Giveaway! Personalized Weathered Wood Signs (Winner Announced!)


Time’s Up!! :) The winner of the personalized wood sign is comment #123, emilyjpaterson! Congrats Emily! :)

Don’t forget, now through the end of September, use the coupon code kandaBOGO when ordering from Signs by Andrea. It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas Gifts! :) This coupon is good for Buy One, Get One 50% Off at Signs by Andrea (special order signs included! expires 9/30/10).

So excited to share this giveaway with you today from my sweet friend Andrea! Remember Andrea? We instantly became BFFs when she taught me her $3 french manicure secret.

Signs by Andrea offers one-of-a-kind, personalized signs that are the perfect gift for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, holidays and more. Painted on weathered wood, each knot, imperfection and blemish enhances the vintage look ensuring no two signs are alike. These signs look fabulous hung above doorways and archways or even set on a fireplace mantel. All signs include attached hardware for hanging.

Andrea would like to offer a Kevin & Amanda reader one free personalized sign of their choice! Check out Signs by Andrea for all the colors, options, and styles available.

How to Enter

1. To be entered to win your personalized sign from Andrea, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. What’s your favorite style of sign? Which one would you get? I totally love the Monogram Initial with Name Overlay style! :)

2. Contest ends Thursday, August 26, at 8pm CST. Winner will be selected by and notified by email.

3. Now through the end of September, use the coupon code kandaBOGO when ordering from Signs by Andrea. It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas Gifts! :) This coupon is good for Buy One, Get One 50% Off at Signs by Andrea (special order signs included! expires 9/30/10).

Thanks for looking and Good Luck!!! :)

567 Responses
  1. Bambi Haley

    I would love to win this software. I have a creative mind, but not a creative budget. I’m the mom of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 adorable grand daughter. I love taking photo’s of my family.

  2. Lisa

    I love the “You are my Sunshine” sign, since I sing that to my girls a lot! I also love the sign with a last name with “est.”.

  3. kjpugs

    I don’t know if I’d be able to decide between a 2 foot one or the monogram with name overlay! They’re so great!

  4. Leisa

    I hope I’m not too late to leave a comment! I love the outdoor kitchen back splash and the “Love Altered” piece. So neat!

  5. shannon Rifenberg

    I love the 5×6 property marker sign. I’ve wanted one for a long time but couldnt find the just right one.l

  6. Kimberly

    I love the basic black with beveled edges with our last name to hang outside our fifth wheel when we go camping. I might have to find a cute little black bear to hold the sign for us!

  7. Mandy

    I love the 0-7 Letter Personalized signs! They are the cutest, especially with the little stand they are on.

  8. Kimmie

    I love the You Are My Sunshine – my grandpa used to sing this to me as a little girl :) Would love to hang something like that in my kiddos room. Beautiful signs!

  9. Courtney

    I would get a personalized letter….with our last name and something witty :) Something for our first home!

  10. Kelly Seibert

    Our home is decorated in mostly primitives and the black signs would look great, especially in the kitchen. LOve the “Sunshine” sign in the custom section.

  11. Shawn

    Such great signs….I love the Do what you love and love what you do signs….they say sold. I like other ones too.

  12. Ellie

    This is why I NEVER win anything cause I am always late for everythng! waaa.. BUT hey you never know.. see I would need one of these on my desk w/the font featured to make me stay by my computer and check your blog 24/7!

  13. E DeCap

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would have a hard time choosing, but I would probably get our last name. I especially love the look of personalized signs with the cut corners!

  14. Shannon Marie

    I love the name in the back with a script written half on the name and half off of the name.

    Would look awesome in our newly built home!

  15. Jennifer P.

    I love the last name with the name overlay- in fact, I’ve got a spot picked out for it already if I win! ;)

  16. Diane B

    I like the 3 foot in brown. I would get one for my brother and his wife who just bought their first house – their last name with Est. 2010. Perfect!

  17. Kristin S

    I would say the “thankful” or “merry christmas y’all” (not listed but maybe she would do it?)

