Black Friday Giveaway: Calphalon Bronze Nonstick 11-pc. Cookware Set (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winner of the Calphalon Bronze Nonstick 11-pc. Cookware Set is:

#1831 Katie

Congratulations Katie! I’ve sent you an email. Enjoy your new cookware!

Happy Black Friday! Are you ready for a brand new set of cookware from Calphalon? It’s beautifully bronze, fabulously nonstick, and it’s the newest line of cookware from Calphalon. It’s sturdy, solid, and not to mention gorgeous! I absolutely love this line of cookware. I am so excited for one of you guys to win it.


Calphalon Bronze Nonstick 11-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway
($450 value)

One Kevin & Amanda reader will win a Calphalon Contemporary Bronze Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set plus an additional 12-in. Omelette Pan. Giveaway Includes:

  • 8-in. Omelette Pan
  • 10-in. Omelette Pan
  • 12-in. Omelette Pan
  • 1.5-qt. Covered Sauce Pan
  • 2.5-qt. Covered Sauce Pan
  • 3-qt. Covered Saute Pan
  • 8-qt. Covered Stockpot

Cookware Features:

  • Bronze anodized exterior lasts a lifetime
  • Heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum heats evenly
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi-layer nonstick for lasting release
  • Oven safe to 450ºF


How to Enter

To be entered to win the Calphalon 11-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway, all you have do to is leave a comment on this post. Let’s talk Black Friday shopping! Are you going out for Black Friday? What are you looking for this year? What time do you get up? Did you score any deals? And if you avoid Black Friday like the plague, that’s okay too! Just tell me something about Black Friday shopping, and you’re entered.

Contest ends Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Calphalon.


Good luck you guys!

2,183 Responses
  1. Carla Walker

    Im living in New Zealand, so I didnt get to take part of Black Friday sales. I wish I could have gone out with my mom though, who I would give this to if I win. She is in Reno, NV, and I know we would have had a great time with Black Friday shopping together :)

  2. Juliana Walters

    My husband and I went to Wal Mart on Thanksgiving evening at about 8:30 just to get some milk. When we got there we thought maybe we would do some black Friday shopping since it was starting early. We entered the store and I just could not do it! It was a mad house! When we returned home I did some shopping online.

  3. Jenny Langham

    I don’t have the patience to shop on Black Friday! I save my shopping for the week or two before Christmas because I am a slacker! :)

  4. AmyC

    I avoided Black Friday except for one thing – my husband and my brother braved the elements and rang the bells for the Salvation Army. My whole family got out to take pictures of them and with them and help cheer them on!

  5. Karen L

    This is the first year I am not doing the early morning craziness. Will go out later to try to catch some sales, but there are not any big saving items to buy for this year, and some of the items I can get online with savings and free shipping.

  6. Lindsay Kay

    I never go black Friday shopping! My fiancé and I went the day after and got a pretty good deal on a 40″ plasma tv!!! That’s right….fiancé! I NEED these pans so I can cook nice meals when we get married :))))

  7. melissa hatfield

    I did some cyber shopping from the comfort of my couch! I just found your blog on facebook.. from a posting a friend made. I learned more about my camera after reading your article than I have ever have on anything else that I have read. You made it so simple for me to understand! Thanks so much!

  8. Ieasha Akins

    This is the first year I avoided Black Friday shopping. I thought I would miss it but instead I loved it! I enjoyed spending time with my husband, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I even got to see my mom, whom I haven’t seen in about a year, before she headed off to her first cruise! Enjoying time with family is now my new Black Friday ritual, but there is Cyber Monday ;)!!!

  9. Tonya W

    No Black Friday shopping for me! I would much rather pay full price for something than deal with that mess! Enjoyed the day with my hubby and sweet little girl! :)

  10. Allison

    No way would I try to go out on Black Friday. I have done it once and never wanted to do it again! Too much hassle! But I guess it is really fun for some people!

  11. Renee Griswell

    I didn’t get to go shopping on Black Friday…I’m so totally broke. But, I’m not sure I wanted to even if I hadn’t been broke. I read on facebook that night about friends and family who did go and they kept posting about how crazy it was out there. I think if I had gone shopping that night, I would have gone to places besides Walmart and Target. I would have gone to Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Lowe’s…..places more “off the wall” so maybe it wouldn’t have been so crazy. :)

  12. Kat

    I am not a Black Friday shopper… toooooo much craziness for me! We often travel on Thanksgiving and spend time with family which doesn’t include shopping! :>) Just started reading your blog and found you through Pioneer Woman.

  13. Kathy Winters

    I avoid Black Friday shopping like it’s the plague! I don’t see the appeal of standing in line to get into a store, only to be pushed and shoved and treated rudely for a couple of deals that the store will only have a handful of products for. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Stacey

    This is the first year in 5 years that I will not be going out on Black Friday. Nobody to watch my kids. :(


  15. Laurie Gray

    I love Black Friday deals, but I hate to go out to get them so I stick to online sales! I did get a lot done!!

  16. Nancy

    I did go out on Black Friday – at 2 pm – just hit 3 stores – it really wasn’t too bad at that time. Thanks for a chance to win these amazing pans.

  17. Angie

    I skip the Black Friday sales but definitely opt into the Cyber Monday sales! My husband wanted an iMac for Christmas so it was purchased earlier in the week before Thanksgiving with my educational discount. That was actually cheaper than the BF deal. :)

    Thanks for such an awesome give a way!

  18. Lynda McClellan

    Just what my son and Daughter-in-law want for Christmas! Would love to win it (makes it all that much sweeter!).

  19. Edie

    I dodged the black friday shopping this year! And I was so happy that I did….. Seems like its getting crazier and crazier! :)

  20. Tamra

    My Black Friday this year: no waiting in long lines outside. But I did score two kids scooters at two different stores with both kids in tow without them knowing I bought them. Now that’s impressive.

  21. natalie lumpkin

    my black friday and cyber money shopping is all done ONLINE! no parking, shoving, fighting, getting pepper sprayed or ambushed by any ‘occupy’ protesters.

    i did find some great deals at (50% off sale stuff 6am-11am); and can’t wait to see what i can find tomorrow for camera deals!

    would love to win the cookware, but if not still love your site and your updates!!

  22. Amy Petrovich

    Black Friday shopping: love the afternoon kind, but not the crazy up at midnight, stand in line kind. I love shopping in general: deals even better!!! Black Friday, Pink Saturday, Polka Dot Sunday shopping…..sign me up! :) Happy Holidays to you! Great blog! (I just discovered you!)

