What are you here for?

Hello friends! :) What’cha doin here? :) I’m dying to know! :) In just 4 short months the number of readers who have subscribed to my blog has DOUBLED, going from 300 to, as of today, 620 subscribers!!! That means everytime I update my webpage 620 of you want to know about it!! How cool is that?? :)

I am so curious how word has spread so fast! :) I’ve always had a little “subscribe” box on my webpage, but it’s never seen this much action! So come on, step on out of lurkdom… Leave me a comment and tell me a little bit about yourself! :D Think we can get over 500 comments to this post?? Haha!

How did you first hear about kevinandamanda.com? What made you want to subscibe? Was it the recipes? The NEED for fonts? The scrapbook ideas– (which I know I have been so bad about posting lately!) What should I post more of? How long have you been a subscriber? Maybe you’re a frequent visitor but not a subscriber? Who’s been with me for 5+ years? I know ya’ll are out there! :)

Click here to leave a comment– and be sure to leave a link to your blog so I can leave you a comment too! :) You may even get an extra comment or two from fellow lurkers… I bet we all have a lot in common and enjoying blogging about the same things. :)

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Looking forward to hearing from you!!! :)