Win a Keurig, Gourmet Coffee, and $50 Gift Card (Folgers Giveaway)


BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Nader Khouri

One of my favorite experiences at BlogHer is the expo room. The expo room is a massive conference room set up with hundreds of booths and brands eager to meet and work with bloggers.

BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Nader Khouri

It’s a great way to network and make connections if you’re looking to build your blog and work with brands and media. Be sure to bring LOTS of business cards!! :)

BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Nader Khouri

One of the brands I love working with is Folgers. This year at BlogHer, Folgers set up a cozy “Recharge Lounge” for all the bloggers.  Whenever you needed a relaxing break, you could visit the Folgers booth, charge up your cell phone, laptop, or tablet if needed (even if you forgot your cord — they provided one for you!), and enjoy fresh coffee and a brand new product from Pillsbury: homemade donut holes.


There were fun gourmet coffee flavors like toasted hazelnut, vanilla biscotti, mocha swirl, and caramel drizzle. Yum!!


And how fun are these yummy donut holes?? This booth was definitely the place to be at BlogHer. :)

BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Nader Khouri

The Pillsbury Doughboy was even there giving out free hugs and giggles!! :) Hee hee!!!




Even if you couldn’t make it to BlogHer, you can still enter to win a fantastic giveaway to bring the taste of Folgers home and make everyday gourmet.

The Giveaway

One lucky Kevin & Amanda reader will receive:

  • Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer
  • 4 Crate and Barrel Mugs
  • $50 Gift Card to Williams-Sonoma
  • Folgers Gourmet Selections flavors (Caramel Drizzle,Lively Columbian, Mocha Swirl, and Vanilla Biscotti)


How to Enter

See the PromoSimple Widget below to enter.

Make Everyday Gourmet Folgers Giveaway

For more information on Folgers Gourmet Selections Coffee please visit and

Good luck!!! :)


1,398 Responses
  1. Candice S. in Colorado

    This WOULD rock my world!! I could stop going to my sisters to use theirs all the time! LOL!

    To answer your question, it would be THE COFFEE….most definitely! I LOOOOVE ME SOME COFFEE!!!!

    Omigosh, I so hope I am a lucky girl!

    Candice in Colorado

  2. Tina V

    OMG….I would have been all over a fresh brewed cup of Folgers then have an internal battle of whether or not to have a donut, (a girl’s got to watcher her figure) and then find a quite place to sip the cuppa joe while recharging!

  3. Amanda

    What a wonderful giveaway – and wonderful pictures added! It feels like I’m right in the mix!

    I would’ve loved the treats most of all – it’s always about the treats!

  4. Stacey

    I would haved loved the coffee to recharge and think about being with all the wonderful bloggers out there.

  5. Jacque

    I love coffee and I love that the Keurig is so versitile that you can make almost anything with the pre-packed coffee pods or the “my keurig” pod where you make your own

  6. Pilar Romero Aguilar

    Ok, so I didn’t read the instructions. Here I go again! I would have enjoyed a hot, refreshing, energizing cup of Folgers coffee.

  7. Niki

    DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!donuts, donuts, donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kris H

    This is the hardest question yet… I can smell the coffee already, and it is always the way I start my day! :)

  9. Ann

    I would have loved the relaxation and coffee. Sipping coffee and watching all the people is one of my favorite past times.

  10. Alyssa

    Yummm… there’s nothing like coffee and donuts. I don’t even drink coffee every day, but there’s something about a donut in my hand that makes me crave some dark, rich java. Mmmm…

  11. Kathryn Mcneal

    I would of enjoyed the coffee and the donuts, I’ve had a chance to try the vanilla biscotti coffee and omg it was great, I’d love to win this.

  12. Teresa Vogelgesang

    I would LOVE one of these in my classroom this year!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

    Here’s to hoping!
    Teresa :)

  13. Faith M

    The coffee is definitely my favorite! My grandmother drank Folgers all the time, so the brand kind of reminds me of her :)

  14. Misty

    If you haven’t already tried Mocha Swirl, you are in for a treat. Folgers has by far captured a winner with this delectable treat! So very cool that Folgers would offer a cup of coffee to their blogging community.

  15. jea smith

    I am a Folger lover too. I keep the single cup serving packs in my desk at work just so I can have my favorite coffee any where.