  23. annheidel

    It has to be something major to get me out on Black Friday. I’d much rather avoid the crowds and shop online. :)

  24. Vfxliz

    Ok re read instructions re Black Friday topic.

    Nope didn’t do the black Friday. it’s changed a lot since I did it 10 years ago. Which was awesome!
    Too crazy these days. I’m planning to do my shopping online next weekend. Hopefully there will still be some deals.
    I did do some mall shopping yesterday and it was pretty mellow.

  25. Vfxliz

    I made the choc chip/ oreo/brownie bar for Thanksgiving dessert and it was a hit! Served them with smuckers black cherry ice cream topping and vanilla ice cream.

    I’d love to win the set of cookware. Would help with Christmas goodie cooking.

    LOVE your website! Keep the great stuff coming!

  26. Martha A.

    I live in Northen Maine so no good black Friday deals up here. I sent my mom a list though and she said she had tons of fun heading out at midnight!!!

  27. Shauna

    I sent my husband out to do the Black Friday shopping! We were looking for one great deal on an XBox Kinect… and he can deal with those types of crowds more than I can! So… although they were out when he got there… he still managed to get one… I knew I married him for a good reason! :-) Anyway.. would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!! Just stumbled upon your website and love it and liking you on FB!

  28. Jason

    I would love to win these. Black Friday is not my idea of fun–too much chaos and there didn’t seem to be the deals this year.

  29. pjscraps

    We slept in until 9:30. woo hoo! Then a late morning at Walmart to purchase Christmas gifts for the family we are sponsoring this year.

  30. Carly

    I HATE Black Friday. I work retail and waking up at 4am to open a store at 5am is ridiculous. I work at a women’s clothing store and there really is no need for us to be open at 5am. The other thing about Black Friday that makes me sick is the extremes that people go to to get a deal. I hate reading stories or watching the news and seeing about people who are hurt or even trampled to death by unruly people who are that desperate to get a good deal.

    BTW, this is my first time visiting your blog and I LOVE it!

  31. Cathy B

    I slipped in a couple of hours, but spent over an hour of it in line. Not so sure the deals were that great, but I did get some shopping done before my house full of company arrived…yeah!

  32. DCPack

    I’m usually working on black Friday but was off this year. Our local scrapbook store had a huge sale and that was my only shopping stop!!

  33. Karly

    Just grocery shopping this Black Friday…we were 98% done with holiday shopping before Halloween. Just a couple of last minute things to pick up later in December.

  34. yvonne

    WOW what a giveaway!
    7:30 a.m. i left the house with my daughters. We didn’t really find any REAL bargains. But it was fun nonetheless because I haven’t black Friday shopped in a few years. We had lunch together and then went home to check on the dads and kids.

  35. jodi braley

    Never been out on Black Friday, never plan on going!! Too crazy for this girl!
    However, I did a lot of shopping online! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win this bee-uu-tiful cookware!

  36. Dina Payne

    This is the first time I have read your blog and I really enjoyed it. I loved how you organized your pots and pans and can’t wait to do it at my house. Also, I plan on buying the toaster that cooks toast and an egg for myself and several other people as gifts. thanks!

  37. Dawn

    Made a list to go out shopping, then realized none of it was worth staying out all night, bought my kid a bike online and went to bed!

  38. Natalie

    I was so restrained this year for Black Friday! I only bought two sets of Legos for my little boy (couldn’t pass up the great price). I’m trying to make most of our gifts this year :)

  39. Lauren Degenhardt

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday lighten my wallet, but what fun! A great way to kick off the holiday season.

  40. Sarah

    I went out on Friday afternoon – because I had to get my two little girls out of the house. I ended up getting lots for movies for $1.99 and a whole bunch of gifts! The stores were not busy at all and it was nice.

  41. Amy Paulson

    We didn’t get our shop on… Since we’re moving across country in 3 weeks, we didn’t want to have anything extra to pack…

  42. Erin

    I stayed far away from the all the craziness on Black Friday. But I did do some online shopping for Christmas gifts, mostly at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  43. Victoria F

    I haven’t been in a mall on black Friday in many many years, but I found myself there this year. My family wanted to go or I would have avoided it for sure as I like to order online or go to the mall during the weekdays. I didn’t buy anything, but I did see some things to go back and get for my family. I will mostly order online.

  44. tom beier

    I went down to sandusky mall thursday night but could not justify standing in lines for couple hours to purchase any items what a sight at kohl’s,walmart and the mall came back home.

  45. kjpugs

    I went out for Black Friday around noon- no problems! The only issue was parking was a little tight… but the stores were fantastic. Glad I went!

  46. Wendy Awald

    I braved Black Friday and it went great. I went at 5am with a friend and it was not crowded, no lines, etc. We realized it was because everyone had already started at midnight – so the rush was already past! It turned out great and I got all but 2 things on my shopping list – yay!!

  47. Carrie

    I love Black Friday shopping. It isn’t even about the deals for me. Just a fun time with my friends!
    I was disappointed with the midnight openings this year. Just not the same in my opinion.

  48. Mary

    In the past, we’ve always enjoyed shopping on Black Friday, but this year, we didn’t like the midnight openings, far too many people at too few open stores. It’s just not the same as waking up at 3 am and heading out to shop. I hope next year, it will be back to the TRUE Black Friday!

  49. Bonnie

    I still can’t believe I went Black Friday shopping at 10:00 on Thanksgiving night! VERY good deals here in Wisconsin. I stayed out until 3:30 and was dragging the entire next day:(( But….it was quite fun!

  50. Daneilia

    I probably made the smarter move on not going out on Black Friday this year. Looked through the ads with the family on Thanksgiving and there weren’t very good deals this year and I don’t think it was much of a smart move to deal with the chaos of Black Friday. lol.

  51. Kendra W.

    I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday, nor do I ever. I prefer to find good deals online or in-store on less crowded days.

  52. Cassandra

    I went out on Black Friday with a friend just to see if there were any good deals. We didn’t go super early so the crowds weren’t too bad. It was nice to catch up and score some deals!

  53. Alecia

    Ah, good ole Black Friday. Stayed up til 3am to shop online. Then the site went all crazy and my cart emptied 3 times. Drove me crazy. I did get the camera I wanted, but missed out on nice sheets and bedding for the kids. Oh well.

  54. Jody Rollins

    I do not like the crowds and tend to avoid Black Friday shopping if I can help it, but I did have to venture out for my son’s prescription and got a few deals at a neighboring store. If this set of Calphalon pans was on the Black Friday sale at a good deal I would brave the crowds, however, as they are gorgeous!!!

