Giveaway! Topaz Labs Plugins for Photographers (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up! The winner of the Topaz Plugin Bundle is entry #848, Maureen Henry! Congrats Maureen! I’ve sent you an email! :)

P.S. Guess what! Topaz has offered Kevin & Amanda readers a special discount! Use the coupon code kevinandamanda to get 15% off all Topaz products.

P.P.S. Did you know you can download the Topaz plugins for a free trial to try out and make sure you are 100% happy with it before you buy? :) Go ahead.. give it a try! :)

Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle Giveaway

Hey guys! I am beyond excited to share this giveaway with you today! The Topaz Labs Plugin Bundle is one of my favorite photo editing tools. I use it often in my day-to-day photo editing to add some serious WOW factor to my photos! :)

Just look what I did with one of my recent Chicago photos…

Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle Giveaway

Here’s the original, SOOC (straight out of camera) photo.

Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle Giveaway

To use Topaz in Photoshop, just click on Filter from the menu bar, and you’ll see all the Topaz plugins you can choose from. Here I’m using Topaz Adjust. There are so many fun options to chose from! :) For this pic, I clicked Exposure Color Stretch. You can see a preview before you apply. If you like what you see, click OK…

Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle Giveaway

And just like that, I had this! I am so in love with these vibrant colors!! And it was seriously that simple! :)

The Giveaway!

There’s so much you can do with all the Topaz plugins. And today, the seriously fun & talented folks at Topaz would like to offer one Kevin & Amanda reader their entire plugin bundle suite!! ($179.99 value)

You’ll get…

Topaz Adjust – optimize image exposure, color, and detail for stunning image results! Just see above! :)

Topaz Simplify – add creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation to your photos for easy one-of-a-kind art.

Topaz Detail – enhance details, add depth, and achieve unbelievable crispness in your photos.

Topaz DeNoise – instantly remove noise and preserve details. I never have to worry about shooting with a high ISO. I know any noise/grain will be taken care of by DeNoise!

Topaz ReMask – Okay, so cool! Have you ever taken a picture, but the background was so-so? Use ReMask to easily crop out your subject and paste it on a different background! :) How fun!

Topaz Clean – create some seriously fun photos with textures and detail manipulation!

Topaz DeJPEG – Ever taken a photo with your cell phone or a point & shoot and you could just *tell* how low-quality it was? It looks all pixely? DeJPEG will fix that up in a second!

Click the links above to see the incredible before and afters you can do with each plugin.

And the best part is that Topaz is compatible with a number of platforms and programs. You can use it on Windows and Mac, with Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Paint Shop Pro, iPhoto and more!

How to Enter

To be entered to win this incredible package from Topaz, all you have to do is leave me a comment right here! :) What’s your favorite photography subject? Do you prefer scenery? Portraits? People? Pets? Food??! :) Shout it out! :)

Contest ends Thursday, September 9th at 8pm CST. Winner will be selected by and notified by email! :)

Good luck!!! :)

1,563 Responses
  1. Olga O.

    Hi Amanda… what a great giveaway!! Sure wish I can win, dont usually have much luck with these things but I’ll never loose hope lol :)
    Thanks for always sharing so much of you with us

  2. Heather H :) :) :)

    Oh congrats to Maureen..the winner…That’s a super cool gift she’ll be able to enjoy :) :) Love and hugs from Oreogn, Heather

    p.s. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and letting me participate :) :) This was fun!!!!

  3. Patty Brett Kolbo

    Without a doubt, people pix are my favorite. People add the laughter, delight, surprise, etc. to any setting. :-)

  4. Kweta Danner

    I loved the way you fixed up the photo you took in Chicago. This looks like an awesome bundle to own and use. Hope I will be one of the lucky winners. And as always, I love your web site and am on your email list. Thanks, Kweta

  5. Kelli

    Hope I’m not too late, I just stumbled on your site and spent so much time oggling (yes, oggling) over your cute fonts! I’m a budding photographer, and people are my favorite subjects. More so, children. So unpredictable, spontaneous, and full of laughter, tears, and fun. I love every bit! :)

  6. Lee Anne

    So hard to choose just one, but I would pick scenery because it’s easier than kids! But man, when I can get a good natural shot of my kids….it’s been a good shoot!

  7. Susanna

    WOW! What a fantastic give-a-way! I went to Chicago last year and it’s a photographer’s paradise. Truthfully, I’m usually taking pictures of my kids, but when we travel, anything and everything is fair game. Love to try the plug-ins! I guess we know your secret to great pics now!

  8. Pam Baumer

    I follow my grandkids around with a camera. Like candid shots best. This software looks awesome. Your photos are great1

  9. Kindyll

    I love to photograph my two girls. Both have stunning blue eyes that show up in pictures so well. I would love to win this!

  10. Bron

    I have always love photographing my kids but…… we just bought home a Beagle puppy named Daisy!!! I’m torn… that’s a bad thing??

  11. FabulousTerrah

    What a fun giveaway! My passion is on people… preferably people doing action shots in exotic destinations across the globe.

  12. Angel

    Well — of course my favorite it my kids…but I’m really starting to love architecture. I LOVE the photos where you see they have found letters out of different architectural details to spell out words. I’m not very good at it yet — but it’s a goal. Thanks for your info! You’re a joy.

  13. Stephanie Howard

    My favorite thing to photograph is my kids at random doing different activities. I love getting the ‘in the moment’ pictures with the different facial expressions. The pictures of them are things I keep dear to me and love to make collages and books. Some of the random pictures make great gifts too. My husband and I take about 40-50 per week of them.

  14. Jennifer C

    I love scenery shots – it allows me to see parts of the world I haven’t seen! And of course I love the pics of your babies!!!

    Thanks for the chance of winning this awesome prize!

  15. Krista

    I love this program! I’ve been using your site to fix up my blog and fix it up nice! I think I love landscape and raw architecture the most! Pick me! haha

  16. Jennifer Frost

    I love to photograph my family and friends, especially my 15 month old son. Portraits, creative shots, special events and natural moments – I am eager to practice them all. I just got a new DSLR camera and I am scrolling the web in my spare moments to learn about photography and ways to enhance photography after the picture has been taken. As a beginner, passionate about developing skills in this area, this prize would be a real asset! Thank you.

