2 New Themes & How to make your own!

Happy 2009! Since it’s officially a new year, I guess it’s time to update my blog theme to a new, wintry design! :) If you’re viewing this from your feed reader or email, be sure and click here so you can see the new theme. :)

cute winter blog design theme

This theme was made from several different kits- all from awesome digital designers who use the Pea Fonts in their digital scrapbooking kits!! :)

The brown and white dotted paper is from The Vintage Candy Cane Collection By Crystal Wilkerson — I used her red dot paper and changed the color to brown.

The red & brown striped scalloped paper is from the Joy Mini Kit by the Golden Girls — I used a hue/saturation layer in Photoshop to change the colors to match my theme. :)

The *awesome* stitches are from Snow Day by Megan Turnidge (I love these stitches!!)

The distressed edge/photo overlays are from Danielle’s Worn Photo Overlays 2

All the other miscellaneous items (like the snowflakes, buttons, glitter, etc) can be found in one of the aforementioned kits. :)

To make everything match, I had to change the colors on a couple elements. Here’s a pretty useful video tutorial I found on how to change the color of a digital scrapbook element (click on the POD graphic by the blog title to watch). :)

I also updated the Recipe Blog theme! I love the new theme– much easier to read and has some cool new features. Be sure and check out the Top 5 Recipes located in the sidebar to the right! :)

simple and easy recipes blog

I stumbled up this cool page the other day – SJH Blog Design – Step by Step Tutorials for Customizing Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog. I thought I’d pass this along for those who have been asking how it’s done! :) This site is a good resource. :)

Hope you like all the new updates! Let me know what you think! :D