Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaning System Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winner of the Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaning System Giveaway is #1732 Brandy.

Congrats Brandy! I’ve sent you an email.

Bissell ProHeat 2X® Select Pet Deep Cleaning System

Happy Friday, friends! Since spring is well on its way down here in the south, and I now open the back door daily to find this

Really Muddy Dogs

I thought today, Friday, would be a fabulous day to share this great giveaway, sponsored by the kind folks at Bissell.

Bissell has offered one (1) Kevin & Amanda reader a ProHeat 2X® Select Pet Deep Cleaning System, an upright deep carpet cleaner that uses heat, water, carpet cleansing shampoo and suction to remove stains and embedded debris from your carpet. My mother received Tramadol injections when she suffered from terminal cancer. Previously, my mother was interrible pain. However, the pain disappeared eight hours after the injection of Tramadol. According to, some patients who used the drug for over a month developed drug addiction.

Bissell ProHeat 2X® Select Pet Deep Cleaning System

ProHeat 2X® Select Pet Deep Cleaning System Giveaway

Remove stubborn pet stains, tracked-in dirt and tough pet odors

  • 12 cleaning rows- DirtLifter® Powerbrushes remove deep down dirt
  • Built-in Hot water heater for MAXIMUM cleaning
  • Innovative deep reach pet tool thoroughly removes deep down pet stains

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post: What’s the one cleaning product or appliance you can’t live without?

Contest ends Sunday night at 8pm CST. One entry per person please. One (1) winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Don’t forget that replies to comments aren’t counted as entries in the giveaway, so be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments section and leave your reply in the comment form.

Good luck!!

Bissell is now holding their annual Most Valuable Pet (MVP) Photo Contest. Check it out and enter for a chance to win $10,000 to your favorite pet charity, $500 for a shopping spree for your pet, a Bissell pet vacuum or deep cleaner, and your pet’s photo on a Bissell box!

1,799 Responses
  1. Mindy Kammerdiener

    I love Shout, and so does my husband. It seems like we are always getting spots on our clothes.

  2. Rita

    Though I hate washing dishes so a dish washer to me would be a must, but a would die without my washing machine & oddly enough I love to do laundry but with 4 children, 2 of which are bed wetters (a 6 yr & 11 yr old) I would go insane doing laundry everyday by hand with all the bed linens. I wish I didnt have 3 dogs, but 1 sheds constantly so a vacuum (on my 5th one in 17 yrs) is a must and a carpet cleaner too. Can anyone suggest a good vacuum who is a low budget.

  3. Lisa Wilson

    The one appliance I can’t live without is my Washing Machine. I don’t even want to imagine life without it for my family of 6!!! :)

  4. Rebecca Lopez

    I couldn’t live without my vacumns (one for carpets & one for hard floors), or the clorox wipes!!! Our two boys are forever playing in the giant sand box in our back yard and tracking it everywhere!

  5. Jen Stafford

    I can’t live without my Windex and paper towels… I did have a carpet steam cleaner, but it died, and now I’m dying without it!! I would LOVE this Bissell one!!

  6. Rita May

    WOW! I could really use this with my 3 doggies! My most used cleaning tool that is my Cuban wood T mop that is used with rags for my tile floors.

  7. Kim

    I would have to say me. Who would clean up all the messes if I did not clean it?
    Maybe if I had a cool new toy like the Bissel ProHeat, my husband would help.

  8. Jodi

    The one thing I can’t live without are my Lysol wipes. I use them all the time every day. How did we live without them??

  9. momneverstops

    I love my microfiber cloth – picks up all dust and I just toss it into the washer after I am done using it!

  10. Kay K

    I could not be without my Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. I not only use them everyday at home but I use them to kill the bad germs in my Kindergarten classroom. Great product!!

  11. Crystal Boyle

    I have to use Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning wipes. They smell really good and clean up any mess in the bathroom.

  12. Nicole Bidelspacher

    With 2 small children and one hairy dog, I definetly could not live without my Bissell Lift Off Revolution turbo vacuumn. I use it every other day and oh how I would love this deep cleaning system to get up all my stains :)

  13. Rae S.

    i LOVE the Swiffer dusters! Those little guys have been responsible for getting my kids to dust… a feat previously considered impossible :)


  14. fran vanStaalduinen

    I have a list of “can’t live without’s, but hight on the list is Clorox wipes. And I would so live to win this cleaner…mine just died.

  15. Holly

    I cannot live without my magic erasers! They work great for taking paint, markers, pen, and anything else my 3 year old puts on the walls!

  16. Jan N.

    I CAN NOT live without my vacuum cleaner – if you have dogs (and I know you do!) you know what I mean! I vacuum at least every other day and mostly every day to suck up my 2 black labs dog hair. I also use the Bissell Turbo Pet Brush attachment – works great on furniture!

  17. Sarah

    I can’t live with out my essential oils. They are pure and I am able to use them in so many ways when cleaning. I don’t like my two little girls around chemicals, so I’m really thankful for a natural way to clean!

  18. Maggie

    I absolutely love my newest little cleaning find…Mrs. Meyers clean day countertop spray. It works on everything, is all natural (organic), and leaves everything smelling oh so fresh!

  19. Stacy

    I love my floormate works wonders on cleaning my tile, i love that it scrubs the grout! Would love the carpet cleaner mine died and I have been putting off buying a new one.

  20. Margie

    I love love love LA’s Totally Awesome, sold for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree! This is an amazing all purpose cleaner!

