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The story behind the beautiful envelope on the page is kind of a long one, but I'd like to share it. I saw this envelope online at a scrapbooking website and absolutely fell in love with it. I thought a "Love Letters" page would make the perfect last page for our scrapbook, and it would give me the perfect place to keep all of the cards and notes Kevin sent me while we were dating. Previously I had just been keeping them in an overflowing box on my dresser. :) I wanted to use the exact same envelope as the one I saw, but I had no idea (nor the materials) to make it. So I emailed the girl who made it, and asked her if she would be interested in making another one to sell to me. She refused, saying there was no way she'd let me pay for it, she would just send it to me for free!!! I couldn't believe it! I told her she had to at least let me pay for supplies, and especially shipping, since she lived in Australia!!! Again, she would not let me pay her a dime. About 2 weeks later (after stalking the postman every day) my envelope arrived. Not only was it more beautiful in real life, she had also sent me 4 tags that she made to match the envelope "just in case" I needed them or wanted to use them for journaling. She also handmade this beautiful card and wrote me the sweetest note. All this from someone I didn't even know! She went above and beyond anything I could've ever dreamed of. It was just really encouraging to me to know that, after dealing with rude drivers, shoppers and salespeople all day, I could come home and know that there are still good people out there, the kind of people who care about others and are kind to strangers and will help people in any way they can. She has encouraged me to do the same, and I'm looking forward to my opportunity to "Pay It Forward". :) So thank you, my fellow scrapbooker, and new friend. :)

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