  18. jessica whittle

    i really love the “do what you love what you do” sign!! adorable, and i totally love my photography job. so it fits. but i think i’d have to order the monogram with name sign for our house. i was hesitant until i actually saw a w name and it’s perfect.

  19. Erin

    I really like the ones with the last name spelled out. I’d probably go with brown though. Very cool. :) I like them. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Amy

    Love, Love, Love… 1 ft Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay. I’m still newlywed having married in January this year, and this would be a great addition to our home…

  21. Katie Parrington

    I LOVE the sign that says “do what you LOVE what you do” So Adorable!! It would look pretty amazing in my scrapbooking room =)

  22. Bethany Murphy

    I have been wanting a “MURPHY” sign since I got married over two years ago! I’ve had such a hard time finding one I like! This is a great site!

  23. Kathryn

    I’d love the initial “A” with overlay “kooky” . . . crazy, huh! Well, we’re the Adams Family (11th anniversary in Sept.) and we love the play on the Addams Family theme song! Awesome signs, Andrea!!!

  24. Tina

    I love the last name, would look great on my mantle! But I could also give one to my step daughter for her upcoming wedding!

  25. Tara

    I love two of them! The Twlight one…would look great in my classroom…and the Christmas one!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  26. Alicia

    I love the one pictured in the post. Personalized last name with a family overlay, as for the colors i would go with Black background and white letters.:)

  27. Linda Wendeborn

    I love the personalized sign – with the last name. I would choose the black or black with brown one. LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  28. Kayla Wagstaff

    I would love to get the 8-12 LETTER PERSONALIZED with my last name on it. It would look so adorable sitting on top of our entertainment center!

  29. Amber Deets

    I would love the Monogram Initial wiht Name Overlay style. These are so greatly done. I also love your blog and am envious over all your wonderful adventures. Keep on blogging.

  30. Janice E

    I love the 2 ft. personalized names. But I also love the “always kiss me goodnight” type signs also. Yeah, I’d probably have to go with some kind of quote.

  31. Amanda Hefferon

    I just got married and moved into a new house! The monogram with overlay would be PERFECT for our new place!

  32. Laura Fitzgerald

    My favorite sign is the Monogram with name overlay…. I also like some of the samples with the Names and an overlay sentence of text (script) would be a GREAT wedding gift, with the name of the couple, and the date on the overlay text!

  33. Jennifer

    I love the monogramed initial with the name overlayed and the 3ft sign with last name. Great giveaway!

  34. Carla Pruitt

    Look no further than the name with lake house for the perfect gift for my parents and their favorite get-a-way!

  35. Liezl

    I like the letter personalized, especially the “Miller” one as I am a “Muller” from South Africa! I am to begin selling the weathered wood frames, so this is great for me. Hope I can have one…

  36. Annalise

    They are all so great! I had a hard time choosing my favorite, but I love the style featured on your blog where it has the last name and a little something extra in cursive. So fun!

  37. Michelle

    I love the rustic feel of these signs. If I had to choose one, I would choose the monogram initial w/name overlay.

  38. Britt

    I am with you Amanda…I love the monogram initial with name overlay. But in truth I love them all!! Great idea for Christmas gifts.

  39. Sherry

    Those are so cool!! I’d probably want the one with our last name on it, kinda like the one pictured….but I’d really have to look through all the designs first. :)

  40. LJ

    0-7 LETTER PERSONALIZED – One of these signs would be a great addition to our home. Having one with our last name would be a fun way to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversay!

  41. Kristine Spencer

    I would love one that says RELAX and small print, “at the beach”. I’m such a beach finatic! Great signs, thanks for posting!


  42. Jesslyn Claywell

    I love the monogram initial with name overlay! I think it would be awesome to get an “A” with “Roll Tide” written across it because my family and I are HUGE Bama fans! Hope I win! That would be awesome. :)

  43. Rebecca & Fabian

    We would Pick the Special Order Custom Designs. It would make our FIRST apartment together complete. =)

  44. Cindy Garcia

    Anything that goes with beach theme with our last name. Our outside patio is beach theme. Your so good at what you do I will let you decide.

    Thanks cindy

  45. Robyn

    They are all so beautiful! But I would love the MONOGRAM w/NAME OVERLAY, very unique! Thank you for the chance to win one and good luck to all!