  21. suzanne

    Oh how I hate mud. My 70lb dog baby brings in mud every day now that spring is arriving. I can’t live without my bissel steam mop.

  22. Tabitha

    It’s not an appliance, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without lint rollers! Having a dog that’s constantly shedding white hair means I spend much time removing that hair from my clothes before I walk out the door each day! :)

  23. Amy Campbell

    I can’t live without my kids! Yes, I use them to pick up, dust, wash windows, vacuuming, cleaning the garage and Swiffer the floors! They are great for cleaning up/mowing the lawn,….Unfortunately they also are good at making the mess that needs to be cleaned and always need specific instructions before taking on the tasks!!! But I CAN’T live without them!!!!

  24. Tulip and Turnip

    Awesome giveaway, Amanda! My favorite cleaning product is Simple Green, and my favorite appliance is my MAgic Bullet. I use both all the time! :)

  25. Beth

    I’d like to say my husband is my favorite cleaner…if he doesn’t get distracted by “something shiny” in another room as he passes through. LOL!

    I’m still such a fan of Scrubbing Bubbles. Something about the smell, I think! It makes me think of being a kid and chores! Ha!

    I was just shopping for floor cleaners. This would be a welcome addition to our two-cat household!

  26. Gretta

    As a Mom to 4 kids, I can’t live without my Clorox wipes! I love how you can use them anywhere on almost any surface to not only clean but disinfect.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  27. elizabeth

    a dishwasher. i have moved and have a non functioning dishwasher, so i am having to wash dishes by hand…ugh! it is getting old fast. so i am counting the days and my pennies until i get one. i would love to have this rug cleaner. i have a 14 yr old Boston Terrier, who has more accidents than i care to mention, this would be so nice to have for those times.

  28. Jackie Adams

    I could not live without my vacuum! Every other appliance I could make do without some way, but with 3 dogs a good vacuum is a must!

  29. Karen Minehart

    Just found your site and spent 2 days reading your old posts! LOVE IT!!! the one cleaning product I couldn’t live without would be my swiffer duster with my extension handle!

  30. Becca @ One Girl

    My non-swiffer swiffer that I bought at our state fair! It’s amazing and I can wash all of the pads so it’s a total money saver!

  31. Mirjana

    Believe it or not, but Rubbing Alcohol! We use it all the time to clean the car and house windows, mirrors, and TV. We have a 2 year old so I am constantly using it. Love it!

  32. Cindy

    Where do I start? I absolutely must have my vacuum, and I couldn’t imagine not having my washing machine. I recently got a dishwasher after mine had been broken for several months- I “lived” without it, but it wasn’t easy with four kids and a husband who don’t do dishes!

  33. Christine

    Don’t laugh, but I don’t think I could live without my dog, who monitors the kitchen floor and takes care of even the smallest crumbs:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Jessica

    I CANNOT live without baking soda! I use it to mop the floor, clean stains, and do laundry! It’s natural, smells great, and is a classic staple. Plus is safe to use around our cat. :)

  35. Kristine T

    I recently was given some Norwex cleaning rags and now I couldn’t live without them. They clean everything with no sprays needed!

  36. Angie L., Doula

    I absolutely cannot live without the Clorox brand Green Works all purpose cleaner. I love the one that smells like oranges and it actually is uplifting and energizing to clean! Who’da thunk?!

  37. Marie

    I lovelovelove my steam mop! I would love to have something that does for my carpets what my steam mop does for my wood floors!

  38. Jean

    I have a VERY old Bissell cleaner that badly needs to be replaced. I’ve used it so much bit would love a new one!

  39. Tildie

    Cleaning product: I absolutely love Clorox disinfecting wipes!
    Appliance: I think maybe my vacuum. I have little kids that roll around on the floor and I hate them picking up the little pieces.
    It’s so fun that you do so many giveaways!

  40. Jill

    Definitely the washing machine and dryer! Aside from that, maybe the non-scratch dish scrubbers we use.

    We have lots of carpet stains and desperately need a cleaner like this!

  41. Paige

    I can’t live without my broom or vacuum- with a 7 month old lab who is constantly shedding her long black hair, both help to keep the house hair free!

  42. Ashley C.

    Definitely Swiffer Wet Wipes. With two dogs running in and out of the house, it is so easy to wipe up the kitchen!

  43. Kathy C

    I couldn’t live without my dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand takes so much time. Also, what would I do without my washing machine. I grew up with a wringer washer. Washing clothes was an all day affair. How lucky we are today. Thanks for the opportunity. My 12 year old Jack Russell has a very tempermental stomach these days, lots of messes and I’ve been dreaming about one of these machines.

  44. Deborah Harris

    I couldn’t live without my steam cleaner! I steam clean the floors and bathrooms on a weekly basis! (If I had the time, I think I would do it daily!) Keeps the house so fresh (especially with a small Yorkie)! Oh, and my “Dang” pet stain remover by Bissell!

  45. Lisa

    I LOVE the natural cleaners from Gold Canyon candles. It smells incredible, like aromatherapy! The smell actually makes me feel happy when I clean! Crazy!

  46. rhys

    My favorite knife! I waited forever to break down and buy it, now I lecture myself everytime I use it for waiting so long! :)

  47. Becca

    I can’t live without the Magic Eraser! That little thing can get rid of the toughest stains on just about any surface!

