Digital Body Fat Scale Giveaway (Winners Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winners of the EatSmart Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Scale are
#1014 Suzanne Bond and #336 Jen.

Congrats Suzanne and Jen! I’ve sent you two an email.

I am freakishly fascinated by this unassuming little scale.

More than once I’ve stepped on that devilish contraption known as the bathroom scale and wondered, Well, hmm. What the heck is going on here?

Are those extra pounds just water weight?


Why am I not losing weight? Am I just gaining muscle?

I’ve always been curious. And this scale can tell you. The Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Scale by EatSmart sends a safe, low level electrical current through your body which allows the scale to analyze your body in a matter of seconds. Not only does it display your weight, but here’s what all it tells you.


Bone Mass

Body Fat %

Muscle %

Water Weight %

If you’re keeping track of your weight, body changes, fitness results, or diet goals this is a handy tool to have around. It’s extremely sleek and lightweight, comes with batteries (it uses triple A, which is nice), and starts weighing immediately when you step on it.

I’ve got two (2) of these scales that I’m very excited to give away today, courtesy of EatSmart.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment in the comments section of this post. What’s your favorite healthy snack? Bananas? Granola? Yogurt? Maybe we’ll get a few good ideas here!

Contest ends Saturday night at 8pm CST. One entry per person please. Two winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Good luck!

1,251 Responses
  1. Alysia

    I really like those kellog’s fiber plus antioxidants granola bars…tastes just like a candy bar! So good!

  2. Vivian

    I have lost 25 lbs and have 15 more to go! My favorite snack is organic yogurt sticks thrown in the freezer. Nothing taste better after a hard workout or on a hot day.

  3. Janie Hyde

    I like dried apples, not the chewy ones, but the really crisp dehydrated ones. String cheese and grapes are always a good go-to snack for me and the kids as well.

  4. Debbie Pearson

    I love apples with a little smear of peanut butter! Or popcorn with spray butter.

  5. Sarah

    I love popcorn and tropical trail mix for my snacks!!! And I really need a scale…thanks!

  6. Rebecca Lopez

    Fresh raw veggies with a fat free/lo-cal ranch or dill dip. Or zuchinni & carrot muffins made with applesauce…it helps my 2 year old actually eat the veggies!

  7. Brandy

    Fruit smoothies. I use any fresh or frozen fruit I have on hand, vanilla yogurt, milk and V8 diet juice. Throw them all in my Ninja & wa la….a wonderful smoothie!

  8. Gina Turner

    My favorite is frozen fruit thawed for about 10 minutes on the counter. They are perfect still a little gold but they taste fresh

  9. Mandy

    My favorite snack right now is vanilla yogurt with granola & blueberries. Or you know, just fruit. Or just granola. Or just yogurt. Haha, pretty much any of those combinations. :)

  10. Anna Faustini

    I like a creamy homemade yogurt with fruit and topped with granola…yummy!
    Would love to win the scale. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  11. Stacey

    My fav snack is a corn tortilla, peanut butter and a banana. I usually sprinkle some flax seed! Yum.

  12. Jenn

    Cool Scale!!! I just love to snack….apples and all natural peanut butter, almond butter on whole wheat bread, bananas, peanuts and raisins….you name it! =)

  13. Michael

    My all time favorite snack is honey with flax seed and punkin seeds. Stir them together and you get an almost gorilla bar. It’s amazing!

  14. Lynda@ Me and My Pink Mixer

    Wow what a cool scale! My favorite healthy snacks are my homemade granola bars, apples or a Chobani yogurt.

  15. Kelly

    Such a cool scale! I’d have to say my favorite snack right now is a piece of sprouted-grain Ezekiel Bread toasted with a dab of roasted red pepper hummus and a little goat cheese. Mmm. So good I usually make it a meal too!

  16. Allison H.

    I am involved in a friend’s weight loss challenge right now and would love a real scale! I always question the accuracy of my dial one!
    My favorite healthy snack these days is a thin bagel toasted with peanut butter and sliced banana on top. It has been serving as my breakfast for awhile now, very filling too!

  17. Cristina Arreola

    Wow! Just made the deadline. (7:54pm…phewww). My favorite healthy snack has got to be some plain Greek style yogurt with a dollap of honey mixed in. Dee-lish.


  18. Cissy

    My usual healthy snack is almonds, but lately I’ve added sliced cucumbers soaked in a 3 parts white vinegar 1 part water mix. Yummy!

  19. Nicole H.

    My favorite healthy snack is cottage cheese. If I’m in a savory mood – I’ll add fresh chives or chopped tomato. If I’m in a sweet mood – I’ll add fresh berries or fruit.

    Thanks for this great giveaway, Amanda!

  20. Christi Thoms

    I love bananas and strawberries. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome scale!

    I came across your site today and I’m hooked!

  21. Nancy

    My two favorite snacks are 1) laughing cow cheese spread on celery and 2) I keep cooked shrimp (from Costco) in the fridge and will munch on a few..enjoy!

  22. Julie

    This scale is amazing! I simply must have it =)
    I like to eat apples sliced with brie, especially when I want to feel fancy and not in the mood to cook ;)

  23. Sue

    My favarite healthy snack is a smoothie made with 1 C of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk, a frozen banana, a big Tb. of cocoa powder (low fat plus fiber!), a couple splendas since the cocoa powder is bitter, and ice. If I have it in the morning, I also add a tsp of instant espresso. It’s SO good!

  24. Amy Kaufman

    This scale looks AMAZING! My healthy snack is actually just plain popcorn with absolutely nothing on it except maybe a pinch of salt. It’s always satisfying :]

  25. Kelly

    I make homemade granola bars and freeze them in individual servings for when I need them. We could use a scale of our own!