  46. Andrea Neal

    I love just the black and white with the last name… I’d like our names overlaying it though!!!! or maybe since our last name is so short ‘Neal’ – I’d like to have Neal with our three names under it!!! Brandon – Andrea – Garrett

  47. Chris

    I also used the manicure secret and loved it. I found the ones for my toes and they were even better :)
    The “1 ft Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay” would be very pretty in Brown and light blue :)

  48. Ola Jaggers

    Oh boy… I love them all!!! But I have to go with you for my favorite, the Monogram Initial with Name Overlay… it’s gorgeos!!! I also love the beveled edges!!!!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win & telling me about such an amazing store!

    okj83 at live dot com

  49. Emily

    I have wanted to get a sign with our full last name since my husband and I got married last summer. These signs are adorable!

  50. Liz

    I would love to order one for my sister with her “new” last name…. she will be engaged soon (and she does not know it yet!!!!) This would be a great surprise gift! LOVE IT!!!

  51. Niki

    My fav is the 8-12 letter personalized in black… and I’d personalize it with “Garavogue” which was the name of our holiday house in Ireland! Thanks Amanda & Andrea!

  52. Tina McNamara

    I like the personalized name plaques. I think a plaque with Bon Apetit would be great for a kitchen. Thanks

  53. Lisa

    The sigsn are all so beautiful, but I am really liking the Monogram Initial w/Overlay, too!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! :-)

  54. Angie

    WOW~!! So talented! I am re-decorating(or should I say LEARNING to re-decorate) and could definitely use a cute sign in my living room! I love the “Do what you LOVE what you do” Love love love your blog!

  55. Pam H.

    I love the Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay also! I’ve followed Andrea for years through Scrap Jazz. She’s a very creative lady!

  56. debe

    I have to go with your choice on this one. I love the Monogram initial with the overlay. Totally love the weathered look and would be thrilled to hang it at my lake house I am dreaming of. Thanks for all the cool stuff you share with us!

  57. Donna Baker

    these are cool! I’d totally love an outdoor property marker sign since we’re building a house right now. Hope I win! thanks for the chance!

  58. Becky

    I’m with you, Amanda! I love the overlays! I love the style of the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight,” but I’d love it even more if it was laid over our last name!

  59. Linda Hill

    If I am picked I will chose the “you are my sunshine” sign and give it to my daughter:)Thanks so much.

  60. kristin taylor

    I really love those signs! As far as the personalized ones go, I like the monogram initial with name overlay. But I really love the “You are my Sunshine” sign.

  61. angi aka jinxi~

    This is such a great idea and yes perfect for weddings.. speaking of which I have two coming up in October! Id have to say that with that in mind I totally love the {Always Kiss Me Goodnight} sign. Beautiful work, thank you for the chance to win!!!

  62. Kim

    I would love the 2 foot personalized one that comes in brown, Or one of the red Love ones. I love these signs!!! Please pick me!!!!

  63. laura davis

    OHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE the altered LOVE sign, but any would be lovely….

    how generous to give one away.

    laura SO OR

  64. Cyndi J

    I love these signs. I have two brothers who recently moved into their new houses and they would make awesome housewarming gifts, so I think I like the 3′ long signs th ebest for that idea. THANKS for sharing!!

  65. Brittney Finerty

    I LOVE the Monogram Initial with Name Overlay! It is exactly what I am looking for to put in our entryway over our shelf and bench that just came in!!!! Would be perfect right there!!!! =)

  66. Angela

    I would love the custom sign with last name and first names for my soon to be married son and his future wife!

  67. Amanda

    I love love LOVE the style where the backside has first name in large letters & middle & then the last name is in script. I can already visualize where this would go in my house! Gorgeous!!

  68. Nicole

    I’m a newlywed, so I’m all about plastering my new last name everywhere & anywhere. Although, I must admit, those Christmas signs are SO cute!

  69. marie

    I agree the monogram with name overlay is wonderful!!! I love hanging things that make our home personable.