  16. susan

    would love to try all the coffees on a keurig!!! to be honest….all the things in this giveaway would be a great gift to win!!!!

  17. jo n

    I don’t know which I would like most the coffee, the fresh donuts, or the charging station. Is “D” an option for all of the above?

  18. Suz

    Gotta admit, the coffee would definitely recharge me, but I’m a sucker for donuts – especially with sprinkles!!

  19. Colleen Schilinski

    I would have enjoyed to coffee – I only buy and drink Folgers because it’s the best tasting coffee there is.

  20. Pamela Sims

    I love love my coffee but I would love the fact that I could stop and recharge my phone if I needed to. We need more of these around!

  21. Kathleen Babicz

    I hate to admit it… but I’m a sucker for donuts. They definitely would have got me there… although having a charging station is a nice offer too. :)

  22. Kayla

    I’m starting my internship this fall for school out of town and having a Keurig would be awesome for my 6am report time! :)

  23. Chantelle Knick

    How do I choose just one? LOL – I’d have to go with the coffee – and the really creepy Pillsbury Doughboy. How many times did he get poked in the tummy?

  24. Heather German

    I have been following your blog for over two years and have loved it since day one! i follow youon everything!

  25. Peggy D

    I would love the sweet donuts!! Plus the ability to unwind and gather my senses, charge up and continue on!!!


  26. Kelsea

    The opportunity to share a hot cup of coffee in new mugs with my family and friends! Great way to prepare for the cool fall months ahead!

  27. Juli

    mmm…the coffee….which can’t be enjoyed without the donut holes…..which you need to enjoy while surfing the internet on your ipad :) all three!!!!

  28. Alison Wood

    Wow! I would love to attend teh Blogher conference! Looks amazing and fun. I would enjoy the recharge booth with all the flavored coffees:)

  29. Susan

    Wow, what a nice recharging booth Folgers had! I would have loved to sit and “recharged” with a donut, and a cup of dark coffee while my technology recharged. Now THAT is a win-win!

  30. Roberta

    The recharging and Coffee! I do many conventions and it seems so hard to get re-charged for my electronics and me! : )

  31. Jamie Alice

    I would have loved the Folgers booth! Who doesn’t love coffee and fresh doughnuts with sprinkles!!!

  32. katie

    I always need a phone charger as my iphone is on it’s last leg, but fresh sweets dipped and dunked in my coffee is always a winner! so comforting!

  33. Terri Taylor

    Hard to choose for sure. Probably the donuts. They were so cute. Hoping to win for my daughter going to college

  34. AnaBel

    Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! I love different flavors for different events (fancy dinners, birthday parties, etc) and different times of the year.

  35. Gayle215

    I have a Keurig mini which I love, but would happily pass on if I was lucky enough to win the larger unit!

  36. Lois McLachlan

    Nothing smells better than coffee first thing in the morning – puts a smile on my face every time!

  37. Sue Dorsett

    I’d love the coffee and the donuts. What a great way to start the day! I would love to gift this Keurig to my son who loves ours but doesn’t live at home.

  38. Crystal Sell

    Great post and awesome giveaway! Thank you! The coffee AND donuts for sure. You gotta have both! :)

  39. Ruby

    I have to choose one thing I would’ve enjoyed had I gone?! I’d have to say the coffee then! Keurigs are amazing!

  40. Thea

    I would have loved the charging station, since I’m always forgetting to turn my phone off! My kids yell at me all the time (turning the tables on me!) The Folgers Coffee would also taste great as I relaxed and waited!

  41. Sally

    Mmm…the coffee! I was averse to it for months while pregnant and postpartum and can finally drink it again. I’m working hard on making up for lost time! :-)

  42. Brian Smith

    I am a coffee addict….so the coffee would have been my favorite, but those donut holes sure look yummy….and they go so well with coffee!

  43. LeeCassie

    I love reading your blog & Facebook page! I admire how well you write and your dedication to blogging…I’ve tried but can never fully commit! Kudos!

  44. Nicole Brady

    I loved that they let me get a glass of ice and then made me an iced coffee using Folgers and their Keurig! It was delicious and I had people jealous and asking where I got it.