  17. lorraine rocco

    I love taking photos of my kids and using the photos to do great scrapbooking layouts! We have given them cameras as well so they can share their world with us through photos. Its always fun to see the photos once they are developed.

  18. Misschell

    Oh, this would be FABULOUS!!! My favorite subject is my little girl!!! I always, always wanted to adopt a baby girl from China, so in 2004, I DID!! She is the most precious thing in my life and i LOVE to photograph her!

  19. Ginni Rickerson

    What a great giveaway! I just got my first DSLR camera and I have been interested in getting an editing tool! I mostly love taking pictures of people! Thanks!

  20. Allison

    Ok. Mega-fat-chance I’ll be winning this giveaway with 1500 people having posted ahead of me.

    I looooooove how the Chicago picture turned out! See, I’m not one who cares for building/skyline photos because I’ve felt they aren’t my “thing” but after seeing how amaaaaazing your photo was I do have to say that I am being converted!

    I like candid photos but it seems like everyone is doing those these days so they’re not as much as my fave as they used to be. I guess I would have to say that I love pictures taken from odd angles, because they’re different and were made thinking “out of the box”.

  21. Billie

    Amanda, I love photographing anything that captures my imagination.
    And I love to tweak a photo. I use Elements, but I know I could
    really get behind this Topaz program in a big way!! Thanks for
    the opportunity to win.

  22. Kate C.

    Ooooh, these are awesome! My favorite things to photograph are my kids, however, I’d really love to learn how to better photograph food!

  23. Terrie

    I really like to shoot scenery, especially statutes/sculpture. Second people and then the dachshunds. My sweetie prefers to be standing in front of said scenery… sometimes photoshop magic has to be used. thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Traci Branscum

    I absolutely love photographing families! I love capturing them interacting with one another. What a great give away this is….hoping I have the lucky number this time!

  25. Calli

    Right now the focus of my pictures is all about the kids. I have 3 amazing children that I love to photograph, and this software would be amazing in my quest to chronicle their lives!

  26. Christina Weeks

    I love taking pictures of everything and anything. As long as I am behind the camera I am in my own world. My three boys have to be the greatest subjects ever though..I know I am one bias momma :)

  27. Pam Welch

    I love to take pictures of just about everything. The world around us whether it be our children, family or the great outdoors should be preserved for generations to see.

    Pam :)

  28. Amanda

    LOVE this giveaway. I love to take pictures of my crazy 2-year old son. We’re about to leave for the beach and babies on beaches are the best to photograph!

  29. shari @ little blue deer

    Ooh, I have been dying for an iphone so I can get the hipstamatic, this might work just as well!

  30. Kathy

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! I love taking pictures when traveling abroad. Old world pictures of beautiful architecture buildings, landscape and historical stuff. I love taking macro pictures of flowers…and of course, pictures of my kids! That’s the most challenging!

  31. Marsha

    Hi Amanda,
    What an amazing give away! My favorite scenes to photograph are waterfalls and animals. We often hike to the mountains in search of that serene place to view cascading water and listen to babbling brooks.

  32. Victoria

    I hope to win this for my hubby – my favorite photographer!! He’s great at portraits of our little baby boy and nature photos. Please pick me!

  33. Samantha

    I love taking photos of my sweet lil 19 month old toddler. I also enjoy taking macro shots of flowers in my garden. Topaz looks awesome!

  34. Joel Spring

    I like to shoot just about everything. You can see from my website and blog there isn’t much I haven’t photographed at one time or the other. I started with Nikon equipment but reliability and factory service was so bad I sold it all and have been shooting Canon ever since. I shoot weddings, events, NPOs, Portraits, strobe and natural lighting. I also shoot video covering all the same plus create animations in 2D and 3D.

    I just came across your blog and you do a great job of presenting useful info. Keep up the great work!


  35. Stephanie

    What an amazing giveaway!!! My favorite thing to shoot is nature, followed by my kids. And living in Alaska lets me have lots to photograph!

  36. Regan Denke

    Wow! What a great giveaway and tool for photographers! I would love to win it…. I love taking pics of my kids! My daughter is loving pictures right now and my son wants to put his hand up all the time!
    Thank you again

  37. Kym J Ray

    Ah HA!!! I’ve long admired your photos, now you’ve let one of your little secrets slip!! So that’s part of that extra-special Amanda touch which makes your photos sparkle and shine. Thanks for the insider info!!
    I love capturing pics of flowers, quilts, family and my doggie…Thanks for the chance!! Fondly, Kym J Ray

  38. Laura

    I love photos of people and places. I love to see photos of places I haven’t been to, but others have taken. I also enjoy seeing phots of places I have visited, but to see it through someone else’s lens.

  39. Kristin

    I love to photograph my 3 kids! I have photoshop, but this looks really neat and really simple. I’d love to try it out

  40. Lori

    I love taking scenery pictures. I have been known to swerve off the side of the road and lean out the window to take a picture of a tree!!

  41. Rachel Carter

    My favorite thing to photograph are my kids. I am new (1 year) to digital scrapbooking and my designs are fairly simple. I think the focus should be on the photo and the story it tells, not the decorations of a page. :)

  42. Kimberly

    I love nature. I moved to Tennessee last winter and in the spring saw the most gorgeous, rolling bright yellow fields. Turns out they were growing canola! But I got some amazing pictures with old barns and rickety fence lines with the yellow flowers. Very pretty. Now they’re growing sunflowers – thousands of them. Another gorgeous sight.

  43. Andie

    My two boys are always great subjects, but I would say people in general. I love capturing them in the moment and freezing that moment to cherish for a lifetime. There’s nothing better than telling a story through a photograph – like your life story as you and Kevin progressed over time. People are my passion! Dogs, as you have experienced, are great subjects as well!

  44. shelby

    I love food photography.. I’ve been getting into a lot lately and it’s so much fun! & it makes me a better cook :)

  45. Shelly

    My husband just finished my son’s senior pictures last week. Boy, he could really use this!!! Thanks for offering…

  46. Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom

    I love taking pictures of anything beautiful. Be it a sunset after a storm or my little boy’s golden curls I find beauty in simple things and I love to make the simple things wow others!

