How to Use a Custom Font in Your Blog

This easy tutorial shows you how to use a custom font in your blog! Check it out and make your blog stand out! Plus, take a look at our experience hiking to Laurel Falls!

Miley & Howie at Laurel Falls

How to Use a Custom Font in Your Blog

Important Update for those who changed their blog fonts using Geocities! I just found (a little over a week after I wrote my tutorial, what timing, huh? :p) that Geocities is closing and will be terminating all of their accounts later this year. This means that if you still have any of your font-changing files hosted at Geocities, they will be deleted and the custom fonts on your blog will stop working. But don’t worry! I’ve found a new place ( where you can upload your files. (Now don’t go closing on me next week, Webs!)

Basically, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Create a account (Use Advanced HTML Mode)

2. Save the sifr.css, sifr.js, blogger-sifr.js and any SWF files that are currently in your Geocities account and upload them to your account

3. Upload a new file, index.htm to your account (right click and chose Save As to download the file)

4. Go to the Edit HTML section of your Blogger Dashboard and find the previous Geocities code you pasted. Delete all that and replace it with this:

<link href='' media='all' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Where username is your site name.

After that your fonts should be functioning just as before. If for some reason it stops working, check and make sure all the files uploaded correctly to your new account, and then make sure when you deleted the previous code / pasted the new code in your Blogger Dashboard that there were no typos, you didn’t miss anything, etc. If it worked on Geocities, it will work on! :)

*I mentioned that you will have to upload a new file, index.htm. will delete all accounts that don’t change their index.htm file within 15 days of opening an account, so to be safe, just upload the one I have provided for you. :) You can also view that file to get some extra tips and tricks for editing your blogger-sifr.js file.

If you need more in-depth instructions, I have updated the tutorial with pictures to reflect the changes.

Ok, enough about that. :D

Thank you *sooooo* much to everyone who added a kevinandamanda button to your blog! :) I am so grateful for all your support! I went and looked at every single one of your blogs this week and all of your blogs are totally awesome looking and I am honored that you would put my button up there! :D

Now we have a winner of the $25 gift certificate to SuzyQ Scraps’s store at Enchanted Studio Scraps!!

Congratulations to #31 Annette Bowers! :)


The 3rd link did it! :) Annette, the Birthday Calendar on your blog is SO cute!!! :)

Hiking to Laurel Falls

And with that- I’m going to take a long, hot bath. ahhhh. This morning Kevin and I decided to take the puppies on a spontaneous hike up to Laurel Falls in Dayton, TN.

Laurel Falls Dayton TN

We had a blast (especially Miley & Howie) and it was really beautiful up there. It was a relatively short hike (2.5 miles to the falls), but the last mile or so was straight. up. I mean, really. I felt the burn. :p I haven’t moved since we got in. Hopefully I’ll make it to the tub.

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12 Responses
  1. Amanda

    Hi Amanda!

    I loved using a custom font for my blog! I just can’t figure out how to do the same on! I am baffled and cannot navigate around the site at all. I went through and created an account and now it wants me to create a webpage and I can’t see anywhere to upload anything! I would appreciate your help, a custom font really gives the blog a personality!



  2. Haley

    Oh my gosh, I love you guys so much! You guys are a real couple, and you guys go on real trips! And you still manage to have an awesome website like this, and still satisfy everyone. You guys are a true inspiration to me, because, one day, I hope to be as active and as amazing as you guys. I love your fonts so much! You have not been adding many fonts, please make more! I LOVE YOUR FONTS!!! Please keep up your truly inspiring work. :)

    Yours Truly,
    Haley Ü

  3. Hannah W.

    I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures on the blog. Using the pea fonts has been great. Thanks for everything.

  4. Jessica Green

    I think this is the one of the most creative sites out there. The fonts are beautiful. I love the pictures of your dogs. I have two of my own. My husband and I love them dearly. Totally awesome site!!!!

  5. tyne

    Amanda, the dogs are darling… glad you made it out for a hike.

    Thanks for the awesome background tutorial… come check it out, I’ve got some love for you in my latest post!

    Since you are such a fantastic teacher, can you answer two questions for me? First, how can I tweak my HTML on my main wrap or outer wrap or whatever, so my post is narrower? I really don’t understand margins or padding. Can you see how my typing is going onto part of my background?

    Second, how do you take a screen shot and and post it, like you do in all your tutorials.

    Thanks for everything, I think you may be my new bloggy bff.

  6. Lori

    I was trying to change my sister’s blogger fonts from my geocities account when I noticed it was closing! I was a little worried, but came to your site and sure enough there was a new tutorial with I changed mine right away and made one for my sister! Thanks for being so on top of it!!!!!!

    I am also in love with your recipes and I am going to try the Mac & Cheese this afternoon. (It’s the only one I actually have all the ingredients for.) Wish me luck! I am DYING to make that chocolate cake and pretty much everything else. I printed off almost all of the recipes and I am taking them with me to the grocery store tomorrow. :)

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