  70. Katherine Greenough

    I’ve always wanted one of these!!! Monogram name with overlay!! I think I’ll buy one for christmas gifts!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  71. debraK

    I would love a last name sign, but I would prolly give it to my friend as a wedding gift. She’s getting married next weekend. Pick me! She will love it!

  72. Katherine

    I would have chosen the last name, but mine is too short (three letters) to that wouldn’t looks so good. I like the monogram with name overlay, that would be pretty fun to have around. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Stacey

    I would definitely get the sign with my last name on it and put it on my dining room table, like one of the pictures showed~adorable!

  74. jen

    I like just the last name on the sign … since I’m getting married next year this would be wonderful (with perhaps a “est. 2011” in cursive??)

  75. kimmy

    I love them all, such an amazing idea! My fave are the Christmas ones as well as the personalized letters! =]

  76. Lesa

    I like the initial with the name overlay! It would be a perfect gift to myself after my wedding to put my new last name on a sign for our home.

  77. Marie

    I loved anything personalized. It makes everyday items seem so personal. I love the lettering. Beautiful!

  78. Deborah K

    I like the idea of a Monogram with a word across it in a seriously distressed blue! They are awesome!

  79. Cheri

    I love them all but my fav would be last name with home in cursive below.. Brown with beveled edge – Amanda, you always find such awesome things. I just love your blog.



  81. Colleen Francis

    Love love love the monogram w/ name overlay! You are right it’s beautiful, clean and classic. just like me w/ a dash of sassiness!

  82. Trina

    I love the monogram with the name overlay, but I am a sucker for Christmas! That would be a hard choice! Thanks!

  83. Lisa

    What a perfect wedding gift for my niece lauren. She is getting married in Dec. I love the monogram w/ name overlay. How perfect!I would love to be able to give her this…Thanks a bunch!

  84. Kimm Geria

    I love the sign in the display of the Johnsons Lake House. My friend just bought a house in Lake Arrowhead and that would be the perfect gift. The monagram with name overlay is really cool too.


  85. Cary

    I really love the monogram initial with overlay, altered with patterned paper! These are really cool signs!

  86. Anna Violette

    I was attracted to the sign that you have displayed. The family name with Lake house at the bottom……We live on a lake and it would be awesome!!

  87. Dori

    these are absolutely adorable! Of course in my crazy house it would have to say our name and the crazy house! With six kids coming and going, it’s a whirlwind that never ends! How much fun you are having!

  88. Heather

    I love the holiday signs. Every Thanksgiving my Aunt would tell me, “Happy Turkey, Come on Santa.” That is what I would want.

  89. Chris A.

    These are wonderful! I too love the Monogram with the overlay. I’d love to get a customized one for my entry way with a scripture or inspirational thought.

  90. Connie THompson

    What a great gift from a new mother-in-law! Now do I do the monogram or the full last name. Maybe I can makeup for almost mis-spelling the last name on the cover of their guest book…but I caught it in time.

  91. stephanie

    I really like the personalized with the beveled edge! Ive been looking for something like this for our front door. I think Id add the year we got married to it as well.

  92. Vivian

    I like the full-on last name, but then I also like the initial with the overlay, but then I like the Christmas ones and the ones with special sentiments…if I won, I would never be able to decide. LOL

  93. Amber

    Love the monogram with overlay…but my last name is probably too long for that! I also love the always kiss me goodnight sign!

  94. Kindyll

    I love the twilight one but I would not be able to put it up in my home. Maybe for my neice for christmas. I absolutly adore the altered love vertical sign. Perfect! Pick me!

  95. Diane Kinman

    I love Andrea’s signs…my favorite style is the altered and I would get the altered with patterned paper & misc. chipboard & metal alphabet letters! Thank you for offering one of the signs in this giveaway!!!

  96. Jen

    I’d like the family name sign for our home, but the monagrams would be so nice to use in our sons’ rooms, too.

  97. Ann L Jones

    love teh weathered look, goes completely w/ my design styling! I’d do black background w/ an inital J w/ Jones written over the top in toupe!
    Fun ideas if nothing else!

  98. Karen in NOLA

    I LOVE the monogram with the name overlay. I must get one of these when I have my name changed back to my maiden name as a celebration gift to the family. I also like the personalized names to hang over the front door.

