26 of the newest, cutest fonts *ever*!!!

I’ve been a bad, bad girl… I’ve been hoarding twenty-five… no! Twenty-SIX of the cutest. fonts. ever!!! These are *seriously* some of THE most *jaw droppingly* awesome handwriting fonts I have ever made! :D But don’t hate me for keeping them from you!! I have now reformed from my wicked ways and will be sharing these super-yummalicious fonts with you RIGHT NOW!! Hurry on over to the font section of my webpage and download all 26 of them!! That’s right, 26! Some free font sites out there only give you 25 free fonts, but I am throwing in an EXTRA font for FREE! :D

Just take a look at the gorgeous, tantalizing, fontalicious eye-candy below:

Are you drooling yet?? And that’s only four of them!! Go now!! And happy downloading. :D