What are you here for?

Hello friends! :) What’cha doin here? :) I’m dying to know! :) In just 4 short months the number of readers who have subscribed to my blog has DOUBLED, going from 300 to, as of today, 620 subscribers!!! That means everytime I update my webpage 620 of you want to know about it!! How cool is that?? :)

I am so curious how word has spread so fast! :) I’ve always had a little “subscribe” box on my webpage, but it’s never seen this much action! So come on, step on out of lurkdom… Leave me a comment and tell me a little bit about yourself! :D Think we can get over 500 comments to this post?? Haha!

How did you first hear about What made you want to subscibe? Was it the recipes? The NEED for fonts? The scrapbook ideas– (which I know I have been so bad about posting lately!) What should I post more of? How long have you been a subscriber? Maybe you’re a frequent visitor but not a subscriber? Who’s been with me for 5+ years? I know ya’ll are out there! :)

Click here to leave a comment– and be sure to leave a link to your blog so I can leave you a comment too! :) You may even get an extra comment or two from fellow lurkers… I bet we all have a lot in common and enjoying blogging about the same things. :)

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Looking forward to hearing from you!!! :)

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178 Responses
  1. Sarah

    Hi Amanda,

    I literally stumbled on your site from . You’ve inspired me to try macarons! Your site is so fun and I look forward to following you.


  2. Kristin@DesignNSuch

    Hey Amanda!

    I think I found you through Pinterest. I keep coming back for your photography. Whatever you’re doing you take amazing photos of it which is really inspiring. I love, love that I can see your camera settings for each image.


  3. Jennifer @ Licious Food

    I just “discovered” you today and it was through tumblr. I have been going through pages and pages of your posts and just added your site as a blog I follow on I love the clean lines of your blog design, your photos, and posts … I have to say, I am infatuated.

  4. sangeetha selvaraj

    Hi Kevin & Amanda,

    Great blog, I came here through pinterest where Jen Jones of IHeartOrganizing blog had a pin about ‘What settings should I use?’ i clicked on that curious and here Iam :)

  5. Heidi Pope

    I found you through my obsessive need to organize my scrapbooking supplies. After reading through your 2 years of posts, and seeing you’re a fellow Boston Terrier lover, I just had to subscribe. Your page has inspired me to start my own. I’ve been needing to decorate my home since we finished the remodeling but hadn’t gotten any good ideas or motivation & your page has given me both, mainly because the sooner I decorate and get it on the market the sooner we can sell & move and I can get my own scrapbooking room (which I am totally jealous of yours by the way).

  6. Janie McKissick

    Hi Kevin and Amanda ! I found your site yesterday while googling how to make a blog background !Your tutorial was great ! Even though I got my whole page done and uploaded to photobucket, it keeps giving me a error saying ,Invalid variable declaration in page skin: The skin variables could not be parsed as they are not well-formed. Input I am not sure what I did wrong ? Lol but anyways I just had to say hello when I found out y’all are from Alabama too and even more excited to find out y’all were AUBURN FANS TOO !! WAR EAGLE !! We are huge Auburn fans also we are getting ready for the Iron Bowl lol I think we are going to take Bama this year hehehe !! We are from Southern part right out side of Mobile ! I love your website y’all have alot of things that I am intrested in ! Scrapbooking,Web design -because I just cant get my self to pay $150.00 so I am trying to make mine myself lol , How to use your camera ! Thanks for all the great post I will be checking back to see what y’all are upto !

  7. mai

    Hi Amanda,

    I am in love with your site. I’ve been coming here to check on your free fonts and doodles. They are so cute.

    I’ve learned how to tweak my blog because of your tutorials. Thank you so much.

  8. Tamara Bennett

    Hi there! I just stumbled across your website today while browing on the forum. Someone on there left a post directing me to your site to find fonts. I am so in love! I absolutely adore your blog! I love to cook, scrapbook and do anything crafty! I’m always up for a new challenge. So now, I’m wanting to create a rag quilt like yours! I am so inspired! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity! I am also amazed at the beautiful photos you have posted all the time. What kind of camera do you use? I’m planning to get a new one for christmas. I would love to have one that takes such clear photos like yours. Is it hard to use? I’m not that talented at photography, but I’d love to improve it!

    Tamara Bennett

  9. Elizabeth Rhyneer

    Amanda – Found your site from my daughter in-law. We were talking about making a rag quilt and she had found your blog with the instruction and pictures. I keep coming back to view you recipies.You have a wonderful blog and great ideas. Also, love your dogs video. Thanks, Eizabeth

  10. Chris C

    I found your website through Digital Scrapbooking magazine. I expected to find a few fonts. But what I found was a whole lot more! I love your site! I’m a fontaholic and you have made me very happy!

  11. Kristin R

    I first saw your site when I’m looking for “scrapbook Room” And I get inspired. So when we buy a house i will have my own scrapbook room too. But i am surprise now getting more better.

  12. Brenda Smith Designs

    I LOVE your fonts. I am so excited that you allow CU for them. I can’t wait to make something and send it to you! You are soooo talented and I look forward to seeing more. I am not sure where I found you originally. It may have been on where I find about everything I need concerning scrapbooking. Recently I decided that I would sell my designs and couldn’t rememeber where I had gotten my fonts from. I needed to look and see if I had anything in my huge stash of fonts that was CU. I used to search for you and here you are. Here is where I sell. and you can visit my blog here:

  13. Nikki

    Hidy!! I am not really sure how I found your website – it was only about a week ago though and I stalk it frequently now!! You are so darned creative and totally have my dream craft-room. I would love to get into scrapbooking but my brain doesn’t function in that mode for some reason {shrug}. So I do other kinds of crafty things. I do have a blog (mainly of my son and other randoms)… which you should check out if you EVER have time! I do have a question regarding formatting my blog so if you have a chance, maybe you could email me so I could ask you! Anyway, I wish you & Kevin the best of luck – you sound like amazing people and I am pretty sure if we knew each other personally, we could totally be BFFs!!!

  14. Virginia Dare

    I found your site years ago when I was looking at scrapbook sites and then I lost it. I thought it was well done but I just *love* it now — my friend posted a link to it and I was like I REMEMBER HER! Your FAQ is very good. You are super talented, this site is amazing! It reminds me of the pioneer woman. I love people that are very visual and can communicate their life well. I think you do a great job.