    My Dad built this house and I am thrilled to be living here now. This house will always be in the family as long as i am here, my daughter feels the same way. Family is very important right now since Dad is sick and we have grown very close, thank you LORD!

  99. Ciara

    I like the ones that would have our last name, and also the one you like Amanda. It would be a tough choice! They are all adorable!

  100. Southern Gal

    Love them all. How to choose? I love the Monogram overlay, too, but my last name is too long!
    The one with the last name would be my next favorite.

  101. Erica Kiani League

    HI there…..I love the 0-7 personalized name one….This would look great in my almost 13 year old’s room. His name is Daniel and his room was the biggest challenge to decorate….this would be perfect!

  102. Donna

    Amanda, I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Andrea makes the type of sign I have been looking for for quite a while now. We live on a lake and I’ve been wanting a rustic sign that says Welcome to the Lake to put above my kitchen window (it looks out over the lake).

    Thank you SO much for the opportunity!!!

  103. Rachelle

    I too like the MONOGRAM w/NAME OVERLAY. I think it’ll fit just right on the mantel next to the HUGE tv Mr. has hanging there. =)

  104. Sara

    I love the love signs and the Sunshine sign! Heck, I love them all, what can I say! I have a problem with making choices when they are all so indivudally adorable!

  105. Melissa

    I am bookmarking this for Christmas! What a great idea. I love the Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay. And since I am getting married I could get it with my new married name! Fun!

  106. Kimberly

    I love the “You are my sunshine” one with the daisy on it. Daisies are my all-time favorite flower, and I love this design!

  107. Kourtney

    They are all so stinkin cute!!!! I really love the you are my sunshine one, and the love, and the names!!! Really, so cute!!!!

  108. Annie Brinker

    Wow, they are all just terrific! We have a little one on the way, so I could really see a monogram sign with the overlay in the nursery. SUCH a great giveaway! Thanks, Amanda and Andrea!

  109. Chelsi

    I would have to pick a custom sign that would have our last name in the background, with all 5 of our names overlaid. Beautiful signs! Thanks for a chance to win!! :)

  110. Heather

    I love all those signs but I would have to say the example above of the “Johnson lake house” I think I would do something similar with our last name. I love these signs!

  111. Sheila Scraps

    I absolutly love the 1 ft Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay, Thank you so much for the chance, it is awesome.

  112. 52scrap

    This is so right up my alley. I love them all. But if I had to choose I would probably pick the initial with name overlay too. So awesome. It would look so good on my front porch!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Julie

    These signs would fit perfectly in my home! I love “May all who enter as guests, leave as friends.” It would look great on my front porch. I also love anything with a monogram!! Thank you for always helping us find such fabulous gift ideas!!

  114. Lindsay

    I would get a custom one with my {our} last name and wedding date (kind of an “established” sign!). I was banking on this for our wedding, and never got one of them… I’ve been in search of the perfect one for quite some time now! These are perfect!

  115. aimee

    I adore the one that says “you are my sunshine” ~ precious! Or the 2 foot sign with our last name would be wonderful, too! Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize!!

  116. Sara M H

    I really like the big letter with the little name over top- very cute. We actually got something similar to this for our wedding- it would be so neat to have one upstairs as well!

  117. Linda S

    I have never won anything,,,
    so truly, I would appreciate any one of them.
    They are all wonderful works of art.

  118. LeAdelle

    I just LOVE the monogram with the name overlay. The color pictured would match my house perfectly! I’d love to hang it on my front door!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  119. Debbie

    Altered Love! It would hang as a reminder to take the time to do what I love to do and not get caught up in work schedules all the time!

  120. Michele

    I would love the “Signs by Andrea” or the “Johnson Lake House” of course it would have my name on it. Win or not I am glad to know that this place exists, such cool gift ideas.

  121. Cheryl Newton

    I am such a lame-o follower, but I like the monogram with overlay too. I would make it the focal point of my N display (from eBay, from various sources — old marquees, etc.). Winning a weathered wood sign would be the spark I need to cover a space of naked wall. (Amanda, you’d be horrified, I think, at the amount of naked wall that’s in my poor house. Look away, look away!)