  55. Terri

    I did not brave the early morning crowds. I was enjoying taking care of my beautiful little granddaughter while her mommy went out on Black Friday. One thing she was looking for was a set of pots and pans that were advertised deals at a couple of local stores. Too bad, they were all gone…they could really use a new set. I would love to win this and give them to her and my son!

  56. jessica w.

    We didn’t go black friday shopping, we stayed home with my visiting mother in law and vegged; it was wonderful

  57. Joy

    I’m a big Black Friday HATER! I give all cash and gift cards to family and friends and shop online for my kids….

  58. Jenny

    We decided to go at midnight this year, but didn’t really find anything because I have never seen the stores so crazy! The main reason I go is to have fun and bond with my teenage daughters, which is always what happens.

  59. Audra

    My sister & I go every year on Black Friday, I manage to get most of my shopping done and we just really enjoy the day together.

  60. Allyson

    I can’t imagine going out in all that chaos…maybe someday. But for now – I avoid it on purpose. :) Hoping for some good online deals for Cyber Monday. Maybe I can get some shopping done in the comfort of my own home. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  61. Ellie

    I usually go out with my dad super early Friday morning, but this year, I went out with friends to the mall at midnight and we got back to our apartments around 6 am… Didn’t buy much, but it was my first time Black-Fridaying in LA & it was fun. Less crazy than I expected though, I must admit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Mary Lea Wolf

    Well I do go out and find amazing deals on Black Friday! I don’t go super early…but its a tradition to go with my girlfriend…buy too many things we don’t need…have a nice lunch…and come home with our pocket books lightened! Thanks for the give-a-way!

  63. JEN

    I did not shop on Black Friday! I have never shopped on Black Friday…and I have made myself a promise that in 2 years I plan to go with a friend and shop on Black Friday. Really intrigued on what it is really like.

  64. Leslie

    I did not go shop on ‘black friday’… just couldn’t do it! But love the cookware and would appreciate being entered… and hope I’m selected as the winner!

  65. Marie

    Thanksgiving for me is about family, not fighting with hundreds of rude, crazed people, clamoring to get the most cheap stuff. No Black Friday shopping for me.

  66. Nicole Marie

    Since I work in retail at two places, and worked all weekend, I avoided going out shopping. I did go to to get my guy’s toys he wanted, and a little something for me. Retail value of what I got was 309 (with tax), I paid $116 with tax. And the best part was: FREE SHIPPING :D

    Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving :)

  67. Riann

    I usually avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague and had every intention of doing so again this year but I got antsy about buying Christmas decorations for my new house and ventured out at around 10:30. Luckily, the worst of it was over and Target was only as crowded as a regular weekday afternoon. My mission to find sparkly Christmas decor was EXTREMELY successful.

  68. Wendy McCord

    Usually we try to kick off the holidays with some Black Friday shopping, but this year, I just took a quick trip to Kohls to score a few deals. And $30 Kohls bucks, so I can go next week and spend more money.

  69. Dorene

    I went out for a couple things at 6:00 am. It was not busy at all. I was so surprised. I was able to get a few things and be home by 9:00.

  70. Kimie M

    Luckily I was able to do the little bit of black Friday shopping I wanted online. Avoid the crowds, get the same deals and even free shipping!

  71. Staci

    I started shopping at 8:00 pm, and didn’t get back in until 9:00 am the next morning. I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours… but worth every minute! I had fun with friends!!!!!

  72. shara bachman

    no black friday shopping for me. hung with the family instead.. but i’ll be paying for it when christmas sneaks up on me! ;)

  73. Arlynn

    I haven’t been out shopping on Black Friday for years. This year was no exception. I slept in and stayed in, especially since many stores offered extended deals all weekend. I looked online and will probably shop Cyber Monday. I love the bronze set you are giving away. It is beautiful and matches my kitchen

  74. Qadoshyah

    I avoided the Black Friday shopping craziness for sure! My mom checked out one of our local Walmart’s for the deals, but we aren’t a big shopping family :).

  75. Amber

    I went to cvs to get the free items on Thursday. On Friday I bought a mattress. $499 for a memory foam at mattress firm. I decided not to do traditional BF shopping this year, due to a negative experience last year. Please pick me!

  76. Meg M

    Last year I went Black Friday shopping for the first time and bought tons of things that were a “great deal” that I never wore….I decided to do myself a favor and stay in this year :)

  77. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    We went out at 9pm on Thanksgiving to the outlet malls and stayed out until 3AM! we hit 3 different malls – it was madness! but the deals were totally worth it, I think ;)

  78. Lisa

    Black Friday scares me. I’ve lived through a few. They haunt me. I enjoyed snacking on leftovers at home and watching Elf instead!

  79. Carmen

    I avoid shopping on Black Friday at all costs. Unfortunately, we were at my in-laws this weekend and my husband needed to get something from the hardware store for a fix. He said the check-out lines went almost all the way to the back of the store! (He came home and went back later in the afternoon)

  80. Lynn

    Love the new color! I did go shopping a little, but was NOT a “shopping ninja” like my daughters! They scored a lot of deals. CRAZY!!

  81. Tanya

    I actually didn’t shop yet. I still hope to find some great deals before Christmas. I can’t handle the early morning crowds and/or pepper spray!!

  82. sue

    we had the best black Friday! we were in and out of the “traditional” mall in 45 minutes. Didn’t even have to get up too early…left the house at 7am! Then we were able to go to the “local” out of the mall stores and were home by 11am. just finished up with my cyber shopping and I am all done except for the wrapping!!

  83. Julie Chunn

    I have shopped Black Friday in years past, but this year was my first ever to work Black Friday in a retail job. I got to work at 2am and the lines were crazy for the checkout lanes still, that lasted until about 3:15 and then the store got quite for a little while and the guests that weren’t after the major black Friday electronics and etc came in. When I left work at 10:30am it was steady like what we see on a normal Saturday.

  84. Christina Aronen

    Black Friday seems to become darker each year. In a person’s choice to go get the perfect choice or deal for a loved one, often you see people behaving in a way that kind of ruins the spirit for me. One year, while shopping, someone pulled a gift right out of my cart in front of my face and kept on walking! I chose to stay home and put up the tree this year instead.

  85. Kristen D'Angelo

    I went black friday clothes shopping up in Maine.. didn’t do so well though and only bought 3 things!

  86. Ciara L

    I had nothing to pick up on Black Friday but we stopped by the mall out of curiosity at 11 am. The lines were crazy!

  87. Carlin Flubacker

    Opps, I didn’t go out this year – it seems we have most of what we need for now. We went and got our Christmas tree instead!!