    Does this software work with Photoshop Elements?

    Thanks so much!

  47. Andreea

    Hi! My favorite type of photography is baby/toddler. Little kids area awesome and capturing the wonderment and curiosity is a blast!

  48. Lindsay

    I’m a portrait and pet amateur photographer. I love getting in close…however the pets i photograph are not big fans.

  49. mary elizabeth

    i love to just take pictures!!!! Whatever seems to capture my attention! Love taking themso much my husband got a little Canon Power SHot SX210IS for Mother’s Day so I had the power of a big camera in a little one in my pocket or purse at all times!!! I don’t leave home without it!~

    right now i am loving cathing the kiddos at school enjoying their library time with me!!! :)

  50. krysta

    what a GREAT giveaway! this definitely looks like something I’d love to add to my photoshop arsenal! :)

    my favorite subject by far is my sweet boy – and I’ll be adding a new subject with the arrival of our second son this fall!

  51. Grace

    These look like so much fun! I love taking photos of my family. I also love macro shots. Up close and personal are my favorites!

  52. Angela

    This plugin looks amazing!! I’m not sure what my favorite thing is to photograph…depends on the day and my mood. I always love flowers, and the sky. I love having photos of my son, but I’m not crazy about taking them because he hates it so much and gets irritable! But, he is so handsome!

  53. Audra

    I love taking pictures of my two boys. I love all your photos, the Chicago pictures and waterfall pictures are my favorite! I recently took some pictures of my boys in front of a waterfall that turned out great for a point and shoot camera. Your pictures have inspired me!

  54. Debbie McCormick

    Love your site – I found it a few days ago and have learned SO MUCH from you about blog design. THANK YOU for the easy to follow blog design intruction.

    My favorite subject in photography is portraits, next in line would be abstract images.

  55. Lynn

    My little 15 month old girl is… scratch that… use to be fun to photograph. : ) But now she is mobile and chases after me and searches for my lens cap – once she finds it she attempts to put it back on for no more pictures. If I am sneaky though I can get some great shots and she sure keeps me creative. : ) What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you Amanda!

  56. Julia S

    Without a doubt I love to photograph my kids…but I have the world’s best..I know you’ll disagree…Boston Terrier. His name is Peso and well we love to take lots of pictures of him and his “smile!”. TFor the chance!

  57. Tiffany Lockette

    Oh how I am absolutely drooling over this giveaway. I am currently taking photography classes at The Showcase School of Photography in Atlanta. I am one of many who inspire to be a photographer one of these days. My favorite subject hands down is my “toehead / blue eyed beauty of a daughter!! She is two years old and full of life. I would love, love, love to win this giveaway….did I mention LOVE to win. What an awesome giveaway.

  58. Karen

    I love to capture the everyday moments of my three kids and pictures of nature. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! How awesome!

  59. Jen L

    I am amazed by your beautiful photo! My favorite subject to photograph is hard to pick.. it’s either my adorable children, or my hilarious Boston Terriers! Love your blog!

  60. Cindy Courington

    I absolutely love this software, it is definately a gotta have!
    I take a lot of travel shots around the world and can only imagine what this software could do with some of my photos. SOOOOO I HOPE I WIN!

  61. Hazel

    My favourite photography subject is…whimsical scenes, be it with adults, children or the older generation, sometimes even featuring interesting inanimate objects – anything “fantastical” shot on a natural background, with an added air of “magic”. A little bokeh doesn’t hurt, either ;)

  62. Lindsay Gill

    I LOVE taking pictures of my five month old baby boy. He is growig so fast it is an AWESOME way to capture the memories!

  63. Kim S

    Hi Amanda! My favorite subjects are definately my children (when they allow me!). I love getting that photo that makes you a little happy teary eyed and perfect! I also love to capture moments of other people’s children and surprise them with a gorgeous picture that gives them that same feeling! I would love to try Topaz!

  64. Petra

    Being new to photography, I love to photograph just about everything! Everywhere I go, I find interesting things to photograph.

  65. Susan Dodd

    My favorite subject to photograph is a girl and her horse….but really all pets and their people. High School seniors are cool too. Oh, geez…I don’t know!!

  66. heidi

    i love holding on to the moment on my photos, no matter what or where i may be, keepsakes and memories, special things that move me… colors, textures and light – things close to my heart, most of all my children and grandchildren…

  67. Brandi

    I love to take pictures . You name it and I have probably taken a picture of it. :)

    Looks like a really cool set of tools that could really add wow factor to your pictures.

  68. Jana

    I like to take pictures of my 3 kids and 2 Bostons . . . unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get them to all hold still-ish and stay within camera frame, so I often just get scenery pictures of wherever we are!

  69. Ramsey Thierbach

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography how tos and edits. I’m itchin’ to get my hands on this software. Take care and thanks for offering the giveaway.

  70. Sophia K

    What I like the most is taking pictures of my two little cuzzies :) Especially with my new telelens it’s awesome watching them play through the camera and shooting the funniest snapshots!

    1. Shannon Wilkinson

      Oh and forgot to add…I love people. I am a people watcher so doing portraits was a no brainer for me but I am finding a love of doing macro too so I have done a lot of flower/insect shots lately.

  71. Natalie

    My favorite subject would have to be my family! And food! Yup, family and food. Love them both so much! I especially love candid family photos. Capturing the perfect moment is a great feeling.

  72. Denise aka Bear

    HI: I am definitely enthralled with taking pictures of the skies in all types of weather. But my biggest thrill is taking pictures of my family when they don’t know I have the camera. You can get some awesome shots when people aren’t looking. I am deep into the study of Paint Shop Pro and get extremely excited every new step I learn! HAGD.

  73. Elysia

    Topaz DeNoise?? That is TOO great! My landscape and scenery are often taken quickly so they end up being grainy. YEA!
    . . . Now if only there were a product for patience so that I could put my camera on the right settings in the first place :))

  74. Heather

    I absolutely love photography babies and families. I’ve tried still life and scenery and it just doesn’t get my juices flowing in the same way. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  75. Reiley P.