  122. Jacqueline R

    Wow, what a tough choice….all of her signs are amazing! I do love the monogram and name overlay though.

  123. Rachael

    I have to say that I am really interested in Andrea’s signs! They are so classy! I would love a family name 3 ft. bevelled sign! I have to say that I am wavering though :) I agree with you Amanda, those monogram ones are really great too!

  124. Lori

    They are so cool! I too like the monogrammed with overlay also and the beveled edge sign. So many great ones that it would be fun to choose. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Sera

    I love the one with the big monogram and smaller cursive name. It would look awesome in my formal dining room :):)

  126. April B.

    Ooooooo pick me!! I would love to get my Last name like the one above with EST. 2009 in cursive under. I’ve always loved those!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  127. Mel H

    I am IN LOVE with Altered Love…seriously in love. Needing it bad kind of love…obsessive compulsive kind of love. Put me out of my misery, please!

  128. angien24

    Oooh, so many to choose from! I like the look of the last names or the overlay ones, but I’ve always wanted an ‘Always kiss me goodnight’ sign for our room. Decisions, decisions!

  129. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I love all of these it’s so hard to choose!!! I’ve been wanting a sign to read the date that my boyfriend and I got together Est. 11-14-05 or just 2005. This would be so perfect! *fingers crossed*

    I think my favorite is actually the lake house sign and the backsplash signs! Excellent work Andrea! ox

  130. Chelsea

    I’m a newlywed still trying to decorate our home and I would LOVE one of these! I can’t decide which one I like the best..the monogram initial ones are soo cute though!


  131. Kelly

    I love the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” one…. Don’t know if that’s one of the ones up for grabs in the giveaway…. :-)

  132. Allison

    *Praying that will choose me*

    Okay, I’m in LOVE with these signs!

    My favorite sign was the altered love sign, but it’s not something I would display in my house (maybe if the colors were different?).

    So my favorite that I would put in the house are the Monogram with Name overlay because for the LONGEST time I’ve been wanting to do some fun crafty project with the kiddos names and put it up on their wall but sheesh, I have no idea where to start and everything I’ve looked at at the craft stores don’t give me that excited feeling like that’s what I need to do!

    So when I saw those signs I was like *GASP* “This is it!”

    Thanks for posting this!

  133. Jayne Slovick

    How exciting! If I won, I would pick a black background, with “Create” lettered in brown stain.

    Your blog is always fun. Thanks. Jayne

  134. Erica chesnut

    I too like the monogram with name overlay but my second choice would be the custom signs with a saying my husband proposed to me with 11 years ago! Thank you for sharing with us!

  135. Carolynn F

    I love them all and I can’t decide…but i would love to win! I’ll think on it while I keep my fingers crossed.

  136. PatriciaD

    I have loved seeing your photos of NYC recently and love to see photos of your precious dogs. Of course, the descriptions of what they’re thinking are just too funny, too.

    Anyway, thanks for another great giveaway and my favorite style this time is the same as yours. I like the Monogram Initial with Name Overlay.

  137. Cheryl K

    I LOVE the Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay…my husband and I are looking at houses and it would be perfect for our new home.

  138. Lauren

    I really love the monogram with the last name overlay. So pretty, but the Love what you do is adorable, as well. Her signs are so pretty and simple.

  139. Diane

    Amanda, thanks for this wonderful offer!!!
    I LOVE the Altered Love sign….but I think I might choose a sign that says Blessed….like the encounter sign….so many fabulous choices! :-)

  140. Jennifer

    Oh I’d love to win this one! I’m getting married on Sunday and it would be perfect with my new last name!!!!

  141. Shannon Gottschalk

    It’s too hard to choose! Do I get my daughter’s name in purple? Or do I get a sign for our porch with our last name? Or do I get one of those cute sayings?

  142. Bekah

    I’M IN LOVE w/ the Altered with patterned paper, a silk flower and button sign that says, “You are my SUNSHINE” I would love in blue & brown to put in our daughter’s play room that gets FULL SUN in the afternoons in the big window that she loves to gaze out of! :)

  143. kelley blake

    I think my favorite are the monogram initial with name overlay, too! These signs are so cute! I may just have to order some for friends!