  15. Lauren


    I just love your creativity and style! I first found your page when I was looking to organize my scrapbook room, and the search pulled up the wonderful space that you created. Iam still visiting your page now for scrapbook ideas, recipes, and more!! Thanks for the inspirations!

  16. Anna

    Hi Amanda,

    I ran across your blog while searching for fonts, but then found your decorating pictures, scrapbook pages, and recipes and have been hooked. I must admit that I am jealous of your very own scrapping room – nicely decorated too I must add!
    However, I must point out that I am a MS State fan, but my brother is working for Tommy T at Auburn…. I guess that makes it okay… right???

    Enjoy the blogging!

  17. Crystal

    Ok…while I don’t remember the specifics, I know I was searching for some inspiration on what to do or how to organize a “scrapbook room”. I stumbled across some pictures of your AMAZING room and somehow or another it let me back to your blog, where I then became even more inspired by all of your wonderful pictures, fonts, scrapbook pages, etc. etc etc.!
    I haven’t stopped by in a while, but I’m going to be sure and subscribe so I stay up to date on all the new happenings! :)
    Keep up the creativity!

  18. Kristin D.

    Goodness, I don’t know where to start! I absolutely love your website. I am only 17 years old, but one of my biggest interents right now is all the website design stuff & all. I currently have a geocities site as I noticed you mentioned in one of your readings. I’m slowly figuing things out on it, but constantly stumped because I’m just about the only one in my family that can do anything besides email on the computer. I stumbbled onto your site searching for pea sites on google & every since I’ve just came back to it looking at the amazing design of it. Well, I’d love to hear back from you. I have tons of questions :)

  19. Cheri Pryor

    I’ve been lurking and stalking you since the days of Remember me? I’m not over the anymore and pretty much just lurk around visiting blogs and such. I LOVE the new change to your site. I’ve not been here for a few months and this is just fabulous!! Hmmmm….I think I’ll subscribe!!

  20. Jamie

    I’m a font freak! I love the fonts – I am trying to get a newly-engaged girlfriend to send in her handwriting so I can use it on her shower invitations. And then I saw the recipes….and now I’m thinking maybe I need a better background for my blog……

  21. Kasandra

    Dear Amanda…
    Writing from BC, Canada! Love your site, found you through digital scrapbooking and am a font junkie so love checking yours out. I pass you website on to everyone I know when they ask about fonts! Could you please let us know where you get the gorgeous papers for your site!
    thanks a bunch….Kasandra

  22. Sara

    I stumbled upon your site while looking for scrapbooking rooms as I hope to remodel my space in the near future. And WOW, what an inspiration you are, thank you!!!

    I’m also thinking about a new camera so I appreciate your comments on your own camera.

  23. Ginny

    I can’t remember how exactly I found your site, but I’m sure it was from the fonts :)

    I read ya on bloglines. I’m not much of a cook, but the recipes do look good :)

  24. Tiffanee

    I was looking for recipes and found your blog. It is so fun! So I have kept checking it out. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing all your talents.

  25. Peggy Boyd

    I came to check out your scrapbook organization (which is fantastic btw) I followed a link from and I’m glad I did! your blog is great! I did have a question about what camera you use but now I see you have it listed. Thanks for the great organization ideas!

  26. Trudy

    Hi Amanda,
    I came to your site after googling for scrapbook room inspiration, and organizational ideas. I fell in love with your room, and then it was a bonus to see all your wonderful photo albums and recipes. I love taking landscape photos, and cooking too. I’m now a fan, and a frequent vistor to see “what’s new” with you. And you made me a fan of the Pioneering woman. Who knew!?

  27. colleen

    I first found your website via a link for incredible scrap rooms. I keep coming back for the pictures of your “kids”. My little niece and nephew always insist on visiting Howie and Miley whenever they visit me. I think the puppies are at least as favorite of an activity as the crafts we make or stories we read. I do enjoy reading your recipies, but haven’t tried any because we are not so young anymore as we can have level of fat in most of them. Thanks for such a great blog – and we would also enjy some updated photos of the kitties!!!

  28. Emerald

    Hi Amanda! Just thought I’d chime in to say I adore your website designs and your free fonts. Love getting to know you a bit through your work.

    Thanks so much for all you give and do.

  29. Joyce

    I actually found you a couple of years ago by searching for scrapbook recipes. I lpve to scrap my recipes! I miss you adding new ones though. You have the best examples that I have ever found online.
    I love your site and I am so thrilled about the free fonts that you have. I have downloaded them all ;)
    I am also enjoying the new recipe blog that you have, your recipes all look yummy and I will try them once I am no longer dieting …which may be awhile!
    Would love to see you add some more scrapped recipes!

  30. Candice S

    Hey there!

    Thank you so much for sharing a ton of fabulous fonts, scrap ideas, and so much more! To tell you the truth, I am not sure how I ended up at your blog, but I do know I was on one of my many bookmarked blogs and you must have been in a blogroll on one of them. I am so sorry, I just can’t recall where I was before here. Once I got here, I got soooooo enthralled in all your cool stuff!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing so much cool stuff. Not sure if you ever use Stampin’ Up! products, but if you do, I’d love to extend to you my FULL demonstrator discount which is 20%. It’s the very least I could do for you!!

    I’ll be back often and I have subscribed. Thanks again for sharing your life!


  31. Erin

    I think I found you through another site that geared me to your scrap room pics. I love your recipes (and your commentary). Great looking site too! Super cute!

  32. Dawn

    Hey Amanda!

    Let’s see, it’s been a few years since I stumbled upon your website. I was searching for scrapbook room ideas and found you! :) I decided to check back every now & then for updates. I love all of the fonts, recipes & scrapbook pages…keep posting them!! I also love your decorating style & would love to see more of that, too! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

    -Dawn in Richmond, Virginia

  33. Jamie

    Wow! You ended up with a lot of comments. That is so neat!

    Well, let’s see… I found your site on 2 Peas after searching for ideas for Scrapbook Rooms. Now, I know you in real life and I am so thrilled to call you my friend . :)

    Hope you guys are doing well!

