Pictures of my NEW Scraproom!

Hey! :)

I spend a lot of time in my scrapbooking studio / office, and I recently grew tired of the plain white furniture and blue walls. I decided to spruce the place up a bit with some COLOR!!! I also have TONS of new scrapbooking supplies since I last posted pictures of my room, so I had to find bigger and better ways to organize it all! :) I finally got everything organized and put in its place, so I decided to take pictures and share them with you all. :) Please click the image below to see TONS of new pictures of my scrapbook room:

Amanda's Scraproom / Scrapbook Room / Scrapbook Studio
My New Scraproom!

I also have a few new pictures of the cats, including Missy and Hobbes’ Easter pictures, and my NEW absolutely favorite picture of Missy. :) Be sure to check them all out! :)

New pictures of our cats Missy and Hobbes
New Pics of the Cats!

Thanks for looking! :)

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15 Responses
  1. paulette dore

    Hey Amanda,
    WOW!!! You have an spectacular scrapbooking room. I am in the process of making my dream of “my own space” come true. It will be my office,my sewing room, my scrapbooking room, my wrapping room, and a thousand other uses I am sure. I was wondering what have you used to store your punches, I have several and am looking for a storage idea for them. I will post some pics soon of my room. Right now alot is in boxes waiting to be put where they belong. I can’t wait to play.

  2. Laurie Sniegowski

    Hello Amanda,
    I was just searching the internet for some inspiring photos to help me get started on my own scrapbook room. WOW! I didn’t think I would see anything quite so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talents, I am so excited to get started on my room.

    Happy Scrapping, Laurie S. :)

  3. Jolene George

    I thought I loved my scraproom…and I still do, but I’m really impressed with what you’ve done. You’ve thought of every detail and did a truly amazing job. I LOVE organization and you mastered that in your room. Simply beautiful in every way…honest!

  4. Erica

    Hi Amanda, I just LOVE your scraproom, it’s so well organised and, well, fantastic :D! I thought I had a lot of stuff but it’s nothing compared to your mountains and mountains of goodies, I wish you spend many a happy hour in there :D!


  5. Becca

    What great ideas for organizing. I am in the process of redoing my office and my scrap room (the up side of empty nesting – more room!) and will incorporate some ideas from your room.

    Glad I found your site :).

  6. Noela

    hey Amanda!
    I just love your scrapbooking room, I’m so envious!:) It’s almost like a store in there, you have so many supplies! It’s almost like being in a dream. Hopefully I will wake up some day to find this is a reality for me too:) Keep it going girl!


  7. JJScraps

    I love this! your SBroom is super inspiring and organized… I love the updated colors and all of your fun ideas on how to put everything together! TFS!

  8. Becky Wynn

    Amanda, I love your website. You are so talented. Do you teach a scrapbooking course ? If not, you should. I am working on a recipe scrapbook and your website has inspired me so much. After seeing your embossed cards I’m wanting to do that as well. I love any type of crafts and anything to do with art and decorating.

    Your scrapbooking room is truly amazing. Love the pictures of your adorable cats and cute dogs too. ThanX for sharing, Becky : )

  9. Jamie

    The new touches to your scraproom look great! Can I come over to play?

    Love those Easter pictures of the kitties!

  10. Cheri

    Your scrapbooking room in awesome. Just perfect in everyway. You are so talented!!! Love the pics of the cats as well!!!

  11. Christle


    I absolutely love your scrapbook room. Its so organized and adorable, gives me something more to dream about! :D


  12. rachel

    Oh Amanda,
    I love it!! It’s so organized and cute! Your patterned paper looks yummy! :0) Is it mainly sei? Love the idea of sorting your scraps by color, and your alphas separate too!
    Thanks so much for sharing… It gives me something to dream about! :0)

  13. monica

    oh my cuteness! and the organization! It’s so pretty!!! I bet you just love to be in there! Awesome!

    Hey, also, how did you do that website rollover thing with the larger image??? Do tell! Also, what do you typically use to put your website together? Do tell!

    Thanks for sharing girlie! Cuteness!!!

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