Sony Point and Shoot Camera Review

November 19, 2014
Sample photos taken with Sony DSC RX100M III. Currently the best point and shoot camera on the market. Incredible background blur!!

If you’re looking for a point & shoot camera that takes AWESOME pictures (like a DSLR) but is as small and portable as your phone, let me show you some pictures I’ve been getting with the Sony DSC RX100M III. Here’s what I love about this little camera. It’s got great focal length — you can zoom in really […]

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What’s New

February 27, 2014

1. For Valentine’s Day Kevin made me Red Velvet Cookie Dough Pies. They were so, so, so good, I am still dreaming about them. We found the most adorable heart-shaped pie press at Target, and he used it to cut out the dough and make the pies. He combined two Picky Palate recipes: Hot Little […]

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Snow Day!

February 18, 2014

Last week we had an unexpected snow day!   When we woke up on Thursday morning, everything was covered in snow and icicles.   The whole neighborhood was a winter wonderland!   I love it when Kevin gets an unexpected day off from work. :)   Even if he throws snowballs at me!   Score! […]

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The Agony of Taking a Self Portrait

July 5, 2013
The Agony of Taking a Self Portrait

A few days ago I wanted to take a picture to show you guys my new mustache scarf. I seriously heart it. No one was home, and I when I upgraded to the Canon 7D (uh, like, three years ago), I never got around to getting a new remote. Which, I don’t know why, because […]

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Black and White

April 26, 2013

El Matador Beach on my very first trip to LA in 2010. I’m working on a gallery wall for our new house and decided our frames needed some serious photo updating! I selected a few of my favorite prints taken over the past few years from this wild ride blogging has taken me on. Each […]

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Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

April 1, 2013

  I took this series of splashing fruit photos years ago when I got my first DSLR camera. I used Bazzill scrapbook paper as the background, borrowed a friends wine glasses, and set up on our back porch with a tripod and a pitcher of water while Kevin dropped fruit over and over. He swears […]

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Hello Monday

February 18, 2013
Don't forget to be awesome.

Happy Presidents Day! Do you have the day off? Kevin and my parents are back home in Alabama after an amazing week at Deer Valley, but I am staying here in Utah for another week hanging out with Maria! You can see what kind of trouble we’ve already gotten into on Instagram. :) She’s got […]

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The Boardwalk at Night

September 14, 2012

This is the boardwalk at Pensacola Beach. A few weekends ago over Labor Day, Kevin took me here to watch the sunset, dangle our feet over the pier, and walk on the beach under the blue moon. I brought my camera of course, but when we got there, I realized I’d forgotten my tripod, which […]

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My Favorite Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

August 16, 2012
Best Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

I love taking photos with my camera phone. While it’ll never take the place of my big camera, it’s great for those times when I don’t have my big camera with me, or when I want to share a photo instantly. I love that I can snap, edit, and upload a photo to share with […]

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Why I Love My Camera Strap

August 9, 2012

This is my camera strap. When I’m walking around and sight-seeing, carrying my camera around all day, and want to have my camera very easily accessible to snap photos whenever I need to, but also carry it comfortably for extended periods of time, this is how I prefer to do it. With this crossbody, padded, […]

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Alabama Cotton

November 3, 2011
Alabama Cotton Fields

Yesterday I drove past this cotton field. This time of year in Alabama, I can’t leave the house without driving past giant fields of white, fluffy cotton. It’s everywhere. Big fields. Little fields. By gas stations. Between houses. When the sun is high, and the fields are vast, the cotton in the distance just glitters, […]

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Why I Love My Camera Bag

July 12, 2011

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great week. Thank you all so much for participating in the LG double oven giveaway this weekend. The winner is being verified and will be posted shortly! This is my camera bag. It’s a sturdy little backpack, and it’s what I use to carry all my gear around. It’s […]

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A friendship, in verse.

November 8, 2010

I have a friend. His name is Stewy. He makes me red beans & rice after I have surgery. To sum up, basically, I annoy and bother- Stewy! I screech. Take off your sunglasses! Sigh, says Stewy. But he obeys. We’re all happier that way… I am a bossy friend. The end.

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Five Things . . .

July 12, 2010

…colorful thread… I love this drawer. It sits innocently next to me by the computer as I edit pictures and posts. I keep measuring tape in there and for some reason I can’t explain, I use measuring tape 62 times a day. Rows of rainbow thread give me a sweet surprise when I open it. […]

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Welcome to LA! Arriving at Thompson Beverly Hills, Crashing the Red Carpet, & a PJ Party with the girls!

May 17, 2010

I’m back from LA! Last week Bertolli sent me (and one of my lovely readers!) on an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to experience an unforgettable culinary tour of the city and meet celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. Everything happened so quickly- Bertolli asked me on a Monday if I was interested in participating, and […]

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Paint Rock River

May 12, 2010

*I’m in L.A. this week with Rocco DiSpirito at the Bertolli event, but just so you don’t miss me while I’m away, here are some pics of our kayaking float down the Paint Rock River last week! This is a local corn field that had flooded – it was so deep we were able to […]

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Dogs & Baseball

May 7, 2010

This past weekend was the Atlanta Braves’ annual Bark in the Park Day. They have a couple special games a year where you can bring your pup along with you to experience a major league baseball game. Miley and Howie remember all the fun they had last year and are very excited for the game.  […]

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Peaceful Afternoon

April 27, 2010

I am loving Kevin’s new work schedule… …every other Friday off! Last week we took full advantage and headed down to the Flint River for a relaxing 8 mile float. This was Kevin & Miley’s first kayaking trip… I think Miley enjoyed soaking up the fresh air & sunshine… while everyone else paddled around her! […]

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Kayaking, Part 2

April 20, 2010

We had so much fun kayaking, we decided to go again the next day! This time we brought the dogs along for the fun. :) We paddled the Flint River, which is conveniently located right by our house… Oh, Howie! No matter where we go, you always find the mud puddles. While we were setting […]

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Afternoon at the Lake, Part 1

April 19, 2010

Last week I spent a gorgeous afternoon at the lake with some friends. We had a grand time on the water with our feet kicked back, sunbathing, and catching up… And kayaking! :) Besides our honeymoon, I hadn’t been kayaking since my days at summer camp! We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon […]

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