extremely well seasoned and I use it almost every day. It readily evokes many childhood memories. Also my stainless steel fish turner…it’s thin, flexible and great for more than just fish…and my cake tester!

  97. christy

    i’m not so gadgety (yet), so do most things with a knife & cutting board. i really like my pampered chef knife that cuts & spreads though.

  98. Jennifer

    My mist have is a very sharp knife followed closely ny my coffee grinder (aka everything grinder). The tool of choice would be the herb mill.

  99. Maggie

    My absolute favorite are kitchen shears…I have 2 pairs because one if them is ALWAYS being used for something in our kitchen!

  100. Shannon McGahren

    I love, love, love my immersion blender!! It’s my favorite. And my second favorite is my pampered chef chopper (which has broken and I need to replace!) I think my new favorite would be the Microplane Herb Mill for my herbs I grow on my porch! Pick me:)

  101. Shannon LC

    My mini food chopper is probably the best. I just got it last Christmas not knowing what I would ever use it for. I found so many uses for it. Now it stays on counter top.. Love it!

  102. EmilyRossa

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Santuko knife because it is and it was a random gift from my husband.

  103. Carol Opalinski

    I have a wonderful flexible spoon/spatula. It’s wonderful for scraping the last bit of batter out of the bowl or for flipping crepes.

  104. erin h

    The one tool I think is necessary in the kitchen is a good sharp knife. The other thing that I personally think is really handy is keeping multiple pairs of scissors available for food. That way it’s easy to open up bags and if they get messy just put them in the dishwasher and pull out a clean pair.

  105. Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)

    I would say my most essential kitchen item is a great 8 inch chef’s knife. It really makes cooking and preparing food so much more enjoyable! After that, it’s probably my mini food processor.

  106. Jessica Daniels

    My favorite kitchen tool has to be my Kitchen Aid Professional Stand Mixer. Its an ace when it comes to baking cakes!

  107. Jennifer

    I know it will probably sound weird – but with 3 kids in grade school and our busy schedules – right now my favorite is my crockpot.

  108. Christian @ Modobject at Home

    I love my microplane cheese grater. And, a good ‘ole wooden spoon is nice to have around too!

  109. Maria Therese

    My favorite is my Kenwood Chef ♥ I love it! And mine is almost 50 years old. Bought by my husbands grandma when my husband mother was getting married so she could make food for her wedding. How cool is that?? I was so happy when I got it and it’s bot awesome to use and awesome as a kitchen decoration.

  110. Danielle

    I couldn’t live without my kitchen scale. I love to bake and find that weighing my ingredients makes for more accurate and consistent recipes.

  111. Amy @DYKTMP?

    The one kitchen tool I can’t live without… can you take a wild guess? Haha the muffin pan of course!!

  112. Meg M

    My favorite would be the glove, if I had one! I’m always slicing a nail when I prep my food, and this would save so so many manicures!

  113. cynthia nowak

    My processor does things that just nothing else will do. It’s heavy and I get tired of washing the parts, but there you are. Close second would be my microplaner. It turns lemon peel into a cloud of lovely lemony zest that just dissolves into whatever you are making. Terrific!

  114. Karen G

    Oh I have so many things…I love gadgets! My favorite would have to be my apple corer. We use it on everything!

  115. Patti W

    I have to have my microplane. My daughter gave it to me for christmas a few years ago and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

  116. Millie

    I’d love to try the Herb Mill. I’ll have to put that on my Christmas list! Picking a favorite tool would be like choosing my favorite child……’s too hard…….I love my gadgets….oh and I love my kids too!

  117. day

    These all look fab, but I have to say the peeler is my fav. Love the orientation of the blade to the handle, looks so comfortable to use!

  118. Tess

    I hope I get picked! This kitchen stuff looks AWESOME and would be a total upgrade from my college hand-me-down collection of kitchen tools (which has gotten quite rusty, to be honest!) Microplane: I want you!

  119. Linda Breshears

    I make homemade flour tortillas and I couldn’t live without my tortilla roller. It’s different from other pastry rollers in that it’s smaller and doesn’t have handles.

