Kevin & Amanda


Attending the Dole Wellness Summit at the California Health & Longevity Institute

How Sea Lions are Like Boston Terriers.

Sweet San Francisco

Finding Posh in Blue Ridge, GA

Chicago Eats!

Shopping in Chicago

Chicago: Our View

Top of the Rock & The NYC Cupcake Challenge!

Meeting The Pioneer Woman . . .

Eating our way through Levain Bakery, NYC

New York City, Day 3: Unilever Pampering & BlogHer Expo

New York City, Day 2: Doughnuts, Cupcakes & Gelato Milkshakes!

New York City, Day 1: Rice Pudding, Bike Taxis, and Martha Stewart!

Checking in at the Royalton, New York!

8th Anniversary & Tennessee Mountain Hideaway

LA Outfits / What I Wore in LA

The Best of LA . . .

Baking with Picky Palate . . . The GIANT, Ultimate LA Cookie!

Hollywood, Malibu, and The Most Gorgeous Beach in LA

LA Continues . . . Beverly Hills & Santa Monica

Meeting Rocco: An Intimate Dinner, Wine Tasting & Small Bite Pairing

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills: An L.A. Specialty Store at Its Finest

The LA “Street Food” Scene: Chasing Gourmet Food Trucks & the Most Unbelievable Italian Gelato Ever

Morning in LA: Celebrity Treatment & Giant Sized Pancakes @ Griddle Cafe. Then: Exploring an LA Institution: The Original Farmers Market