  34. Gina

    I’m pretty sure I found your blog while searching for scrapbook rooms. i absolutely fell in love with your room and how wonderfully it was organized. I emailed you once asking how you sorted your paper.

    My favorite thing to see in your blog is anything scrapbooking, photography and home decor. I’m not a big fan of cooking so the recipes do nothing for me. lol

  35. Cheri

    I met you on Woof! I have always loved Miley and then came Howie. I love your pictures. You are so talented and creative. I really enjoy your recipes as well. Thanks for being you and sharing all you do!

  36. Deidra

    Hi! I can’t remember how I found you, but I love the recipes that you share. I’m also a scrapbooking addict…and the handwriting fonts are super cool. Thanks! : )

  37. Laura

    I found you on 2Peas. I was first interested in your decorating and the pictures you posted, but I like fonts and recipes so your blog is one I enjoy!

  38. Kathy

    I found you through my cousin’s site. I love your ideas and so many times I have been inspired by your recipes. Thanks so much!


  39. Cherie

    Hello Amanda…I think I first found you through a post on 2peas….It has probably been about 4-5 years ago since I found your page for the first time. I loved all your recipe scrapbook pages….and ofcourse the fonts…but now I LOVE your recipe section…I check your blog everyday…..I love it!! Thanks for sharing with us. I am Cherie in Arkansas. =) I don’t have a blog or I would link it….=)

  40. Laura

    I’m ridiculously addicted to downloading fonts online. It takes up so much of my free time and computer space, but I love it! I found your blog while searching for free handwriting fonts, which are my favorites. I also submitted a font which was made and named Pea Lazy Llama! (Thanks so much by the way!) Everyone that has seen my handwriting font is really jealous of it.

    I check up every once in a while to see the new fonts you’ve made and just browse around. I’ve looked at the recipes on occasion, and will probably use a lot of them when I graduate and get an apartment. They all look so yummy!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  41. Melissa

    I am in the process of converting one of our bedrooms to a scrapbook/craft room for myself. In my research, I found a blog that mentioned your website. I was amazed when I went to it. I love your attention to detail. I feel like a stalker sometimes because I will visit the site just to see what is new.

    If we ever met, I think we would be friends because of our love of scrapbooking and I have 2 Boston Terriers also (Ziggy & Zoe.) Thanks Amanda!

  42. Emily

    OMG!!!!! Your website is AMAZING!!!! A good friend of mine showed it to me this weekend, sent me the link, and I’ve just finished downloading probably about 50 of your DARLING fonts and printed your Chicken Enchilada recipe to make next week! Thank you, thank you for having such an awesome site where the fonts are FREE to download!!! Yea!! I do a lot of custom invitations and notecards — your fonts are so fun and will be excellent to use. I have subscribed and I’m sure will be checking in constantly. ;-) Emily in Fort Worth, Texas

  43. Stephanie

    Hi! I am in the midst of designing my scrap room and was in need of ideas. I Googled “scrap room” and voila! Here I am. :)

    LOVE the room, by the way. I find myself constantly refering back to it during this “labor of love”. I know it will all be worth it in the end.

  44. Barb

    God Bless you! I appreicate your assistance (which took all of 20 seconds to do), to get that bright yellow off my sidebar!!! What an angel you are!!! Thanks a million!!! Hugs!

  45. karen.jersey

    Hi :) I’m a Pea, and followed your link when you posted about how you organized your cords & scraproom. I keep coming back now and then to check out the new stuff.

  46. Lisa

    Hi Amanda!

    I clicked on your link from 2 Peas!!! And have been hooked ever since. I just love your posts about your home decorating— you have a fabulous sense of style. And I am envious of your scrap space!!!!!


  47. Tracy

    I found your site while looking for inspiration for my scrapbooking room. I loved the fonts and have downloaded many. Thanks for putting them up for us to use!!

  48. Shelly

    I found your blog while searching for scrapbooking fonts on google. I am just starting to scrapbook and I feel like an amateur – you have some amazing pages/layouts that I am sure I will be referencing. Thanks for the site. If everything is free, what do you do for a living? Just curious. I would love an “about me” link. I couldn’t find one, but I might be blind ;)
    Thanks again!

  49. Sandy

    Love your fonts and the scrapbooking ideas are inspiring. In addition, the tone and genuine warmth of your blog always puts a smile on my face (and who doesn’t like to smile!) Thanks for sharing yourselves with the world!

  50. Katy

    I actually emailed you awhile back about your beautiful living room – so that’s one vote for the decorating ideas category. Actually, I found your site because someone had posted pictures of your scraproom in the CK message board for us all to oohh & ahhh over (and we sure did!)

    So I do like to browse through your scrapbook ideas, love the fonts (need to have you make mine into a font someday!), and love the recipes & decorating ideas.

    p.s. I must say I’ve noticed we have a couple tiny things in common – my husband and I were also married on May 31 (of 2003) and he’s turning 30 this year as well!

  51. Roxanna

    LOVE your blog – found u thru a font credit, and i have to say – SOOO glad i followed up on the link! (polka dots and stripes are too much! this is my dream site!).

    i’m about to go download some fonts. you’re very talented!

  52. Vicki

    A friend and I were looking on-line for scrapbooking room ideas and came across yours. Boy are you organized, I wish I could have a little of that come my way. Love all your rooms, it gives me inspiration!! Just moved to the south and need to decorate my “new” house. I also like scrapbooking and always looking for ideas. Keep up all the good work.

  53. Trista

    I was looking for recipes and found your site. I have told a lot of my friends about it, too. I am also a scrapbooker and your fonts are awesome! And your blog design is fabulous.


  54. Pauline

    Hi Amanda,
    I found your Blog it seems like years ago. I found it by googling for scrapbook ideas. I loved looking at all your pages and then you got Miley and then Howie and I was addicted. My husband laughs at me every time I show him what Miley and Howie have been up too. He told me I was a cyber stalker. Anyway I love your site and will continue to visit.