    Of your different tools, i really like the herb mill. That could become my new must have tool.

  120. Marlene

    A good set of knives is essential for creating great dishes but I must say what I find myself using over and over again are my kitchen shears. I use them for prepping almost every dish I prepare.

  121. Kate

    I cannot live without my Microplane fine premium zester/grater. It’s my “go-to” piece! Works with everything – from lemon & orange zest to parmesean cheese to nutmeg! I love it so much that I bought a course grater for even more cheesy goodness. They stay sharp and work like a charm!

  122. Christina Z

    My favorite kitchen gadget would be old fashioned potato peeler. We peel alot of potatoes dont know what I would do if didn’t have it . Thank you for chance to win some awesome kitchen tools

  123. Emily

    Besides my coffee maker? I have a set of bamboo stirring spoons that are easy clean up and remind me of making cookies with my grandma- no room for a big mixer in my kitchen, so everything is mixed by hand!!

  124. Kristyn

    I don’t know how I survived without my stick blender, but once I got one there was no turning back! This giveaway looks awesome!

  125. Tina Dammrich

    I could not live without my food processor. I use it for cookies, soup, pie crust, pizza dough, pesto, grating cheese…..How could you not have one. I have a small one, cheap ones and one good one. I love them all.

  126. Mike Brandon

    I would have to go with the peeler. I’ve peeled potatoes in the army with a knife. I’ve peeled potatoes for my mother, my wife and for my own cooking with a knife. YuK!
    A peeler works better and faster and cleaner and is a joy to use.

    The herb mill looks interesting.

    All the utensils are great and one could say necessary. The comments will be interesting.

  127. Kel

    My spoon/spatula thingee. I use it every time I mix up anything – it gets every drop out of the bowl without any waste.

  128. LolaT

    I don’t use this all the time, but when I do, I love it anew every time. It’s a little cookie dough scooper just like an ice cream scooper with the little lever that swipe the scoop out cleany onto the cookie sheet and produces perfectly round blobs of the same size.

  129. Ishnar Lopez

    A chef’s knife makes all the difference when cooking, I love Shun Classic 4.25 Mini Chefs Knife. I bought this recently at Crate&Barrel because I’ve had the Shun Utility Knife and adored it. This knife feels great in the hand, has good weight and heft for such a small, easily-handled knife. It does a lot of things that you might think you’d use a paring knife for, but the depth of the blade makes cutting through thicker foods and chopping a breeze. I find myself using it for all kinds of everyday tasks.

  130. Kelly Robison

    This isn’t really a tool…but I would say knives. We use them all the time, more than any other tool or silverware

  131. Kat Meller

    I really like my microplane that I use for cheeses and chocolates – between that and a good set of ceramic knives I just found – I’m having fun “playing” in the kitchen.

    But then I love kitchen tools and equipment

  132. MaryW

    My favorite tool is my hands…without those, nothing else is possible :) Next to that, I’d have to say my Kitchen Aid Mixer, which I bought in 1992…it’s still going strong!

  133. MsCellania

    The most used, best-purposed tool in my kitchen is a Berndes super flexible spatula with holes, designed by Karl-Axel Andersson/Morgan Ferm. They are sold for around $7 at Williams Sonoma and will make over-easy eggs picture perfect, as well as having the proper length to easily flip BIG pancakes. Buy more than one; you will go nuts looking for it if it’s in the dishwasher…

  134. Nuria

    My favorite kitchen tool is definitely my food processor, it just helps out a lot and save me time. I like how fast it makes sauces and vegetable creams, and smoothies.
    Love it.

  135. Kelly Jo

    I’m fairly boring, but my essential is my Kitchenaid Mixer. I grew up with one and never knew how to bake without one until I moved out on my own. Needless to say, I quickly learned how much I loved it and promptly bought my own.

  136. Tracy

    I have a pair of Henckels kitchen shears that are still going strong after many years. They even survived being run over by cars on the main road outside our neighborhood after I accidentally left them on the back bumper of the car and drove off! They’re a little beat up, but they work wonderfully!

