New Mobile Feature + Disney Park Hopper Tickets AND $1500 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!!! (Winner Announced!)

Today I am introducing an awesome new mobile feature on my site, PLUS stay tuned to the end of the post to enter for a chance to win four (4) Disney Park Hopper Tickets PLUS a $1500 Visa Gift Card!!!

CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

Hi friends! I am so excited to introduce a new feature on Kevin & Amanda. You may have noticed that if you hover your mouse over any image on this blog, you’ll see a little heart and comment bubble pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo. (Go ahead and try it with the photo above!)

This feature is called CliqueMe, and you can click that heart or comment bubble to like or leave a comment on any photo on my site now. (To see even more awesome things this new feature can do, be sure to read this post I wrote introducing CliqueMe a few months ago.)


CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

Today I am so excited to announce CliqueMe is MOBILE!! You can now use CliqueMe when you’re reading my blog from you mobile phone. To “Like” a photo, just double-tap on any photo on my blog. If you’re reading from you phone, go ahead and try it now! :) Double-tap to like the photo above! :) You can also click on the comment bubble to leave a comment. It’s so fun and easy and I’m so excited for this new feature.


CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

To start liking and commenting, you’ll need to register your username with CliqueMe. It’s free and easy to sign up. CliqueMe is fairly new and there are not that many users yet… So you may even be able to get your first name! :) Go ahead and try it now!! :)


CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

To register, click the CliqueMe tab down in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Or, from your phone, double-tap any photo to get started. All you have to do is pick a username, password, and enter your email to register. Don’t worry, they’ll never email you or anything, and you don’t even have to confirm your email address to register. But be sure to give CliqueMe a valid email address if you want to enter the giveaway — that’s how we’ll notify the winner! ;)

CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

Registering is a one-time only event, and you will stay signed in, so the next time you come back you won’t have to keep logging in over and over again. Even on your phone! You’ll stay signed in on all sites that have CliqueMe. CliqueMe is growing fast and pretty soon you’re going to start seeing it on all your favorite blogs and websites! You’ll be able to easily like, comment, and interact with all your favorite blogs on your computer or right from your phone. No need to download any apps or software, or go to any external sites. We’re bringing the social media to you!


CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!

I could not be more thrilled about this fun new feature. Lots of my favorite blogs have CliqueMe now, and today we’re all so excited to celebrate the launch of CliqueMe Mobile with a fun giveaway. Check out the details for the giveaway below.

Thank you so much for being such awesome readers. I hope CliqueMe mobile makes it easier to keep in touch and hear from you!

Good luck, and happy liking and commenting! Remember to double-tap everywhere you see CliqueMe! :)

CliqueMe is an awesome new feature on blogs!! It's like Instagram for your blog!! You can even double-tap to like!!


Time’s Up!! Winner Announced!!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!! :) Stay tuned for the next fun CliqueMe giveaway, it’s going to be even bigger and better. ;)

Congratulations to our winner:

Liela F.

The winner has been notified via email and has been in contact to claim her prize. Congrats again!! :)


The Giveaway

Today I am partnering with some of my favorite blogs who all have CliqueMe to bring you the ultimate summer vacation giveaway.

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • Four (4) 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets to Disney World OR Disneyland. YOUR choice!!
  • $1500 Visa Gift Card


How to Enter

To enter, use CliqueMe to “Like” one photo on each of the following blogs:

Kevin & Amanda
Bakers Royale
Cookies and Cups
Foodie Crush
Gimme Some Oven
Lauren’s Latest
Oh Sweet Basil
Picky Palate
Two Peas & Their Pod

You can like any photo you want, just be sure to like one from each blog above to be entered. If the heart turns red, that means you’ve liked it. That’s it! If you like a photo from every blog, you are entered!

Note: CliqueMe loads after everything else on the page loads, so it make take a minute for the CliqueMe overlay to appear on some blogs. Just wait for the page to fully load, then keep an eye out for the heart and comment box! :) If you still can’t see it on your desktop browser, try using Chrome or Firefox. CliqueMe isn’t compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.

Contest ends June 29th, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST. Winner will be notified by email, so be sure to sign up with CliqueMe using a valid email address.



Good luck!! :)

55 Responses
  1. carey plowman

    i tried liking each page but it won’t allow me to do 3 of them. I click on “log in” and then it will not let me click on anything after. Not allowing me like any of the recipes on the page. The pages are “Laurens Latest”, ” Cookies and cups”, and Bakers Royale”. I don’t know why I was able to do all of them except these 3. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I want to be entered!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stacy

    Thank you so much for this give away! My boys would be over the moon excited as our last trip to Disney was flop during a Hurricane. My only question is did I miss a step? I liked a photo on each blog but don’t know how you see if I have did? I don’t want to do anything to ruin my chances.