  48. SarahK

    So funny I saw this giveaway, I was JUST researching carpet cleaners for the best price and model! I can honestly say I can not live with out a carpet cleaner anymore! We have two cats and are renters and I would love to take even better care of our home with a Bissel!

    Thanks for this giveaway!


  49. Veronica

    I cannot live without my swiffer. I love it for quick cleanups and alot of times the whole floor. The smells it leaves are awesome!

  50. Angela

    I can’t live without my Bissell Little Green clean machine. With 3 cats and two kids, there is always some mess to clean up. The Little Green does a fantastic job at spot cleaning, but we’re at the point where we need a bigger upright carpet cleaner to do the whole house thoroughly.

  51. Debbie

    I can’t live without my can of Resolve Carpet cleaner! We have four cats and a 13 month old baby boy! The cats throw up occasionally and I always feel like the spot I clean with Resolve is really clean! It works great on furniture, too! When our baby, Isaac, was little he spit up pretty regularly, so we were all the time spraying and scrubbing! I’m thankful my carpet still looks great even after all the messes! I really hope I win the Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaning System, because my bedroom carpets could REALLY use it!

  52. Marilyn Benner

    I cannot live without Clorox Wipes! I use them to clean everything. I have to have a bottle under my kitchen sink and under each bathroom sink. They are so handy!

  53. Jessi Allen

    My favorite cleaning product is Seventh Generation – good stuff that smells great and is low impact for our planet.

  54. Vickie from Part Three

    I have to have my pile of micro cleaning cloths – they keep my glass, granite and stainless all streak free without using a bunch of cleaning products.

  55. ...M... @ Require Life

    I couldn’t live without my Clorox Orange Disinfecting Wipes. Not only do they have a great scent…they WORK! :o)
    Great giveaway..Good Luck to ALL!
    0.m.hopkins.0 AT gmail DOT com

  56. dixie

    my FAVORITE appliance has to be my coffee maker!!! i need the caffeine to motivate me to use my cleaning products! ha!!

  57. Lindsay

    I couldn’t live without my Dyson vacuum cleaner. This Bissell would be AWESOME too – my house has white carpets, which are NOT practical (especially with 2 boys) but we can’t afford to replace them. Keeping them clean without having to get them professionally cleaned all the time would be AWESOME!

  58. Tracy Momofallgirlz

    Our carpet cleaner which is on it’s last leg – we have 2 Bostons, 4 kids and old crappy carpet!

  59. Rachel

    I absolutely LOVE my dyson vacuum!! With a husband with severe allergies and a son with asthma, it is a lifesaver.

  60. Samantha Y.

    Totally could never live without my Dyson! Holy moly that thing picks up dirt like nobody’s business! I absolutely positively love it!

  61. Diane Motes

    I love Magic Erasers and Clorex spray. And of course my vacuum cleaner. Husband can not wipe his feet when coming in the house.

  62. Dar

    A can of Resolve carpet cleaner. With two dogs (as you well know) there is always something to clean. Oh and I also couldn’t live without my Dyson Animal vacuum…the dog fur would be a flyin’ otherwise!

    A carpet cleaner would be a wonderful addition to our home : )

  63. Heather {

    I love my organic wipes. I have a 13-month-old son and not a lot of time to clean. Its super easy to just clean up any mess lickety-split with a cleaning wipe and move on to make the next mess!

  64. Paula

    I could not live without my vacuum cleaner — with multiple girls, with long hair, living in the house, and a cat, there is a lot of fur and hair around that needs to be cleaned up.

  65. Amanda H

    I can’t live wihtout my Roomba! With all of the dog hair that ends up on the floor it make it possible fo me to make it all week with out having to really clena!

  66. Cheryl B.

    I would have to say that I can’t live without my washer. My washer died a couple years ago and it was miserable having to haul the laundry elsewhere.

  67. Caitlin

    I can’t live without my washer and dryer. After years of apartment living, my husband and I finally bought our own. One of my greatest joys is diving into a freshly washed bed!

  68. Tara

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I JUST discovered the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser last week and that is now the cleaning product I can’t live without. Love your blog!

  69. Sam Samaras

    Swiffer wet mop (not the one that squirts water), but the one that you buy the pre-wetted pads for. Love it.

  70. Kelly

    With muddy dog prints and kid tennis shoe prints on hard wood floors, my Haan floor steam cleaner is something i use ever day!! Also the hand held Shark steam pocket is awesome.

  71. Jamie Lott

    I cannot live without my rug cleaner! With 3 dogs, 2 boys and 1 husband, it’s essential. The problem(s)? It’s old, it doesn’t heat the water and it’s not a Bissel. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now and lo and behold (yes I’m southern) my favorite blogger is giving one away. Sign me up!


  72. Deborah Hooper

    With wood floors and two dogs and a long-haired cat, I couldn’t imagine life without my Rainbow vacuum.

  73. Vickilyn Crawford

    Lysol products for my bathroom….spray, toilet bowl cleaner, their handy wipes – love them all!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Lisa Ault

    I use Oxyclean to clean almost everything. I have 3 kids, a dog, and a cat so the steam cleaner would get put to good use at my house.

  75. Tara S.

    With two ginormous dogs, two busy kiddos and a messy husband and dad under my roof I cannot live without my dyson vacuum cleaner and Magic Erasers!