  26. Lisa

    WOW! Love this Fancy Scale!!! My daughter and I just started watching our weight, so this would be perfect!!! Our healthy snack right now is sliced cucumbers and vinegar! And fresh peeled oranges! mmmm!

  27. LaWanda

    I have struggled with my weight most of my life; I am tired of it and want to do something about it. I wonder if it is too late though. Anyway, I would love to have one of those scales. My favorite healthy snack is popcorn with lots of butter and salt. I know it is not the healthiest of snacks so I do not indulge that often. Love your site!

  28. Anne

    I’m excited about this give away. I had a baby 5 months ago and those last few pounds are so stubborn and it would be nice to figure out what exactly it is…water…fat…have I gained muscle?
    Anyway, one of my favorite healthy snacks is yogurt. Especially the Danon Light-n-fit. There are only 80 calories in that little cup and I love how yummy it is. So, that’s it. Hope I win. Fingers crossed. :)

  29. Ingrind Nagibe

    I eat something every 3 hours which helps me curb my appetite . It ususally consists of a protein snack I ( 1 small chicken breast, a half cup of beans & rice, a small piece of fish). By the way I love the scale. I sure could use it!

  30. Chastity

    I am loving Chickpea Rattlers- just open a can of Chickpeas. Drain. Add cinnamon and sugar. Coat and toast in oven for about an hour- they are like little nuts! Delicious and healthy!

  31. Meredith

    I need a cool scale like that! I think the Baybel cheese is my favorite snack. I get the lowfat ones from Costco. I also love Naked juices, but I can only drink a little bit at once. I’m hoping to win :)

  32. nancy serrone

    I am addicted to Weight Watchers latte icecream bars! OMG!!! so yummy and nice size too! I am also loving some pineapple right now.
    Hope I win….

  33. Alicia

    Wow that scale is awesome!
    I really love granola on top of vanilla yogurt. It’s simply amazing! :)

  34. Krystal

    Wow! I don’t even own a scale anymore. I have just been trying to get fit, but I would love to be able to see a numerical change it my fitness level! You are simply amazing for giving everyone the chance to win this :)

    My favorite healthy snack is any fresh fruit! I used to hate fruits but I have come to love them :)

  35. HeatherB

    Great giveaway – I would love this scale. Our healthy snack is apples + cheddar cheese. Our kids ask for this all the time!

  36. Melissa Lezniak

    My favorite healthy snack is a fruit smoothie. I use fat free milk, frozen fruit (I like the mixed bag) and a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt. Occasionally I will throw in a teaspoon of honey. It always makes me think of a milk shake, but better!

  37. Justine Davies


    I looove carrots i just could eat them like i eat water (which is a lot)
    and i just keep telling myself (im on a very good diet now and never been this much motivated as i am now) that they look like yummy brezel to me… so what i do i buy the Philadelphia Cream Cheese with very low calories in it and just dip it in :) and keep telling myself hey its so yummy and it just looks like chocolate to you.. so yeah that helped me and instead of taking bad snacks like a fast food burger or chocolate i cut my carrots and start dipping :)

    Hope i have a chance here that scale would def help me more in my diet.
    xo justine.

  38. Jody Morrow

    Oh my goodness, that scale is AMAZING and something I not only want, but need. I have been changing my lifestyle since January and have dropped 32 pounds. It’s so nice to see the number going down but this scale would give me so much more information to keep me motivated and help me guide my food decisions!

    Some of my favorite healthy snacks are 1/2 cup Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, cucumber with lime juice squeezed over it, and jalapeno string cheese sticks. Can’t wait to read the rest of the suggestions. Thanks!

  39. Krystie

    I love vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries, a touch of local honey and some crumbled granola – YUM!!!

  40. Maria

    I love this scale! I am there with most of the world in trying to lose weight. It’s so hard!!! This scale would be amazing. My favorite healthy snack.. I love almonds and pecans, sliced apples and lately I am loving oranges. Fresh fruit is top on my list. Thanks Amanda for a great give away :)!

  41. Sylvia

    Carrots and hummus, usually spicy hummus!! Or carrots and fresh salsa…that’s pretty yummy too. ;)

  42. Meghan

    I love fruit – try to always keep it around. I also love Chobani Greek yogurt in the pineapple flavor or the honey flavor. If I’m really craving something chocolatey though, I’ll make a banana split without the ice cream – a frozen banana and some chocolate syrup with a cherry on top. I’ve also been told that you can warm up a little peanut butter so less goes farther and drizzle that on the banana!

  43. Tausha Wierlo

    My favorite healthy snack is granola and yogurt! I eat it for breakfast, and sometimes as a frozen dessert! YUM! I would LOVE this scale, instead of a scary number that I don’t like….I can see if my hard work is paying off :)

  44. Krystin Arrowsmith

    My favorite healthy snack is strawberries with a little bit of skim milk and Truvia. It tastes just like strawberries ‘n creme….so good!!

  45. Christina

    That scale is AMAZING! This would really help me track my health better than a regular scale. :) One of my favorite healthy snacks is pretty much anything (fresh cucumbers or peppers, whole wheat pitas) with hummus. If I am craving something sweeter. I make some healthified muffins with dark chocolate chips.

  46. Chrissy

    Right now I am loving Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedges and Reduced Fat Wheat Thins for a little pick-me-up after work!

  47. Emily

    My favorite healthy snack is a honey crisp apple with peanut butter! It is very filling and oh so yummy! This scale is GREAT!