  55. Barb

    Hi Amanda,
    I met you in the Scrapbook/Rubber Stamp shop many years ago. I hadn’t seen the Bazzil paper before which you introduced me too and I bought several of every color and looked at some of your awesome scrapbooks there. You were so kind and helpful. I bored by daughters who ended up in the parking lot arguing about the Chuck-E-Cheese tokens! LOL Anyway, back here in Florida I looked up the Shop online and then there were your scrapbooks, and I’ve pretty much followed your life through the online scrapbooks from then on. I enjoyed reading about your puppies and then with your recipes, Fonts, etc. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. A big hug from SW Florida!

  56. Judy

    It’s been so long since I found you I don’t remember how I found you. Probably more than likely its was the scrapbook room. Awesome room! I just love your recipe pages and all your organization. I know you are a Auburn fan , I am a Georgia Bulldog and my husband is LSU. ( don’t hold that against me ha ha ) I live in North Mississippi.

  57. jill

    Hi kevin and Amanda
    Im a singel mother from Denmark 46 years old with a lovely daugther Emily 6 ears old I think I found you thru Brittanys word art(?) and I was taken with the gerurusity from you and Im in this recipi thing just to get some idears most of the ingr. we cant buy in Denmark but it gives me a hint of how to…
    thanks 4 sharing
    Jill Deleuran

  58. Karin

    Followed a link from the QVC scrapbooking forum on scrap rooms and fell in love with all the eye candy… your style and organization and perfectionism is something I admire and aspire too. :-) I tried the pulled pork recipe this past weekend and it was to die for. I’m OK in the kitchen, but your meticulous and detailed step by step instructions and photos are wonderful. The fonts and scrapping stuff are fantastic too.

  59. sandy

    I saw a scrapbook page on Two Peas, I think, and wrote to ask how you did something on the page. You were so kind and gracious to email me back, and then I looked at your other work, and then your albums. I think you were engaged at the time, and then married and then new house, then new babies (dogs), and then fonts, then recipes,
    Now, I’m hooked, although I haven’t posted before.

  60. Erica

    I googled Boston Terriers when we were looking into getting one and found your site Monster Paparrazi. Then that is what led me to your personal site. I love your recipes and have used a couple of them! I also love your pics of your BT’s! By the way we got a BT and our Sophie is a little over a year old and we are totally in love with her! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  61. Noortje

    Hi! I found your webside about 2 or 3 years ago through Google. I was looking for scrapbook ideas, but as I read I found it very interesting to learn more about your life, decorations in the house and later the recipes! This year we adopted four children. I want to make them all a lifebook and I’m in need of scrapbook ideas more than ever! :-)
    Thanks for being so open and kind and share your creative gift through the internet!!!

    Noortje ~ The Netherlands

  62. Nikki

    Hi Amanda,
    I found you through 2peas. I heard about your amazing recipes, tried a few and I’m hooked. I love your blog and enjoy reading it very much

  63. Kelley

    I found your website through a blog I read, and I thought the fonts were so fun. I like that kind of techie-creative stuff … the crafty geek in me just can’t help it :) Your site is great. Thanks for sharing!

  64. Lisa

    My husband actually found your site! I have been trying to get a scraproom together and was looking for ideas- he googled “scraprooms” and yours was the first hit! I fell in love with your room and have been visiting your site ever since! I love your scrapbook ideas and look fprward to seeing more in the future! :)

  65. Heather S

    Well…I’ve known you about 6 years now…I’m guessing cause I can’t remember. I worked with Kevin for a few years, then ya’ll moved to my neighborhood. I come pester you to take pictures of Addison sometimes.

    I haven’t subscribed to your blog yet. Maybe I should? LOL.

  66. Melissa Pierce

    I found your website while I was seaching scrapbooking rooms (I am still trying to organize my room). Once I was at your site I just fell in love with all your Boston’s pictures. My Boston just passed away at the age of 17 years. They are such wonderful dogs! Since I became a member my family and I have enjoyed a few of your recipes! Thank you for such a diverse site, I have really enjoyed it! Keep it comming!!! ;)

  67. Tracy


    I found your website through Scrapshare (everyone is drooling over yor scrap room!).

    Now I check back to see what’s new & the delicious recipes you have posted!


  68. Katie M

    I found your website while googling “Fonts”. I am an addict. Really, I am. I just love everything about your site. I am so jealous of your organization too. And those darling kennel covers, and recipes, and and and!!!
    Keep it up. Love it all!

  69. Melissa

    I found out about your site from my step-mom, who knew I would love your free fonts. She was right! Now I just like to play around on your site. I am totally jealous of your scrapbooking room! Also, I’m nuts about animals, so I love seeing all the pics of your ADORABLE babies!

  70. Leah

    You left out one very important option in your survey….Miley & Howie. That’s how I found you anyway from your posts on the I love monsterpaparazzi and your stories about your furbabies. Especially seeing the similarities with them and my Buckeye. But since then I’ve enjoyed your advice and tutorials on your digital photography, web design and scrapping. Thanks for all of your advice an help.

  71. Sue

    I found your website while searching for ideas for scrapbooking recipes. I was excited to see your recipe cards and the recipies, too. I have tried several and they are easy and delicious, too. I like the fonts also.

  72. Erin


    I found your page while building my blog for a class that I teach. I was also looking for fonts. I have enjoyed reading your blog and believe me, you have given me some super ideas for scrapbooking, blogging and cooking.


  73. Jacqui

    hi amanda, i came across your website while i was searching for scrapbooking ideas and saw your scrap room and was blown away!! that was about a year ago. i soon subscribed and have been reading your blog ever since:) i love your recipes ideas and have even tried a couple. i have also bought my first digital SLR so your camera introduction was a help aswell:) i got the 50mm lens!!
    keep up the good work:)

  74. Melissa

    I got a link for your “Font for Peas” page in one of those fonts communities and totally fell in love both with the fonts and the lovely layout. Actually it was your website that got me into scrapbooking (now I’m utterly addicted to it)! But, though I came here for fonts and stayed for digital scrapbooking, I’m still here for the whole site. I just love everything about it!

  75. Ami

    I found your site through a thread on Two Peas about scrap rooms. I love your scrap room, but I was also so impressed with the rest of your site! Love your scrapbooks and recipes, too!!