  88. Sam

    My husband and I spent it by eating cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches while watching movies all day.

  89. Katherine

    I did online shopping for Black Friday since I have a 5 month old and my husband had to work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. D Hand

    Black Friday had me working, so not so much fun. People were crazy, but there were deals to be had. Although I didn’t participate, my sister always does so I sent her in search of a $60 bracelet for $12. I will have to wait until Christmas to see if she could get it.
    Love your blog.

  91. Jeanie Erwin

    Love your blog; ) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found you, but I am going to pass along your link to everyone I know, sort of know……….. well, you know! Happy Holidays!

  92. Candice W

    I would LOVE this new set! No Black Friday shopping for me. I hope to get a lot of my shopping done online this year. I hate the crowds!

  93. Jennifer M

    I typically go out Black Friday shopping but I refused this year when they started it on Thanksgiving day. I have my shopping done for this Christmas and we are getting ready to make gifts for people now. It’s been a great start to the holidays.

  94. Shelly

    I did go out Black Friday shopping. There was a 30 minute wait to get into the store so I turned around and went home and went to bed. Got everything I wanted anyway the next morning–ONLINE! :)

  95. Charity McMillan

    Hey there, I didn’t go black friday shopping this year, but i did last year (my first time). It was really fun and kind of crazy, just the excitement of it all and experiencing it with my best friends… would definitely do it again, when moneys not so tight.
    By the way I love your Chocolate Cake Recipe -Thanks for sharing!


  96. Laura Herlihy

    I avoid that crowds at all cost on Black Friday =) Recently I have started doing most if not all of my Christmas Shopping online…you can get some great deals through promo codes =) Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  97. Marissa

    No Black Friday shopping for me – this year! I was sitting with my laptop at 11:30 pm waiting to do my shopping online at Walmart. 12:03am, everything I clicked on to buy said “out of stock”. What a huge letdown!

  98. Darlene

    Yes, I went Black Friday shopping! I had an enjoyable time, got what was on my list…and some BBW for me! Got to the mall at 7:30AM and was home by noon.

    Lovely giveaway!

  99. Deanna Melton

    Oh, gosh, what a lovely set of Cookware, and I have been looking for a new set, mine is worn out! I do most of my Christmas shopping online, and I avoid the Black Friday crowds as much as possible! So looking forward to Cyber Monday, shopping from my office chair sipping a cup of coffee is much more up my alley than trying to avoid getting trampled or pepper sprayed, LOL!! Good Luck to everyone trying to win the Cookware (including myself, LOL)……..

  100. Drew

    I got a new laptop $450 off, but got it online. No lines. I think the future of “black Friday” is going to come to an end because “cyber Monday” will take it’s place.

  101. Jessica P.

    We went to Target around 11 and scored some good deals on Blu-Rays and DVDs – if you park and check-out on the grocery side, and it’s not too bad. :)

  102. Shawna D.

    I was determined not to do Black Friday shopping, but our power ended up going out for 5 hours so we hit some stores later in the day. I much prefer going shopping on the Saturday and Sunday afterwards, less hectic.

  103. Auro

    I did my shopping online this year and it was kind of good, although nothing beats the exitement of going to the stores and getting that awesome super deal in something you weren’t even looking for!

  104. Cortney

    I have actually NEVER shopped on black friday. I have got to try it sometime. Getting run over and trampled first thing in the morning as opposed to sleeping in my nice cozy bed always deters me. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway. I would LOVE to win this!!!!

  105. Leila

    Bought myself a Christmas tree and pulled out all the decorations and went to town! Normally don’t decorate so that was a big change.

  106. Nancy

    I avoid Black Fridays because of the long lines and the hectic rush inside the stores. I’ve dealt with one Black Friday and never again will I go through it again.

  107. Emma

    I don’t shop on black friday…..I try to sleep in and relax! :) I like to shop when things aren’t so wild and crazy. Love the chance to win the pots, Thanks!!! :-)

  108. Henry Garcia

    I dont go out on Black Fridays never really been into that hype and within recent years may not be safe. I can find better deals after the holidays either online or at local retailers with out getting hurt. I work hard all week and on my days off I love cooking on the weekends so winning this prize would be excellent!

  109. Christina

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I have to say that Black Friday shopping is something that I avoid if at all possible, easy to do this year as I had to work. Thanks again.

  110. Robin Barwacz

    No shopping for me on black Friday. Crowds and I do not get along. I do most of my shopping online. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and for a chance to win these awesome pots and pans.

  111. Sharon L

    I like shopping on black Friday but I don’t like the stores opening on Thursday or midnight now, instead of enjoying dinner people are rushing to get in line. I hope I win

  112. Haley G.

    I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. I would rather sleep off my turkey coma than get up so early to go shopping!

  113. Katie

    We went out on Black Friday in the afternoon – I’m 8 months pregnant and didn’t feel like going out at midnight!

  114. Isabelle

    I’ve made a few Black Friday trips throughout the years, but I didn’t go out last Friday! Stuffed, tired, etc. A few years ago my mom and I were looking for a new car for her and decided to go out on a Black Friday, which led us to going to a Best Buy where a certain car was parked and realizing that – yes – there are good deals! Needless to say, we ended up with at least 20 DVDs… We never knew :)

  115. Morgan

    This Black Friday we slept in! It was wonderful! Although we did find that Black Friday is the BEST day to go grocery shopping.

  116. Melissa

    Although I love the thrill of funding a bargain as much as the next, I avoid Black Friday! I too prefer an online in my pajamas experience! No noise, no crowds, no wishing that I was somewhere else! A simple and enjoyable shopping experience!

  117. Felicia

    Missed all the morning rush and didnt get out til early afternoon. Still got a few good deals on Christmas pajamas for the kids!

  118. Michelle

    I did head out to shop the sales @the midnight but came home after the lines were so long to get into the stores due to over-capacity :( there was nothing that I really wanted anyway except for a waffle maker that was so ridiculously priced it was probably all sold out in the first 10 minutes! :) anyway!

  119. Jessica Hogan

    I did enjoy Black Friday this year. I went out with no other of an idea as to start my xmas shopping :) The stores weren’t as crowded this year due to a lot of them opening on Thanksgiving night which was nice. My friends son just passed away he was 22 and her husband just had his 2nd Stell Cell transplant hope to win this item and if so will use it as an auction item to help them raise money.

  120. Amy Williams

    I try to do all of my shopping online but I did read about the crazy woman who was pepper spraying people. That sure doesn’t seem like the Christmas spirit to me.