  76. Jen Gardner

    I love love love my steamers! I have a multi-purpose one, it does the shower, the microwave, cabinets, anything and everything. Then my clothes one, I will never iron again! Then I have a small Shark one that cleans up my wood floors without having to pull out the multi purpose one. So while my wood floors look good, my carpet is sad :( because I don’t have anything but a vacuum to attempt to keep it clean.

  77. Jaimie Goff

    These are fairly new in my life but since I have had them they have made my life so much easier and using less cleaners which makes me happy as well. It’s my Norwex towels. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome cleaner!! :)

  78. Amy Gorman

    I don’t know what I’d do without my vinegar and baking soda! I also have two dogs that contribute to a lot of the mess around our house, tracking the outdoors inside and leaving the house smelling like dirty, wet dogs. I would be delighted to use this Bissell cleaning system

  79. chris

    i cant live without my canister vacuum. i have a house with a lot of tile and some carpet so i vacuum the tile….i havent used a broom in about 15 years.
    i would love to win this carpet cleaner…then i dont have to rent one a couple times a year!

  80. Tiffany Anderson

    I can’t live without vinegar mixed with lavendar oil. It’s a great chemical free cleanser that smells so nice.:)

  81. Dave Barry

    Can’t live without the Windex. With a 2.5 half year old and a glass top kitchen table it is surely a necessity!

  82. Debra

    I know it is silly but I can’t live without those individual cleaning wipes – I like the Costco ones best but Lysol ones and Target ones are good too.

  83. lisa

    I can NOT live without white vinegar. I know my family wishes I could, but it works for everything! Thank YOU for the fun giveaway.

  84. Nicky

    With my FOUR kids and FIVE animals, I use a lovely product called Thieves. I KNOW! Sounds crazy, huh? It is a blend of essential oils that kills bout every germ while being oh, so, gentle on my lungs :) DEF my ‘cant live without’ cleaning thingee :)

  85. Jen Bussan

    I can’t live without microfiber cloths…seriously, I would be lost (and my house would be disgusting…) without them!

  86. Tina C.

    I love good old 409! In the kitchen, bath, and even as a laundry pretreater, it never fails. I have used my mother’s Bissell and it is AMAZING! I would love to own one!:)

  87. Amy "the lab lover"

    can’t live without Goo Gone… it magically takes off gunk on anything!
    What a great prize….my cream carpet is saying “Ive taken too much labrador abuse…clean me!”

  88. Heather

    With 3 boys and a messy (mechanic) husband, I can not live with out my Sensaria Citrus Cleaner. I use it on EVERYTHING! Fruits and veggies to clothes to getting finger prints off my white walls and it is amazing. Our carpets are in a heap of trouble right now and I am about ready to just rent one of those monsterous cleaners but would much rather have one of these to have on hand at anytime! Thanks Amanda (& Kevin)


  89. jeny tyler

    I can not live without my Keurig. It is a life changing appliance that makes my mornings easier and reduces waste. Happiness!

  90. Jenny

    It would have to by my Dyson…I have two dogs that shed and a baby that loves crawling all over the house. Between the cheerios, goldfish, and dog hair I’m not sure which is worse!

  91. Jessa

    Method Almond-scented Wood Cleaner! We love it for dusting wood furniture, wiping down the high chair and dining room table, and even for mopping the floor! Smells SO good!

  92. Andrea Snyder

    I LOVE my purple dyson vacuum cleaner! I know it’s gross but I love that I can see the dirt and dog hair it picks up after each time I use it and know that my floors are a little bit cleaner. I also love that I can use it on my hardwood floors.

  93. Diannet

    I cannot live without my Swifer and Magic Erasers! Those suckers can clean the most stuck on grease spots on your cooking surface. The swifter is used daily to help keep the hardwood floors throughout the house clean.

    Thanks Kevin & Amanda for a chance to win!


  94. Jessica

    My washing machine! Honestly I cannot stand dirty clothes. What’s better than the smell of clean clothes. I have 3 dogs,in an apartment, this would be amazing!

  95. Chelsea

    I recently got a puppy who’s semi-house trained, so I have Pet Odor spray in every room for when my precious babe gets a little too excited. It would be so helpful to win one of these babies to help keep my house pet-odor-less!

  96. Nancy Watson

    OMGoodness! I can’t live without my Bissell Steam and Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner! I love it. Years ago I was turned onto the idea of having a sanitized kitchen floor and I love it!

  97. Jolene S.

    I would say it would have to be Lysol/Clorox wipes! I like to get rid of all those germs…and these are the quickest way…buy in bulk from Costco…awesome :)

  98. julie

    ODO-BAN! Don’t let me run low. It can get ugly at my house if the jug is nearing empty. And how I would love, love, love to have that Bissell carpet cleaner.

  99. Jennifer H.

    I cannot live without my dishwasher. I hate getting food smells on my hands, so handwashing is out of the question! :) Also, since I’ve had my son, oftentimes we are slow at getting his sippy cups of milk to the kitchen to be washed. That old milk smell is GROSS! If it wasn’t for the dishwasher, I would have to just toss those in the garbage!

  100. Kebs

    My favorite thing to use around the house for cleaning is a traditional sponge. I really like the sponges with the scrubby side. This cleaning product is so versatile!

  101. Sara Davis

    Both of my sons have dust allergies, which means that I vacuum twice a day. I could not live without my Dyson vacuum cleaner!

  102. Sara Seipert

    I could not live without my washer/dryer! I can’t even imagine washing clothes by hands and I have three kids, pets and a hubby. ;)
    What a fun give-away!!!

