Amanda Kay Green & Kevin Lance Bottoms

May 31, 2002

Kevin and Amanda :)

HOW THEY MET: Every Sunday night after church, our college group would always go out to eat. One night they all decided to go to Arby's. But I didn't like Arby's. I was in the mood for pizza that night. :) But I wanted to hang out with everyone, so I went anyway. When I arrived, a few of my friends were standing outside in the parking lot talking. Kevin happened to be standing with them. They were talking about the movie Good Will Hunting. I mentioned that I had never seen it, and they all started to say how great it was and that I should see it. So I said they should all come over to my house and we could order a pizza and rent the movie! :) So they all came, and since Kevin was standing with them, he came too, and that's how we met. :) After we started dating, I found out that Kevin's favorite restaurant is Arby's and he HATES the movie Good Will Hunting, but he came that night because he thought I was pretty. :)


Their engagement was announced on July 29, 2001.

HOW THEY GOT ENGAGED: I always looked at bridal magazines before Kevin and I got engaged, just for the fun of it. In the magazines, I saw the most beautiful Scott Kay Platinum ring. Unfortunately, no store in Auburn carried it, so I was unable to see it in person. One day I was shopping for wedding jewelry with my friend who had just gotten engaged, and I saw a ring almost exactly like the one in the magazines. I immediately fell in love with it. A couple of weeks later, Kevin and I spent the day in Birmingham, and we went into a jewelry store that sold the Scott Kay ring so I could see it in person for the first time. After looking at it and trying it on, I said , "I like it, but you know, I think I liked the one I saw in Auburn better." That night Kevin proposed with the ring I'd seen at the store in Auburn. :)

Their wedding date is set for May 31, 2002. Their wedding will take place at Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, AL. Their reception will be held at Keisel Park.


The Bride's Attendants

Adrienne Steading - Maid of Honor
Cousin of Bride

Mandi Brue - Bridesmaid
Friend of Bride

Laura King - Bridesmaid
Friend of Bride

Rebekah Pugh - Bridesmaid
Friend of Bride

Meagan Rogers - Flower Girl
Friend of Bride

The Groom's Attendants

Ryan Bottoms - Best Man
Brother of Groom

Jeff Jerkins - Groomsman
Cousin of Groom

Chris Peters - Groomsman
Friend of Groom

Jason Sims - Groomsman
Friend of Groom

Andrew King - Ring Bearer
Friend of Bride

Wedding Pictures

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