  76. Tammy

    Hi Amanda! I found your website years ago when I was looking at scrapbook ideas for inspiration. My husband is Air Force and at that time we were stationed in Tampa, Florida. Now we are here in Utah, but just for 9 more months. Then we are off (rather back to) Charleston, SC. We love the South and very excited to get back there. Of course I have kept coming back to see your scrapbook pages and what you and Kevin have been up to, my husband is current over seas for a year and your website, blog has really helped me through this. I just love your recipes. They are just the perfect size for me and my two kids since he is gone. I’ve told a lot of my friends about your site, so chances are, there are a number of them that are subscribers. We love to see what you and Kevin are up to, your christmas presents, your anniversary pics, Valentine’s day and your adorable home! Keep it up! I hope you have more scrapbooks in the future. Thank you for sharing your life with me!! :o)

  77. SusanD

    Hi, I originally found you 2 at the forum at

    Love, love you recipes which I have tried several, perfect results.

    Still planning to send a font.

    Love the website design.

    Here I am.

    Thanks for your site!

  78. creole wisdom

    Hi friend! So, I found you my senior year of HS, FOUR years ago, and I’ve been a reader ever since. I love your site, and enjoy reading the cute love story between you and Kevin. I admire your sense of style and scrapbooking talent. It’s so neat to come and see what you’ve been up to. And of course, I appreciate our little gmail chats and your comments on my blog : )

  79. kimmerbean

    Hi Amanda! I can’t really remember how I first stumbled upon your blog but I’m pretty sure I was looking for fonts. I looked at your survey but I can’t pick just two — I love your scrapbooking ideas, I love your free fonts, I love your recipes, and I love your home decorating ideas. Thank you so much for freely sharing your creativity with all of us. You are an inspiration. :)

  80. Beth

    Okay, You are absolutely amazing. How in the WORLD do you have time for all of the cooking, the scrapbooking and the blogging, and then documenting all of that via internet? You are so stinkin’ creative. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your life with everyone. I came across your website a couple of months ago, googling “scrapbook room” underneath the picture option, and came across yours. Your webpage/blog is only one of 5 that I frequent so I don’t waste time. You are Martha Stewart with a REAL purpose. To bad MS doesn’t have a husband to enjoy her “good things.” You are so blessed with a creative talent and a genuine heart. What is your job? You should really own your own business (if you don’t already) and be the next MS!

  81. Cindy

    I discovered you and your blog when I googled ideas for a new scrapbook room. I saw the one your dad built for you and was very impressed. My son built mine and pictures are on my blog. Thanks for the ideas! I discovered you a little over a year or so ago and subscribed then. Thanks for your post.

  82. Jaime

    Hi Amanda,
    I found your website a few months ago while looking for scrapbook room ideas. I love the way you have your room set up. I check your website frequently for recipes and scrapbook page ideas. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see more scrapbook pages! ~Jaime

  83. Katie

    I came for the fonts and my husband and I are addicted to your adorable Bostons!!! They are so cute! We love looking at their pictures!!

  84. Rachael

    I was informed of your blog by a friend. She wanted me to check out your super organized scrapbook room! I am impressed! I am not a scrapbooker but I can appreciate organization when I see it! I do come back regularly for your recipes. I am making chicken packets tonight! I don’t know you in person but you seem like my kinda gal with the uber organization skills!!!

  85. Nicole

    I found your site on google trying to find 12×12 clear plastic drawers. LOL, all these other people find your site for the great recipe or scrappin room and I find it searching for storage containers. But, it was for 12×12 paper. Love the site and the recipes. Nicole

  86. Mel

    Hi, I found your fab blog through Crafty Storage I think and fell in love with your scrap room. I like to browse your recipes as they are different from what we eat in the UK.

    Have a good day

    Mel :0)

  87. Shanin

    I have been reading your website for a while and I think I found it through livejournal? I’m not sure though. I just think you have a really cute website and I like the pictures and recipes and your doggy pictures.

  88. Valerie

    Hi Amanda!
    My friend Jess, who is a teacher told me about your site for the fonts! They are amazing! Then I realized all of the other great things you have on your site, and fell in love with the recipes, and scrap booking. You are so organized and clean, I LOVE it! This is the cutest blog site I have yet to come across! :) Thanks for sharing!

  89. Patsy Crockett

    Hi Amanda,

    I have been checking out your webpage for sometime now. I saw a link on the Cricut Message board about your scrapbooking room and was excited to see all your stuff. So I checked back on occasion to get scrapbook ideas and I come to see your recipies, too . Great job with your blog!!

  90. Becky

    I can’t remember how I found your website but am so glad I did. I absolutely love your recipe cards & scrapbooking ideas. Your scrapbooking room is to die for. Your scrapbooking haven is my #1 favorite room out of all I’ve seen. I would love to see more of your scrapbooking and card making ideas in the future. You are sooo talented in that area and in decorating your house as well. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  91. Jennifer

    Hi Amanda!

    I have been a fan of yoru site for a few years now and orginally came across it while searching scrap ideas. I just love your scrapping and am loving all your new additions as well. Congrats on all the wonderful fans…I would love to see recent scrapping.

  92. Carrie

    I can’t remember where I got the link, organizedscrapbooks maybe? I first saw your scrapbook room and I’ve beed drooling over it ever since. I love the fonts, ideas and even found the recipes! I get hungry just looking!

  93. Hamell

    Forget where I got your LINK. I subbed for the recipes (with photos) and scrapbooking ideas. It is hard for me to find blogs with LO’s instead of cards.
    I like the Fonts but don’t use them so haven’t save them, Yet! Will get there some day.

  94. Lisa S.

    I first found you when I saw your recipes that you had scrappped–It was when I used to frequent :) It’s been 4 years now! I enjoy them all…your recipe section, new fonts and scrapping ideas.

  95. Angie

    I would first like to say that I absolutley love your new design! I think I originally found your site searching for fonts. Then saw your wonderful pictures of your scraproom and dogs. (btw, I am so jealous of that room!) I sent you an email asking you how to make the bedding for the dog cage. I just LOVE the picturs of Howie & Miley, I have a Boston myself her name is Dixie. We are excitingly waiting for our new addition (another pup Dixie needs a buddie)! My two sons are also a huge fan of your site the will check it out on there own,(my oldest is 15 and youngest 10) they mainly come to see how Howie and Miley are and recipes.