  103. Tram L.

    I absolutely could not live without my Dyson hand held vac! I have 2 young boys AKA ” the crumb makers”! And my hand held dyson is AKA “the crumb catcher”! I highly suggest that new parents add this gadgget to their baby registry. They will need it!

  104. Dodie Watkins

    I could not live without my washing machine and Clorox wipes. Love your giveaways and photography tips. Thanks so much.

  105. Megan B.

    I can not live with out my Shark Steam Mop for the wood/ tile floors. Now all I need is a Bissell Pro Heat for the carpet!

  106. Carolyn

    I can’t live without my disinfecting wipes! Such a simple product makes wiping up spills, dusting, and spot-cleaning so easy!

  107. Heather

    I canNOT live without a vacuum. I have 2 big dogs that are house dogs and they shed like.CRAZY!!! I vacuum constantly just to keep the hair picked up. I’d LOVE to win this one.

  108. Stephanie

    Love my industrial dust mop… our pantry looks like a factory but it dusts my concrete floors in minutes. (we do have carpet upstairs and two dogs and a cat so I would get much use out of the Bissell) :)

  109. Cheryl

    My sponge is the best cleaning tool for me. That, and a sink of soapy water, cleans most things.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I could really use it!

  110. Christene H.

    Two boys and two cats. Our go-to cleaning box includes dinsinfectant wipes, glass cleaner spray, Bar Keepers Friend powder, Resolve carpet spray, Lysol, and Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena All Purpose spray (smells so good).

  111. Jody

    My favorite cleaning item would have to be my swiffer, while it doesn’t do the greatest job on dog hair it’s so easy and it works.

  112. martha

    Being in the resale clothing business Oxyclean is my favorite cleaner. Drop an item in for a couple days, remove, launder with regular wash and voila, a prefect garment! Makes me more money!!

  113. Debra Kinder

    I can’t live without my Magic Erasers. They are awesome and once removed PERMANENT Sharpie marker from my new countertops. Yea! Would love the Bissel. I need it desperately for my grandson’s stay over room. His carpet is always blessed with some kind of spill.

  114. Megan

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – greatest invention EVER
    I also Tilex soap scum remover

    What a fabulous give-away! Crossing my fingers! :)

  115. Jill Gardner

    I can’t live without my steam gun thingy. It blows all the ick out of the kitchen and bathroom crevices. Love this giveaway. My dog and two cats leave plenty of hair around to be vacuumed!

  116. Meghin Cagle

    I could not live with out my shark steam mop, it is so easy to use and definitely does the job well especially with all my dogs’ muddy footprints throughout the house :/

  117. Kathy Almeida

    I love Simple Green, it gets out almost every stain and is a great overall cleaner and works great on grease and grim too… I just love it!

  118. BreeAnn S.

    I love my steam shark! I can’t use regular floor cleaner due to my son’s medical condition so the steam shark works great for us.

  119. Ieasha Akins

    I can’t live without baking soda, it can be used for everything and with small two dogs (one who is very sensitive to chemicals) that are always licking the ground, I feel safe using it!

  120. Corri

    Any type of spray. I lately mix vinegar and water to make a nice counter spray…cannot stand dirty counters!! :)

  121. Laureen Beauchamp

    I love my Clorox handy wipes. They are great for cleaning the the small jobs around the house.
    I look forward to your blog everyday.

  122. Real Housewife of Naperville

    I cannot live Pink Solution, a non-toxic, all-purpose cleaning product that hails from Canada. It cleans my kitchen and removes nail polish and hair dye from the carpet(seriously). It’s safe enough to eat (we have) and it cleans EVERYTHING. We discovered it at Costco, but it’s only there periodically.

  123. KatieLovesWags

    Pantene for my hair! That’s a cleaning product right? Cos it sure leaves my hair clean, shiny and sweet smelling :)

  124. Shannon Stamp

    I have a senior, 16 year old Siberian Husky that has lost control of her bathroom duties….. hense her new nickname, “poopie-butt”. We have had several accidents in the middle of the night and this new Bissel cleaner would be a godsend. We have an older version, without the scrubbing brushes on the bottom, it works, but this new one would be a blessing. I couldn’t live without the spot cleaner, “Hot Spot” spray and a scrub brush!

  125. April B

    I’m torn between the magic eraser or the swiffer. I love them both. I was just talking with someone today about carpet cleaning machines so I was thrilled to see this giveaway.

  126. Diane

    We have cats and fur on the furniture (fur/furniture – gosh – not wonder I have a problem). Our hand vacuum is in constant use. I don’t know what we’d do with out it! A carpet cleaner would be wonderful! These aging kitties need to be cleaned up after too often.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  127. Raechyl Hayes

    I can’t live without Clorix wipes. I clean so much with them. I would love to win this, because my chocolate lab loves to play in mud!!!!

  128. Cindy Turner

    What’s the one cleaning product or appliance you can’t live without?

    Lysol wipes because when Cole is sick I have to clean everything several times. If I had to do that with each individual toy I would be there days…

  129. Michelle Jones

    Lately I cant live without our SpotBot! After bringing a new dog into our house, our cat has taken to going potty on the carpet in protest so the SpotBot is our lifesaver!