    Was great to be able to recharge while I inquired of their blogger program. The donut holes were a bonus!

  45. Sarah Bartz

    I would have loved everything about it! Especially the chance to sit back and recharge with delicious coffee.

  46. Erin

    I’d love a Keurig! I’ve wanted one for a long time, but haven’t treated myself to one yet. :) The Recharge station sounds like it would have been my favorite spot there!

  47. Mandi

    I think the donuts sound wonderful right now…but if you were to ask me in the morning, I’d likely say “coffee.” :-)

  48. Erin

    I think, being a Mom of three under five, I would’ve enjoyed the cup of coffee and the chance to sit down!

  49. Amanda

    I would have enjoyed the coffee. Our PTA got a Keurig for the staff lounge (yeah PTA!). Now, I want one for home. lol Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  50. Stephanie Duncan

    I would have loved to just take a breath, unwind and take a moment for myself and send a quick note to my hubby and two boys with yummy coffee in hand.

  51. Alyssa

    I’m just finished my first semester of medical school and pretty much LIVE on coffee. Med school needs a Folger’s station to give us a little break/pick me up, especially with yummy donut holes! and of course its 2013 so we all use ipads, laptops, etc for school so the charging station is genius! Winning a Keurig would make my med school life so much easier, make a quick cup of coffee and get right back to studying!

  52. Susan Glenn

    The whole thing sounded great, but actually, I really like their coffee and got a free sample to some of the new flavors and had a nice midmorning swoon when I tried them. Think they killed it with this station at the conference though-free charge, yummy coffee and donut holes!!!!!! What more could you ask for!!!!

  53. brenda

    What I would live most about the lounge would have to be the coffee. Donuts are good an all but I cannot survive without coffee

  54. Jenn F

    Toasted hazelnut coffee sounds just amazing. I definitely would’ve must enjoyed coffee because I’m addicted! But who wouldn’t love some doughnut holes too??? Mmm. Sounds like y’all had a blast!

  55. Crissy Shinn

    I’ve been wanting a Keurig since they came out. Everyone in my family has one but me! It’s now on my Christmas list!! Unless I win, then it can be scratched off and all this wonderful coffee would be put to good use! :)

  56. Annie Gruetzmacher

    What would you have enjoyed most about the Folgers Recharge Lounge? The coffee, the fresh donuts, or the charging station? — Definitely the coffee! It would have refueled me and given me energy to go on! “The best part of waking up…”

  57. Courtney

    I would love it all!! Definitely would be a toss up between the coffee and doughnuts. I mean, really can you really have one without the other? Love you Amanda! Been following you for years! :)

  58. Taylor

    I would have loved to charge up my phone while munching down on those yummy-looking donut holes! They look amazing!

  59. Julie

    I think I would have to admit to having a soft spot for donut holes…and some fresh coffee would be lovely!

  60. Kate @

    I love me some donut holes – especially confetti ones! – but recharging, bodily & beyond, always takes precedent: coffee & phone chargers are where it’s AT!

  61. Diane

    Donut holes! Seriously, who could resist that?? Coffee with them would be good… and recharging is always wonderful, especially at conferences. I want it all! Thanks for the great giveaway~

  62. Rebekah Fountain

    Would have loved trying out the charging station after wearing down my battery on my phone taking pictures ;)

  63. Debbie Sage

    The idea of a coffee bar in our dining room is a dream, and would love to make that happen with the Keurig!

  64. MaryJane

    Oh My G the Folgers booth sounds so good, it’s all in one and to top it off with a doughnut and cup of coffee, that’s a good life!!

  65. Cindy Bazzy

    I would have loved it all. I guess you can say I am a bit of a coffee-holic. Not to mention I love the smell too. :)

  66. Laura

    I would have loved the recharge station because it never fails that when I am at an event the battery on my phone dies very quickly.

  67. Lori

    To be able to say “here you go honey” to my husband who’s been eyeballing one for a while. I myself don’t drink coffee, so it would be all his.

  68. Tiffani

    I would have enjoyed the charging station….because I would have been taking pictures of EVERYTHING….and a little coffee wouldn’t have hurt too!

  69. JoAnn Hollingsworth

    April and Jeff Jerkins have one of these and I use it when we visit them. It makes wonderful coffee!