    I love your site all in all!
    God Bless, Angie

  96. Jen

    I can’t remember how I discovered your site but am glad I did. I am a subscriber too. I love fonts especially all your handwritten fonts. Your recipes are yummy. We are big fans of the grilled chicken pasta in tomato cream sauce.

  97. Kristen

    I first came to your site through a search engine looking for free fonts. BUT now I love your recipes and other fun stories. I love your website and great ideas.

    PS… Those hamburgers were yummy.

  98. Mel

    I found your site for the fonts, but I really am enjoying the recipes, and I made the fantastic pulled pork just this weekend—it was easy and awesome! I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you.

  99. HeatherB

    I found you through a link from for your handwriting fonts. I just recently subscribed so that I don’t miss out on any more font releases. For some reason I use Pea Beth, Pea Alesa and Pea Sue’s Print more than the others. Thank you for providing these! ;)

  100. Diane Eck


    I found your website last year when I googled “scrapbook rooms”…and I must say it was THE BEST room I saw!! You are SO organized, I’m jealous!! It has been very helpful for you to include step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures, on how to duplicate things (like taking care of all the cords)!!
    How do you find the time to do all that you do? Do you work outside your home?
    I have a hard time telling you what I’d like to see more of…because it is all so captivating!
    Loving relationships with family, friends and animals; delicious recipes; decorating and organizing tips; scrapbooking ideas and fonts…all in one place!!! Thank you Amanda! What does Kevin do while you are so busy?
    Keep up the great work! I check in all the time and dream!


  101. Glynis

    I found the fonts here and love love love them, then I stayed for all the great ideas and recipes! Thanks for a great blog, Amanda :)

  102. Colleen - Alabama

    I love the Chocolate Pie!!!! I was tempted to read on after I saw mentions of the Gulf and then of Gatlinburg. Those are two of my favorite places. I really love the entire site. The fonts are great and the recipes are out of this world. I’ve shared recipes with others that do not have internet…
    But I found you through one of the digi web sites. The Wedding was beautiful…
    Keep the wonderful fonts & everything else coming !

  103. Jenni K

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your web design. I would love for mine to look even half as good as yours! My husband is a computer engineer, but for some reason a cute blog isn’t on the top of his list….hmmmm! But I love your fonts and have so much fun with them. Thanks!

  104. Linda

    I found you through Google, looking for recipe scrapbooking ideas, scrapbooking and recipes. I check with your website often and almost always get new ideas (probably too many sometime – HA!) I absolutely love your craft room! Thank you for all the time you spend to help us out!

  105. Diana

    I found your website through another website. It was a link to your scrapbook fonts. I absolutely loved them. Once I got the fonts, I started looking around and liked your recipes. I’ve even tried a few and loved them. Thanks for being so creative.

  106. DIANA

    I found you when you had posted pics of your babies on I have a Boston and am crazy about her! When I clicked on your webiste, I was just amazed at how well designed it is. I really enjoy the recipes now, and of course I look forward to looking at your Bostons. I also want to thank you for having a link to the blog about the lady in France with hers. Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

  107. Sg.

    How did I get here? Humm… Well, I guess it’s all Wes’s fault when he introduced us back in 2000. I’ve been hanging around ever since ;)

    You’re becoming quite the Martha Stewart!

  108. Amanda

    Hey Amanda! I found your website off of a friend’s blog when her handwriting font was selected by you. I then discovered all of your many talents and wish one day to be like you, but I think that will probably never happen. You are one talented lady and I wish I could pick your brain on your blog designs. Thanks for sharing everything with us!!

  109. Laura

    Hi Amanda,

    I came to your site for the free fonts through another scrapbooking site that I can’t remember. I hate people like you that are so adorable and have many talents :) Then I noticed you don’t have kids yet and I feel better :) Keep up the great, quality work!


  110. LollyChops

    Hi Amanda,
    I found you while surfing for scrapbook rooms (yours is dreamy). I love your recipes too so I decided to subscribe!

    Keep up the nice work!


  111. Megan

    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad someone else likes HIMYM! It seems like not that many people I know like it, but obviously there are enough fans out there to keep it going. I’m glad we’re “blog friends” too. If we lived closer, we could have doggie play dates (I know my little girl would love your Bostons and my big guy thinks he’s about that size). Have a good day!

  112. Renae

    I think I found your site when I saw a font referenced in a scrapbooking mag earlier this spring. I’m addicted to fonts so love the opportunity to use anything creative and fun and am especially loving the doodles! I tried the yummy chicken enchiladas recently and loved them! Can’t wait to try more. Thanks for the inspiration with photos of your home too…so cute!

  113. Michelle

    I found your site many years ago because someone linked your scraproom to Creating Keepsake message board. It is fab by the way and I’m totally jealous! Since then I would peek in periodically for your pics, etc. until I found that I could subscribe. I also like the recipes…yum!

    I’m sure most use the fonts…but I must admit I haven’t yet.

    Love the format of the blog…looks just like a scrapbook and I love that!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    from Mechanicsville, VA

  114. Beverly

    I found you years ago. I don’t remember if it was ScrapJazz
    or somewhere else I came across
    one of your scrapbook recipe cards.
    You also had decorated the front of a Pioneer 5 x 7 album for you recipes. So cute.

  115. Krys

    I found you through the QVC Scrapbooking Forum – there was a thread about scrapbooking rooms and someone suggested checking out your site and your awesome room! It was also mentioned that the rest of your site was really neat so I started checking it out, and checking back often. You & Kevin look so happy together! I love your pups, your decor, and your recipes! Thanks for sharing :)

  116. Natalie

    Hi Amanda. I’m pretty sure I found your site while searching for scrapbooking fonts. And I’m so jealous of your scrap room! Ended up loving the recipes too!

  117. Meg

    How did I find your blog….oh, I know the family in TN that you got Miley from. We were looking to get a Boston from them too and they pointed us in the direction of your website to see Miley.

    So then…I’ve just stuck around because I loved your decorating pictures and recipes! You have the best style!

