Panoramic View of San Diego Skyline

Panoramic View of San Diego Skyline

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  1. Ed

    Hi Amanda

    This is a really great picture of San Diego. I would also really like a panoramic for my wall at home in Scotland! Please let me know what you would charge to email me a high resolution copy?


  2. Amanda M.

    This picture is simply breath taking! I love it! You take such beautiful pictures….and I LOVE reading your blog! :)

  3. Lori Allberry

    Amanda, I can not tell you how much I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your pictures of your trip to San Diego. Your pictures are INCREDIBLE, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    I love your blog so much, and get so excited when I see a new post from you! :o)


  4. Michelle Ramsay

    That is such an awesome picture. I so enjoy reading your blog. It is always so interesting and you take really stunning photos. Last year my hubby and I went to Chicago and it was a little while after I had seen your blog pictures from there. When I got there it was as though I had been there before! Michelle (from South Africa)

  5. Kathy L

    My husband and I have had our sailboat at a marina on Harbor Island for over six years … EVERY TIME we arrive and turn towards the skyline … day or night … we say … ahhhhh, there’s our bay. It is so beautiful and we are blessed to get to enjoy it. Thanks for the map, though we visit quite often there are many spots we are going to have to visit now. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Kimberly

    Wow! Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to San Diego and its on my list of to-dos….I think it may have jumped up. =)

  7. Jeannette

    That’s one amazing photo Amanda! It’s breathtaking. Did you doctor it in photoshop or anything? Thanks for sharing your trips with us & your photos. You have a wonderful talent.

  8. Penny Hall

    That is such a great picture, I would give anything to go there and take one just like it. Maybe someday this “ole girl” from Ardmore, Alabama will get that wish! Keep up with those wonderful trips in detail as I love to read each morning to see where and what you are into! But please give hubby a ‘Crimson Shirt’ to wear on next trip!lol

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