  130. Tausha & Chad

    I cannot live without my vaccuum. I LOVE to vaccuum. I listen to some TaylorSwift, rock out, and make those perfect lines in every room of the house. I can be found vacuuming every other day. I love the feel of soft clean carpet between my toes….AND, the cat hair cannot be there for more than a day or I would go mad. I’d LOVE to win this give-a-way!!

  131. Kati

    Lysol wipes! Perfect for quick cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom!! My life wouldn’t be the same without them!

  132. Sarah

    I love Clorox Wipes – makes me feel like things are instantly clean and sanitized! Appliance – Love my Kirby vacumn!

  133. Carrie

    My Dyson! I vacuum everyday and love it. With five kids in the house, I could really use the Bissell Carpet cleaner. Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. Amanda M

    I can’t live without my Bissell vacuum. The house we are renting has green carpet (that I want to replace every single day!) With 3 kids and a puppy, you can see every piece of grass they track in on their shoes (or paws), every crumb that hits the floor, and even the tiniest piece of lint. If we go one day without vacuuming, it looks like we haven’t done it for a week.

  135. Kim

    My favorite cleaning products is Lysol wipes. With two messy little boys, these wipes are a life saver and help me keep up with my two.

  136. Christie R.

    Wow awesome giveaway! I cannot live without paper towels and Lysol bathroom spray. It foams up and gets everything!

  137. Tammy

    I can’t live without my Ajax cleaner. I have allergies big time and can’t handle most scented products but Ajax is one of the few I seem to be able to.

  138. Pat Henderson

    My favorite cleaning appliance is my Bissell steam mop!! It makes quick work of cleaning my kitchen and bath tile. Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome Bissell appliance!

  139. Jessica

    Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multipurpose Cleanser. I buy it by the boatload when I can stack coupons. I love the thyme scent, and that it doesn’t have any nasty ingredients.

  140. Brianna

    I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without my carpet cleaner!! Having off-white carpets with 2 dogs and 1-2 fosters makes for some dirty carpet! I’m constantly using the cleaner but it’s nothing compared to the beast in this giveaway!! This one would be AWESOME to have! Thanks for the chance to win it! :)

  141. Becky Burk

    I’d have to say Clorox wipes! My 2.5 year old is into EVERYTHING and I get little handprints all over the place.

  142. Jamie

    Well, he isn’t really a ‘product’ but I couldn’t live without my husband helping me do all the cleaning since I am 9 months pregnant… and scrubbing bubbles for the bathtub..

  143. Karen

    I can’t live without Clorox wipes… they’re good for so many things! Great giveaway… thanks for the opportunity!

  144. Nicole

    With a rottweiler, a shar pei mix, and medium hair cat all living within 960 square feet, I cannot, CANNOT live without my vacuum cleaner!!

  145. Amy Kalb-Morgus

    My washing machine. I LOVE smelling clean laundry… clothes, throw rugs, towels and especially clean sheets :)

  146. Stephanie

    Can’t live without my Dyson Vacuum – I love it ! I have the animal attachment of course. It has been a lifesaver. I have 2 dogs (a black lab/sharpei mix and our new puppy, a boxer/sharpei mix) as well as a cat and the Dyson is PERFECT. I never have to sweep anymore and it keeps me floors so clean! Best investment ever. :)

  147. Rashelle Rieckmann

    I cannot live without my Dyson vacuum!! With 3 little boys, two dogs and a hubby we need to use it all the time!

  148. Amber Martin

    I don’t know how i ever lived without magic erasers with my little ones, they’re are truly gods gift to moms! lol

  149. Jessica

    I have been dreaming of a carpet cleaner for SO long! 2 kids + 1 dog = MESSY! The one cleaning product that I can’t live without is Clorox wipes. I can’t remember how we lived without them!

  150. Amanda

    I cannot live without my vacuum cleaner! I am obsessed with vacuuming…when my floors are clean, I feel soo much better!

    Of course this deep cleaning system would put me over the moon!!

  151. Jannette Bole

    I couldn’t live without my Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum. We have three cats–need I say more? Also, can’t live without kitchen sanitizing spray! : )

  152. Jamie W

    Can’t live without my Bissel 3-in-1 vac! With three kids under the age of 5 and a dog, it almost never gets put away because I’m always using it for whatever mess they have created!

  153. Krisi

    I love my swiffer. It is so helpful to quickly clean up the kitchen floor – that makes a huge difference!

    But this new cleaner… wow – that would be fabulous!

  154. Marla

    Love your sweet puppies. I have an english bulldog so am partial to the “smushed” face. Couldn’t live without my swiffer mop!

  155. teresa

    I can’t live without, of course, a vacuum cleaner! I have three indoor cats, and would be a walking human hairball if I didn’t run the sweeper EVERY.DAY.

  156. Kristyn

    I couldn’t make it without my Swiffer! I don’t have a ton of time to mop every day, so the Swiffer is a lifesaver!!

  157. Cheryl K

    living with an 15 yr old cat & teenage boy, i would say my vacuum cleaner, would love to win the carpet shampooer!

  158. Heidi W.

    I can’t live without my Bissell Little Green!!! We rent a house & have twin 4 yr. olds & it seems we are always spilling something, or tracking dirt onto the carpet. We literally use it every couple of weeks & I love that when we leave this house in a couple years, our Landlord will be impressed at how clean the carpets will still be!

  159. Rachel

    I cannot live without my dishwasher!!! I hate doing dishes so this little baby takes as much of the pain away as possible

  160. Kathleen

    I love my Dyson vac! And clorox wipes….and my shark steam cleaner….and I would love the deep cleaner for carpets!