  144. Barbara LeMay

    Oh…..these signs are AWESOME! I live in a log cabin — they would fit in so nicely!!

    My favorite is: “1 ft Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay”

    Super cool!

  145. Carrie

    3 months till my name changes! I’d love to get the 2ft with beveled edges with my shiny new last name on it :)

  146. Michelle B.

    I’d have to decide between one of the holiday signs (like Santa stops here) or a last name sign. She’s such a talented artist!!

  147. Kalli H

    Love, love, LOVE these signs! My favorite is the monogram initial w/ name overlay. I also like the personalized names with the beveled edges. Too cute!

  148. audrey

    I want the momogram initial with the name overlay!! I already have a sign with mine and my husbands name on it with the year we were est. and I would do our childrens names and hang them under our sign!!!

  149. Denise H.

    I love the monagram with name overlay. It just different enough that everyone doesn’t have it. It would like wonderful in me house! It’s beautiful!

  150. Cassie

    I love the Altered Love Sign with patterned paper & misc. chipboard & metal alphabet letters. TOO CUTE! I’d put it in my classroom :)

  151. Lisa

    Would love the personalized name one for my twin boys’
    “camp” themed room. It would be perfect to hang above their
    “cabin” door!

  152. Katlyn

    Ooooohhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last name sign like the one pictured. I already have the perfect spot in mind for it!

  153. Amy

    I’m totally diggin’ the sign from the email, the one you used as an example. I would do something for my parents house if I won. Fazio’s mad house maybe. hehe

  154. Erica

    I like the MONOGRAM w/NAME OVERLAY too, but I also like the last name ones, maybe with “est and the year” un it in small letters? Cute signs! :)

  155. Jennifer Green

    I like ALL of them. These are all so cute!! I think I like the full last name best… tough decision though :)

  156. Amanda Sevall

    These are really cool!! I love the monogram with the name overlay. Thanks for sharing these with us!! :)

  157. Christy

    What a neat idea. We are building a house so it would be a wonderful addition! Thanks for another great giveaway. :)

  158. Lynda

    I have to say I love them all!!! If I had to choose one, I think I would choose the simple name. It looks so nice displayed on the furniture!

  159. Linsey Jackson

    I LOVE the monogram with name overlay!! :) SO cute! My husband and I JUST got married and I would love to have a cute cute sign to show off my brand new name!! :)

  160. Jennifer

    Wow! Those are awesome (as is the $3 french manicure secret). I’m thinking it would make a great gift for an upcoming wedding…

  161. Valerie

    I like the 2ft Personalized Names as I would want our last name on the wood.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  162. KellyM

    I love the monogram initial with the name overlay also. Very rustic looking and it would look great in my house!

  163. Lynley Hardie

    I love the one that says “You are my Sunshine.” That’s the song I would sing to my daughter every night when I tucked her in… Sweetness:)

  164. Michelle Davis

    Oh my word those are ridiculously awesome sign’s and she even has my last name featured on one of her sign’s on the site. Even better! ;)

    I can’t decided which is my favorite but I do love the black and the personalized sign and also the monogramed sign with name overlay is quite delightful as well…

    What an awesome giveaway Amanda!

  165. Tamisha

    I love these signs!! I love finding new things like this through you, Amanda! Thanks for sharing! I have always wanted something with a “T” on it to hang in my house, so I love the monogram w/ name overlay. Would love to have a “T” with Tamisha written over it. Would also like to have one with an “L” that says “love”.

  166. shannon

    I LOVE all of the signs! If I won I would love the you are my sunshine sign b/c one of my best friends has that saying with her husband. They tell eachother “you are my sunshine” so if I won I would give that to them. If I had to choose one for myself I think I would choose a sign for my new house that said Johnny Applseed Drive b/c that is my new street name (cute huh!). These are great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  167. Sher

    Love all of them. You are so talented! If I had to choose, I’m drawn to the monogram with name overlay or the name signs. Thanks for this opportunity!