  121. Karen

    First time in years, I didn’t get up (or stay up) for Black Friday sales. I thought they were all just OK. But on Saturday, I did get up at 5am to score a deal that started at 6. Thankfully, that early time was worth it!

  122. Linda

    I went to black friday one time, stood in line 2 hrs. for a camera. I haven’t ever wanted to go again. I had rather go and give a little more than to get out in that again.

  123. Rachel

    I don’t leave the house on black Friday. It’s way too crazy and crowded out there. Instead that’s when I decorate for Christmas.

  124. LolaT

    I ususally avoid it. This year, because I have three little ones getting bigger, I decided to go to Toy’s R Us. I didn’t just want to go. I tried shopping online first. But one deal was only available in store. So I went. Didn’t get up early. None of the stuff I wanted was there. Came back and got the rest of the things online. Totally, NOT worth it. (But we are going to Ikea today for more punishment. At least they don’t open until 11am)

  125. Kati

    I did not go out black friday shopping, but I am looking forward to cyber monday! my husband actually ACCIDENTLY went black friday shopping. He had no clue things started thurs night and his sister was headed to a 10pm sale. He thought it was a quick walmart trip and went along. CRAZY for him to see the fights!

  126. Ashlee Moots

    I have a new baby girl this year so braving the crowds with her was not an option…hope to get back in the action next year though!

  127. Pamela

    I went out on Thanksgiving evening to Michaels, they had some good deals with an additional 30% off, I added some storage pieces for my craft room. I will be doing some cyber shopping over the weekend. This is a beautiful set of cookware, love the color. Thanks for a great giveaway – this would be a fabulous Christmas gift to me! Would love to cook with this great set.

  128. Lisa

    Went to Target at midnight for the black Friday deals. Had fun and met nice people while waiting. My sisters and I enjoy shopping all night every year.

  129. JustNonnie

    Hubby and I went out much later in the evening. Not looking for anything in particular as we do most of our shopping on-line. I would love a new set of pans. Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    Merry Christmas … Nonnie

  130. Elizabeth Moore

    I didn’t go out Black Friday shopping until around 9:00 am. Scored a few deals and then went bakc home to decorate my house!

  131. Brook

    I did not do any black friday shopping this year….I am a nurse and I was on call that day:) But I did do some online shopping!

  132. Sarah

    No Black Friday shopping for our family this year! We spent the entire week at the beach with some great friends, it was wonderful!

  133. wkbruner

    We did not go shopping this year. Instead we took our 20-month old daughter to the zoo. It was a much better choice.

  134. Barbie

    I went out last year at midnight to pick up one thing and I was gone for almost 3 hours! Needless to say I opted out this year.

  135. Michelle

    I have never shopped on Black Friday nor do I ever plan to, lol. I have zero patience for crowds. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is a whole different story! ;-)

  136. Dara E.

    I did everything on line. In years past I have sent my husband for a big ticket item for the kiddies, but this year, there was no need. I enjoyed decking the halls with the family and we supported small business Saturday instead!

  137. Sarah

    I did some online shopping but did not go out. I got some deals but nothing killer :) I would love to win this giveaway!

  138. Katie

    Wow! They don’t have Black Friday shopping here in China but all the stories make it sound like such an adventure!


    was not a black friday shopper this year. I did not see anything that I wanted that badly to get me out of bed to fight the crowds. Maybe next year.

  140. Debbi

    My husband and I usually get up early but just couldn’t stay up past 11:00 to do the new midnight hours! We didn’t have anything we were looking for – just like the people watching!

  141. Barb B

    I did all of my shopping online on Wednesday! All the stores I needed to shop at had awesome deals on Thursday. Just loaded up my shopping carts Wednesday night and came back Thursday morning, entered the discount codes and BAM! Done!

  142. Nicole H.

    This was my first year giving into the Black Friday craze! I got up at 3:30am. I found some really great deals at Anthropologie which totally made my day!

  143. Marilyn

    I went, I shopped and I conquered the crowds! I got up at 2 am and left at 3:30 to be at the mall by 4 a.m. I literally spent 14 hrs black friday shopping. Got some great deals for those I am shopping for.

    I hope I win this new set of cookware, cause mine are exhausted from all the thanksgiving cooking! Happy Holidays and thanks for the opportunity

    Marilyn C.

  144. Lois

    Did you know that I have this exact Calphalon set at home now? I got it as a wedding gift, 15 years ago! It has really lived it’s test of time. I did have to replace one pan, but I did it for free because they have a lifetime warranty! If I win, I will give this set to a well deserved relative. Oh! Black Friday. Nope! Too cold here for that!

  145. Solange

    Black Friday… Bah Humbug! I love all of the online sales instead. Besides, you can get most everything that you want at the prices you want online! Why wait for hours in the cold for a cheap video camera that you know you will regret buying later?

  146. Edward

    Did Black Friday one year at Kohl’s. What a nightmare! We live in a medium sized city and the whole population must have been at that line. When we got in, my wife did get most of the stuff she wanted, but the hours of wait in the line was a bit of board. Needless to say it was the first and last time for us!

  147. Al Tucker

    Love your site – use it with my photography students regularly. I also love to cook and my old copper-bottom cook wear is showing its age. I spent Black Friday on a lovely golf course away from the pepper-spraying crowds. There’s always next year…

  148. Mopo

    Am I just in time???
    In my country there isn’t the black friday. But I guess if it was, Iwould buy everything online!

  149. Nicole O.

    I’m not the type to go shopping right at midnight on Black Friday, but I do make a trip to the mall that afternoon. Usually the crowd has died down and the sales are still good!

  150. Jennifer

    I have reached a point that no matter how good the deal is, it’s just not good enough to get me out of bed let alone fight the chaos. I try to stick to online shopping whenever i can.

  151. kristie wickland

    we were with family over the holiday weekend and looked through the ad’s and my husband went out and purchase a few goodies for the kids…. it’s hard to shop when you are not in your own town. But we did help his brother score on a great new Nikon Camera to take pictures of his kids. So that had to be the highlight of the shopping weekend. We are home now and I’m sure our shopping will continue during the holiday season upon us. Those pans would be phenomenal to win. Thanks for the chance. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  152. Jeanie Lee

    Hi Amanda,
    I love BF shopping and scored some Ipod Touches and some Xbox games for my sons this year…people were pretty nice overall so luckily didn’t experience some of the drama that others did! Have a wonderful Christmas! Will keep my fingers crossed, love this pan set!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. Kiran Saeed

    My best friend called a few minutes before midnight to invite me to Black Friday shopping. We had both never gone so it was very exciting! The lines outside the stores were PACKED. I thought we were late enough to avoid the traffic. It was a fun experience and I’ll definitely be sure to leave earlier next year. I didn’t find any great steals either but I hope to be more prepared next year.