    Wow. I can’t believe how many comments you get for these contests! Amazing! Must be rewarding to know you have so many peeps following you! I love taking photos of my pets…they are like my children!

  76. Lisa Hemmings

    I just love photographing my family.
    So many lovely memoreis of things my boys have done and lovely days out…
    Hope i’m lucky!

  77. Jenn Lanza

    I photograph all subjects. People, scenery, objects! I love taking pictures & have a camera with me everywhere I go. I would love to win this software! Pick me please! :0)

  78. Tarayn Comer

    I always enjoy reading your blog! I have just recently been interested in photography but enjoy spending time capturing the smiles and giggles of children and babies. Keep up the creative work! :)

  79. Sadonna

    I am child photographer other then those cute funny 2 yr olds for me landscape is something that I really love to do. Its fun to go on walks, hikes and such and just explore the country side. Have sampled Topaz products before and they are so much fun to play with. Crossing my fingers that I win!

  80. Laura M

    Hi Amanda, I love taking pictures of my kids. They are such hams for the camera so it’s better to catch them off guard to take their pictures so that I don’t get cross-eyes distored expressions :o).

  81. Jen F.

    I, like you enjoy photographing my dog! She is a boxer and this would help with the fun things I COULD do to her photographs!

  82. Andrea

    My favorite subject is scenery. I used to get in so much trouble as a kid taking pictures “with no people in them” from my dad, once he got the rolls developed :)

  83. Debi Beauregard

    I like landscapes and architectural photography. Topaz does amazing things to the details in these pictures. I would LOVE to have the whole suite.

  84. Kim Burmeister

    Wow! I thought the first picture out of the camera was good. After Topaz it is excellent! I love taking pictures of my boys, so I can scrap the memories. I smile every time I look at their pictures. Thanks so much for such a wonderful prize!

  85. Kelley

    This looks great. I have never used Topaz before. I take lots of pictures of our kids, but sometimes lighting and shadows and who-knows-what make the shots less than perfect, so this would be fun to play with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Marian

    What an absolutely amazing giveaway! I prefer scenery shots and then it’s pics of family fun times. I am really into learning more about aperture right now so I am reading the book you recomended (Undertanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson).

  87. Jess

    These products look amazing! I am new to photography, but taking pictures of my two beautiful daughters has become a real passion. These filters would make everything more beautiful and vivid. I hope I win!!

  88. Stephanie

    Topaz sounds like a great tool! I have never heard of it. I really like to take pictures of my dog, friends and scenery. I am sure Topaz would be a great tool!

  89. Vickie McNulty

    I LOVE photographing just about everything, but my absolute favorite subject is my dogs, as well as my friends’ dogs. I also love taking photos of my son at his many sporting events.

  90. Jen

    Awesome giveaway! I love to photograph people and events- if I had to get really specific I’d say weddings are my fav! :D

  91. Kylee

    The software looks amazing! I would love something to help me turn my thousands of pictures of my daughter into such beautiful art!

  92. Sue

    I enjoy photographing landscapes especially in New England, my family on special occasions and everyday goings on and my two adorable dogs! Your pix from Chicag are so inspiring!!!

  93. Rose

    I love taking close ups of flowers – the perfection of nature is something that you really can never capture completely – but it’s fun to try! Thanks for the shot at another awesome giveaway :-)

  94. Monica Gaffney

    my favorite subject is….my infant daughter….I try to photograph her once a day doing the ordinary things we do everyday here in the charming city of Des Moines, Iowa. So psyched about this giveaway!

  95. Debby Gilliam

    I love photographing my family and scrap booking all my pictures. I enjoy using Photoshop so these tools would be wonderful.

  96. Brooke

    I’d love to win this package… I’ve always loved taking pictures but only recently gotten an SLR camera and am trying to learn how to use it! Love taking pics of my friends and cats…oh, and food!

  97. Susan Bowers

    People. In particular, family. And the sky. As a meteorologist I look up alot! So the sky is a great subject for me.

  98. Angela Tomczak

    Right now my favorite subject is my life! But I do want to go pro, and I’m starting to portraits for other people now.

  99. Colleen Francis

    My favorite subject right now are all the different flowers and scenery we have here on the Island of Okinawa. Can’t wait to frame a few of them!

  100. Carrie

    I love to take pictures of people. I am pretty sure people get sick of me, but I am fine with it. I love all the memories I am able to capture.

  101. Donna Barnett

    I love this! Just purchased a new camera so I am taking pictures of everything including the dog. But, my favorite pics are of my friends and family.

  102. Cat

    oooh – this is JUST what i need to make my photos beautiful!

    i really enjoy just taking pictures of my everyday life, home and family. i don’t set up special shots – but try to capture what’s really going on, whether it’s kayaking with my daughter, hunting with my husband, or enjoying time with my galpals!

  103. fran vanStaalduinen

    my favorite thing to photography….I guess it would be everything, I just love to go out and shoot. One day it could be a rural road, the next sunsets, or my grand kids. or anything! I would love to win this prize.

  104. Jennifer

    Portraits are my thing – people make the best subjects! I am so excited that this is compatible with Paint Shop Pro and not just Photoshop.

  105. Christy

    Since my little girl was born in April 09, not many other subjects make their way onto my camera! I also like taking pics in my classroom (I teach elementary Art.). I’m excited to look into this photo tool. Thank you for sharing!

  106. Sherry

    I love to take pictures of children and animals in Africa (where I go on Mission trips). This would be a wonderful addition for my photography!

    Thank you!

  107. Sarah Wilkes

    My favorite subjects are Newborns what better job thank to cuddle a newborn all day lol and get to capture those first precious memories that fly by all too quick! And my kids although i think they are getting fed up with me now and i need a bigger house to hang all the canvas’s!

  108. rebecca

    It depends on the moment. If I’m traveling, it’s scenery. If I’m in the garden it may be a leaf, a bug or a broken pot. If I’m with my niece (my favorite subject), it’s ALL about her. If I’m at a family gathering, it’s candid photos. Thanks for the great giveaway! Whoever wins will have tons of fun, I’m sure.