  118. Lacey

    Amanda- unlike everyone else that has found you through scrapbooking I found you through WOOF! We have 2 Boston Terriers athome and always enjoy seeing pictures of Miley and Howie. Especially love their webcam :) I also loved the green you painted in their room with their crates- Thanks!!

  119. Nettie

    Hi Amanda I found your blog while doing some blog surfing not too long ago and had to subscribe. I love your blog layout, fonts recipes and pictures. Oh heck love everything about blog! Loving fonts I would have to say they are a favorite.


  120. Bianca

    Hi Amanda!

    First of all – I totally like the design of your Blog! Awesome!
    I found to your Blog because of doing an online course with Jessica Sprague. And we always use new fonts there and so I was looking around and found your Blog.
    I also love your recipes though I can’t get the exact ingredients here in Germany (but I have lived in the States for 2.5 years so I know what your are talking about!).
    Now you know where I am from – GERMANY. A little bit west of Cologne.
    Keep up with your great Blog entries!


  121. Cathy

    I found you through someone else’s blog where they mentioned the free fonts… and I’m a font junkie so this was great. Love all your beautiful fonts. Also used your tutorial on jazzing up my blog! Only been here for a few months now… one of those new 300+ subscribers

  122. Brenda

    Hi there!
    I found you through the Forum’s at You were suggested for handwritten fonts. Boy am I glad I found you. You have made my scrapbooking so much more fun! If only I could get in gear and have you make my handwriting into a font too! Maybe someday! I think your blog is the CUTEST I have ever seen. Thanks for all you give to us.

  123. Alicia

    Hi Amanda,
    I found you through Google. I was searching for good scrapbooking fonts (I make free wordart on my blog). I loved your fonts so much I downloaded most of them. Then I found your recipes… they are great aswell :)

  124. Carla Cavellucci Landi

    I found you through your amazing scraproom… I bought the Pampered Chef lazy susan because of yours and put a green ribbon with white dots n it! :o)… and also throug your fonts, but in different occasions… then, looking at your website, I thought you should be a “fake” person, so perfect everything you do – the house, pages, dogs, cats, fonts, scrapbook, the website… eveything so nice and neat!! I use to call you the “utopical Amanda” :o)
    I send you an email for an interview for, last year, and you were so nice… Then I found out I could sign for updates on your blog (“what else she can do?”) – and I really love blogs – and there you come with recipes!!!
    I only can thing “what’s next?”.
    My blog is in Portuguese (i’m brazilian but living in Great NYC -Golden Coast of NJ), just opened a online store, bu there you can see some of my scrapbooking works!
    Congrats for everything!!!:o)

  125. Jodi Lansink

    I started off by accident….one night googled free fonts,(I am a FONT FREAK!!) and stumbled across your site…..I downloaded a ton….and couldn’t help but love the rest of your site!!! I love all of your awesome page layouts, the pictures, and lately the recipes!!! (I am not a scrapbooker, so I don’t look at that much!) You have a great website with lots of good info—I check in often, so please keep the updates coming!! I have also told ALL of my friends and family to check it out—and now many of them are hooked as well!!!

  126. Liza G

    Hi Amanda! I found your website years ago when I was looking a scrapbook rooms for inspiration. Of course I kept coming back to see your scrapbook pages and what you and Kevin have been up to. I’ve told a lot of my friends about your site, so chances are, there are a number of them that are subscribers. We love to see what you and Kevin are up to, your christmas presents, your anniversary pics, Valentine’s day and your adorable home! Keep it up!

  127. Christle

    Hi Amanda I found your site a couple years ago when I first started scrapbooking and was working on a book for my inlaws. I think I found it through a search for different scrapbooking poems. I love the decorating ideas, of coarse scrapbooking ideas, and recipes. Even the best chefs can use some new recipes and you’ve even turned me on to the pioneer women!

  128. Mary

    I can’t remember where I first saw your link, it might have been digishoptalk. I came for the fonts and stayed for the recipes, lol! And everything else!

  129. Kendra

    Hello from South Carolina! I came to your blog when I was the hostess of a Recipe Swap on the Cricut Message Board. Your recipes were an inspiration to everyone who participated in our swap! (We ended up with over 200 recipes once everything was said and done!!) I absolutely love your Fonts, Recipes and your whole Blog in general!

    I woulld love for you to visit my Blog at

    Thanks so much for taking your time to share with all of us! I really enjoy coming to visit you!

  130. Juls


    I don’t exactly remember who’s blog I found you on but I’m glad I did. I have already made one of the recipes that you shared and it was yummy!! I also loved the site for the blog backgrounds…TheCutestBlogOn I also absolutely love the covers you made for your dog crates!!

    I also scrapbook and have been since 1999. I have three fur babies, a Yorkie, Jack Russell and a Pit mix. I have two daughters 12 & 18 years old and I have been married 19 years (I have been with him for over half my life, yikes). I live in the Garlic Capital of the World and love it here. Stop by my blog again and say hi :o)

  131. Diane Davies

    I found you a looong time ago but I don’t remember how. It was your scrap room that I admired so much. Now that I’m in blog land too, I’ve subscribed to a few blogs that I find interesting. : )

  132. Stephanie

    I found you through 2Peas a long time ago and love your fonts! I’ve just subscribed to your blog so I don’t miss any more! Great blog!

  133. Carlene

    Hi Amanda,
    I was sent a link to your scraproom and fell in love with it as I love being organised too. I am a scrapbooker so love looking at your albums and getting new fonts. Your whole site is amazing and so professional! I have told heaps of my crafty friends here in Australia about your site. Keep up the good work, it would be great to see more of your albums.

  134. Jennifer Carter

    I heard about you from the One Scrappy Site. They have a link on their web page to your site for great scrapbook fonts. I love the selection of fonts that you have here! This is a great site. Thank you for your time on it! By the way, I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader so that probably doesn’t even count in the number of subscribers that you have!

  135. Alberta

    An email buddy of mine shared your site with me because of your craft room. I was so blown away by the sight of it that I’ve hooked to your site ever since. I’ve seen many craft rooms but yours is my absolute favorite and I’ve been copying in it many ways for my own space. I just started my blog, so I haven’t gotten around of taking any pictures yet, but it on my growing TO DO list. I enjoy your recipes, fonts and ideas you share. I’ve been following your site for about a year and hopefully many more years to come.

