How to get YOUR Handwriting as Font!

If you would like me to make a font out of YOUR handwriting for FREE:

Please read and follow these directions very carefully. I really want to make your font, but I receive such a huge volume of fonts that I cannot personally respond to every font I receive. And if a font does not explicitly follow these directions, unfortunately I will have to delete it without notice.

  1. Use a fine point, felt tip penclick here for a picture of one

    A felt-tip pen is like a sharpie, but it needs to have a FINE tip, not thick like a regular sharpie or marker. It also needs to write smoothly. Thin and Smooth is very important.

    • Do not use a ballpoint pen
    • Do not use a pencil
    • Do not use a thick marker or sharpie
    • You may use a gel pen as long as it writes smoothly and does not bleed
    • The pen you use needs to be THIN and write SMOOTHLY

  3. Write out your alphabet on unlined computer paper, all on one line, leaving plenty of space between each line. Turn the paper horizontally if you need more room. Be sure to write the sentence below the punctuation (all lowercase). It helps me make your handwriting look more natural. Like this:




    ! ” & ‘ () * , – . / : ? @

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    Write in a straight line and write neatly! If you make a mistake on one of your letters, don’t try to correct it by going over that letter again. Just cross out that letter and rewrite it somewhere else on the page. Your font will turn out exactly like your wrote your alphabet. I can’t “fix” anything or make anything neater.

    CLICK HERE for a really good example of what your alphabet should look like when you send it to me!!!

    I love doodles. Send me some doodles. At least send a heart and a smiley face! :) Write them on their own line.


  5. Scan your image as a COLOR PHOTO (NOT Black and White photo or Text Document!!!) in at 300 dpi and send to me at that size. Do not shrink it down, I need a LARGE image to correctly make your font.
    • 300 dpi is a setting on your scanner. If you don’t know how to make it exactly 300dpi, just make sure you scan in your font in as high quality as you can so that your alphabet looks REALLY big on the screen.
    • PLEASE ROTATE the image so it is “right side up” and not upside down or rotated to the side.
    • NOTE: If you use HOTMAIL
      Attach the image of your handwriting as a FILE and not an image because if you attach it as an image, Hotmail will shrink it and I cannot use it.

  7. Send your image as a JPG and ONLY A JPG!!! (Do NOT send me a pdf, TIF, zip, doc, etc, I will delete it and not open it!)

  9. I don’t like making cursive fonts (unless it’s reallyreally cute like Pea Missy Cursive ;)), but I do like making cursive/print hybrid fonts. Like when you’re quickly writing and some letters are connected and some aren’t. So in addition to a “regular” neat sample, please send me your “in a hurry” font! ;) And don’t forget to write out the sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” (all lowercase). Write quickly and naturally, like you were passing a note to a friend, or making a grocery list. It really helps me make your handwriting look more natural! :)

  11. Suggest a Name for Your Font – What should I name your font? It can be your first name, a nickname, inside joke, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure you scroll through the *entire* font list to make sure your name hasn’t already been taken. The font list is in alphabetical order so it shouldn’t be too hard. :) If you don’t tell me what you want your font’s name to be, I will use your first name. If your first name has already been used, I will make something up for you. And it will probably be unoriginal like your last name or something. I reserve the right to name all fonts as I see fit, but I will probably use your suggestion.


When you send me your font, be sure and tell me you have read and followed ALL of the directions I have provided for you here!

I cannot guarantee I will do all fonts sent to me. Any fonts sent to me may be distributed freely on this webpage, but not all fonts made will be.

Please don’t email me about the status of your font.

If I have not made your font in a timely manner, you can always try:
The Font Garden.

Fonts for Peas Terms of Use

If you have read and agree to all of the above,
then please email me your handwriting at:

*Yes, I am still accepting new fonts. I am always looking for new, cute fonts. It doesn’t matter what the date is, the answer will always be yes, I am still accepting new fonts. If you email me and ask me, I probably won’t answer, but yes, I am still accepting new fonts. Unless I’m dead. ;)

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