  137. Pam

    Two favorites: My Wusthof knife and my meat thermometer (changed the way I grilled). But these tools would be my new favorites!

  138. karen

    a good paring knife is probably my most versatile tool
    Hard to choose between that and the hard silicone spatulas and pizza cutter though.
    Love microplane zesters and would love to win this prize!

  139. Lisa J

    My meat thermometer. The kind where you stick the probe in the meat, set the temp you want it to be, stick it in the oven and wait for the alarm to sound when it reaches the temp. No more overcooked meat!!

  140. Tracy

    A great knife, of course (my inexpensive Santoku is my favorite right now), but I use my garlic press a lot….

  141. Arilla

    My favorite kitchen tool right now is a bright red wide-mouth kitchen funnel. Walmart – .99 cents! I’m making my own baby food for my little boy and this funnel is the best thing ever for quickly and easily filling mason jars. And the color red makes me smile.

    1. The Priest's

      Hey! I am pregnant and daydreaming about making my own baby food! Any suggestions, recipes, etc.? Thanks!

  142. Carla

    I love my microplane grater, so the peeler grabbed my attention. My favorite kitchen utensil, however, are my silicone spatulas. They are always dirty because they are the first thing I use whether stirring up pancakes, making scrabbled eggs, or stirring a sauce on the stove.

  143. The Priest's

    Our most essential kitchen tool is our little kitchen compost bin. We put all our scraps in it and bring it out to our big compost bin outside. Not only do we lessen our garbage but we put it to great use in our garden. It is the perfect cycle!

    Interestingly our kitchen compost bin is an old chamber pot with a lid and handle for easy carrying. We have two, both of which we got at antique stores. They also look great in our kitchen!

  144. Tickled Red

    I can’t live without my micro-planer but I have been dreaming of the herb mill for a while now. Great giveaway and Happy Birthday weekend darlin’ :D

  145. Anna P

    Wow, all of these gadgets are cool! As a soon-to-be graduate, I’ve been learning the importance of cooking my own meals. One kitchen gadget I cannot be without are spring-loaded tongs that make easy work when I’m cooking something, either in the oven or on the stovetop. :)

  146. Tiffany

    I know it’s simple, but a good, sharp chef’s knife is the most important thing ever. If you can’t cut, you can’t cook. I’m stuck on the Shun knives right now…

  147. Megan Z.

    Hmmmm…this is tough! I love to cook, but if I had to choose I would have to say my wide spatula. It’s perfect for pancakes and cookies and pretty much everything else needing picked up! Thanks for another great giveaway!! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  148. Sheila

    I don’t know what you call it, but it’s a curved knife that you rock with one central handle to chop things!

  149. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    This isn’t a tool, but lately I think of it as one – a big mixing bowl. I’ve found that when in a pinch, I can go without my stand mixer, food processor, etc., as long as I have a big bowl!

  150. Ali

    I know I’m not being terribly original, but it would have to be my Wustof knife. Nothing like a sharp knife to make chopping easier!

  151. Amanda

    I cannot live without a GOOD sifter. There are so many poorly manufactured or designed sifters out there that can make baking so difficult. I would not be able to bake without my different sifters!

  152. Lori B.

    Can’t live without my VitaMix! Would love a microplane and the spice mill. They look like wonderful tools!

  153. Donna K

    My knives are my favorite tools. They are the starting point for everything I make. I keep them sharp so they are ready to go. I have to admit I also love my food processors, full size and mini. You have the best giveaways, thank you for doing this for your readers. Happy Holidays!

  154. Genevieve

    wow! always been dreaming about getting a microplane classic premium zester. Cos i don’t have such fine zesters and ended up zesting my skin off with those rough ones.. Ouch >.<
    and I cannot cannot cannot live without my kitchenaid mixer!

  155. Miranda Sherman

    My whisk! I seem to be needing it constantly! I almost had a meltdown when I couldn’t find it a week before Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  156. Crystal

    I’m more of a baker, so I’d definitely have to go with my rubber spatula. Perfect for scraping that last bit of batter off of the sides of the mixing bowl!

