A New Way to Organize Ribbon? Ribbon Ring!

Even though my ribbon drawers (all three of them :p) are stuffed to the max, somehow, I can’t seem to STOP buying ribbon!! :) All the ribbon I’ve bought since organizing and posting pictures of my ribbon drawers has just been stuffed in *another* drawer somewhere, totally unorganized. *blush* But even if I wanted to organize it and put it with all my other ribbons, I’m all out of space! Lucky for me, I came across the Ribbon Ring… :)

I started off with the Ribbon Ring Starter set. It comes with 30 ribbon cards and one ring to store all the cards on. To use the cards, you just pull your ribbon through the two slots on the card. That’s all! The ribbon hangs down where you can see it. These would be sooooooooo cute if you had a ring for each color and hung them on your wall with decorative hooks, wouldn’t they?? :)

I really like this new way to organize ribbon! :) First, I like how you can easily see how much of the ribbon you have left without having to unwind it off the spool or unroll it from a card. Even though I can see the ribbon in my ribbon boxes, it’s all wound up. I can *guess* how much I have left, but I’m not very accurate. :p With the Ribbon Ring, it’s right there, you can immediately tell exactly how much you have left. Also with them hanging straight, they don’t get wrinkled, creased, tangled, or all curled up. And each ring holds at *least* 30 ribbon cards, but the rings don’t take up much space at all. Definitely a bonus if you have a small scrap space. Oh, and you could just easily grab a ring and throw it in your crop bag if you were going to a crop!

The best part about Ribbon Rings is how easy they are to use. It was so much easier putting ribbons on the ribbon ring cards than rolling them up in embellishment boxes or winding them around ribbon cards like I did in the drawers. It seriously only takes like 2 seconds to do a ribbon, then onto the next! :) And it’s super easy to add to your collection, which i LOVE, because my ribbon collection is ALWAYS growing!!! :) Adding more cards to a ring is as simple as opening it. You can flip through your ribbon and put it right next to the one you want. I might have to get a ring for every color! :D If you’ve been waiting for the perfect organizational tool to come along before you organize your ribbon, give the Ribbon Ring a try, and let me know how it works for you! :)

ribbon ring

Click the image above to see pictures of the Ribbon Ring in my scrapbook room! :)

Thanks for looking! :)