  154. Patty

    Hi this year I had to work nights (nurse) so I luckily came home and slept thru most of Black Friday….but my adult daughter did damage for me instead! thank-you for all your generous give aways I sure could use these!! Happy Holidays from me to you and yours

  155. Kate Retherford

    I didn’t get to go Black Friday shopping because I had to work! I’ve never done the true “Black Friday” gig where you get up in the wee hours of the morning! I want to try it sometime!

  156. Janalyne

    This year I avoided the Black Friday shopping so I could just sleep in and enjoy it…plus Christmas shopping for all the family and friends is already done! I do have a set of new pans on my list, however :)

  157. Ann Fowlr

    I absolutely hate Black Friday BUT was in line at midnight for a 4 AM opening with my daughter who really needed the great deals (single Mom, 2 boys) – actually we met lots of nice people and did not have to wait outside in the Seattle rain. Hope I win the Calphalon – will send it to my daughter.

  158. Francisca

    I was unimpressed by the black friday shopping, all in my mind was that people have to wait outside of the stores in ungodly hours just to save a couple of bucks.
    But then, I discovered online deals for black friday and almost becoming addicted to it. All is good, but I have my faith on black friday back.
    I love to cook and the Chalphalon cookware would be definitely coming to good hands if I win the raffle, not to forget that I’ll be converted for life!

  159. Amanda T

    This is like a Black Friday extra for me!! That is if I win. But the again I would give it to my mom and dad since they are the real bakers and chefs in the house.

  160. Melanie Sams

    I should have gone out shopping on Black Friday for some new pots and pans….so maybe I’ll win these instead!!!

  161. emily g.

    This year the only place I went on Black Friday was to my local school supply store–25% off everything you could fit in a basket. Stuff there rarely goes on sale so I was very exicted! An added bonus was that there were no crowds!!!

  162. DeniseG

    I’m more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl, so no Black Friday for me. And it’s a good thing too…. this year it hardly seemed like a safe environment out there for my 8-months pregnant belly!!

  163. Jenny Christian

    I avoid any retail joint on Black Friday – and pretty much until after Christmas as much as I can. Online shopping is my best friend :)

  164. wenders

    Didn’t do any craziness this year, slept in, waited until late morning to check for one wish list item, and it was still available mid-morning, so must not be sought out too much, but big score for me, since it was still available! =) And then came home and enjoyed Thanksgiving leftovers.

  165. Sylvia

    I did/do not shop black friday! Too crazy for me and I love my sleep too much! Although, I did work from 10-4 at the cute little Boutique I work at. Not too bad, no pepper spraying going on at least ; )


  166. kaylene

    everywhere i went for black friday didn’t have any of the deals they advertised. either they already changed the prices or they were totally sold out. :(

  167. Carly

    I didn’t do any black Friday shopping this year…but I have many, many memories of years of getting up at 3 am to go with my grandma and being out allllllll day! We always had the best time! I miss her dearly and black Friday is not the same without her!

  168. Shandell

    I did BF shop, I went to Old navy and camped out there for 4 hours, to get the free camera!! I did get it! Woot! I had to spend $40, I ended up spending $100, with the savings of 186$ And got my Son’s whole winter wardrobe! Yey!

  169. Katherine Greenough

    I work part time in retail so I joined the crazy people by working this black Friday weekend!! It was crazy busy and we are still trying to recover the store!! lol

  170. kathleen

    I have to work but I would never go black Friday shopping anyway. I would rather pay double then fight the crowds!!!

  171. Sharon Griffiths

    Black Friday shopping….BluRay players and thumb drives was my quest! LOL store opened at midnight – I was gone by 12:20! got what I wanted. Love your blog!

  172. Aloha

    Did over 15 hours of shopping, starting at 10 pm on Thanksgiving. Started at Walmart. Have never gone to Walmart first stop ever before and I promise I won’t ever again. People that go there are crazy and pushy!!!

  173. Jessica Bradford

    Please pick me! I NEED a new set so bad!

    I have never been a fan of black Friday. I like staying warm inside my home shopping online! I have recently lost 70 pounds and needed new cloths so I also did a little shopping for myself. Felt great to be down over 4 sizes! I also would love this new cooking set because I cook 6 out of 7 days a week at home and my set is really old, with missing lids and scratches all over it. I would love this to be an early Christmas gift!

  174. shari

    Went out because my tween daughter had to go to Hollister to see the” HOT” life guards they advertised, so as not to disappoint, I pulled myself off the couch at 1145pm and drove to the mall, as we drove in we saw Target and there were people lined up all around the whole mall on the outside….. we drove thru and by and straight home! haha

  175. Pam

    Was not going to shop this Black Friday but an old friend called and invited me so off we went to the mall……. Loved it.

  176. Sarah S.

    Every year I use Black Friday as an excuse to get something for myself :) This year it was an espresso maker…woohoo!!! :)

  177. Leigh

    I really used to enjoy Black Friday. It was something my mother and I liked to do together. It was over when we actually were in the line of a knock down drag out over a 13″ television. Punches thrown and all (not us)! Now, I do most of mine online with coupons and find that I get the same savings. It is also easier when you have four boys… they would not enjoy shopping around doing that at all!

  178. Debra Carnley

    I used to enjoy Black Friday, when I was younger. Not so much anymore. I’ve always wanted a set of Caphalon, though! :o)

  179. Jessica Jäger

    I was shopping at midnight for a pirates of the carribean pirate ship. I got one it wa not on sale but it has been sold out for some time and I have a cute eight year old boy with his heart set on it for Christmas. I also waited in line for 1 1/2 hours at kohls with my sister to score some $5 barbies. It’s not always about the deals sometimes it’s all about the girl time:). These pots and pans would be great replacement for my ten year old set!

  180. julie daly

    No I did not shop. I am addicted to golf so I golfed for the Food Bank that day. It was a beautiful day in Mesquite, NV out with friends for a great cause. No guilt about spending!!!

    Happy Holidays

  181. Jessica

    I have been doing the BlkFri craze for the last 4 years and I was a little hesitant this year only because with the stores opening earlier and earlier it takes away from the family holiday… BUT I did venture out last minute and ended up being very successful in crossing off names on my ‘gift list’ :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  182. Lisa

    Black Friday…no. NO! We shop on It’s easier, no tax and is delivered to your door in two days. And actually, we are only buying for our new baby this year!!!!

  183. Deb

    I shopped with my daughters to get a start on Christmas shopping. It was 50 degrees in the suburbs of Chicago. Delightful to be in an outdoor mall!

