The InterContinental Hotel, Times Square

April 22, 2011

Here’s where I stayed for my one, much too quick night in NYC — The InterContinental Hotel in Times Square. Located just downstairs in the lobby of the hotel was Todd English’s fabulous Ça Va restaurant and right next door was The Shake Shack. Talk about a prime location! I got a kick out of […]

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Running around NYC

April 21, 2011

Before meeting up with the Hellmann’s team on Sunday, I flew into town a little early to hang out with my sweet blogging buddy Maggy of Three Many Cooks. We treated ourselves to Sunday brunch and as many sweet treats we could fit into one short afternoon! We started with an appetizer of macarons from […]

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Meeting Bobby Flay

April 20, 2011
meeting bobby flay-18

On Monday I was in Manhattan for a snappy trip to New York, courtesy of the kind folks at Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Hellmann’s is kicking off their new “Build the Perfect Sandwich” campaign and invited a few bloggers to come be a part of the launch party and sandwich-making demo. I was delighted to attend. They […]

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Paramount Hotel, Times Square

February 4, 2011
The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Here’s where I stayed last week while I was in New York — The Paramount Hotel in Times Square. It was your typical cozy NYC hotel room (and by that I mean, on the smaller side), but the accommodations were quite nice. Loved my red carpet. It was like having my own personal formal soiree […]

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NYC Cupcakes

February 3, 2011
Best Cupcakes in NYC

Break out the yoga pants my friends, because our last day in beautiful, blizzardy NYC is all about the cupcakes! From where to find the BEST cupcake in NYC to a fun quick trick for gorgeous NYC-style frosted  cupcakes, this post covers it all. Be prepared, the following photos come with a warning label… majorly […]

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Sweet NYC

February 1, 2011

Here we are on day 2 of our NYC adventure! I was so excited to have the sweet SoCal gals Jenny and Lori join us in a completely snow-covered NYC. It started snowing early that morning. I woke up to tweets from the other girls telling me to look outside my window! Photo via Jenny […]

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New York City

January 31, 2011
New York City Winter 2011

Last week was such an incredible whirlwind of excitement. I was in snowy NYC for a two-day launch party thrown by I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, where they unveiled their new celebrity spokesperson. But more on that later! As a sometimes rather dawdling Alabama girl, I’m completely enamored with the hustle and bustle of […]

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Top of the Rock & The NYC Cupcake Challenge!

August 23, 2010

On our last day in NYC, my awesome travel buddy and snacking partner-in-crime Jenny and I headed to Top of the Rock, the observation deck at Rockefeller Center. What an incredible view of the city we had! From up here, the island looked so small.. I just love the big green rectangle of Central Park. […]

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Meeting The Pioneer Woman . . .

August 20, 2010

Saturday was an insanely crazy day in NYC! First I met Adam Gertler and won a new cell phone at the BlogHer expo. Next we had some deliciously decadent cookies from Levain Bakery. Then late Saturday afternoon I got a message on my phone saying I’d won a book from the expo. Jenny and I […]

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Eating our way through Levain Bakery, NYC

August 18, 2010

After all our fun at the BlogHer expo on Saturday morning, Jenny and I were so excited to head for the Upper West Side and sample some delicious cookies from the famous Levain Bakery. We were both surprised at its tiny, tucked away location! Hidden down a short flight of stairs, we missed it the […]

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New York City, Day 3: Unilever Pampering & BlogHer Expo

August 16, 2010

On Saturday morning (and day 3 of our NYC trip) Jenny and I headed up to the penthouse of the Royalton for the next Unilever pampering event! They had flown in red-carpet stylists from LA and set up 2 salon chairs in the penthouse where they would style our hair and make sure we were […]

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New York City, Day 2: Doughnuts, Cupcakes & Gelato Milkshakes!

August 13, 2010

Good morning, friends! This is a pic of me and Jenny bright and early on Friday morning in the hotel lobby. Our first full day in NYC! Unilever invited us to stay at the Royalton during the big blogging conference that was going on in NYC that weekend, BlogHer ’10. But Jenny and I didn’t […]

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New York City, Day 1: Rice Pudding, Bike Taxis, and Martha Stewart!

August 11, 2010

Left: Photo via Jenny After settling in at the Royalton, the first thing we wanted to do on our whirlwind, 4 day trip to NYC was eat!! :) We acted liked locals, hopped on the train, and headed down to SoHo. Thanks to the Google Maps app on my phone, we were able to navigate […]

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Checking in at the Royalton, New York!

August 10, 2010

Hey guys! I’m back! Last week Jenny and I were in New York City running around Manhattan, shopping in Time’s Square, and eating every cupcake we could get our hands on! Photos via Jenny The sweet girls at Unilever hosted us at the very beautiful Royalton Hotel for our stay. Photo via Jenny They had […]

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