  161. allison

    the one cleaning product I can’t live without, is pet stain remover! with a dog that isn’t potty trained, it saves me having to replace the carpet of my apartment when i move out!!


  162. Doris

    I have several things I couldn’t live with out. My number one item is my very old Hoover carpet cleaner. I purchase it 1996 because I had a sick cat that had would throw up all of the time. One week after I purchased it, I was moving a ladder in the house and knocked over some paint, so thankfully I had the cleaner.

    The old Hoover is still hanging in there, but it’s just one of those one tank, old cleaners that was avaialble at the time. Have tooked at the Bissell and would love to win it! I currently have 5 long haired cats and the Bissell would come in very handy!

    Other things I can’t live with out… COMPUTER, EVO smartphone, Toro Snowblower, by Cusinart food processor and my Kitchen Aid stand mixer!

  163. Rose Logan

    I Can’t live without my vacuum. It’s a Eureka Pet Lover Lite. It’s very lightweight and easy for my kids to use. We have a dog and 2 chinchillas, so we need to vacuum frequently.

  164. Melissa Barnett

    Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m addicted to vacuuming! As a mom of 8 year old twins I am always vacuuming and steaming the hardwood floors. After hosting two large family Christmas’ at our house I am need of a carpet cleaning but can’t afford it. Especially since my nephew threw up Coke and chocolate donuts in the dining room Christmas Eve.

  165. Cindy

    I have had to live without my dishwasher recently, due to a recall. I realized just how much I really miss a dishwasher.

  166. Jodie Potter

    We can’t live without our carpet cleaner…which is why we need another one! We have 4 fur babies(2 doxies, 1 greyhound and a lovable one-eyed boston) who love to dig and root in our yard. Our carpet cleaner brushes have stopped spinning so we have to scrub individual stains by hand before cleaning the carpet…so please pick me!!!!


  167. Shandi

    I love my swiffer mop and, believe it or not, scrubbing bubbles! Nothing cleans my bathroom as well as scrubbing bubbles. I would LOVE to have this carpet cleaner… here in Texas I’m dealing with my dogs nasty paws too!

  168. beverly b

    I couldn’t live without my Orick vaccume cleaner, it gets rid of all the dog hair our Pug leaves around the house.

  169. Annie

    I can’t live without my steam mopping system. I love steam to clean the floors with. Thanks for offering is giveaway …. great!!

  170. Jennifer Knox

    The one cleaning item I can’t live without is my Roomba! We have a Collie/Shepherd mix so you can imagine how the dog hair can build up if we don’t attack it regularly. It’s “parked” under our sideboard in our living room and goes back to it’s little house when it’s finished. Love it! But I have to admit, having an actual carpet cleaning machine is a desire of ours too because the poor little Roomba can only do so much!

    Thanks for the chance to win, Amanda!

  171. Emily Schilling

    With three boys and a black lab my vacuum is a must. I also love any product that disinfects to get rid of all those icky germs! What a wonderful giveaway, your readers are truly blessed!

  172. Raquel Zike

    Boy would this come in handy now that we have a baby around the house and and inside cat. :) It would be a wonderful tool for my husband to work with :)

  173. Melissa

    The appliance i wouldn’t be able to live without right now is my stove! I’m 16 weeks pregnant and the only thing that sounds so good in the morning is over medium eggs with toast. I eat them every morning…So def. my stove :) !

  174. Kari

    I could not live with out my steam mop! It is so easy to use and takes no time at all! Best of all I can reuse the cleaning pads! Just throw them in the washer and you’re done (it saves me money too)!

  175. Rebeca

    I am in love with my magic erasers- nothing cleans my shower, walls, floors that three little ones abuse, kitchen etc better (although I use different ones for different jobs :] )

  176. Holly

    Definitely my Dyson! I’ve always had difficult times with vacuums not working well or breaking down. This things does amazingly well and takes it like a champ!

  177. T. Rich

    I can’t live w/out my sweeper. I run it every day. I can’t stand stuff on the floor that gets tracked in or those dust bunnies that come the second I turn off the sweeper.

  178. Heather

    One cleaning that is a must for getting stains out and for all kinds of cleaning (floors, dusting, etc.) is All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser by Bi-O-Kleen Non-Toxic Biodegradable. Thank you for the chance to win! Hope we do!!

    Heather and Hannah

  179. Ann S

    My mop! :) It’s a love/hate relationship I must admit. I don’t enjoy mopping, but love clean floors.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I have 2 indoor dogs and this would be awesome!

  180. Yogamomma

    Has to be the vacuum cleaner…a little OCD with this. But with our Plott Hound that sheds nearly year round – it’s a must!

  181. Lori Hamilton

    I can’t live without my Mr. Clean eraser pads. They’re great for smudges on light switch plates, cabinets, door handles…where the cats rub on the cabinet corners…for little spots on walls…I love them!

  182. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Great giveaway! With all of my baking experiments, my kitchen floor would be a disaster without Swiffer!

  183. Cheryl K

    I LOVE MAGIC ERASERS!!! I could be a spokesperson for them as I try to sell everyone on them by sharing my AMAZING stories of successful cleaning and crazy spot removals.

  184. Michelle Barrow

    Elbow Grease is the magic in every cleaning chore we all do! Having a Bissell makes the process easier!