  184. Jill

    Yes, I go shopping on Black Friday. Wanted to go to Walmart on Thursday night at 10:00 pm, but lost my car keys and couldn’t go till Friday at noon!!!

  185. Patti

    WitH 6 grandchildren (2 living with us) black Friday shopping is hard to do. Long gone are the days of getting up to shop at midnight.

  186. Ashlee Perkins

    I did the “Black Friday” Midnight Shopping one year and then Cyber Monday hit and everything was just as cheap, if not cheaper, and I could have slept and stayed in my jammies at home. I haven’t done it since. :)

  187. Mindy

    I did not do Black Friday…but my husband did! I woke up with a cold Friday morning. I found out mid-morning that my husband had gotten up at 5:45 to get the TV he’s been longing for. Since I was sick in bed all day, I was the one who got to enjoy it.

  188. Kristina

    I avoid going out on Black Friday but I do a wee bit of online shopping. I also plan how I want to indulge in the Cyber Monday festivities.

  189. Patricia Wright

    I avoid the crowd. I shop online too, specially when there is free shipping available! This thanksgiving weekend I actually decided to go visit one of my best friends who lives now out of the state!

  190. elizabeth

    What time did I get up? I have a 4 month old so I got up at 1… and 3… and 5… But I didn’t go shopping. Hubs hit Best Buy later because we NEEDED a memory card and an external hard drive (right?).

  191. Lindsay Hoyt

    I spent black friday in the middle of town with one store – Wal-Mart … I didn’t go in!! P.S. Calphalon would be AMAZING!!!

  192. Katie G

    I have a two week old at home, which means I can’t get away from her for an extended period of time. This year I will be doing online shopping!
    Katie G

  193. Dana

    I went Black Friday shopping and got a great deal on a DSLR camera! Thanks for your article about how to use it better!

  194. Vicki N

    I have a phobia where I can’t be in large crowds. Sometimes I think it would be fun to grab a friend and go out shopping in the middle of the night but if panic set in, it wouldn’t be pretty so I prefer to do my shopping online. I love bargins!

  195. jersey

    what a great giveaway! we went out to one store and quickly decided that shopping wasnt how we wanted to spend our day. too many people!!

    *fingers crossed*

  196. Kortney Ewing

    I avoided black Friday this year!! I hate I missed it though!! I love seeing all the people go crazy better than I like getting the deals!! People are crazy!! :)

    Happy Holidays!!

  197. Shannon

    I was traveling, but avoid those crazies even if I wasn’t. BUT, this Black Friday giveaway is fantastic and just what I NEED! I have two skillets and two saucepans…all mismatched and mostly falling apart. Winning these would make a wonderful Christmas gift…thanks for sharing it!

  198. Sara

    My sister and I went shopping at midnight! It was our first Black Friday shopping experience, and I think we are hooked!! :)

  199. Julia Beldyga

    All I wanted were the 600 thread count sateen king size sheets on for $19.99 at Walmart. Sold out by the time I got there. Booooo! Disappointed for all I had to endure just to find out they were out! It was so obvious I was a newbie.

  200. Deborah Raney

    After a disastrous Black Friday excursion with a friend and two babies in strollers I swore the day off forever. My babe-in-stroller is getting married next May, so I’ve kept my promise for over 20 years. (And I’d LOVE to win the set of pans!)

  201. SandyF

    I avoid Black Friday shopping if I possibly can! We usually spend Thanksgiving at our house in the country, so it’s pretty easy to do. I know there are some great bargains out there – and I do love a good deal! – but I hate shopping in crowds. Yesterday my husband went to a craft show, ate leftovers, and took a nap. I’ll do my shopping online in my pj’s! (And I want this set of cookware like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been shopping for new cookware and this is the set I’ve decided on but it isn’t in the budget right now, so winning it would be wonderful!

  202. karen

    I went out in the afternoon, and it was awesome……seems the serious shoppers had been there hours before and had gone home……….

  203. Heather W.

    I didnt brave the crowds this year as my baby is due anyday and I didnt wanna chance having a baby in Wal-Mart! HA HA

  204. Carolyn G

    We went out Black Friday shopping but around 10am. I live in a small town and the stores were not full at all. There was no craziness and we found some good deals on rubbermaid items and some electronics

  205. RUTHANN

    Our family got together on Friday so I cooked and entertained. No shopping for me this least on Friday!!!

  206. Kelsey Belanger

    I love going out on black friday and have been going since a kid. I started this year at 10pm on Thanksgiving then sales at midnight, the earliest yet! I just kept going for the 4am sales and beyond, so no sleep for me! I was able to get many gifts for family and friends. :)

  207. Ashleigh

    I stayed up late and went out at midnight– it was WAAAY better than getting up early! I ended up with a new glider-rocking chair for my nursery! Baby #1 will be here in 2 months! YAAAAY!!!!!

  208. Kaylee Nelson

    This year I did not go Black Friday shopping because I was camping at the beach with family and friends. My boyfriend got a 60″ T.V. at Best Buy and it barely fits in the back of his truck!! Hopefully next year I will have the opportunity to take part in the craziness!

  209. Michelle Davis

    I stayed home and baked, something different and it was good! I did do a little online shopping and that was so nice and easy!

  210. nicoleigh

    I did go shopping this year! First time in a LONG time. But, I did the midnight shopping run. Was home by 2am. It was crazy. :)

  211. Daphne Price

    LOVE black friday (and giveaways)! We went to the outlets well before midnight — and I scored a whole ton of good deals on baby gifts and holiday presents for friends, coworkers and family.

  212. Christy Q

    We walked through Macy’s yesterday to get something (during a lull, thankfully!) and saw the bronzed cookware set and immediately fell in love with it so it is totally coincidental that you’re offering a giveaway with Caphalon! We didn’t plan to go out yesterday but were out and decided to take a chance – it wasn’t too bad but some stores were just beyond insane.

  213. Karla F

    I LOVE Black Friday!! It is a “girls weekend out” for a group of us!! We usually get a motel and spend the night and then do some more shopping on Saturday. We started at midnight this year and shopped until about 5 p.m. on Friday. Went to the motel for a little “happy hour” and then back at it again by 10 a.m. on Saturday. Had a great time but am a little shopped out! Time for bed!!

  214. Ryane

    No Black Friday shopping It s a big family day for our family. But I might have risked it and went out if they were selling these pans I love these pans I only have a few. I sure could use um, and they cook splendidly

  215. Joyce

    I always shop on Black Friday.I did it for years with my sisters but now I spend the day with my daughter.We have a fun day and sometimes get a few bargains!

