Geocities Is Closing!

Important Update for those who changed their blog fonts and used Geocities! I just found (a little over a week after I wrote my tutorial, what timing, huh? :p) that Geocities is closing and will be terminating all of their accounts later this year. This means that if you still have any of your font-changing files hosted at Geocities, they will be deleted and the custom fonts on your blog will stop working. But don’t worry! I’ve found a new place ( where you can upload your files. (Now don’t go closing on me next week, Webs!)

Basically, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Create a account (Use Advanced HTML Mode)

2. Save the sifr.css, sifr.js, blogger-sifr.js and any SWF files that are currently in your Geocities account and upload them to your account

3. Upload a new file, index.htm to your account (right click and chose Save As to download the file)

4. Go to the Edit HTML section of your Blogger Dashboard and find the previous Geocities code you pasted. Delete all that and replace it with this: