Watercolor Portraits by Rachael Rossman (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winner of the 8×10 watercolor portrait is:

#214 Kelly

our new cockapoo puppie neely…so we can remember this awesome time in our family!!

Congrats Kelly! I’m so excited for you and Neely. I’ve sent you an email!

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Rachael Rossman

Good Monday morning! I’ve got a fun giveaway to share with you today.

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Rachael Rossman

I’m so smitten with this precious watercolor painting of Miley and Howie.

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Rachael Rossman

I’ve been traveling a lot recently, and I’ve missed these faces.

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Rachael Rossman

You might have heard of the artist, Rachael Rossman, who specializes in portraits of people, cats, dogs, and horses. Her cute handwriting was also featured as a font last May during the Blogger Font Special Edition.

Custom Watercolor Portrait Giveaway

Today I’m thrilled to offer one Kevin & Amanda reader a custom 8 x 10 Rachael Rossman portrait with the subject (pet or person) of your choice.

To be entered to win, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post: Who would the subject of your painting be?

Contest ends Saturday at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen by and notified by email.

Here’s Rachael’s gallery: Watercolor Portraits of Man and Beast

Good luck, friends!!

1,005 Responses
  1. tina

    my cockapoo, rickles, would be the subject. his adorable face makes me smile and a portrait like that would be amazingly beautiful!

  2. bonnie

    I just adopted a rescure dog and she was mistreated pretty badly, But she is getting better each and everyday from all the love my husband and I give her. So I would love to have a painting of “ANNIE” she is part golden lab and australian sheperd.

  3. Melissa

    I have a Mastif that is my baby, I would love for this artist to capture his personality in her art. That would be fabulous, what a great give away.

  4. Preston

    I rescued the cutest kitten that is grey & white with white socks. He would look so good in art from this artist. I like her art alot.

  5. Mitch

    My wife & I have grown children & have replaced them with a zoo, two cats & two dogs. We have tons of pictures of the kids but not of the furry ones. I would love to surprise her with a picture of them. She would love it. Awesome give away

  6. julie

    I love the art, your dogs are so cute. I would love to have a picture done of my son & his beautiful black lab, Tee. So adorable.

  7. Emily

    what an adorable giveaway! If I won the subject of the painting would be our bosses 2 american cockerspaniels; Bailey and Kali. They boost moral at work and they melt all of our hearts every day :). Work wouldnt be the same without them.

  8. nohalfmeasures

    I would have my 14 month Lhasa Apso painted. Oh my, she is a Show Girl extraordinaire. Her name is Emma, short for Emma-Lotta-Trouble and she lives up to her name. She is the kind of trouble I love!

  9. Karla

    As you have, I would get a portrait of my puppy-babies. Who needs kids when you have dogs, right? At least that’s my attitude for a couple more years!

  10. Leslie

    I would definitely love a portrait of my 11 year old daughter, just as she’s entering her ‘pre teen’ years. Gorgeous artwork!

  11. Alison

    It would be of our 9 year old Golden Retriever who has had quite a week…he is recovering from surgery after having three tumors removed.

  12. felicia pollard

    I would love a portrait of my husband and myself from our mission trip to St. Thomas. It was a once in a lifetime experience I would love to have painted.

  13. Jeanie

    My two Golden retrievers, Kate and Kali. They are sisters, whom we adopted from the Golden Retriever Rescue in 2007. Love her watercolor portraits,,

  14. Amber

    How exciting! The subject of my painting would be my cat, McGuire. He is unlike any other cat I have had and has such a special place in my heart.

  15. Allyson

    Oh, I would love to have one of these of my 3 kiddos. I have an empty frame in my hallway “gallery” of photos that this would be perfect for!

  16. Brenda

    Hmmm….could I get all my pets to sit still? Cocoa the Bernese Mt. Dog, Pete the Schnauzer and Wilson and Cowboy the kitties…It would be quite the picture!!!

  17. Megan

    I would love to win this giveaway! I am absolutely smitten with my (almost) 2 year old dachshund, Lucy. She is the sweetest, most precious dog and being my first pet, she has taught me how to love like I’ve never loved before.

  18. KatieLovesWags

    SQUEEEEE! I would luuuurve a watercolour of my two incorrigble beagles Rusty & Nina!

    I totally hope I win this comp! It is THE best ever! Thank you Rachael Rossman and of course the uh-mazing Amanda for the chance to win :)

  19. Ashlee S.

    I would Love a picture of our new little 12 week old son. But I can’t help but think my Mom and dad would ABSOLUTELY love a picture done up of their Puppy, Mollie which is a Toy Poodle/Collie. She is tiny and adorable! =) What a great Artist.. Love this!!!

  20. Christian @ Modobject at Home

    What a treasure! I adore original art. Our baby girl would be the star of the show for this one.

  21. Dawn

    I would love to have a portrait of my cat, Spatz! It’s kind of funny…I never wanted a cat but when one showed up on my doorstep, I HAD to feed her. Now she sleeps between my husband and me and I’m hoping to win this so I can have a portrait of her! :-)

  22. Ginny

    I also have a super-cute Boston Terrier, Sprocket & a beagle/jack-russel mix, Cosmo! I would looove having a portrait of them!

  23. Terri

    I would love a water color of my husband and I together! We just had new pictures taken and there are several I really like. I hope I win! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Melissa

    I love the painting of your dogs, so I’d have to say I’d have my dogs, Guinness (German Shepherd mix) and Charlie Brown Dog (Chocolate lab), be the stars of this painting if I won. Thank you!

  25. Jessica M

    If it could be of multiple people, I would love one of my boyfriend’s kids (my future step children). Love them so much!

  26. Erica

    I would have a hard time choosing… my late father in law with a wildcat perhaps, or maybe my late mother in law, my children, our two beloved dogs… i’d probably make the artist choose, I never could myself!

  27. Megan Goodin

    My 2 year-old daughter, Johanna, and our Boston Terrier, Izzy. I absolutely LOVE the artwork you posted in the blog — so colorful and vibrant! I hope I win!

  28. Michelle

    My kids definitely. The watercolor paintings are beautiful and will make a treasured keepsake for whoever wins. Thanks for sponsoring the great giveaway!

  29. Elisa

    My subject would have to be one of my horses. I think they’d look great in watercolor, but the hard part would have to be to choose between them.

  30. Colleen

    I think I would also choose my four legged family member – Maddie. She recently had to have surgery to remove a diseased eye. She’s got more spunk now that she feels better and a spunky water color portrait of her would just be grand!

  31. Cory

    I would love to win this. We had one done by someone else when we had our first dog. She had passed back a few years ago, but I still have her portrait hung. We now have another 4-legged dog named Miller. I would love to capture her spirit in something like this. Thanks Amanda!

  32. April was in CT now CA

    I would have one done of our sweet, sweet boy Calvin. He’s our 11 year old dachshund and just the center of our universe.

  33. Dana

    Oh my God! She is an amazing artist! I think it would be so awesome to have a picture of my 88 year old grandfather done. He’s a gangster. ;)

  34. Rochelle

    Hi, i just found your blog and cant stop reading it!!
    If i won i really would like the portrait to be of my mother she passed away 4 years ago and sometimes i think i wont be able to remember her face… i was just 16 when she passed away after 2 and a half horrible years of sickness which i was helping her with my aunt who really is like a second mother to me; that would be the best way to make sure ill always have her with me =)

  35. Christine Wong

    My pug Grace Kelly! She’s so fun and spunky- I’m not even sure if she could sit still that long for a portrait!

  36. Krista

    Not sure yet if would be my kids Ben and Kalin or dogs Snugs and Penny Lane (American Eskimo and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier). Maybe would have to be of all 4 together!

  37. Colby

    I would choose a painting of my M&Ms! My dogs Molly and Maddie. We’re afraid that we’re about to lose our sweet Molly, as she is 14 years old, and is getting terribly senile. It breaks my heart. Our Maddie is only 2 and a half, and they’re our “babies.” I’d treasure a portrait of the two of them. Thanks for the chance.

  38. Jacqueline

    Oooohhhh!! My painting would be of my doggie Paisley. She is probably the most adorable pup in town, and I would love to show her off via watercolor! :)

  39. Shannon

    Oh I hope I win, I hope I win!!! My brother just had a baby boy and me and my mom are going out to meet him at the end of this month! I would LOVE to get a picture of my nephew or the whole family done in watercolor!!! Oh I really hope I win this!!! :) Thanks so much Amanda & Rachael!

  40. Mary McAfoos

    Who would the subject of your painting be?

    I would love the painting to be a Christmas gift to my mother-in-law of her Manchester Terrier, Mick!!

  41. Amy Taylor

    If I won, I would have the painting be of my favorite adorable subject- my 8 1/2 month old daughter! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  42. Holly

    I would choose my husband. We are newlyweds. We both work full time in two cities opposite our house. Evenings and weekends sometimes aren’t enough. I am so lucky to be his wife and would love to have a watercolor portrait of my best friend!

    Love your pups on this portrait, btw. So Sweet!

  43. Lesley H.

    My dog Wally or my house would be the subject, I need a cool painting of each of them, but my doggy would probably win.

  44. Jill

    Oh what fabulous pictures of your babies! And that’s what I’d get done – one of my 3 rescue dogs – what a wonderful gift that would be. She’s very talented!

  45. Michelle

    I’ve seen her work before and it’s gorgeous! Originally I wanted to have hubby’s motorcycle painted as a surprise. But 2 weeks ago we adopted a little mini-schnauzer named Nico. He is the second love of my life and I’d love a watercolor of him.

  46. xong

    LOVE any water paintings!! It would be my son. He will be three next month, and I have a feeling his terrible two will carry on forever! ;) But I love my chubster.

  47. Kate

    This is such a cool giveaway! I just got married so it might be cool to have one done of my husband and I… BUT the doggy ones are so cute, maybe have it done of one of our dogs as a gift to our parents??

  48. Catie

    So pretty! This might sound a little selfish but it would probably be my husband and I on our wedding day! Our second anniversary is coming up in November and this would be a lovely treat!!

  49. Josie

    I have long follow your blog and it’s amazing, I seldom post comment but the giveaway contest is hard to refuse.

    The subject of the painting is Kaitou, my rescued cat, and the one who insire me to continue saving and rescuing animals until today.

    May the best competitor wins.

  50. Aidan

    I am sending this vote in for my mom to win. She always cries about her dad dying almost 3 years ago. She would really love to win this as a picture of Pappy. She asked me to send in this vote for her and I think she would love to win it. Thank you.

  51. Barbara

    Our pup, Kiya, would be the subject for sure. She’s a malamute/sharpei mix. Beautiful, unique, and FULL of personality. We rescued her last November from abuse in South Carolina while we were living in DC… then a few months later we moved to Colorado with her tagging along in the back seat. She’s our child and I would love to have such a beautiful piece of artwork with her as the subject.

  52. Arnnette

    oooh, so many ideas I don’t know. A picture of our 10 kids at the beach. A picture of my grandma or a picture of my husband and I as kids. Thank you for this chance to win:)

  53. Megan

    All I can say is… WOW!!!

    I would want it to be my daughter, but I know SHE would want it to be our two silly cats, Ginger and Abby.

  54. Jenni

    just when i thought your dogs couldn’t get any cuter?! seriously, adorable picture! i would love to win this and have a picture of my kids! i have the perfect one!

  55. Tara

    What a beautiful picture of your Boston Terriers and an incredible give away! I would have one done of our Boston Terrier, Abby. She needs some love now that she has to compete with our twin toddlers.

  56. Susan M

    Our 2 dogs would be the subject! They’re getting on in years, and I would love to have a watercolor of them, sitting on the sofa together…

  57. Anna-Margaret

    My one and only aunt’s birthday is coming up and I would love to give her a picture of my Grandparents together before my Papa died. My grandmother still means the world to us and it would be amazing to give her that present. It’s been a rough year for her and it would most definitely be a gift to remember.

  58. Jen Klosterman

    I first saw this artist’s work on The Pioneer Woman’s website. I fell in love with her work instantly. I have a sweet 10 year old boxer mix which I would have done. I have been really debating whether I can afford to have this made of her. I am going to cross my fingers and hope I win. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  59. Kristina @ spabettie

    my dachshund Basil would be the subject! I attempted a painting of him for Jason’s birthday a few months ago… I would LOVE to redeem that piece with one that LOOKS like Basil! :D

  60. Peggy

    I would love to have a watercolor painting of my cat Murphy – he’s such a source of love and laughter in our home – thanks for such a great giveaway!

  61. Haley@thedistractedblogger

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to get a watercolor of my cat, Persephone. Not only is she adorable, orange and fluffy, but she matches my decor too! Maybe even of her “scratching” my bedside file cabinet to wake me up in the morning. I put scratch in “” because although the noise is evident there are no marks in the spray painted cabinet that I have seen. She’s tricksey!

  62. deannab1

    I would probably have one done of my niece and nephew and give it to my sister for her upcoming 30th birthday party. These are fantastic!

  63. beth stark

    our old dog Quincey. my sister and i begged our mom for a dog for years after my parents divorced. finally in 9th grade we got a baby cocker spaniel, quincey. after we graduate high school and later college, got married and moved out my mom was left with just Quincey. He had to be put to sleep when he was 16 yrs old. (2 1/2 years ago) so my moms empty nest really was empty. i would love to have a painting of quincey as a gift for my mom. we haven’t buried his ashed yet because she can’t bring herself to let go of him. i think this would bring her comfort and allow her to let go, knowing he will always be with her, ashes or not.

  64. Paulette A. ~California

    I’d love a watercolor of my mini-schnauzer Sofia and her best bud-Cleatus our polydactal cat. They look so cute together!

  65. danielle

    I’d have a portrait painted of my cat Mittens, whom I lost last winter in one of the ice storms we had up here. She was 18 (almost 19) years old, and just gave up with the cold. She and I had been together since I was 10, more than half my life. I still miss her.

  66. Susan

    I would absolutely love to win this and have a custom painting of my adorable (sometimes mischevious) Beagle maltese dogggie Bella :)

  67. Marie

    My dad passed away on September 12th 2005. This giveaway was also posted on September 12th… Could this be a sign?! Of course, the portrait would be of my beloved father, who I miss very much, every single day…

  68. Michelle

    Ooh! My cats! They are black and black and white and they’d look great in one of these portraits :) But… my husband probably wouldn’t be nuts about that ;)

  69. Cassandra

    great giveaway…something that lasts forever! the subject of my portrait would be my grandparents who I miss terribly each and every day.

  70. Meagan

    The subject of my painting would definitely be my 11yr old Boston Terrier, Puddy!! I always get a kick out of your Boston photos. They have such similar personalities, it’s like seeing pics of our own dog!

  71. Andree Close

    Oh how wonderful are her paintings! If I win, I would have her paint my animal soul-mate Ralphy. He is my sweet dog who passed away last December.

  72. Angie

    The best puppy in the world, our Punky Monster. :) (Alright, so she may not be a puppy anymore, but she’ll always be my favorite one and only!)

  73. WhitneyS

    Soooo cool! Would love to have one of these of my pups Zoe and PenPen (aka the black mamba, and peanut butter sammie) our black lab and miniature Australian shepherd**

  74. Joan M

    After seeing the adorable watercolor of Howie and Miley, my choice would be my 2 labs Kyenta and Jubal. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  75. LaWanda

    What an awesome give-away. If I win I would have a portrait of my son and his dad. We do not have any family pictures and it would be so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  76. Alana Tipton

    I’ve been searching to find a good artist to commission to do a painting of my two huskies – Luna & Lily. Rachael seems absolutely perfect for that!

  77. T.

    Would make a great gift for our anniversary…since we couldn’t afford to do anything! Or an upcoming birthday that would be a great surprise!

  78. Casey L.

    I have an amazing picture of my husband meeting our daughter for the first time (he was deployed to Iraq when she was born) that would be perfect for a watercolor!! And it would be so sweet hanging in her room :) Or maybe one of my two girls to hang in our Master. Decisions, decisions!!!

  79. Angie Hager

    I have the 2 cutest yorkies named Tuff and Hank! They are 10 years old and I’ve had them since birth! They have great expressions and I know an artist as talented as Rachael would be able to capture them! I hope I win!! :)

  80. Samantha

    It would have to be me and my Lucky dog… he’s been through so much with me. I can’t imagine doing any of it with out him! He’s 12 now… I know he is in the sunset of his life but he still gives me those puppy faces every now and again.

  81. Mandy

    That would be a toss up. I instinctively want to say my 2 year old daughter, Charlotte. It is such a fun age to capture! However, we have a 1 year old Saint Bernard, Petey. He is pretty awesome and it is definitely hard to find St. Bernard things that look like him!

  82. Stephanie Campbell

    The picture would be of my 3 crazy dogs! They are all German Short-haired Pointers and while they drive me crazy, they are also the loves of my life!

  83. Cheryl Mitchell

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I would have a portrait of my daughter’s horse Liam done! This is what she asked for as an 18 year old and we bred for it! He is now 3 and just as sweet as can be, but he is large!! She would absolutely have a fit over this if I won!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  84. Sabrina Thornton

    How adorable! We’re newlyweds and don’t have human kids yet, but we sure do have two of the most adorable furry kids! I’d love to have a one of a kind piece of them to treasure forever!

  85. Sabrina Mix

    My mother would the subject of my painting.

    I’m moving and would like to have her always near me.

    Wonderful giveaway!


  86. Molly G.

    I would love to have a painting done of our 3 dogs. They’re personalities are all so different and it would be great to capture that in a piece of art!

  87. Sarah

    I would definitely love to have Rachel paint a portrait of my BT, Spike. He has the most amazing personality and I would love to have it captured in watercolor!

  88. Wendy

    I’d choose to have Rachael paint my son’s dog- Kaya, an Alaskan Malamute. Kaya just recently passed away at 15 and we are all missing her!

  89. Vicki S

    My daughter’s dog Chili who has crossed the rainbow bridge only 3 1/2 months after having his leg amputated…she is very sad…I think this would help.

  90. Carla Pruitt

    I lost my sweet cocker of nearly twelve years on July 24, 2011 to the wicked “C” word. He was such a HUGE part of our family and we have a hole that will be there for quite some time. I would love to have a beautiful picture of my sweet Coal for my children and to help them always remember what a great part of our family he was.

  91. Whitney W

    Aw, I would love to get one of these for my brother and first love, his mini schnauzer named Tila! He would love a picture like this of her!

  92. Tina

    Of course I would have to have a painting of my daughters done. I would LOVE this! As an artist, watercolor is one of my favorite mediums, unfortunately, my talent isn’t nearly as AMAZING as hers!

  93. Angie Venable

    My kids, for one last portrait together, My son graduates HS this year and will move on to his next adventure. He is joining the Marine Corp. I would love this as a memory of the two of them together.

  94. Sarah

    My watercolor painting would be of my Grandfather that passed away in 2009. Painting with water colors was a great hobby of his. It would be a treasure to have someone depict him in a water color, an everlasting tribute to him.

  95. Beth Ashley

    Mine would have to be of my most recent loss of my sweetest little baby girl Mattie. She was the best dog ever…I think I would love to have my wesley cat in there too though. Black cat & White dog…they were the bestest of friends and I miss them so much. :(

  96. deb williams

    I would have a painting made for my son of his beloved dog “Gretta”. We lost Gretta to bone cancer in January, after having to amputate her front leg last summer. During all she went through she never became mean……up until the very end she would allow my (then) one and a half year old granddaughter to pull, tug, even sit on her. At the same time my father was ill and Gretta would spend most days over at my parents house (they live in the same town) to keep him company. My dad passed away 6 days after Gretta. (We knew Dad was holding on till he saw his beloved Tigers when the National Championship!)

  97. Gay

    My painting would be of my dad who just left this world in July and I truly miss him everyday – He was my everything.

  98. Carol R

    I would absolutely love to have a portrait of my son and daughter with our horse Stick. What a beautiful gift for my husband. Thanks for a chance to win!

  99. Courtney

    Oh, I would absolutely love a water-color portrait of our pupster, Brody. We don’t have anything on the wall of him, and this seems great!! Hoping we win :)

  100. Jules R

    Well, w/o a moment’s hesitation… & truly before I even saw your question, I knew just “who” would be my subject: our wonderful dog Colby, who sadly passed last August. I would love to honor him w/such a wonderful artist’s work. This painting is fantastic!

  101. Susan

    I would love to have one of my daughters. My 12 year old is changing so fast I’d love to capture her in watercolor before she is completely grown up and my 7 year old with her “brace face” smile.

  102. Donna

    Thanks so much for offering the giveaway. I’d have a portrait of my pomeranian Tigger done. He’s turning 15 in December which is the age we lost our little girl pomeranian. It would be so nice to have a portrait of him. Thank you!

  103. Janet Witzell

    Oh, I just love her work! I would love for her to show how wonderful our 19 year old tiger cat is. His name is Stinky. He is 19 years old and and you would never know that. He was a Hurricane Andrew kitten and has lived a full life. This would be a lasting impression for my husband.

  104. Cristie

    Oh how my family loves their dogs! I would love to present my son with a painting of his beloved Lab, Tag! Tag is a blessed member of his family. He deserves a place on the wall! Rachael’s work is awesome!

  105. Carol Remy

    A pekinese pug named Bandit. He is a ten year old dog of some new friends we have made working with Volunteer Christian Builders of Texas. Bandit is so sweet and well-mannered. The couple donate tons of hours each year all around the country helping to build and coordinate various projects. I know they would be so honored to have a portrait.

  106. Rachelle G.

    Tex! He was our first dachshund that we lost in the beginning of January after 15 years. He is missed everyday by all of us.

  107. Pati

    Our dog, Sissy! Not sure exactly what kind of dog she is other than lost-and-found : ) She’s a cutie and looks like a small golden retriever at first glance. Some breeder acquaintances have said she looks like a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which she does a bit when I looked up what that is.

  108. Joy

    OMG she is amazing! I would actually love to have a watercolor paint of my fur-baby curly, he’s 14 years old so I know even having him now is a gift =]
    Thank you for the chance, XO

  109. Sarah J.

    I’d have the painting done of my two dogs! We are getting ready to move overseas and can only take one of them, so it would be nice to have a keepsake from when they were both together :)

  110. adie

    I would have my subject as mine and my fiances dog that we had to put down back in December. We had him for years and he was the best animal I have ever had. We have a small shelf with his ashes and pawprint and photo like this would make a memorial perfect!

  111. Susan

    If there is no limit to the number of subjects, my children with their dog. If there is a limit, I’ll have to pick our dog as I cannot choose between our blessings! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  112. Lisa C

    Awesome painting. I would want it to be done for my 3 “kids” (i.e. 3 chihuahuas: Lenny, Nyah, and Enzo) Lenny & Nyah are half brothers and sisters, and Enzo is a rescue chihuahuas whom we got 3 years ago. I never managed to get the 3 of them to look at my camera to get a group shot. Having a watercolor painting done is definitely the only way to go.

  113. Vivian

    That painting is amazing. If I won I would have our weimaraner, Gunner painted. We have sold our house and moved into an apartment. In the meantime my in-laws are taking care of Gunner. They live 8 hrs away and my children 3, 4, and 7 are having a hard time understanding.

  114. Laurie Christen

    Ours definitely would be our little guy, Pippin! He’s a rat terrier/chihuahua mix – almost gthree years old that we adopted. We honestly just fall more and more in love with him each and every day and are stunned whenever people DON’T comment on how completely adorable he is! Can you tell we adore him? hehe!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  115. Brooke

    My dog Rosco died last December, he was 15. A painting of him and his best buddy would look perfect next to his ashes. LOVE this giveaway, and LOVE your dogs Amanda :)

  116. Paige

    How awesome! I would get a portrait done of my dog, Joey. He has the cutest personality – he’s a goober! and I’d love a portrait of him “smiling”

  117. Pascale

    that watercolor portrait is AMAZING! I would have the watercolor done of my parents’ cat, Gracyn! They love that cat and I’d love to give them the portrait as a gift!! Great idea for a giveaway Amanda!! :)

  118. Amy

    Oh, I would have to follow in your footsteps. My favorite subject for a watercolor would be my Golden Retriever, Riley. He is so cute and would be even cuter as a watercolor. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  119. Roxanne

    I would absolutely LOVE a gorgeous portrait of my devoted golden retrievers, Reilly, Chaplain & Caelan. What a wonderful giveaway ! All paws crossed at my house! Thank You Amanda : )

  120. Mason Leskowitz

    Me – For the past 7 years I’ve been the one behind the camera – I think my family should have a picture of Mommy!

  121. Jenny

    I would without a doubt have my boston terrier, Henry drawn! I am living overseas right now and we didn’t get to bring him on this trip and I miss him so much every day. Seriously. Like more than you should really miss a dog. But, like the saying says, the more people I meet, the more I like my dog!

  122. Jennifer H

    I just love this painting! I would probably want one of my little beagle pup, or maybe my neice and nephew. They are sooo adorable.

  123. Cathy M

    I would love a portrait of my Casey-dog! She’s my special precious doggie – who still has a puppy face although she is very much a senior doggie!

  124. Catie Chance

    My subject would be my parent’s house, the home I grew up in, and our dogs, Lovey and Emma, in the window. My parents are about to move, and I really wanted to give my Mom a picture of the house with the dogs in the window as a birthday gift before they move. It would mean so much to her!

  125. Donna

    It would definitely be my granddaughters. With three older grandsons, it was such a blessing to finally have little girls running about!

    Your two pups came out gorgeous! I love the colors and depth of this beautiful watercolor painting. Their eyes feel as if they are looking directly at me through the computer screen! Beautiful work!

    Blessings, Donna

  126. Lisa S.

    Miley and Howie’s turned out beautiful! I would love to have my two Siberian Huskies done if I were to win. Thank you for offering Rachael’s amazing work. :)

  127. Jodi

    I’m 39 weeks pregnant with my second little boy, I’d love a portrait of the first time my older sons meets the baby!


  128. Ashley C.

    I would definitely pick my little Scottie, Luna. It’s hard to take a good picture of her because she’s all black, so a painting would be perfect!


    I have a beautiful new granddaughter but I am afraid I would like to have my two Frenchies done,,,hate to admit it but the dogs are very special,,,

  130. Jessica

    I would have a watercolor done of my little girls, ages 4 and 6. They are at an age right now that I would love to be captured in such a unique way/

  131. Emily M

    I just got 2 of her watercolors as a 60th birthday gift for my father. They are so fantastic!! If I am lucky enough to win this I would get the 8×10 of my daughter. She is about to turn 6 and I want to capture her at this age. Thanks for the chance!

  132. Monica

    If I did a painting, the subject would be of my garden. I love flowers and especially when they are painted, it’s marvelous.

  133. judy jursch

    I would love to have a painting of Mt. Diablo in Northern California. I relocated to Southern California 3 years ago and I miss seeing that beautiful mountain (also known as Devil Mountain) every day. I’d love to have a painting of this mountain to hang on my wall so it would remind me of the wonderful years I was able to look out my window and see this beautiful landmark!

  134. Marcia Behr

    What a great giveaway. My beloved dog Noodles would be who I would choose. She is a 12 ye ar old terrier/lhasa mix and I adore her.

  135. Aprile

    what an awesome give away! I would love to win this watercolor! I feel silly saying I would have my dog’s picture when so many are talking about their loved ones…but we loved our little Giz, who passed away in July. He was 12 years old and we found out in February that he had bladder cancer. He was the best little dog and we loved him so much…and we miss him terribly!

  136. Kelly Robison

    My white lab KD, because she is a rare color and just a beautiful dog who has brought so much joy to our lives.

  137. Lynn

    Probably my beautiful red headed baby…..who is now a senior! Wow time has really flown by….a senior portrait….yep…..that is what I would want!

    Miley & Howie’s picture is awesome…..where are you going to hang it??

  138. Peggy

    My sweet dobie girl who is now eleven years old and the love of my husband and I. She is the light of our life and we have not spent a day apart in all eleven years, we worry about the day we will part. Thanks for shareing the fantastic pictures of your “babies” some great photos.

  139. Julie White

    My Grandmother and my mother. My grandmother lived to 103 and my mother is 82. I have a picture of the two of them that I would love to see in watercolor (my favorite medium)! :)

  140. jo keifer

    That is a hard choice but I think I would choose Lucy my dog, because she is getting old and is facing health issues.

  141. Heidi W

    My crazy Aussie dog, Kyla – she would make a great subject and what a fun surprise for my husband when he comes home in December.

  142. Jennifer

    My yorkies, Cody and Sadie, would be center of attention in one of these beautiful paintings. Of course, Sadie would need her “duck-duck” with her.

  143. Nicole H.

    My subject = MY sweet little Boston terrier, Henry <3

    Rachael is so incredibly talented! Thank you, Amanda – for this great giveaway!

  144. Holly

    I would have one done for my brother and sister-in-law. Their baby is about to turn 1 and I’d love to see her painted with their other babies, Penny, Thumper and Emma.

  145. stephanie b

    i just recently started reading your blog because of your bostons! my subject would be my boston, Marley. We refer to him as a “super” boston since he weighs over 30 lbs!

  146. Elizabeth Waynick

    If I happened to win this giveaway, I would have this incredible black & white picture of my father turned into the watercolor painting. It was taken in Northern California last fall. My dad hated having his picture taken, so we had very few to choose from for his obituary when he passed away suddenly from a massive stroke in March. Pictures are great, but there is something so timeless about a painting.

  147. Kay

    A picture of my beautiful daughter and her beloved Boston. It would be the most beautiful and precious picture imaginable!

  148. Leah

    I have 4 kids, but I’m sure we’d all agree that our 2 rescue dogs (Hamish & Otis) would make the perfect portrait subjects!

  149. Tomi Evans

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have a portrait of my daughter’s two dogs, Lady and Bagheera, as a Christmas gift for her.

  150. Tausha

    HOW PRECIOUS! At first, I thought you were giving away this beautiful portrait of your dogs :) That would have been fine too!
    My husband and I just got a new puppy, Dexter, a little yorkie, and I would love to get a watercolor portrait of him….
    The detail in that picture is amazing! What talent!

  151. Susanna B.

    Love these portraits! The subject of mine would be my old cat that I’ve had since I was 9 years old! He’s SO portrait worthy!

  152. Karen R.

    I would love a portrait of my cat, Max. He was a very handsome and special Himalayan cat. He passed away last year and I would love to be able to have a special picture to honor his memory.

  153. Kari

    Oh my gosh! What an adorable painting. If I’m chosen, I would have my Chihuahua Joey painted (though he’s barking his fool head off as I type at Lord knows what).

  154. Jess

    I would have my dog, Mollie, be the subject! She’s a Pekinese-poodle-yorkie mix and adorable!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  155. Kathi Bates

    I would love a portrait of my fun-loving French Bulldog Rudy. I bought his mother in 2003 when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was undergoing chemo for my second breast cancer and wanted a loving companion. We had a liter of 5 and decided to keep a male. Sadly, we lost Lizzie in 2007 but have had the joy of raising Rudy since birth. He is my best friend and always there to brighten my day!I am truly blessed to be his owner and the recpient of his boundless love and kisses!

  156. Kristy


    I would do the only portrait I have as a family with my little one, my two stepkids, and my husband and I. It is unfortunate that we cant see our stepkids as often (living in FL and them in NC makes it difficult) so thats what I would do! Our one and only family portrait!

  157. Cindy

    My Westie – Max. He has had so many health issues and not yet 2. He deserves to be painted for all he has been through!

  158. Beth C.

    The subject of my painting would be my cat Kyle. I inherited him from my now husband. When my husband moved from California to Baltimore, his mom told him to get some kind of pet so he wouldn’t have to be alone all the time, and in walks Kyle. When my husband decided to move from Baltimore to Chicago he drove Kyle all the way across country, where Kyle cried the whole way! Kyle’s always by my side, I call him my little dog kitty, because he will follow me everywhere and even as I am typing this he’s up on the side of the couch sitting right next to me. I never was much of a cat person, but Kyle has a special place in my heart, now and always!

  159. Gail Carlton

    Hi Amanda and Kevin:

    I would like to have my two cats (mother (3 1/2 year and 2 yr son) in Watercolor portairt. That would be so cool.

  160. Faith

    These are FAB!!! Wow, I just love them. I would love to have one of my “fur baby” Calie. She’s my spoiled Min Pin and I would love to have her sweet face on my wall =)

  161. Donna

    That’s an easy one. The subject would be my two little miniature dachshund puppies. They are too cute!!

    PS Miley and Howie are adorable in this watercolor picture. She really captured their personalities.

  162. Susan from Maryland

    What a great giveaway! Thanks. I would commission a portrait of my daughter’s dog, Penny Bleu, an adorable “blue” French bulldog.

  163. Jessica

    I would get a pic done of my Mini. Shes been with me since I was nine – I am 27 now- and she is literally my Mini Me. She loves me more than anything and I love my sweet grandma kitty right back :)

  164. Jen Knox

    How beautiful! I’d love to have one of my son and our 7 year-old dog, Dylan. What a beautiful, lasting memory it would be!

  165. Dorothy

    Our little yorkipoo, Goober–He is our very first family dog; after five kids, I finally gave in! He is scruffy and active and totally adorable.

  166. sandy

    I would love to have a portrait done of my daughters three dogs, Yankee, a jack russell, Bella, black lab and a stray they just took in a lab/pit bull mix, Buddy.
    would be awesome.

  167. Chrissy

    I just love the picture of your four-legged friends and would need to get our Maltese, Mac. even though we are expecting our first child, Mac will always be our first baby! :)

  168. karen

    My boyfriends adorable little bundles of love – 7 year old twin boys and 3 year old boy. i have just the perfect picture

  169. Melissa

    I’m tempted to say my sister’s Boston Bruiser because the ones of Miley and Howie are so sweet! But I’m getting married 2 months from today, so my future husband and me at our wedding would def be the subject :)

  170. Morgan

    I would choose my fiancee, myself and our cat! What a great way for us to start our home together than to have a custom family portrait :)

  171. Sarah Lynn

    My 3yr old brindle boston terrier Fergus… we saved him a year ago after he had to have his right eye removed because of some cruel children, and he stole my heart the second I saw his big brown eye and kinked little tail.

  172. Mary Palin

    My border collie Jazz is the constant entertainment in our lives and I think he would be beautiful in watercolor!

  173. Destiny

    My son. He’s our only child, and at eighteen, on the cusp of big, big things, so I’d really love to capture this season with something as unique and as special as this.

    With that said, Rachel’s pet paintings are so incredibly awesome that I almost want to adopt a pet just so I can have one!