  136. llace

    I must say that it was a search for free fonts. I have a real sqiggly swirly handwriting and was looking for things that were better suited for long journaling on pages. I have not been able to use any of them yet because I had to evacuate for the blasted Gustav. Can’t wait to though. Thanks for sharing. LLace in MS

  137. Sarah

    Hi Amanda,

    I found your blog through 2 peas. I added you to my blog reader because of my need for fonts, my love for good recipes AND the home decorating ideas can’t hurt. Congratulations on all your readers!

  138. Julie

    I found your site last summer (2007) while looking for ideas for a cookbook scrapbook for my sister. I loved your ideas. I check back often just to see what you are up to and enjoy seeing what you added. I have no blog – don’t have much to say so I don’t bore anyone. Keep up the great site.

  139. Kathy Moore

    I found you back on Two Peas when you released the first set of pea handwriting fonts. Last time you did a release, I think you suggested that we sub to your blog to know when you did new releases so here I am. LOVE the pea fonts, but I know they take time so I won’t suggest doing more of them…just do what you love, that’s what makes you happy and what you’ll be best at!

  140. Becky

    Hi! Well, I think I originally found your site for searching for fonts. Then saw your absolutely Fabulous photos of your scraproom. (btw, so jealous of that room! :D) I even sent you an email asking you were you found your table for your sewing stuff. Oh, and I just LOVE those photos of your pups! Total animal person myself. In fact, I’m getting a new puppy in 2 weeks!! Can’t wait!! :D

  141. Megan

    I did a search a few months (at least 6-8 probably) ago for scrapbook rooms. Your room was one of the first on the google images and definitely the nicest I had seen (and still to this day it’s one of my all time favs). And I’ve checked back since, enjoying everything on the site! :) Congrats on so many readers/subscribers.

  142. Brooke

    Hi Amanda,
    I found your site about a year ago. I was looking for ideas for my scrap-room. I fell in love with your site, you are so creative and your site is amazing. You should create websites for a living… Well maybe you do??? I don’t know, but you are great at all of your crafty stuff and your recipes! Thanks for keeping us entertained and inspired

  143. Mindy

    I found you while surfing scrapbooking rooms. I had never seen anything like yours and I don’t think I ever will. I love someone that loves being organized more than even I do. I stay tuned for the fonts, recipes, ideas and just so much more. I have referred many others to your site. Keep up the great work. We love watching your life!

  144. Brenda

    Hi Amanda!
    Iove your site! I think I first saw a link at PcCrafter. It was a comment about your fonts. Ever since then I have been lurking ;)
    It is Time for me to come out and tell ya I love your fonts, recipes and anything you are talking about! Thanks so much for all you and Kevin do!!!! Brenda

  145. Chantel

    Hi Amanda! I found you through a friend, who’s handwriting you turned into a font. I’m not exactly sure how she found you, but I am glad she did. I love your fonts, recipes, and scrapbooking ideas. Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the GREAT work!

  146. Darlene Smith

    Amanda, I really enjoy your blog and updates. You and Kevin have awesome recipes and fun scrapbooking insights. I also appreciate the cool handwriting fonts. I can see you both enjoy life to the max! I found you through a Yahoo email group – Creative Inspirations. A member mentioned your fonts and I subscribed when I got to you blog. Thanks for all the goodies! Darlene

  147. Amanda

    Hey Amanda. I actually found your site by trying to register the exact same domain name. We’re Kevin and Amanda as well! I thought it was neat, I looked up your site and thought it was very interesting. We actually have alot in common. I’m a huge crafter! I actually have my own wedding invitation business along with my website design business.
    Anyways, love your recipes and your dogs!

  148. jodie

    I honestly can’t remember how I found you, but I think it was b/c of the fonts. I love that you shoot with Canon (!), I love the way you decorate your house (and would love more photos of that!), I love your scrapbooking and I love your scraproom!

    Great stuff, keep blogging!

  149. Lori H.

    Hey Amanda,

    Well, I know you in real life and I love your recipes, puppies and being your friend, so of course I check out your website. Okay, that was about as cheesy as your enchiladas, but cheesy is never a bad thing as far as I’m concerned. =)

  150. MommyCakes

    My best friend and I wore surfing the net and found you when we where trying to redo our scrapbooking rooms. We love what you have done and loved everything else about your site. So we subscribed! Love it, keep it up!.

    Great Blog,
    MommyCakes (Illinois)

  151. Katie

    I learned of you through and come to you for your fonts. They are truly amazing, and I hope to see my writing among them someday.

  152. Carolyn Wall

    I first started coming here to check out your “scrapped” recipes… far, the ones my daughter and I have tried have been exceptional and easy…..she loves the chicken that’s marinated and cooked on the grill and since the recipe told her exactly how long to cook it on each side, she has started cooking regularly on the grill!! I love the chicken and dumplings…Keep up the good work!!

  153. Maria

    Hi Amanda. I’m over in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I’m pretty sure I came to surf your site through a yahoo group link I might have received on your fonts. From there I recall looking at all your pictures of when you were just dating. I recall marveling over your scrapping room. Wow, organized indeed.
    Your recipes are so good. I love to see someone cook and use great spices to flavor their food. I thoroughly enjoy all your updates.

  154. Lori M.

    Hi Amanda! Geez, let me strain the brain for a moment to recall how I found you. I think it was from a comment off a posting from Digital Pro Talk blog. There was a link to your peas fonts. I LOVE handwriting fonts and digital scrapbooking! I am a part-time children’s photographer and SAHM. While browsing around your site I found the wonderful recipes – LOVE the pictures!!! I am also an Auburn alum! I also subscribe via Google reader (it’s the best!) and have been here for about 5-6 months maybe?

  155. shopica

    first of all, the new (ish) design is absolutely fabulous!!!

    i found you through my obsessive need for fonts! i love love love handwriting fonts and use a few of the Peas for just about everything.

    Let’s see- i heard about you through digital scrapbooking (font credit)
    I subscribe via google reader.
    I’ve been reading your blog just under a year.

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