  48. Steph and PB&J

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I have been so inspired by your weight loss story! I started last April and have lost 60 pounds! I went from a size 16 to a size 6, and I can’t tell you how many times I re-read your story to keep myself motivated and encouraged. I ate 1200 calories a day and did the 30 Day Shred DVD every day. Now, I keep around 1400 calories a day and workout 5 days a week. My favorite snack is cheetos 100 calorie packs. :) But I know they are empty calories, so I’ll just have those a few times a week and will have 100 calorie natural almonds or apples slices with a dallop of peanut butter for a snack with “healthy fats” on other days. :) The dogs love apples and peanut butter too, so they love those days as they then get some too! :)

  49. Tracy

    Peanut Butter on Ricecake: with some banana slices, drizzle of honey and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon! YUM!!

  50. lauren evans

    ohhhh I love this giveaway!! My favorite healthy snack is smoothies. I throw whatever fruit I have, some juice, yogurt and ice in a blender and have the perfect fruity healthy snack!! yummmm

  51. Nee Nee

    I have a couple!

    – Shake up a greek yogurt with fruit to try to get it to mix a bit. Then put it in the freezer and it becomes a cold, healthy treat on a hot day!

    – Fat Free Cottage Cheese on Cracked Pepper & OO Triscuits!

  52. Catherine

    My fav healthy snack would have to be yogurt with some dried cranberries or blueberries or granola or some other type of cereal mixed in! Yummy!!!
    What an awesome scale! I have been trying to get back in shape and stay active. Would love a chance to track my body fat and water weight, etc! Happy Spring!

  53. Betty Halvorson

    I love fruit …I like to measure out a cup of grapes. leave them on the counter ,,I feel good IAm not taking more then I should …This scale sounds so good ,,,as we all need encouragemnet

  54. Holly Shafer

    My favorite healthy snack is an apple and a string cheese – takes care of the sugar cravings and hunger every time.

  55. Tracy Gorman

    WOW, who knew a scale could do all that…will it do liposcution too??? My son is 9 yrs old and is always telling me I need to lose weight. Nice huh? I have been very stressed out and not eating properly at all…just told my husband this morning that I am afraid to get on the scale. This scale is gadgety which makes it fun, could getting on the scale be fun?? I would LOVE to find out. We try to always have Granola Bars in the house for a quick grab, I enjoy breaking them up into my yogurt. Bananas and peanut butter is also an all time favorite!

    Thanks for your blog and contests Amanda!

  56. Courtney

    I have the same problem with my scale too, for sure! Not only extra pounds that come out of nowhere, but sometimes 5 to 10 pounds will just disappear within a day, and I know I haven’t done anything to cause that to happen. As for healthy snacks, I love a banana cut in half both ways with peanut butter spread over each slice and then–get this–a little bit of lemon juice squeezed on each piece. It’s absolutely delicious, try it before you turn your nose up at it. :)

  57. Michelle Ramsay

    My favourite healthy snack is sunflower seeds. Really yummy. I hope you are able to ship to South Africa if I win this♥

  58. Jenn

    I love Yoplait Vanilla yogurt with a little bit of granola or they have an awesome Cherry Cobbler flavor that I like to put almonds in for a little crunch which tastes fabulous!!

  59. Ashley

    These look awesome! Great giveaway! My favorite snack is raw veggies with jalapeño lime hummas, or a handful of Wasabi peas!

  60. Danielle

    I’d have to say, a whole wheat tortilla with a wedge of laughing cow cheese smeared on it with some turkey lunch meat! Warm it up a bit and it’s heaven in under 150 calories in most cases, depending on the Tortilla! (I love La Tortilla Factory!)

  61. Susan Bowers

    I’d have to say bananas. But I love popcorn too (obviously for health reasons no-butter popcorn + no salt)

  62. missty

    My favorite breakfast is egg beater burrito…. eggs beaters/2 turkey bacon/little cheese/whole wheat tortilla.

  63. Carrie

    I would love to win this!! My favorite healthy snack is a fruit smoothie. I mix yogurt, frozen fruit, milk or oj and spinach. Yum!

  64. Lauren D

    My boyfriend and I have just committed to losing the weight we’ve put on since being together (10 lbs for me, 3o for him) and this would be the perfect tool to help us on our journey!

  65. Shannon

    I love all kinds of fresh fruit!!  It’s quick and easy and such a juicy pick me up!!  Great giveaway!!  I have never seen one of these scales, but they sound neat!!

  66. Colleen Sturm

    Love, love, LOVE greek yogurt with blueberries. Although, I might be blowing the healthy part by the splenda I use. Oh well!

  67. Debbie

    This scale looks terrific! What a great way to keep track of your health! Thanks for sharing! my favorite healthy snack is yogurt.

  68. JLL

    Fresh, home grown fruit! Oh, well with a bit of homemade yogurt. We are lucky to grow most of our own fruits, which include mangos, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, dates, currants, lemons, guavas, and a handful of exotic fruits. Never put any sugar or sweetener on my fruits. Thats the best snack ever!

  69. Brittany

    I LOVE anything I can dip or spread with peanutbutter. Apples and pb, banana and pb, celery and pb, and the list goes on and on. Paunutbutter is the key, I’m almost always looking for a little extra way to add some protein in my diet since I’ve started trying to lose weight the”healthy way” which is hard while your always tempting me with cupcakes! haha:)

  70. Jane

    I eat this at my desk at work in the afternoon – Baby Bel light cheese and Special K wheat crackers. : )

  71. Lena Templin

    Apples and Nutella love that stuff, is it healthy;) By the way made your corn, squash & onion recipe and it is DELISH. I’ve made it twice this week so I need those scales. Have a great weekend.

