Exploring the Caverns at Limrock Blowing Cave

August 8, 2013

When Kevin and I were at school in Auburn, we had two awesome friends, Melanie and Walker. In fact, Melanie plays a big role in how Kevin and I got together. She’d drag me to Auburn baseball games (in which I had no interest in anything other than the hot dogs) and somehow we’d always […]

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Walls of Jericho, Alabama

July 3, 2012

A few weeks ago Kevin and I took Miley and Howie for a hike at the Walls of Jericho trail near our house. They absolutely love to go hiking and run around on the trails! It’s so fun to watch how much they enjoy it. And we love it too. Ever year for our anniversary […]

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Weekend in Birmingham

March 29, 2012
Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa Birmingham, Alabama

For Christmas Kevin surprised me with the soundtrack to Wicked and tickets to see Wicked on Tour when they came to Alabama in March. We saw Wicked on Broadway when we were in NYC at Christmas for my birthday, and I absolutely fell in love! If you ever get the chance to see it, you […]

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Sunset in Perdido

December 1, 2011
sunset at gulf shores orange beach alabama-4

This rock wall jetty in Perdido Key has always been one of my favorite spots. As a kid when I’d come down to the beach and spend summer vacations with my grandparents, I remember coming here and climbing all over these rocks. Now coming back as an adult with my husband, we always try to […]

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Perdido Key

July 18, 2011
Perdido Key, Alabama

I am now officially obsessed with Instagram. A few weeks ago I joined the world of iPhone users and Instagram was the first app I downloaded. I fell in love with the app on this post, when I was in New Orleans with Jenny and Marla. Just look at that first photo. The way they […]

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Dismals Canyon

May 31, 2011
dismals canyon-07

It was a perfectly lovely and sunny long weekend here, and on Saturday Kev and I took a quick drive over to check out the secluded and mysterious Dismals Canyon. It’s only a few hours south of our house, but with our 9th anniversary coming up (it’s today!), we decided to make a short trip […]

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Fall scenes from our hike this weekend

November 9, 2009
Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne Alabama

We have had some *gorgeous* fall weather here lately- 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! :) We decided to take advantage of it this weekend and drove up to Ft. Payne, Alabama to do some hiking in the Little River Canyon / Desoto State Park area. This is honestly one of the […]

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