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Beginners Guide to Tetherbot – Step by Step Tutorial with pics

Want to use your T-mobile G1 phone as a dial up modem for your laptop so you can surf the web using your laptop via your G1’s internet connection? (whew, think I added enough keywords to that sentence??)

Graham Stewart wrote this great app and tutorial on his site, but it’s a little technical. Here’s a beginners guide, with pictures, for folks like me who need things spelled out for them. :) Click any image to view a larger version.

I have tested this on Windows XP and Vista and it works on both.

Set Up

Download tetherbot.apk and and save them to your desktop.

Unzip and put the tetherbot.apk file in the adbwin folder.

tetherbot tutorial

Download the driver ZIP file ( and unzip it.

On your T-Mobile G1, go to the home screen, press MENU, select Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging.

Connect your Android device via USB. When the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, you’ll be asked if you’d like Windows Update to search for software, select No, not this time and click Next.

Select Install from a list or specified location and click Next.

Select Search for the best driver in these locations. Browse and select the unzipped file.

Click Finish.


On your computer, go to Start > Run and type in cmd

Click OK and a command prompt will come up. You will need to browse to your desktop where the adbwin folder is located. If the adbwin folder is on your desktop, you will probably only have to type the following to get there:

cd desktop

cd adbwin

tetherbot tutorial

Once you are in the adbwin folder, type: adb install tetherbot.apk

Then hit enter. This will install the tetherbot application on your phone.


If you do not already have firefox, get it here

Once Firefox is installed, open it and In the address bar, type in about:config

If a warning message pops up, promise to be careful it’s ok.

In the filter, type in network.proxy.socks_remote_dns

When it shows up in the list, double click on it to change the value from False to True

tetherbot tutorial

Download FoxyProxy and add it to Firefox

In Firefox, go to Tool > FoxyProxy > Options

Click on the Proxies tab

Click Add New Proxy

Under the General tab:
check: Enabled,
Proxy Name: Tetherbot
check: animate icons & Include this proxy

tetherbot tutorial

Under the Proxy Details tab:
check: Manual Proxy Configuration
Host name: localhost
Port: 1080
Check Socks proxy? and Socks v5

tetherbot tutorial

Click ok.

A warning message should appear saying “You didn’t enter and enable any white…..”. Click yes.

Get Online

This is what you will have to do every single time you want to get online. You may want to copy the following list and save it in a text file on your desktop for reference when you want to get online. Be sure to do everything in this exact order!

  1. Disable WiFi on your computer/laptop
  2. Plug your phone into your computer via the USB cable
  3. On your phone, go to the Tetherbot app and click Start Socks
  4. On your computer, go to Start > Run and type in CMD
  5. Browse to the adbwin folder
  6. Type: adb forward tcp:1080 tcp:1080
  7. Hit enter
  8. Open Firefox. Click on Tools > FoxyProxy > Use Proxy “Tetherbot for all URLs”
  9. Refresh the page and see if it worked!!

*Disclaimer* The first time I tried this, I did everything exactly like it says but it I have no idea what was wrong, but I tried it again later, doing the exact same thing, and it just magically worked. I didn’t do anything differently. Several times when I’ve been browsing using the G1 the internet connection will drop out on me for no reason. I started over from step 4 and it would start working again.

Hope this helps someone! If you have any questions, please direct them here.