  168. Misty

    I adore the Altered LOVE sign with the overlay of words. They are all cute, it wouldn’t be easy choosing what to get!

  169. shanna uptergrove

    Loving the weathered wood look- gives it character! I’d have our family name stretched out and maybe see if our first names can fit on it too!

  170. Tracy Eau Claire

    Great giveaway – thanks for the chance! I’d love to have our last name on one of the 8-12 LETTER PERSONALIZED signs.

  171. Nicole

    I LOVE these! It is hard to choose, but I would probably choose the Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay. I also love the Christmas ideas!

  172. Kristi

    I really like the ones with the full last names. But I am in LOVE with the one that says Do What You LOVE What you do! :)

  173. Amy

    Hi Amanda. Once again you share an awesome gift idea. I too like the monogram w/ overlay, but also love the name with overlay for a family room or vacation home. So glad you had a great trip to NY. Hopefully you’ll make it out to SF sometime. Would love to take you around to the best sights around here.

  174. Adriana

    BEautiful signs! Love it!
    I would get a 8-12 LETTER PERSONALIZED with our last name on it!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  175. CharlieG

    I l-o-v-e the “You are MY Sunshine” but I think these could be addicting..who could have just one?…I want them all! So adorable!

  176. Barbara

    I really would have a hard time deciding which one. They are all very nice and great quality, I can see.

  177. Joani McDonald

    I really like the 1 ft. monogram with the name overlay. I would be proud to display that sign ~ and to tell everyone where I got it from. Thanks for the opportunity Amanda (and Andrea) Ü

  178. Gina

    I LOVE them all! But especially “Love what you do what you love” in red. They are all TOO CUTE! Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. Amanda

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monogram Initial w/Name Overlay sign. It would be PERFECT for my new home with my soon-to-be husband! It could showcase my new shared name and would mean a lot to me.

    Not to mention, Amanda is a pretty nifty name ;)

  180. Tonya

    Love the initial with name overlay; but I am a Christmas decorating freak….so I might have to lean that direction. It would be a hard decision for me.

  181. Mrs. NotSo

    Oh boy! I love the initial overlay as well! I don’t know if I’d do my first name or our last name! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  182. Rebecca

    I love the signs! My favotite is the initial with the name overlay. I would love to have a “B” then believe written across it. Very important remider for me!

  183. Cindy

    I like them all! If I had to pick today, I really like:
    1) you are my SUNSHINE
    or 2) do what you LOVE what you do
    Thanks so much for sharing and giving one of us an opportunity to win!

  184. Kaylene

    I’m with you! That initial with the name overlay is awesome! But I also love the style of the sample that you posted. They are all gorgeous though. *crossing my fingers*!!

  185. Jarrod

    I’d love one with our last name with beveled edges. I’d put it on our mantle! We have only been married a year so things with our last name still gets me!

  186. Judith Clark

    What lovely signs! I would love to win the Monogram with name overlay. Thank you for offering this contest and prize. I am hoping to be lucky!

  187. Jen

    Totally love the initial with mongram overlay. I think I need to get one for my 3 month old with her name on it!

  188. Lisa M

    Andrea — you have such a wonderful talent! This is what I call the “finishing touch” to any decor. My favorite is “Monogram with name overlay.” Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  189. Gloria

    Ooooo – I can’t decide!! Either a sign with our last name on it or the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” sign in red!

  190. Zilkia Olmeda-Martins

    These signs are gorgeous! I can’t decide between the monogram with the name overlay and the 3ft sign with beveled edge.

  191. Cara

    Love love love these. It would be hard to choose, but I would probably pick the Monogram with name overlay. Just too sweet!

  192. Amanda

    I think I need a bit of a pick me up this week. My oldest went to college, middle child to middle school, and my BABY is in kindergarten. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Pick me, please!!!

  193. April S.

    I really like the Monogram Initial with Name Overlay. I also love her altered LOVE sign – soooo cute!

  194. Vicki

    Loved them all! Especially the Initial with name overlay…very unique.
    Sure is a nice way to share each other’s work.

  195. Audra

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  196. Denise

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  197. Bekah

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  198. Amanda

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