  109. LauraEmm

    I love taking pictures of kids… but I also love animals! We just went to the zoo today & took some great ones. :)

  110. Simon

    I really don’t have a favourite subject, I enjoy every genre, the hardest I suppose are people in the street. I shoot mostly in infrared at 665nm. I find faces are best in black and white, landscapes in false colour and inanimate objects in a mixture of media.

  111. Courtney

    Very cool! I’ve never heard of Topaz Labs. I love all topics of photography, especially the how to’s. And I like shooting peoples. :)

  112. Yuri

    I love taking pictures of people… but now that I have my first baby, who was born at the end of July, she’s my favorite to photograph!!

  113. Maria

    I must tell you that I LOVE photographing people!
    All kinds of people.
    I especially like catching people unaware.
    I do enjoy taking pics of my girls, they are easy subjects.
    I think I really like taking photos of babies! Sigh… I need a fix!

  114. Sabrina Rodriguez

    How exciting! I have never heard of that editing system before! It looks like a wonderful program! My favorite would have to be portraits. I just love seeing peoples reactions after I show them their edited photos! Thanks Kevin and Amanda!

    Love, Sabrina

  115. bailey k.

    travel photos fa sho fa sho. but also, in the past 9 months, i’ve fallen in love with taking photos of my great dane puppy. he’s the best!

  116. Ilse Fimmers

    I absolutely love people and capture their emotions !!
    I also love Chicago (my favorite city in the whole world!!!!). I even took that same picture and would love it to look like yours….

  117. Judi V

    Along with the other 1309 people I would so love to win this. I am new to Digital – getting the hang of it and loving it . . . I LOVE taking pictures of my 15 year old son playing sports and my 6 year old grand-daughter, doing anything – LOL! I’d so enjoy this!

  118. Christine

    I love photographing still life and close-up shots. I find it difficult directing people, and still life / close-up photography usually just involves you, your camera and your object.

  119. Catherine

    Definitely portraits :) People’s emotions are just so fascinating to capture, and every single portrait is different and special in their own way :)

  120. Meggan Price

    Oh my gosh, this would be thee greatest thing in the world to have! :) Thank you so much for this opportunity, especially to Topaz for putting this package together :)

    I love taking pictures of everything. My favorite subjects are my kids, of course

  121. Sabrina Berry

    I have a passion for taking photographs of family and friends and capturing that truly special moment that make you say “Ah”!

  122. Christy T.

    Thanks for the giveaway contest. I love to shoot pictures of ordinary and not so glamorous things to make them look special in their own light. For example, hands, people shadows, fences, etc. I also love taking nature photos. I’m still learning but it’s all fun! Good luck all!!

  123. Karen

    What a beautiful b4 & after!! Love the possibilities! My favorite subject is my family!! I never thought I’d have one, would be so lost without them and they brighten my days in ways I never imagined!

  124. Becky sadamitsu

    I love taking pictures of my son. To be able to capture a moment in time forever, and look at it years from now, what a wonderful thing!

  125. Wendy

    I love photos that include the weather, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations, and nature in general all the while grand standing my 13 year old son, and my furry daughter (Yorkie- Jewel) and furry other son (poodle mix-Max). Pictures are always about the beauty of the world, but incorporating the beauty of my little nook of the world.

  126. Aimee

    I never cared that much about how my snapshots turned out until my son came along. He’s a total miracle, and my inspiration for wanting to learn all I can about photography and photo editing. This software looks AMAZING, and I’d love to win!

  127. Michelle Ramsay

    I enjoy taking pictures of nature, but depending on the situation, I take pictures of food, people, animals what ever is going to remind me of that moment. My hubby and I are off to the USA today (9 Sept) and one of the places we will be visiting is Chicago. I would love to win this package and hope that I am a lukcy one. Thanks for offering the give-away. Michelle from South Africa

  128. Nancy Murray

    What a great package! My favorite subject for photos is people, particularly my daughter, although it takes a fair amount of bribery now! LOL

  129. Rachel@IdahoCheneys

    My favorite photography subject is people, especially my daughter and husband. Landscapes can be beautiful, but I’m always drawn to faces!

  130. Amber

    I prefer to photograph scenery/nature or people. I like to photograph my dog too but it’s not that easy. Never really tried food.


  131. Aline

    I love to photograph children, especially when it’s spontaneous! I also like taking picture of people outdoors, having fun…

  132. Stephanie

    I loved doing landscapes before and babies. Of course my favorite subject now is my 5week old son, hes the cutest to photograph! I want to capture all those little faces he makes!

  133. Stayc Smart

    I LOVE photography of babies. I think there is so much you can capture in the innocence of a young baby and in their eyes. It can be breathtaking. I also love capturing scenery – specifically mountains. I think they are majestic!

  134. Lizzy Homemaker

    I love taking pictures of people! Especially if it’s a picture that reminds me of something that was happening at that time.

  135. Michelle Harden

    I recently became a first time Aunt, and have spent A LOT of time photographing my new niece. I hope my two kids aren’t jealous…meep!

  136. Kelly

    These are sooooo cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win! My favorite subjects are people. I enjoy getting expressions and capturing moments that last a lifetime with my camera!

  137. Nicole

    My favorite subjects are my kids! Then I would have to say trees. I love to capture special moments for my kids scrapbooks. This software looks very cool!

  138. Karen in NOLA

    Hi Amanda!!!
    I love to photograph- my Bostons, other dogs, too, kids (they are the best for candid shots!), love macro shots of flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds when i am fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.
    I love to shoot the special architecture, all the older homes here in New Orleans.
    I would love to have the Topaz plug ins to use especially with the New Orleans shots, I have seen some of my photogroup friends’ photos of French Quarter houses editted using Topaz, the effect is perfect.

    Turbeaux,Libby, Mackie and Frannie Rose would be happy campers if their mom is picked to receive the Topaz plugins…shameless groveling, LOL

  139. Berta

    I LOVE photo journaling people’s lives – mostly candid so people aren’t ‘putting on a smile’ but are acting naturally. BUT, actually LOVE IT ALL! Love these plugins BTW!

