$1000 Visa Gift Card Giveaway


So excited to be partnering with a great group of bloggers to bring you this giveaway for a

$1,000 Visa Gift Card!

And it’s just in time for Christmas!! Who wouldn’t love a little extra cash around the holidays?? :)


I am thrilled to be hosting this giveaway alongside some of my favorite blogging ladies today:

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a $1,000 Visa Gift Card!!! Yes ONE THOUSAND, you read that right! Spend it on anything you want — yourself, friends, family, Christmas, it’s up to you! No matter what you decide, it’s all yours to spend, all you have to do is enter! :)


How to Enter

All you have to do is use the PromoSimple Widget below to enter. This might be the easiest way to win $1000 ever!


Good luck, friends!! :)

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61 Responses
  1. susan

    I am on a limited budget so this will be used to buy things like clothes and shoes for my daughter. and some christmas items for her. Also towards groceries and household items. I really hope i win this!

  2. Tanya Phillips

    This is awesome, thanks so much for the amazing chance to win. :) For the kiddies I’d get Disney Infinity, a lap top, and a Kindle for starters

  3. grady

    Sir and Madam,
    I like several of your recipes. Do mind if I copy them. I will combine them other recipes from both my family and friends, and other sites which have allowed me to copy their recipes. When I get several thousand I will burn them off and give them to several of my friends. I do not sell anything. I don’t even charge for the disk. Please let me know.

    Grady Stroud

  4. Anita K

    I would love this to pay bills, grocery shop for the holidays and buy Christmas presents! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  5. Debbie

    What an amazing giveaway! I could use the money as I have a list. With the holidays coming up soon, there’s much shopping to be done. It would definitely help.

  6. Paulette

    I think I am not suppose to be here to enter hope I’m wrong but I really want that $1000 gift card. But if I am suppose to be her hip, hip hooray. Paulette

  7. PKP

    Well … had some difficulty through the email posting so went directly to your website and got a “Mandatory entry confirmed” notice. I am hoping that’s good! Because this contest rocks – thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Linda

    I love your website. I find some of the yummiest recipes here and all the links to your blogger friends are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Cheryl Barclay

    WOW! Thanks for the chance to win. I have been a follower for a long time. Back as far as the old crafting stuff!! haha. I love your site and I love the diversity of it. The dogs, the photos, the food, the handwriting, the reviews. The first post I really remember is when the pasta maker appeared on your doorstep!!! Keep it up girlie! Love Ya

  10. Jessica Cunningham

    $1000. Wow. What a gift! It would be great to win because I am trying to make everything myself for my wedding in April, and it would be so great to win that to be able to buy all the faux flowers and mason jars for my centerpieces at the reception!

    Thanks! Good luck all!

  11. Dymphna Dungca

    What a time to offer a giveaway like this. This is the perfect antidote to the shutdown. I hope it goes to somebody who can really use it. More power

  12. Lynne

    If I won I would use it to help a few smaller dog rescues in my area. I volunteer for Stray Rescue in St. Louis, but the smaller rescues really need help right now. I send your posts of Miley and Howie to my mom, who has a Boston Terrier named Lulu. Thanks for the chance to win, Amanda, and good luck to everyone!

  13. KC

    I think I got mine in! Thank you so much Amanda what a wonderful giveaway, and it would be the perfect timing around the holidays , Crossing my fingers but I’ve never won anything except a tray of muffins at a cake walk LOL

  14. Susan

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I’d love to have it to spend on my nephews’ wedding!! Definitely be put to good use!!

  15. Larissa

    $1000!!! Wow, that’s an amazing giveaway!! It would definitely help with fall/winter clothes for the family and Christmas gifts! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  16. Mindy

    This could not come at a better time (if I won). I am certain a lot of people could really use the extra money. For me, I am moving my mom (who is in FL alone) to live with my family in GA. This can really help with the move. Thank you for the chance! =)

  17. mjrooney

    The widgets were simple and easy to use! I was surprised I wasn’t already following you on Pinterest.
    $1000.00 that would be GREAT!

  18. Becca

    Thanks so much to you and all the others for another great giveaway!
    I so enjoy your blog. Miley and Howie keep me smiling! Such cuties. And i just love the
    photos you take of your babies! My husband and i really enjoy your vacation and trip segments.
    We haven’t had a vacation this year because my husband lost his job due to illness. But he has returned to work in a new position and we are thankful! Winning the gift card would be an answer to prayer. With it we could replace our old fridge and microwave. Money is tight and we live very frugally. THANKS SO MUCH :)
    Florida hugs,

  19. Sandi

    OMG this would be the most amazing prize ever! I could so use this……I can’t even think of all the places I could put it. fingers & toes crossed

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