  216. Kari

    I avoided Black Friday this year. I did so well shopping the pre-black friday deals (both in-store and online) that I didn’t feel the need to brave the craziness.

  217. Edie Schulz

    After all the cooking and cleaning I slept in on Black Friday! That was so nice!! I plan to go out shopping on Sunday afternoon, hoping the bargains will still be there. Hoping everyone had a great holiday!

  218. Kelly Dunphy

    I hit it hard….and hit it early – online :0)
    This year I committed to supporting small businesses with gift purchases so etsy was the one-stop shopping solution. Mostly done by 10am and I get to spend the rest of the weekend decorating the house!!! Happy Holidays :0)

  219. Liz D.

    Enjoyed Thanksgiving, but need to finish the term at school before moving on to Christmas. So, no Black Friday for me, just a day at the desk with homework.

  220. brandi

    i dont black friday shop…i thought about it this year because there were a couple things i wanted, but decided against it…i did however have to go to walgreens and pick up diapers on black friday! lol

  221. Cheryl Gaffney

    OMG!! I braved the Black Friday (well, Black Thursday Night at Walmart) and came home empty handed. I jumped online and bought exactly what a needed for the same price with free shipping. That’ll teach me! :)

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway and for the chance to win.
    Cheryl @
    cardsbycg at hotmail dot com

  222. Betsy

    There is nothing that I want bad enough to venture out at midnight to purchase. I would rather sleep in and wait until the afternoon even if I pay more for it.

  223. Grace D

    I only came across this while looking up this cookware set and thought, hey why not? If I get this set, I’m done with my self-shopping for Christmas :) BTW I’ve become a huge fan of your font pages! Pinned and showed to my scrapper friends :) Blessings & Merry Christmas! Grace

  224. Jan R

    I had a 10 hour shift at JCPenney. I set my alarm for 2:30 to be there by 3:15. We opened at 3:30. It was demoralizing to be yelled at by “bitchy” customers. Thankfully I won’t have to do it next year as I have scored a “real” job!

  225. Brenda

    I do everything I can to avoid crowds, so my black friday is all about p.j’s, a crackling fire, and Christmas movies!!!

  226. Leesa Gentry

    We are always out of town for Black Friday and the towns we visit don’t have a mall. So have never gone to a Black Friday sale. Know lots of people that do and love it but not me.

  227. Faith

    We went out this year- with driving it was 12 hours of black Friday fun! Got some great deals and fun bonding time with my mom and sisters :)

  228. Lissa Deminie

    Black Friday was spent in my pajamas surfing for sales on line ! Scored some great deals without dealing with lines and traffic.

  229. Michelle H.

    I ventured out on Black Friday at about 1:00 PM……..I was still in a turkey coma at midnight and there is no way I can get up and go shopping after the huge turkey dinner!

  230. Shawna

    I wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer. When I couldn’t get it online, I drove to the store, but didn’t get there until 10:00 a.m. GOT IT! Can’t wait to use it. Other than that, I didn’t think messing with everyone was worth any savings that I could have got.

  231. Cherie Gunderson

    I did not shop on black Friday
    I got all my deals in the middle of May
    I learned to do this a long time ago
    So I don’t have to wait in the cold and snow.

  232. doreen

    I have never shopped on Black Friday except from the comfort of my own home……… me some amazon and free shipping :)

  233. Jill Jacobs

    I went out at 10 Thursday night and got home around 1 a.m. We got a good amount of stuff but it was more about the fun and craziness of it! :)

  234. LD

    We found winter coats for our children and pillows for our beds. Nothing exciting, but we were happy to find good prices.

  235. Becky Burk

    I didn’t even stop to read what we’re supposed to comment about but I NEED to win this one big time. Please please please let the stars align and let this one be mine!!!

  236. Emma

    I got up when I just naturally woke up. Then, when my family got bored, we headed out for a little while and picked up a few small items….I will never lose sleep for a sale!

  237. islandgirl8828

    No Black Friday shopping at the stores for me. I’m a cyberMonday kind of girl. I may be old school- but couldn’t there be one day left that people can still enjoy with their families? I feel so bad for everyone in retail who now has to work earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving.

  238. Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

    I went Black Friday shopping at 7am. I didn’t really go to the big stores, but I wanted to hit up my local craft store and the pet store for the sales. I was sort of bummed that the bigger stores weren’t having appealing sales this year. :(

  239. Aimee Poe

    I celebrated by going to see The Muppets, going to work and shopping online. I avoid crowds like crazy. So online shopping during this time of year is my FAVORITE!!!

  240. Beth S

    There is no amount of discounting that can get me out and elbowing with everyone on black friday — i shop for deals during the rest of the year.

  241. Carolyn

    I spent Black Friday decorating the house for Christmas. I decided to take advantage of my day off to get the house looking, smelling, and feeling like Christmas. This gets everyone in the Christmas spirit – there’s plenty of time left for shopping!!! (Famous last words . . .)

  242. Amanda dawn

    I didn’t do the stand in line at midnight. I browsed some stores later in the day. Didn’t really find much I wanted at that point. Looking forward to cyber Monday though!! That more my style.

  243. Tamsin

    I avoid Black Friday, too crowed!!! I tried to go this year but I over slept…oh well, I guess there’s always next year

  244. Catie

    Thanks for the great opportunity!!
    I am not a black friday kind of gal – I do however “greatly” support the small business saturday :)
    Blessings to you and yours

  245. Jennifer

    My 12 year old daughter begged and begged to go black Friday shopping for the first time. I finally caved in and let her go with her dad while I stayed snug in my bed! She had a blast and I stayed warm :D Looking forward to cyber Monday.

  246. Justina M.

    I went to Walmart around 10 on Thanksgiving Day and did some online shopping early in the morning on Black Friday!

  247. Melissa R

    I avoid Black Friday Shopping. We are trying to go debt free and a store filled with great bargains is too much temptation for me. I am also not a morning person :)

  248. Abby

    I decided to fight the black friday fight from my couch this year! I scored some great deals online…and didn’t even have to fight a crowd or wait in line! My best buy was the $10 deals at Sephora…$44 worth of Bare Minerals product for $10 amongst others…SCORE!

  249. Sara Koransky

    Couldn’t do any Black Friday shopping this year because it’s time for law school finals! It would be fantastic to win these pans to add to my dwindling collection of kitchen supplies!

  250. Onease LaFlash

    Didn’t do it this year, but lots of other family members and friends went.
    All said it was CRAZY out there. Buy they all got some really, really good deals.

  251. Steven