  140. Brandy

    My favorite subject is my children. My youngest has these big blue eyes that I love to capture. Thanks for a great site!

  141. Nancy Swope

    I love to take photos of my 3 dogs……..two golden retrievers and a basset hound mix…….they are really good subjects for me since the training of them to sit and stay.

  142. Mark Wirzburger

    Love the Chicago pic. Also like the SONY NEX ad above. If I won the Topaz Bundle and got myself a NEX-5, my pics would look MUCH better!
    I will really shoot anything that catches my eye. I like landscape, nature and architecture the most I think. I like sunsets, boats and for some reason, I have this thing for seagulls.(?) (Does Topaz have a plug-in to help me with that?) Fun site! Scott Kelby has nothing on you two. ;-)

  143. Adrianne

    I’ve always loved taking photos of my family and friends. Capturing our moments together is something that preserves our memories and gives us something to look back on. However, I always take my camera with me wherever I go, and you really just never know what I will be taking pictures of!

  144. Laura Fitzgerald

    My absolute favorite thing to photograph is little babies… you never know what funny/cute face they will make next, so there’s always a surprise in store when you review the snapshots.

  145. Gail B

    I love scenery! Nothing more beautiful then a sun rise or a sun set, majestic mountains, fresh snow on pine trees, birds taking flight off of a still lake, the awesomeness that comes from architects and the beauty of the world changing colors in the spring and fall.

  146. Lori

    My favorite subjects are people, namely my 4 year old daughter Evelyn. I also LOVE doing macro shots of nature!!! So many fun pics! What a great prize! And I just want to say that I love your blog and all the great tips and stories you post! Very informative and entertaining!

  147. Kristi Gesink

    Hey Amanda, I love your blog and especially all your photography info! This give away would help me so much as I am starting my own photography business to help pay the bills while I go back to school for website design! Again thanks for all the tips and info…love it!!

  148. Nickie

    This is awesome! I love all the things I’m finding to enhance my photos. I have to say my favorite subject to photograph is my 18-month old daughter who is the joy of my life. We’re working hard to prepare her for big sisterhood–the number of my favorite subjects will soon be doubling.

  149. Jen Carter

    My favorite subject to photograph are my children!! I LOVE looking back at their pictures and reliving so many wonderful moments!

  150. Amy

    My favorite photography subjects are my two little girls. They are often the focus of most of my photos. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome giveaway!!!

  151. Deborah K

    I love taking pictures of people. My goal is to get the absolute best picture without them knowing I’m taking the picture. Some of my favorite kids, it’s so challenging to get their pictures. Patience is something I’m learning! LOL This is a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

  152. Pat Tahan

    I LOVE portraiture!!! Babies toddlers and high school seniors. Second I love to photograph Live Dance performances!!!

  153. Judi

    I LOVE seeing pictures of friends, when you can just feel the love and the history of the friendship. When friendships are strong, you can see it in their faces.

  154. Don Molander

    I have been a photographer for over 50 years and have very few days I have not taken pictures of some kind. I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything. Many are textures that catch my eye, or just how the light plays across a scene. I have fallen in love with Topaz Adjust and have rescued pictures that I would have normally thrown away or just didn’t bother to print. Portraits,Landscapes,Architecture, Strange textures or whatever.

  155. Arlene and the dogs

    I have 2 French Bulldogs..I love taking close up of flowers in my garden,,but it seems I always end up taking shots of those darn funny dogs.

  156. Bonnie

    I love landscapes. Especially travel landscapes. I use Topaz Adjust 4 and don’t think I could live without it. But having the whole bundle would make me REALLY happy!!!

  157. Tammy Vincent

    My favorite subjects are people and landscapes. I am always trying to capture the awesome sunrises and sunsets in my area. These plugins look amazing…

  158. Pam H.

    Hi Amanda! Landscapes, people & pets are my favorite subjects. The Topaz plugins are amazing. I would love to be able to make my pics look as great as yours!

  159. Beverly V

    I am a novice at photography! Love to take pics of my kiddos and would love for the pictures to look as good as they do!

  160. Cherie Gailey

    My favorite subject is people/ portraits! Especially of my own little family. :) I am an aspiring photographer and would LOVE to win this. :) Thank you for the chance to win this amazing software! :D

  161. Dara

    Wow, this is great because I am looking for an editing tool! I love to take pictures of my kids….sad I know, but that is what I love to shoot!
    Crossing my fingers!

  162. Katherine Greenough

    On my gosh you are awesome to share this with us all!! I LOVE taking pictures of my family (and our basset hound) as I strive to capture all of the wonderful memories on paper. I SO hope that I win this product!!! But even if I don’t thanks so much for sharing!!

  163. wilonestar

    I just have to shoot scenery because I passed on to my family my allergies to the photo lens. Can you believe they all find when I have the camera?

  164. Debbie

    I take pictures of random topics. I am currently creating a photo timeline of the remodeling of our kitchen and dining room. I also love to photograph my children in sports. Then I use to create collages. I am excited to explore this new program.

  165. bec

    abstracts are my favorites! but i enjoy photographing a ‘slice of life,’ or as henri cartier-bresson would say, “the decisive moment.” when it’s gone you have definitely missed it!

    thanks for the post. good stuff!

  166. Mary Elson

    One of my favourite subjects is my 10 month old grandson, Liam! But I love shooting landscapes and am starting to get into macro.

  167. tchrtiff

    Oh wow! I can’t believe the difference between your SOOC photo and the Topaz edited one. I’d love to try this and it would make a *great* birthday present (today 9/8 is my birthday). I enjoy taking photos of my kids and their friends. Once again I’m photo parent for my daughter’s classroom this year. Imagine how awesome my photos would look for the other parents. Thanks for the opportunity Amanda.

  168. Erin

    I’m a cake decorator, so food would probably be my first choice for favorite photo subject, followed closely by people and my pets – although they are cats and of course do not like to cooperate!