  157. Haley Grossman

    My favorite kitchen utensil is not really a utensil at all, but ziplock bags save my life in the kitchen. I use them for leftovers, prepping, frosting cupcakes, drizzled desserts, and much much more!
    hgrossman at cableone dot net

  158. Angie R.

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I am loving the herb mill. I cannot live without my knife, a good, sharp knife is essential!

  159. Ana

    Does a Keurig count? Probably not, lol. I love my kitchen shears… I use them all the time and should probably invest in a better pair.

  160. Gloria

    I adore my scoops, for portioning out cookies, muffins, homemade candy, ice cream of course and even savory dishes.

  161. Mindy Kammerdiener

    I recently bought a set of Food Network measuring spoons from Kohls. They have spoons at each end, and they are shaped differently so that you can use the spoon twice without mixing up which end you use. My favorite part is that they join together by magnets instead of by a ring. They stay together in the drawer, but they pull apart with no fuss. (I love the herb grater! I would use it everyday!)

  162. Ninna Berries

    Well, knifes is so necessary in the kitchen but my favorite is my rubbermaid spatula. I love it!!!!!!! it makes me easy my pastry life, jeje!!! ;D

  163. KelsieG

    I can’t live without my wooden spoons! They’re hand-carved, old, and stained, and I use them pretty much every day.

  164. Jill R

    I think the one tool I use for practically evertything I cook/bake in the kitchen is my Pampered Chef Mix N Scraper spatula. I have one of the Microplanes and I LOVE it for grating all types of cheeses. The herb mill looks completely awesome & I’d love to test it out. :)

  165. Mary E

    Love my knives, food processor and kitchen scissors that are so sharp they could be used in surgery! (Can’t pick just one!)

  166. Mubeena Miller

    My best kitchen item is a potato peeler I purchased for .99c about 20 years ago. I’ve purchased other ones but none of them are as good!

  167. Christina Richmond

    My Mora knife from Sweden. It is a utility knife, but it does everything I need in the kitchen…unfortunately, they’ve discontinued the model I currently have. Best part about these knives, they’re inexpensive, but work as good as knives 10x their price.

  168. Francesca Watson

    I have a narrow little whisk that fits perfectly in my hand and I just love it for salad dressings and sauces. I have a cheapo pizza cutter that works perfectly to cut personal-size quesadillas. And I have an adjustable measuring cup that intrigues me but never fails to fail me – and yet I can’t get rid of it.

  169. Clair Jordan

    I LOVE Kitchen gadgets, but I will have to say that I can’t live without good sharp knives. You can do anything with the basics but the gadgets sure do make things easier don’t they? That Herb mill looks amazing!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  170. Amanda C.

    Kitchen tools are one of my weaknesses so I have a ton! It’s hard to pick…..but lately my kitchen shears have been a life saver. Super easy to cut food into the right size for the little one.

  171. April was in CT now CA

    It’s a tie between my Global chefs knife and my KitchenAid red spoonula (it’s a spatula..or maybe it’s a spoon!), I have three and they are in constant rotation.

  172. Holly

    One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my garlic press. I don’t like mincing garlic, because my hands get so sticky and garlic-y, and my garlic press spares me from that–so I like it. A lot.

  173. Wendy

    I am a total sucker for cheese graters. I buy them all the time, always hoping I have finally found the “perfect” grater. But I usually find something wrong with them once I try them out. My husband and kids are constantly making fun of me over the amount of cheese graters I have in the kitchen.

  174. OLETA

    I don’t know how anyone can cook without a rubber spatula. I happened on to one on Amazon while looking for something else. It just looked like something I had to have. Anyway I ordered a Chef’n Switchit Spatula and a couple Switchit Spreaders. They are made of silicone, so you can use them on top of the stove too. I especially like to use them for scrambled eggs. I can’t bear to waste a single drop or bit of anything and these puppies do the trick and you can use both ends! They come in a number of bright colors, so many it’s hard to choose. I loved them so much, I ordered 12 more to give to all of my special friends, sister-n-laws and nieces for “just because” gifts. (They all love them too)!