  72. Sarah Todd

    My favorite healthy snack is good ol’ bumps on a log! I put some whipped peanut butter on celery sticks and then put either raisins or craisins on top. It has crunch, juiciness, and sweetness all in one and it is very filling!

  73. katy

    Woah, that scale is crazy! my healthy snack is granola mixed in with a little yogurt and a banana or a few grapes. Yummmm.

  74. Emma

    I like to get non-fat Greek yogurt and add my own teaspoon of organic jam or jelly to sweeten the yogurt (a lot less sugar than if you were to buy the pre-flavored Greek yogurts).

  75. Marlette Mason

    My favorite healthy snack is a 1/2 cup of cooked lentils. I cook up about three cups (dried) at a time. I lightly season them with sea salt. I eat them every day after lunch at 2pm. They fill me up and hold me over until dinner time. The nutritional value is impressive. I used to have an afternoon addiction to soda and something sweet. Lentils are a great for regulating blood sugar so I no longer have the desire to have the have the afternoon sugar and soda.

    I love your blog. I have been following it for over a year now. I especially enjoy your photography.

  76. Jenn W

    favorite healthy snack lately is a smoothie … i love adding bananas, strawberry yogurt, almond milk, and spinach leaves into the blender. yummy!

  77. Sherrie

    My favorite, everyday, all-time snack would be Blueberry Stonyfield Oikos Yogurt, mixed with fresh sliced bananas, blueberries and a teaspoon or two of peanut butter! I know it sounds gross, but it’s really good ~ trust me! Stonyfield also has a new flavor, Super Fruits, with acai, raspberry and pomegranate. Delicious, eaten straight from the container, no need for extra goodies! :)

  78. Susan

    We are actually trying to have my daughter gain weight and her current favorite is roasted garbanzo beans with cajun seasoning.

  79. Jodie Potter

    Hi! My family’s idea of a healthy snack is fresh apples. We love to eat them whole or cut them up and dip in a little caramel. We would love to win one of the scales!


  80. Leslie

    I love fruit cups for a quick snack. 60 cal pudding cups are great when you need a little chocolate!

  81. Misty Sutton

    I was recently in Cancun and had fresh fruit for breakfast every day, and came home feeling so inspired! My current favorite snack is a fruit salad with Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple, and banana, with a container of Activia light and a sprinkle of kashi go lean crunch on top!

  82. Oleta

    I love fresh pineapple, strawberries and bananas. I keep it in the frig to grab when I need a quick snack.

  83. Val

    What a great giveaway! My favorite snacks are frsh fruits or veggies, raw almonds, or a cashew cookie Larabar (YUM)

  84. Tricia Richner

    Wow – so many comments for a sweet little scale! My fave snack would be sliced apples (I buy already sliced – bc I am lazy) with a few salted almonds. I love the cold apples and the salty almonds.

  85. Nicole

    My fave healthy snack is plain yogurt with a bit of honey, and fresh sliced strawberries! Maybe sprinkle a bit of granola in there to give it some crunch.

  86. Jamie

    Would LOVE this scale…just had a baby 4 months ago and am trying to loose that baby weight! My favorite low fat snack is pretzels with humus…mmmm…and now this spring strawberries with cool whip…homemade granola! PICK ME!!

  87. Nicole T.

    Hmm… I’d have to say yogurt or granola. Although I’m definitely a sucker for frozen yogurt with granola on top haha

  88. Lauren

    My healthy snack I like is a bit of cheese and whole grain crackers. Specifically, I like a lowfat string cheese or a cute little Babybell and a few reduced fat Triscuits (whole wheat cracker for those non-US readers). I’m trying to lose a few pounds as I get older and it would be nice to have a more advanced scale.

  89. Shannon

    My favorite healthy snack is a rice cake with a bit of honey on top! Super Yum!!!
    Neat scale! I hope i win!!! hehe

  90. Melissa L

    My favorite healthy snack is a mini pita pizza with a fresh tomato sauce and lots of veggies!! Yummmm.

  91. Paulette

    WOW I need that scale. I have decided to lose twenty pounds, I need to lose twenty pounds. So my healthy snack is fruit. Love pears lots of fiber too. Also I don’t know how healthy it is but if I really need something sweet, I allow myself one piece of very dark chocolate. Just one, that is really hard but if I had that scale it would help. LOL Paulette

  92. Amanda

    I’m a Weight Watchers girl, so my favorite snack is ether WW Apple Pie a la Mode yogurt or a Laughing Cow cheese wedge with Special K crackers. Mmm! I’d love to win this prize, as I am a certified scale addict. :D

  93. yvonne

    one of my favorite snacks is string cheese and almonds. thanx for entering me; i need motivation in a big “weigh” as far as my weight goes. thank you!

  94. Donna King

    My favorite snack is either a granny smith apple (love the sweet-tart flavor) or some celery sticks.

    We currently don’t have a scale at our house so this be a wonderful to win.

  95. Jen

    That scale looks so awesome and so smart! My quick go to snack is yogurt with a little cereal mixed in for crunch. Like special K or granola.

  96. Cheri

    Awesome scale – my favorite snack is Stonyfield Organic Chocolate Yogurt. Sometime I add a few raspberries to make it really yummy!

  97. D'Anna

    I read your weight-loss story and was inspired to begin my own! Thank you!
    I’m down 12 pounds with MANY more to go.
    I could sure use a great digital scale!
    Thank you!

  98. Heather

    My favorite healthy snack is grapes. I could totally snack on those all day.
    I do love yogurt and cucumbers and banana’s as well.
    Hope I win!!

