Organization: Computer Cables and Tupperware!

Junky, messy, tangled computer cables!! What to do with them??! My new years resolution was to FIND a solution to the computer cable clutter, and I am very pleased to tell you that I am writing this post with my feet stretched out and *very* much enjoying all the new floor space under my desk! :) Yes, I did find a solution to my cable organization woes. The picture you see below is *obviously* the BEFORE picture!!! :) Click on it to see the after pictures, along with a guide to all the supplies I used. I even included pictures of where you can find everything! :) And about the tupperware- well, that was my new years resolution *LAST* year! :) It took a few months, but I did get the tupperware cabinet organized, and it actually *stayed* that way all year, so I threw in a picture of that too. :)

computer cable organization cord management tupperware gladware plastic containers food storage organization

Click for Pics!

Thanks for looking! :)