Baseball & Dating

March 29, 2010

The weather has been beautiful this past week- I’ve just wanted to stay outside all day. The dogs love it (they whine at my feet until I take them out and toss the ball), and the yard sure could use my help. I’m looking forward to planting a garden again this year. Last year I […]

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How Do You Know When Spring Is Coming?

March 8, 2010

When… Every day… For the past week… I open the back door… and find THIS waiting for me. It starts out innocently enough… I let Miley & Howie out for their morning bathroom break and backyard patrol. They make the rounds, thoroughly inspecting every square inch of the yard until they’ve made sure no unauthorized […]

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I may be crazy . . .

March 4, 2010

Or easily amused… But seeing this little stack- my favorite jeans, khakis, cords & cargos… All washed, folded and ready to wear… gives me a little thrill. I keep them all folded and stacked just like this in my closet. ♥ Did you know that for most of high school and all of college… I […]

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Southern Sunny Weekend

February 22, 2010

Last weekend it snowed on Valentine’s Day. This weekend the weather was sunny and gorgeous. On Sunday the high was 68 degrees. I broke out my summer cargo pants and we took Miley and Howie to the nature trail for an afternoon hike. The nature trail is always fun- there’s a huge lake with ducks […]

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Wonderful Weekend

February 20, 2010

Last Saturday, I remember… Getting up at the crack of dawn. Taking a drive. Seeing the snow- beautiful. Morning shopping at the Summit. Being showered with festive Valentine’s cookies, cupcakes and treats in all the stores- just for shopping. Lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory. Yummy, yummy cheesecake. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Mouseover […]

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. . . winter colors . . .

January 13, 2010

I’ve been so drawn to this colorful palette lately. It started with another scarf, of course. They remind me of late winter… …transitioning into spring. … Do you have a favorite color scheme right now? This is a fun place to play. Share yours with me! ♥

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Snowed In / Catching Up . . .

January 7, 2010
snow tree branches bird's nest collage

It’s snowing here today- actual snow! And it’s sticking! Which it almost never does. I *love* the snow. I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed all the time. But then again, I don’t live where it snows all the time. If you live where it snows all the time, do you hate the snow? […]

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Birthday Stuff :)

December 14, 2009

Okay, So….. my actual birth “day” was over a week ago- but around here, I try to drag it out as long as possible! ;) A “birthday week” if you will! :) December 3rd – Birthday week has officially begun! ;) Kevin got me these earrings and a leather jacket. And Love Actually and It’s […]

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Fall scenes from our hike this weekend

November 9, 2009
Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne Alabama

We have had some *gorgeous* fall weather here lately- 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! :) We decided to take advantage of it this weekend and drove up to Ft. Payne, Alabama to do some hiking in the Little River Canyon / Desoto State Park area. This is honestly one of the […]

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Stepping into the 21st century . . .

October 26, 2009

One day a couple of weeks ago, Kevin came home from work and said, “Well! I found a car for you!” Let me back up. It has been “All SUV, All the Time” talk over here lately! Every time we go out, Kevin points out all the SUVs we pass, telling me about the features, […]

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Going bananas . . .

September 14, 2009
Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting

Remember the magnificent peanut butter frosting from this cake? Yeah, I thought you did :D From the first time I taste-tested that delicious, whipped peanut butter frosting, I knew I’d be making it again. And again. And again. It was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, and honestly… I thought the peanut […]

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Labor Day Weekend

September 8, 2009
kevinandamanda auburn football

We had a really fun Labor Day weekend. Three-day weekends are such a treat, and we tried to make the most of this one by fitting in as many activities as possible! :) Saturday was the first Auburn football game of the season, so on Friday after lunch we loaded up and headed straight for […]

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September 2, 2009

It’s a doodle font update explosion!! It was about time for a new font update, and this update is DOODLECENTRIC!! :) There are 9 new doodle fonts, just posted today, along with 8 more of the cutest handwriting fonts ever! :) Check them all out on the new Fonts for Peas blog! Another feature that’s […]

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Birthday Bliss . . .

August 25, 2009

Kevin is *31* today. Happy Birthday, baby! :) Kevin *loves* peanut butter cups. You know, peanut butter on the inside, chocolate on the outside? Of course you do! :) Heck, pretty much anything peanut butter & chocolate, he loves it. Awhile back, I got a comment on my best chocolate cake (ever!) recipe- someone had […]

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Where the four hundred live . . .

June 8, 2009
Hampton Cove

There’s going to be a giveaway at the end of this post. But first let me show you this beautiful garden we visited this weekend. On our way to a wedding, we drove past this neighborhood and it had this gorgeous garden and waterfall right at the entrance. These colorful flowers lined a walking path […]

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Weekend getaway in the mountains . . .

June 4, 2009

We’re back! :) Last weekend we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and spent the weekend tucked away in a cozy cabin in Helen, Geogia. The town of Helen is the re-creation of a German alpine village- complete with cobblestone alleys, quaint village shoppes, authentic bakeries and restaurants, and old-world towers. Its quiet location on the […]

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Just some new pics to share. . .

April 5, 2009
boston terrier puppies

Look at this tired puppy! Spring is my favorite time of year with Miley and Howie. They are so used to the cold winter air, and so lazy from practically hibernating all winter, that when the slightest warmth of spring comes around, they get sooo tired sooooo much faster after playing outside!! :) Since it’s […]

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Our First Date. . .

March 25, 2009

Was 8 years ago this past Sunday. March 22. It’s so hard to believe it’s been 8 years already! This is what we looked like back then: And now that we’ve all growed up! :) Just to mix things up, I tried to take the pic in a different part of the house this week. […]

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My Newest Obsession. . .

March 19, 2009
Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

I have only two words. Iced. Mocha. Oh man. I love coffee, but I especially love mochas. Now that I’ve learned how to make them at home… oh man. My waistline is going to be very, very sorry. My tastebuds, on the other hand, are throwing a party and planning a parade in my honor […]

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New pics! New Recipe!

March 17, 2009

Hey, just wanted to share a new pic from this weekend. :) I feel like I just haven’t been taking a whole lot of pics of us lately, so I’ve been trying to take one on Sunday afternoons before night church recently. Yes, I know, you probably recognize this background from the last pic. ;) […]

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