  99. Isabela Olguera

    My mom and I usually eat our snack with…
    Tuna + Mayonnaise + Sugar = Spread in our Sky Flakes.
    We substitute Sky Flakes than loaf bread. :)
    Although you may think that mayonnaise and sugar are not healthy, we just apply in a little amount so it is still healthy.
    I hope this would be helpful. God bless Kev & Amanda.

    Isabela, 15 of age.

  100. hazel nicholson

    Dried mango strips – healthy, non-fattening & bean sprouts in between. Quit smoking . Trying to loose the weight. Kinda obsessed with a scale right now.

  101. Sara j

    I am a HUGE fan of Veggie Chips/Straws and Spinach Hummus! I have even gotten my niece addicted to them (the veggie draws of course).
    I also enjoy a nice fruit smoothie after a hard workout or on a hot day and I think I “need to eat”! I take OJ, frozen fruit (the tropical blend is fabulous), a few ice cubes and vanilla powder. Blend it in the blender until all chunks are pretty much gone and pour into a fun cup, get a straw, a good book, or check out your favorite blogs, relax and enjoy:)!

  102. Krystal

    My new favorite snack (and often replaces my lunch!) is blueberries, Fibre One cereal and yogurt. Yummy!

  103. Christie R.

    My fave healthy snack is a banana and/or green apple slices dipped in all natural peanut butter. mmmmm!!

  104. Shaunah

    My favorite snack is crackers and laughing cow cheese.. and any kind of fruit or homemade smoothie!!!

  105. Lacey

    Wow! That scale is amazing. One of my favorite healthy snacks is string cheese. I also love almonds and pistachios. Your blog is awesome. Glad I discovered it!

  106. Karen Flores

    My favorite snack would have to be string cheese! I love how you can take your time peeling the string cheese, making it last as long as it can. So yummy…I just love cheese in general, all types. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  107. Judi Vrieling

    I have two favorite snacks, my first being apples . . . yummy!! And my second is Quinoa with Agave Nectar and sliced almonds . . . its like a treat in a bowl and yummy delicious!

  108. Megan

    Hmmm – I’m thinkin’ that scale could singlehandedly whip my lazy rear into shape! My favorite healthy snacks are bananas and apples. Problem is – I have way too many unhealthy snacks that I love more.

  109. Nicole

    My favourite snack at the moment is to take a flax tortilla, a little peanut butter, and a little honey or a few raisins, unpeel and place a banana in the middle and roll up the tortilla around the banana!! Yummmy!! I could really use that scale!!! Hee hee!!

  110. Cori

    I love the scale! My favorite snack is one piece of toast with a tablespoon of “light” peanut butter and a sliced banana on top!

  111. Sarah

    Love that you posted this product! I am a huge fan of apples, orange, and bananas. Love apples with peanut butter the best!

  112. Kocinera

    My favorite healthy snack is some yogurt and granola, with a few slices of strawberry on top. Super yummy!!

  113. Debbie

    Favorite healthy snack is fruit and nuts. Love ’em. Just starting a 12 week challenge and this would be a very useful tool to have. Thanks for the opportunity.

  114. Becky

    Fresh fruit! Apples, oranges, mangoes, and every kind of berry – I love it all! Sometimes I mix the fruit into plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey, but most of the time I eat it plain.

  115. Shar

    I’m so going to win one of these! (fingers crossed..fingers crossed) ;0) My current favorite healthy snack is ~ organic peanut butter ~ just a small spoonful!

  116. Evelyn

    FRESH strawberries just picked from the strawberry fields down the road. It pays to live on the very edge of where city meets town. They are so delicious, juicy, and red to the core that we NEVER buy store strawberries.

  117. Mary Tamboia

    I love Bear Naked Chocolate Granola. It certainly hits that sweet tooth and is sometimes too good to put down. You can also add some low fat vanilla yogurt and top with strawberries for a wonderful “cool” afternoon snack after a hot day outside :) My children love it too.
    Scale would be a wonderful addition to my diet plan so that I knew if that extra pound or two was water!

  118. Chelsea C.

    Fresh fruit!! Since I’ve been pregnant that’s ALL I’ve been craving! I also love honey roasted or cinnamon roasted almonds!

  119. Betty

    How exciting!! I always make fruit smoothies with my blender. I also love apples with peanut butter or nutella!

  120. Ashlea

    my healthy snacks are frozen grapes and clementines…not together, even though that would be great too, but I cat get enough of the clementines this season (little trick: put the peels down the sink and you have this amazing, fresh, citrus smell in your sink). And frozen grapes on hot day are really refreshing.

  121. Ryan

    My favorite is frozen sugar-free cool whip. Tastes like ice cream and is so sweet you don’t neee much, but if you eat the whole tub it’ll barely set you back. Excited for this giveaway! This scale is exactly what I’ve been searching for!!

  122. Nancy

    My healthy snack would be a banana and some laughing cow cheese. You can’t go wrong with that unless maybe you eat too much of it. :)

  123. Lynn Rho

    My favorite healthy snack is roasted almonds (dry or salted). Very cool scale and thanks for an opportunity to win one.

  124. Leslie

    My husband and I are on a kick of grapes and strawberries for an afternoon snack. I cut them up and put them in a snack size bag.

  125. Sarah Danielson

    I love fruit – pretty much any kind – bananas, apples, strawberry, and frozen grapes too – they are super when it is hot out here in Arizona! I would love to have a scale – I am trying to loose the baby weight and then some!

  126. Emily

    This looks fascinating indeed! My fave snack – pomegranate seeds! Can’t always get them, but when they’re in season I eat about one a day!

  127. Jennifer

    My favorite healthy snack is a scoop of plain yogurt with fresh peaches on top, sprinkled with oatmeal. It is perfect because it is so filling and so good for you. It sounds a little weird, but it is perfect when you need something low-cal that is filling and still tastes good.