  169. Teresa Meigs

    I am going to New York for the first time in my life in a few weeks. I am 52.. I’m so excited and enjoyed your photos… can’t wait to take lots of photo’s when I go. Can’t wait to try the cupcakes… yummm

  170. Robin Smith

    I would LOVE to win this Topaz bundle!!! I do the yearbook at the school I teach at and take pictures of lots of faces and sports…I would love to be able to “Dr” some photos! Thanks for your blog…I look forward to reading it and gain weight looking at the food photo’s ! 8-)

  171. Anny Schomburg

    I love to shoot portraits, especially children. They are so forth coming with who they are. Another one of my favorites is to shoot product photography. Would love to start working as an Assistant to a portrait photographer. I have checked out Topaz just recently and would love to play with their set of plug-ins.

  172. Allie Forsyth

    What a fun way to play with your pics! I am a fan of photographing people, especially kids! Always something new!

  173. Emma Sather Bluemel

    My favorites things to photograph are nature, my children, my dogs, children of friends and family. I like to capture random candid shots of people – candids rock! That moment of real life, it speaks to me. Those are the best. :)

  174. Ginny

    My favorite is my kiddos but pre-kids I loved nature. I used to go the cider mills for my photography classes all the time in high school.

  175. Dori

    I take so many pictures it is unbelievable! With six growing teens it’s sports, football, basketball, a date, just a nice evening, I take my camera EVERYWHERE! And it drives everyone crazy but I don’t want to miss a moment and now that I’m learning Aperture 3, I can do more WITH my photos! And the more tools I have to work with the more professional my pictures become, even the shot taken by my friend for my business pictures came out SO WeLL!!! And with my handsome young men, they are so much fun to take pictures of and with the holidays around the corner, this would be perfect…….Count me in!!!!! XXXXX 6

  176. Sheri

    Amanda, first I want to say how much I love your blog!! Always so many fun idea and lots of great photos to share, and let’s not forget about the cupcakes :) My favourite photo subject is my two girls and capturing the every day life of my family :)

  177. victoria

    I shoot everything that i want ;)
    I know I’m definitely not going to win that but i would love to try Topaz it seems really cool.

  178. sharon

    Its hard for me to choose what I love taking pictures of the most, but I would say architecture. After that I would say my family. :)

    I have never heard of this before, but it looks like something that would be way more fun to spend my time with rather than my daily chores. ;-)

  179. Alissa

    I would love to win this! My fave subjects are my boys, but I also love shooting landscapes. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  180. Sarah Davis

    I love photographing all my little friends… the perfect little newborns, the smiley toddlers, the red headed boy-girl set of twins, crazy fun 4 yr olds and all the other quirky little ones who are so unique in their own way. I may have a pretty decent camera, but their faces and personalities are what make the photos so great! :)

  181. Casey

    My favorite photography subject is a bride and groom. I love seeing the spark and affection they have for each other on their wedding day!

  182. Marie/Mer

    I like taking photos of my daughter and our two cats. And scenery, although that usually doesn’t come out as good. This package looks great. I hadn’t heard of it before.

  183. Jennifer

    Awesome giveaway! I love portraits. That’s the most rewarding if you can capture a moment before it slips away…trees, mountains, sunsets – they’ll always be there, but capturing my son when he’s still little means the most!

  184. Pat

    Thanks Amanda! Your Chicago photo is fantastic!

    This sounds like a fabulous editing set to own — I’d be thrilled if I won it!

    I love taking photos of scenery around NYC for my blog, and my grandson for my personal photos.

  185. Sharie Thompson

    I am seriously shopping for a beginner camera…this would be so great as I learn.
    My favorite is portraits with a texture (brick, chain link, water..etc.) background.
    Thanks again for including us! xo

  186. Lindsey

    I love photographing my babies Brooklyn & Carson! Their blue eyes are never boring. I also love family parties!

  187. Tracee Smith

    I love taking photos of the outdoors, pets, kids, anything and everything, I love it all! Love seeing all your photos, thanks for letting us all have a peek of your world :)

  188. TwoHeartsTogether

    I love all of your pictures Amanda, I always wondered how you did those finishing touches of your pictures.
    I love black and white photos, very rustic vintage feel.

  189. Wendi

    Oooh, oooh, oooh! Me, me, me! This looks like SO much fun! I love to take pictures of my kids and this would be perfect!

  190. kelly ann

    i’m seriously freaking out over this giveaway, this is amazing! i’m a photographer in dire need of some new actions/plugins.

    i love doing themed shoots. this summer my friend wanted some fun photos of herself, instead of boring headshots… so i set up a bunch of furniture out in the middle of a sun-drenched field right before sunset. and it was glorious! we had so much fun, and people walking on the trail nearby kept asking if we were shooting for an anthropologie catalogue! ;)

  191. Shannon Withaeger

    In my circle of friends, we like to have “Vogue” nights. We get all dressed up in some funky clothes, hair and makeup and then take pictures. It’s so much fun! It’s my favorite thing to shoot because we have so much creative freedom.

  192. Krystal

    My most favorite thing to take pictures of are my crafts! Scrapbook layout, messy desk, etc. Of course I love taking pics of family too, but something about taking pictures of my projects makes me feel acomplished- and good! :) Thanks for this AMAZING give-a-way!

  193. Becky

    My favorite subject is people! Especially my family and friends. I love looking at all the pictures of people I LOVE!

  194. Kelli Brewer

    I love taking pictures of people. Especially babies. They are so sweet and adorable, big and small, even sad pictures are super cute. I just love a crisp, sweet, black and white baby picture.

  195. Katy

    Oh! I have been eyeing these applications for weeks!
    My only photography subjects are my puppies and my boyfriend, luckily the doggies don’t care and my boyfriend thinks it’s fun! Maybe one day I’ll branch out, haha.

  196. Angelica Norris

    I LOVE single/family portraits! I’ve been building my portfolio and have gotten some pretty cool shots of different things, but just capturing special moments for people is more meaningful to me!