  3. Denise Ness

    Frustrating! I cannot get Clique Me to even work. I event went directly to the Clique Me website – that was no help. I double click on photos and nothing happens or they just become bigger.

  4. Rani

    love this app!!! Thanks for it and for the chance!!!! I have a big bunco group where I am hosting dinner in September…getting so many great ideas!!!

  5. Sheila

    Finally managed to clique me a picture from each blog….but I have to say that I found it very problematic to do so. I had to repeatedly sign on to Cliqueme for every page I was on. I use up-to-date browsers, tried IE and Chrome, both giving me a LOT of problems. So frankly, I will have to pass on the pages that use Cliqueme until it gets some of the bugs worked out. I really like your blog, Amanda, and have followed yours for years, so I hope that the kinks get resolved soon!

    1. Harrison Wang

      Hi Sheila,

      I’m really sorry to hear about these issues with CliqueMe. We will look into the issues you are having. Are you using a computer or mobile when accessing these sites? I’m trying to figure out why the browser keeps logging you out. On Safari (on iPhone), by default, the cookies are NOT saved for 3rd party applications – therefore, it will not save your login info. If you go to Settings -> Safari -> change Block Cookie settings to “Never”, the login info will save!

      Sorry again about the issues. Please let me know how I can help.

      Harrison Wang
      Co-founder, CliqueMe

  6. Esther

    What a neat feature CliqueMe is! I liked photos on every blog and really hope to win! We are huge Disney fans and are planning TWO trips to Disney next year (one to Disneyland and another to Disney World).

  7. Heather

    This Cliqueme thing is pretty cool! Ok, I liked photos on every blog :)
    This giveaway is perfect for my family so I am hoping we win!!!

  8. Susan

    I “think” I completed a like on each site but spent 30 minutes or more on Lauren’s latest. Cliqueme wouldn’t let me sign on but I think I finally got on and liked a picture.

  9. Adriana Roque

    I used facebook to register for cliqueme it did not give me an option to enter an email address. Will notification go to through facebook?


    That ultimate chocolate chip cookie and oreo fudge brownie bar looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the giveaway, id love to take my twins to Disney! If I won, I would use some of the money at Disney for my twins and the rest would be for my mom when she comes to visit next month across country.
    Thanks so much. I LOVE CliqueMe and think it is great for blogs, giveaways, comments and liking photos.

  11. Claudia

    I’m over 50 and have never been to Florida. We use to live in California, but I was 3 when we moved back to Indy. Would love to go!!!

  12. Gaby

    Husband and I would love to take our two nephews to Disneyland – they’ve never visited there, and one just won his school’s humanitarian award. Would be a lovely way to encourage and congratulate him. Thank you. And, this gave me the opportunity to discover your site – very nice!

  13. Sharie

    Took me a bit but I got it down. Had to remember to go to their actual blog, and wait for it to load..Disneyworld here we come! Thanks!

  14. Jodi-0

    Hi Kevin and Amanda. Does the like need to be in a post introducing clique me? There are a few blogs that don’t have theirs up yet. Thanks so much for the great give-away!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Jodi-0! You can like any photo on any post, it doesn’t have to be the CliqueMe post! :) As long as you like one photo on each blog, you’re automatically entered. :) Hope this helps!! :)

  15. Amber

    Hi there! What a great giveaway and thank you! I’ve cliqueme all the pics I need to EXCEPT when I go to SkinnyTaste I cannot find the cliqueme app that pops up so I’m not able to like a photo. Help! Many thanks!

    1. Tina

      I was not able to get SkinnyTaste to work using internet explorer, but I did get it to work on Google chrome. Hope that helps!

  16. Melissa Meagor

    I would love to win the tickets to disneyland. We are planning a trip, my husband and I to take our grandsons.

  17. Mary Beth Elderton

    This is awesome! Thank you for introducing me to this a while back (BethElderton on Cliqueme) I have one question–how to I “follow” a blog? Every blog on this list is one of my favorites.

    1. Amanda

      Hi Mary Beth! This is a new feature CliqueMe is working on incorporating into the next update. I’ll keep you posted!! :)

  18. Candice S.

    Thanks so much for this chance to win! I went to all of the awesome and yummy blogs and “liked” many photos via CliqueMe! Thanks for sharing the app w/ us too! I always love learning about new ways to “share” stuff! :)

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