  128. Kristin Luinstra

    My favorite healthy snack is cantaloupe. I can eat the whole thing by my self, it is truly one of the best!

  129. Dani Reilly

    Hummus and fresh veggies or honey Greek yogurt with granola are my go to snacks at the moment. Great scale hope it ends up in my bathroom.

  130. Christy Ziesmer

    My favorite healthy snack are the yellow sunburst tomatoes. I could eat those things all day long! :)

  131. Janet Thwaits

    Thanks for the chance to win that awesome scale. One of my favorite snacks is peanut butter and raisins wrapped in a tortilla!!!

  132. Dodie Watkins

    Celery is my favorite go to snack. It is always so fresh and crisp and I can chew my way through a whole package without doing any damage to my diet.

  133. Sarah

    My new favorite is veggies in hummus. I used to just go with the crackers, but the veggies are TO DIE FOR! So, so great AND healthy! Woot!

  134. Brandi

    Frozen bananas!! Mmmm! There’s really nothing better this time of year than biting into a frozen banana.

  135. Jessica

    My favorite healthy snack is a piece of fruit, usually a nectarine, with a hand full of roasted almonds.

  136. Becky

    My favorite healthy snack right now are those individual size servings of Wholly Guacamole with some organic blue corn chips… Mmmm yummy! It also goes great as a side with your Creamy Chicken Enchiladas! :0)

  137. Courtney Noel

    Love me a good homemade smoothie with fruit and low fat yogurt! I love blending frozen fruits the most because the smoothies come out extra thick…yum!! :)

  138. Michelle

    I love pumpkin seeds or yogurt topped with granola. Lord knows I could use one of these scales. Thank you!

  139. Amanda

    That scale is scary. I’d be afraid to use it.

    My favorite healthy snack is yogurt! I love the Yoplait Whips. They remind me of pudding, so I love them.

  140. Patty

    All these snack ideas are making me hungry! My favorite snack HUMMUS! Super easy to make and goes great with any kind of healthy chips or fresh veggies. I make my own all the time: 1 cup organic chic peas (save 1/2 of water from can to add to processor), 1 or 2 tbs tahini (depends on taste), 1/2 lemon or lime, salt and pepper to taste (I usualy use 1tsp of each). Put all ingredients in a food processor drizzle with olive oil and enjoy! Super easy and SUPER HEALTHY :)

  141. Sara M

    Oh how I would love this beauty of a scale. My favorite healthy snack is definitely SF Popsicles. Such a yummy treat especially with this warm weather!

  142. Bernice

    … maybe if I had a favourite healthy snack, I wouldn’t be like this right now :P Maybe pineapple?

  143. Brook Fretheim

    I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and when I’m craving a sweet snack that will not put me 80,000 calories over my daily limit I reach for this: 1 graham cracker topped with 1 sliced up banana, then I top that with fat free or light cool whip and then I top that with miniature dark chocolate chips….YUM, it is soo good!!

  144. April in CT

    One of my favorites lately is a bran muffin I add cranberries and walnuts to. It’s a mix I keep in the fridge and I can whip them up whenever I want a fresh one!

  145. Susana

    My favorite healthy snack is oatmeal with cinnamon and a Spoon of PB yum!
    BTW thanks for the chance =)

  146. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    How fun! I love “faking out” dessert by having a slice of toast with peanut butter with a few dark chocolate chips on top. Sure, it’s not as healthy as carrot sticks, but the healthy fats and antioxidants count for something, right?!

    Also, chia seeds are amazing. Everyone needs to eat them!

  147. Melody

    I love yogurt with homemade granola! See some other yummy suggestions that I will have to try for sure!

  148. Nita

    For a healthy snack or even a quick, easy breakfast I mix together 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 1/2 cup Fiber One (original). It taste great and is very healthy for you!

  149. Julie

    hmmm, healthy snack… If I’m choosing a healthy snack I’m probably trying to lose weight. In which case, I eat protein… Almonds!

  150. Traci L.

    Gimme 2% Greek yoghurt with a handful of granola sprinkled on it and Agave drizzled on top. Healthy…it doesn’t spike your blood sugar…and tastes great!

  151. Monica

    Shake red grapes in sugar free black cherry jello powder and freeze….or apple slices wrapped in a thin slice of turkey pastrami. Yum!!!

  152. Elizabeth Parsons

    Awesome scale! My favorite post workout snack is fat free plain yogurt mixed with one scoop of peanut butter spread over one cut up apple. Mmm.

  153. Andreea

    Oatmeal! With a little brown sugar, and lots of fresh fruit! Preferable strawberries and blueberries, but any fruit will do.

  154. Julee

    Our favorite healthy snack right now is honeydew. I have two year old twins that can eat their weight in honeydew.

  155. Deborah Barletta

    My favorite healthy snack is plain yogurt with either 1/8 cup of dried cherries or pecans. Sometimes I have them together. Sometimes I eat it plain. You wouldn’t think that plain yogurt is all that good, but surprisingly, it is.

  156. Carolyn L.

    I love Chobani 0% Greek yogurt. All the flavors are delicious, and I feel like I’m eating dessert!

  157. Michelle

    My favorite mid-morning snack is a mix of cinammon cheerios, almonds, dried cranberries and a few chocolate chips. I am an itinerant teacher and I can eat this in the car between schools. (Yes, I do find a few pieces on my floorboard every once in a while!)

  158. Billie

    When in season, I think there is nothing better than a Honeycrisp apple.
    Unfortunately, when they’re out of season – January through July — it’s pretty much anything goes. Maybe this scale would help.