  197. Christy Branham

    My kids are my favorite things to photograph!!! I love shooting them participating in sports- my daughter belongs to a competitive and performing jump rope team, and my son is in his first season of tackle football! Love that software- pick me, pick me!!!!! :)


  198. Nicole Finnegan

    Little Girls in Tutu’s! They love to be fairies and they are full of life and giggles! It doesn’t get any better! And with my job as a SAHM with a passion for girly stuff and little ladies… I get to do both! Take pictures of my gigglers in tutus!

  199. Angelica

    I love to photograph People, Portraits and lots of my little one =) and it looks like you were near the merchandise mart here! I work there =) I love my city!

  200. Penny Z.

    This looks like the coolest photo tool ever! I love taking pics of our six dogs … yes, six and one cat … who thinks he’s the boss.

  201. Lara

    My favorite subject is portraits especially of my boys. I’m addicted to making them laugh and keeping it relaxed so they don’t run when I grab the camera!!

    What a fab giveaway Amanda!! Fingers crossed for this one!!

    PS Still making that crazy good zucchini/bacon lasagna you posted a while back!! lol

  202. Alyson

    My favorite subject to photograph is the laughter of a child … the twinkle in their eyes, the way their true smile shows through when they’re giggling :)

  203. Brandi May

    My favorite thing to photograph is my niece, Lillie. She reminds me so much of my sister who passed away and I feel that when I photograph her I am in some way, photographing memories that my sister will miss. I would LOVE to have this software, just to enhance Lillies all natural beauty….just like my sister. :)

  204. Stephanie

    Wow! That is amazing! I think this is the most excited I’ve been about a giveaway yet! I love photographing my kids and this would make the pictures that much better!

  205. Heather H :) :) :)

    What a fun giveaway…definitely enter me, please. I love to take photos of anything…people, old homes…anything…but lately I seem to have a special liking for flowers, the countryside and super cool cloud formations :) :) Have a great week. Hugs, Heather :)

  206. Amanda C

    Love photography so much! Dream of having my own photography business one day : / My favorite thing to photograph is children. They are so unpredictable. My 2 year old has a different look in every picture I take of her !

  207. Alacey

    My girls are my favorite subjects to photograph- my oldest especially as she is 6 and knows how to work the camera!

  208. Becca @ One Girl

    I LOVE photographing scenery it probably comes from the fact that I love to go hiking and travel to beautiful places. Anything and everything in the outdoors trees, mountains, flowers, lakes or oceans, I love it all!

  209. carolanne carter

    I love photos that capture the emotions of people of all ages. But I love photos of scenery, your gorgeous fellas, the furry ones. Your photos have actually awakened the photographer in me and your tutorials are so easy to understand. Keep it up Amanda. I love your blog and would love to win this prize.

  210. Tonya Arnold

    I photograph mostly people :) But LOVE to photograph my Boston & Pitt too!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  211. Jeannie Phillips

    Love this! I take pictures of dogs – lots of dogs. I train Seeing Eye dogs so we always have a puppy or two around the house. Nature is a close second because we live on a lake. Also, being about an hour outside of NYC – cityscapes are a third favorite. These plugins would be awesome to play with in Photoshop.

  212. Chandra Marrs

    As a mom, I have to say that portraits of my precious kiddos take the cake at our house! While I love viewing the beautiful landscape photos, nothing can compare to the sweet smiles of my kids! I cannot believe the difference that Topaz has on photos…I will definitely be checking out their products!

  213. Beth Trestrail

    My favorite subjects are people, closely followed by flowers, and last but not least, my cats. But I’ve been known to take pictures of red peppers, trees, and clouds. And whatever else wanders into my focus! Salivating to try out this software.

  214. Pamela

    I love to photograph different things. My kids are my number one fav at the moment. my schnauzer, beach pics, etc. I’ve been in photography since I was in 7th grade and it is hobby and interest that I share with my Dad and I hope to pass the love on to my kids.
    This software looks really cool! Love it :)

  215. Jane

    OMG, Amanda… your Chicago pictures pulled on my heartstrings and made me realize how homesick I am for Chicago. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that city, but, alas, my home is now in the DC area with my darling husband.

    Anyhoo… I have a couple of favorites for photos: my beautiful nieces, butterflies, and occasional gatherings with dear friends from our high school in Germany because all we do it LAUGH!

    Thanks so much for your awesome pictures of “my kind of town… Chicago!” You’re the bestest!!!


  216. Casey

    Wow! I love to take photos of architectual details. I just got back from a trip and most of my photos are of carved details of old buildings, windows and doors, the statues in parks, wrought iron fences, old brick walls. You might think that everyone there had gone on vacation too, and left an empty city for me to photograph!

  217. Anne Schnacke

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I like to photography anything in nature- people, plants, sunsets, etc. Thanks!

  218. Sarah

    I love taking pictures of my two year old daughter! I just got a Nikon camera and I would love to win this editing software!

  219. Ashley

    I love, love, love taking pictures of my family and friends. I especially love to take candids of little ones playing and loving on eachother. :)

  220. Rachel

    Sounds like a great editing package! My favorite subjects for photos are children & nature in general. Aaaand I also love taking pictures of my weim balancing random objects on her head! :)

  221. Sabrina Kent

    I love to take photos of all the things I have done….so I guess you would call it active shots….of life in process…to help with the memories later…love the blog…thanks for sharing

  222. Chelsea

    I LOVE photographing my kids, and my family!! The expressions on their faces always make for awesome photos. I would LOVE to win this!!

  223. Georgia Peach

    I love taking pictures of my grandchildren first, children second, husband third, my dog babies Abby and Haley fourth and flowers/scenery last.

  224. Jamie J

    I’m just starting (I bought a Canon T1i last month!!). I bought it so that I could capture moments with the people I love the most!

  225. Candi1973 in Colorado

    oh wow!!! I know you do some awesome giveaways, and this IS MY FAVORITE! I would love to win this more than you know!!!!!!!

    My favorite thing to photograph is people…well, more specifically, action shots. Sports, dance, gymnastics, things like that. It is by far the biggest challenge for me. Second to action shots would be scenery. There is nothing better than a photo that really moves you. You know what I am talking about…a photo that takes your breath away. I dream to (one day) take a photo that takes someone’s breath away (without choking them!).

    Thanks for the chance. I love your blog!!