  185. Shar

    First let me say ~ Your dogs crack me up! ;0) At first I was going to say Windex ~ because I have so much glass and mirrors ~ but as I really thought about it ~ I would have to say is my Mohawk Carpet Stain Remover!

  186. Laura

    I couldn’t live without my washer! I don’t understand how they did laundry back before washers were invented!

  187. Monica

    Clorox Wipes…definitely. I use those every day every where! I love the fact that you can even clean mirrors with them with no streaking! Thanks so much for the chance to win the Bissell!

  188. Lesli

    I can’t live without my deluxe swivel sweeper. I use it a few times a day to pick up crumbs, etc. It gets them right up and it is as light as a feather!

  189. Gretchen Korf

    The one cleaning thing I cannot live without is soap. I need it! I have to use it in my dishwasher, on the handwashing dishes, to clean the clothes. I have a few favs. I love the melaluca auto d/w soap. It leaves the glasses so shiny. I love also their liquid laundry soap, smells really good. For hand d/w I like the seventh generation. Then for body soap we both love the shi kai cucumber/melon. Smells so good. Anyway, thanks for the contest, always exciting to think about winning. Blessings, Gretchen

  190. Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    Hey Kevin and Amanda, I can’t live without my vacuum cleaner. But I really miss having a steam carpet cleaner, my brushes no longer spin and I don’t see me going out to buy one anytime soon. I’d be so thrilled if I could win this!!!

    Have a good weekend. Hugs…Tracy :)

  191. valerie

    I couldn’t live without a VACUUME! It’s so hard to afford a good one without spending a small fortune! I have heard of people living for years without vacuuming their apartments… I vacuum while guest are at my house I am so obsessed. :)

  192. laura

    it sounds silly, but i can’t live without dish soap. big fan of the palmolive spring fresh all natural stuff. mmm good!

  193. Jenny

    It would have to be my current carpet cleaner. With 2 dogs and a 10 year old, I definitely get lots of use out of it. Could sure use a new one!

  194. Ola Jaggers

    What a fantastic giveaway!!! My Mom & Dad just bought me a puppy (a Papillon we named Gizmo) for my birthday, although I think it was really for my boys :), so this would definitely come in very handy!

    I love my swiffer, and I always have Lysol in my hand…. got to get rid of those nasty germs!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing & the chance to win!

    okj83 at live dot com

  195. Faith

    Definitely a vacuum! We are unfortunately running with a Kirby model that is at least 12 years old, and it doesn’t do too well anymore. Beyond that the bags are extremely expensive and hard to find and in a house with a five-year-old and an elderly long-haired cat, it just isn’t cutting it. It would be great to have a sweet machine like that Bissell to help out with the spills and accidents, too.

  196. Tristan Hines

    I absolutely cannot live without my swiffer. With a 9 month old crawling all around and getting into things, it makes it so easy to clean the kitchen floor quickly and not worry about him getting dirt or mud onto his hands or into his mouth!

  197. Valery Bunnell

    I couldn’t live without disinfecting wipes. They are so great for quick clean up and all while getting rid of bacteria and germs.

  198. Jennifer Uribe

    This is exciting! My favorite cleaning product is microfiber cloth. It soaks up spills my children cause and dusts nicely.

    Thanks for offering this chance.

  199. Courtney Noel

    Wow, great giveaway! Spring isn’t quite here in Idaho yet, it’s -10 today! But speaking of spring cleaning and such I absolutely couldn’t live without my swifter dusters! I just love the feeling of instant gratification when you see the dust disappear :)

  200. Robin walker

    I love my clorox wipes! Everything feels so clean after!!! However, I REALLY need a new vacuum- ours sucks- well… Really it doesn’t suck- and that’s the problem. :/

  201. Lynn

    I could not live without my washing machine! Mine is acting up and it is taking longer than normal to do the wash. But every time I complain I think it would be even worse not to have one at all especially to have to drag laundry to a laundromat.

    Miley & Howie looked like they had loads of fun! They need to go through the car wash, but what fun was had by those 2 little rascals!

  202. Kelly Robison

    I could not live without my vacuum cleaner. I have a dog and two cats and a house with carpet so I HAVE to vacuum weekly. My carpet would be disgusting without a vacuum.

  203. Courtney Smith

    with a 2 year old in my house i couldn’t live without my clorox wipes. love, love them! and love knowing that my house is disinfected and germ (& finger print) free.

  204. Rachelle

    I MUST have my Swiffer Wet Jet. I’m OB.SeSS.ED!

    P.S. I LOVE your fonts!!!

  205. Gina

    Ahh so hard to pick just one because I have so many things I think I cannot live without lol! My Dyson, Clorox wipes, magic erasers lol and the list goes on lol. Really though if I had to pick just one thing at the moment I think I would go to a recent find, Bar Keepers Friend. OMG this stuff is so awesome, especially on pots and pans! I {heart} it!!

  206. Braidi Fredrickson

    I can’t live without my swiffer and Pledge Dust and Allergy spray. I’d love this vacuum to deep clean my carpets and get the pet hair out of the carpet!!

  207. Jessica Jennings

    I love my Kirkland cleaning wipes and 409 with Bleach! I could not live without those, my 3 year old does too much damage. :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  208. Leslie Dedon

    I absolutely couldn’t live without my Dyson Animal! I have a 2 1/2 year old and one on the way, that carpet cleaner would be great!

  209. Shari

    DEFINITELY my Electrolux Unirapido Cordless Vac for my hardwood & tile floors. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!!