  159. Jennifer

    Love this scale…thanks for giving us the chance to win. I really love fresh fruit — just about any kind. I especially love apples, bananas, and grapes. My absolute favorite, though, is so yummy that we sometimes have it as a healthy, low-calorie dessert. Fresh strawberries, sliced, topped with strawberry glaze and cool whip. We use the glaze that’s made with Splenda (the brand we find around here is T. Marzetti), and we use Cool Whip Free. It’s so good. I think I’ll go have some now.

  160. Lisa @ Happy Pacas

    So, would chocolate Mini Wheats count as a healthy snack? They satisfy my urge for chocolate AND crunch, and they’re fairly low in fat and sugar. If those little pillows of Chocolate Heaven don’t count, I’d say any fruit smoothie made just with fruit and ice ~ add some granola or nuts, and you’ve got a great snack or mini-meal. Thank you for offering these scales ~ I’m intrigued by the electric current, but I’m guessing it’s less shocking than my weight swings! :)

  161. Faith

    my fav snack is Chobani Vanilla nonfat yogurt, with assorted berries, and a sprinkle of Special K Low Fat Granola cereal – amazing!

  162. Kindra

    my favorite healthy snack is some tuna sprinkled with red wine vinegar, salt and pepper… it is good on lettuce, crackers, or on its own :)

  163. Jenny

    i guess it depends on the day… i really like lowfat vanilla yogurt with berries or a square of 80% dark chocolate. but if i’m in the salty mood, i’ve been really loving popchips. a small bag is only 100 calories! :)

  164. Deneen

    I just recently started going to the gym and eating healthier so this would be a great prize. One of my favorite snacks is raw almonds. Another favorite snack it the skinny cow ice cream or candies for when I am in the mood for something sweet. Thanks Amanda for once again offering another terrific prize!

  165. Veronica

    Love this giveaway! I love seeing what other people eat for a healthy snack. What great ideas. My favorite healthy snack {and what I eat for breakfast most days} is Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, a 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal and frozen mixed berries.

  166. Donna

    My favorite healthy snack? I love dried fruit and walnuts… I mix my own using the best dried fruit and freshest walnuts I can find. I can use more dried pineapples, less dried apples and more berry varieties, including cranberries, blueberries and cherries…. YUM

  167. Mary

    I am dying for this scale! I have been trying to lose 15 – 20 lbs for awhile now and hate to admit that I’m having a hard time with it.

    My favorite healthy snack are fruit smoothies… I take any fruit (fresh or frozen) that I have around the house, and throw it in the magic bullet with a little bit of lowfat vanilla yogurt and skim milk. SO yummy!

  168. Kaylene

    ohhh, I totally need this! I get so frustrating with just lbs!

    Favorite healthy snack… hmm… can’t go wrong with fresh fruit of just about any kind!

  169. Julie K

    I am into making my own smoothies. I was buying them daily and it got very expensive so for Christmas I aksed for a blender and now make my own smootie every morning. Fresh fruit, juices, and yogurt! YUM!!!

  170. Kody

    My favorite healthy snack is roasted edamame! Love the crunchiness and saltiness of it, plus lots of protein!

  171. Kayla (Little Miss Healthify)

    Wow, this scale sounds amazing!

    My favorite healthy snack is granola with milk and lots of berries!

  172. Liz

    Awesome scale! I’m kinda boring, lately my snack of choice has been an apple and a small handful of raw almonds.

  173. tracy

    Wow! I didn’t know this existed!! I would LOVE it!!! My favorite snack is yogurt for something quick but I have been making the smoothies that I found a recipe for that includes whey protein. This includes yogurt and some fruits too–yum!

    (And I would also love to feed my font fetish with some new fonts–hint, hint!)

  174. Monica Masters

    My favorite snack is Kale Chips! I bought a bag at Whole Foods and pretty much ate the entire bag. But they are so healthy, low cal, and delicious. This would be my favorite!! Hope to win the scale!
    Monica Masters

  175. Tami

    I’ve been trying to keep my fruit bowl stocked on my kitchen table. This has proven very successful as those snack time munchies hit! I see them sitting out and it’s what my brain goes for!

  176. Christine

    I LOVE to snack on fresh fruit but I am still not sure if it is “healthy”! One day it is, the next it is not. So confusing!

  177. Kathy F

    I really like the cocoa roasted almonds. They come in 100 calorie packs that are easy to take along and they satisfy the need for chocolate without all the guilt and calories :)

  178. Kayla

    my favorite healthy snack..frozen green grapes! also i love bananas, and roasted unsalted almonds. thanks for the great giveaway!

  179. Andree Close

    I can eat peaches all day long… it’s just a bummer they are not is season right now! What a great give-away!

  180. Ellen

    I’m gonna have to go with an apple (preferably a pink lady!) and crunchy peanut butter. Classically delish!

  181. Tracey C

    My all time favorite is sugar free jello mixed with cool whip. Cold, juicy, yummy, and not fattening.

  182. Jennifer Lassiter

    I eat bananas for breakfast, then to satisfy my sweet tooth, I drink a slim fast at dinner.

  183. Lisha Edwards

    What a great scale! Thanks for the great giveaway, Amanda!
    My healthy snack fav right now is pinapple sherbert! Yum!

  184. Amanda

    Amazing! This scale has been on my wish list for awhile. My favorite snack/treat is a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (which I think you’ve mentioned before). They are so yummy and taste like the real deal!

  185. Lisa S.

    My scale just broke after about 10 years. This would be the perfect replacement. I am always wondering the same this about body fat vs muscle. Thanks for the chance to win.

