Fall Dining Room Table

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

Happy November! :) This past Monday some sweet friends came over for lunch, chit chat, and some much-needed girl time. To make the day special for us, I thought it’d be nice to warm up our dining room with some fun fall decorations and elegant place settings.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

The dining room is the first thing you see as you enter our home. We spend lots of time fellowshipping around the table with friends and family, so I wanted this space to be beautiful and welcoming with cheerful seasonal touches. But I also wanted it to be low-maintenance and functional. Nothing too formal or fancy! :)

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

I will be the first to confess that I do not have the decorating gene at all. Home decor is just not my love language! :) I frequently agonize over what to buy and how to arrange things. Since I didn’t want to have to completely redo this space with every holiday, (and to spare myself future torture) I paired classic neutral pieces that will stay throughout the year with a few pops of color that can easily be changed out by season.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

These small decor changes made a big impact on the room, and now I can swap out a few seasonal pieces as an inexpensive way to add instant fresh style.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

If you are decorating-challenged like me, you can copy this simple formula to create your own perfect table setting. :)

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

I started out with three neutral vases as my centerpiece, candles on each side, and matching seasonal elements for each end of the table.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

The candles and vases will stay, while the pumpkins and fall foliage will be swapped out by season.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

More ideas: The vases could be replaced with hurricanes to display candles or for holding seasonal fruit. The candles could be swapped out for a seasonal color.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

This cute sequined pumpkin can be changed out by theme or holiday.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

I then picked out neutral placemats, chargers, table runners, and napkin rings that will stay year-round…

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

And added a pop of seasonal flair with the orange napkins that can easily be swapped out for any color.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

Or simply use white napkins for a versatile, any-occasion look.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

If you’re interested in where we found anything, here’s the full source list with links below for more info.

{ Source List }

Mosaic Vases – Hobby Lobby
Whitewash Pillar Candleholders – Pier1
Candles – Pier1
Sequin Pumpkins – Hobby Lobby
Metallic Damask Jute Table Runner – Pier1
Burlap table runner – Hobby Lobby
Dark Brown Round Rattan Placemats – Pier1
Gold Glitter Chargers – Pier1
Orange Napkins – Pier1
Sheer Bronze Napkins – Pier1
Hammered Gold Napkin Rings – Pier1
Fall Leaves – Hobby Lobby
Pumpkins on cabinets – Hobby Lobby

More information on the dining room (paint colors, furniture, etc) can be found here: Dining Room Update.

P.S. If you have a link to your fall or holiday decorations, I would LOVE to see them!! Leave me a link in the comments section if you can! :)

Thanks so much for looking!! Happy Fall!! :) xoxo

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53 Responses
  1. Kelly

    I was wondering if you could tell me where this table is from? Where was it purchased? I have the same floor color and don’t want to match the floors and this would table would work perfect. Thank you!


  2. Hilda

    Hi Amanda. You totally inspired me to set my dining room for fall. Something I’ve never done before. While I was at Pier 1 picking up the bread basket you suggested, I picked up a few things for my dining room as well. Thanks! Please keep sharing your great ideas. They are a good starting point for some of us who don’t have much decorating sense.

  3. Kim G.

    So I hope this makes you laugh… I am debating asking for a Mia face cleanser for Christmas this year, and I remember you mentioning yours awhile back and I thought I remembered you saying it wasn’t life-changing or anything, and I really wanted to read your opinion! However, I couldn’t remember what post it was in! So I searched your site using the word “mia”…and quite a few pages popped up. I opened them all up, curious as to why so many came up, and a lot were from when you say Mama Mia when something tastes or smells good lol!!! It really made me laugh. You’re so fun. And I did find the post I was looking for ;)

  4. Shaina

    I love that you did neutral with just a simple color shift and centerpiece change for seasonality. It’s so much more practical, and it’s less to store. Less to store. I love those three words.

  5. Kim G.

    SO gorgeous!! “Decorating-challenged”…yeah right! So here’s a question: do you leave the table “set” like that all the time? Or only when in use?

  6. Terry at Cashmere Apron

    Beautiful and inviting. The color palette of your dining room is the perfect backdrop for the tones of fall. All of the colors pop and intensify. I’m sure it was a lovely girl’s day! *Pier 1 is my go-to as well.

    Happy Fall!

  7. Miranda

    I think it looks PERFECT – you did a great job! I love the idea of having a neutral space where you can switch out colors seasonally for a quick and easy and ADORABLE transformation! Great idea!

  8. Ana

    Beautiful! Such warm colors. Can you take a picture of the pumpkin flower decorations you have on top of the buffet? They look so pretty and I would like to see how you did it.



  9. Katherine

    I am in love with those chairs! Unfortunately I know they wouldn’t work for my family…our 19 month old would stain those up in no time. They are gorgeous though.

  10. Emily

    Omg! You’ve done it again in your house! You have driven so much inspiration for me in my own life, whether it be dreaming up how to doesn’t my future home (still renting and saving for our first home, which I’m at peace with because it’ll happen when the time is right), recipes in the kitchen or just helpful tips! I thank you! You’re amazing with how you micromanage all that you seem to be doing in your life! I aspire to get to that point in my life.

    Sincerely, Emily

  11. Hilary

    Is it bad that I knew where each item (except the mosaic vases) was purchased before I got to the source list?? Apparently I spend too much time at the HobLob and Pier 1! Your table looks amazing; great job!!

    1. Susan

      I was going to post the exact same thing!! I knew where everything came from and it was a tossup on the vases between Hobby Lobby and Pier 1!!! Your table decor is gorgeous and I love how you tied everything together. Beautiful!!

  12. Bonnie Morgan

    Very pretty. Thanks so much for the resource list. I agree with one of the comments above. Is there anything you can’t do!
    I am an Alabama girl too. My daughter lives in your area. Would love to meet you sometime.
    I always enjoy your travel posts so I gave you a link to mine also. We just visited Italy in September.

  13. Virginia

    Your dining room is beautiful. How do you find the time to create recipes, decorate and blog with all the traveling you do? Amazing!

  14. Mary @ Its All About The Yummy

    Wow! Just beautiful, I love the color of your walls, it’s a perfect backdrop for your fall dining table! Thank you so much for always making a list of your sources. You are an truly inspiration!

  15. Crystal @MissCrystalMakeup

    Gorgeous table!!! Enjoyed seeing it in person! I already had the sequined pumpkins, neutral runner, candlesticks and chargers. I did go out and buy the mosaic vases. They are fab! Thanks for the great inspiration! I often need to see something to pull the things I have together. I’m lusting over the dining room chairs, too, lol. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks again for having us and it was great to finally meet you! :)
    xo Crystal

  16. Anela @ All This Time Accents

    I absolutely love the tablescape! If you’re decorating challenged, you sure fake it well! ;-)

    Hobby Lobby rocks! I could live there much to my husband’s dismay! HA!

  17. Christina

    For someone who proclaims they are decorating challenged, you did an amazing job! Your dining room looks gorgeous and I’m inspired to fix up my own.

  18. Michelle

    I love your table scape. It looks great. I can totally relate to being decoratively challenged, like you were talking. That is me!! I am envious that you have a Hobby Lobby near you. Nearest one for me right now is Rochester, MN (2 hrs away). That is going to change next year, as they are putting one a lot closer to me. I am (im)patiently waiting. They have the best decor pieces. I need to hit Pier 1 too.

  19. Gail

    Wow, the decorations looks so beautiful in your dining room table and it should be in the Better Homes and Garden or interior designer magazine. Great job!

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