Cheese Ravioli with Five-Ingredient Homemade Brown Butter Tomato Sauce

Cheese Ravioli with Five-Ingredient Homemade Brown Butter Tomato Sauce

New recipe on Kevin & Amanda Recipes today! :) Seriously one of the most delicious, freshest, easiest pastas I’ve ever made. Homemade brown butter tomato sauce? Five ingredients? Need I say more?? :)

Click to get the recipe:

Cheese Ravioli with Five-Ingredient Homemade
Brown Butter Tomato Sauce

Enjoy!! :)

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leslie April 18, 2013 at 6:19 pm

brown butter makes everything better!!!!!!! Lovely recipe Amanda!

Helena April 20, 2013 at 8:52 pm

Just wanted to let you know and couldn’t find a comment on the pulled pork recipe.

I made the pulled pork last night. I followed your recipe to a t. The only thing I did different was let it marinate in the brine for 48 hours. There was a bit of stress with that but I had to be able to do this and be home when the pork was done. So a weekend and a Friday overnight cook was the only way I was going to get this done.

Put in the oven with a thermometer at midnight. Oven at 225 degrees went to bed got up around 9:00 a.m. checked the thermometer was reading 190 degrees so I turned off the oven and let it sit there for about an hour checked it again and it was 210 degrees. Took it out of the oven let it rest a bit and then started the pulling it pulled very nicely. I tasted it and yes it need some spice rub so I added some and toss it up and then put it the fridge.

I made a homemade oil and vinegar base dressing for coleslaw to accompany the pulled pork. I decided that the pork being sweet would need something crunchy and salty to go with it and I read some people put the slaw on top so I was going to take the big leap and go with that. I wish I had done the slaw last night so the flavour could permeate the cabbage but this was my first time not buying some already made slaw and also making oil and vinegar marinade rather than the usual creamy coleslaw. None the less in the end the critics at my house give their reviews.

My 15 year old son who is not a fan of pork but will eat it only because it is eat or starve in my house really enjoyed it. He had 4 kaisers with just mustard on the buns and slaw on the side.

My husband had 4 kaisers too but he added the slaw on top of the pork and he really enjoyed it.

Now for me I am a foodie and I absolutely am very critical of everything. I enjoyed it very much the meat was moist even after re=heating ever so slightly in the microwave. I enjoyed the taste and texture but with having it on kaisers my husband’s pick, I would have preferred less bun and some sauce with it. The coleslaw gave it a nice crunch and if let to marinate longer I believe it would have been a big winner for me.

Not sure what kind of sauce will have to review the options. I had quite a bit of drippings in my pan it did not get dry so I may want to add that to the pork or even use and make some kind of sauce but just not sure what the main flavour will be spicy, or creamy or savoury. I will get back to you.

The rub ingredients are great. At first the cumin was a bit overpowering in smell but it mellowed out after a few days in my freezer. I would keep your rub mix as is just increase the salt and the garlic as we like garlic a lot. I may also decrease the brown sugar a bit to.

Thank You for a really easy and fun and tasty recipe.

Your friend in Canada

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