  186. Janet

    I love fresh pineapple. Yum! Thanks for doing such nice things for all of us. Even if we don’t win we learn about a great product.

  187. Angela

    I totally want this scale!!! I am doing weight watchers and I weigh myself all the time. My favorite snack is smoothies!

  188. Cat

    over 800 comments; oh my! it’s not likely i’ll win, but i love reading about everyone’s snacks. my new favorite is sea salt almonds! love them!

  189. Ashlea Pulley

    I love fruit! I buy the big bag of frozen fruit and mix it with yogurt and top it with granola. Makes a yummy breakfast food! :)

  190. Jennifer

    It depends on my mood (especially now, when pregnant :) ha!) but the usuals are: banana, apple with a little crunchy peanut butter, yogurt (love a touch of granola or walnut if I want crunch), or my homemade granola bars. :) oh, or hummus with raw veggies. That is a recent fav.

  191. Lauryn

    My favorite healthy snack is reduced fat string cheese. It’s low-calorie but keeps me full. And it’s one of the best snacks for portability. Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Nicole White

    I LOVE wheat bread (especially with honey) and light butter!!! I am also a bit of a fruit freak but sometimes I dont have the patience to clean or peel them….mmm…excuse me while I go munch on some bananas now :)

  193. Tiffani

    Whole wheat crackers with cheddar cheese. I eat this snack everyday, and I like to consider it healthy because of the whole wheat. Plus it fils me up until dinner quite nicely.

  194. mhsands

    How cool is this? I am so trying to get off some of this jiggle-jiggle. In 2000 I went on WW and went from a size 18 (which made me almost as round as my 4′ 10” frame) to a 2. I kept the weight off for almost 10 years. Over the last year, I have really started packing it back on {sigh}! I’m sure some of the problem is my unavoidable knocking on 40’s door. In September, when I will actually step through that door, I would LOVE to be styling a size 4!

    But, back to the task at hand… I am a self-confessed junk food junkie. I HATE most all veggies, but I am desperately trying to make new friends. I do love fruit, but again, you have to be careful of those as well. My husband keeps me a stock of dehydrated pineapple and most of the time there is a bag of sliced apples in the fridge.

  195. Rachel S.

    That is a really cool scale. My go to healthy snack are almonds, but not just plain ones I like the cinnamon sugar or dark chocolate powder covered ones. Still healthy but a little sweet.

  196. layne

    I love taking a cup of Dannon light and fit vanilla yogurt, adding a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and stirring it together to make peanut butter yogurt. Cut up apple slices and dip them in. Delicious!

  197. Patty Z

    I love a banana smoothie…..1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 ripe banana and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and some ice. It fills me up and takes care of my sugar craving. I just started WW and I am trying to get healthy ; )

  198. Carrie Gamber

    My favorite snack are the McDonald’s yougurt parfaits or their Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. YUM!!

  199. Kweta

    This sounds like an awesome thing to have to help keep up with healthy weight loss. I use the scale each day and I know my body is changing but the scale just measures one thing…weight. I try to eat fresh fruits for snacks. I love to eat pretzel sticks or banana popsicles from time to time for a break though. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great item!

  200. Elizabeth

    I heart granola bars and Greek yogurt- I also looooooooooove strawberry and banana smoothies! They’re so good!

  201. Christine

    Greek Yogurt has become my new go to snack of choice. And I LOVE this scale. I’m a little OCD when it comes to weighing myself and this would be perfect for me!

  202. Brandi

    Homemade Lara bars are my absolute favorite right now! So many combos that are delicious and so good for you!

  203. Amy Grendell

    That scale looks cool! My healthy snack is grabbing a few nuts (almonds, etc). They hold me over when I need it. :)

  204. Maria

    My “current” favorite snack….. raw almonds mixed with dried blueberries. A close second would be sliced strawberries with a sprinkle of splenda.

  205. Leah

    My favorite healthy snack is an apple, just because it is so simple and it tastes great. I also like grapefruits, but apples are good for on the run!

  206. Stacy

    I would totally love this scale, I just wish there was a setting for “baby weight”. LOL My favorite healthy snack is usually a granola mixture, although if I need an easy yummy snack I’ll go for a banana or an apple.

  207. Cheryl K

    We really have been trying to eat better this year – right now I am hooked on the Yoplait Honey Vanilla Greek yogurt or some fresh berries or pineapple. I have been looking at getting one of these types of scales – Thank You!

  208. Anna

    A juicy sweet delicious orange is always a healthy favorite – hmmm sounds good right now! I would love to win!!! Thanks for the chance :o

  209. Tonya Winningham

    My favorite healthy snack is cold apples, sometimes with peanut butter. I also love frozen banana slices, sometimes with a drizzle of hershey’s syrup. :) I want to win this scale!!! :)

  210. Sarah

    I love my smoothies! especially my “pina colada” with soy or almond milk/frozen pineapple bits & frozen banana, shredded coconut & toasted coconut vanilla flavored yogurt!

  211. ally

    My fave snack is cut up fruit. I have 2 little ones that eat a lot of fruit anyway so when I get home from the grocery store, I wash and slice it all up and put it in glass containers in my fridge so anytime I (or one of the kids) need a snack, it is ready!

  212. Amy T.

    My favorite healthy snack are “clementines” known as Cuties at the grocery. So sweet and tangy! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  213. jen

    Oh how I would love this scale. Just started my WL journey and this owuld be so helpful. My favorite healthy snack is veggies dipped in extra hot salsa.

  214. Allison K

    My favorite healthy snack is cut up plums with a little bit of honey or agave. It’s healthy, but sweet enough that it also makes a perfect dessert.

  215. LaRonda