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May 31, 2002

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The Bride and Groom :)
Amanda Kay Green and Kevin Lance Bottoms

The Bride :)

The Groom
Doesn't he just look like a little model? ;)

Amanda and Adrienne
The Maid of Honor ~ Cousin of the Bride

Kevin and Ryan
The Best Man ~ Brother of the Groom

Ryan, Kevin, Amanda, and Adrienne

Ryan, Andrew, Kevin, Amanda, Adrienne, and Meagan

Andrew, Kevin, Amanda, Meagan

Amanda and Meagan :)
The Flower Girl ~ Friend of the Bride

Meagan, Amanda, and Andrew

Kevin and Andrew
The Ring Bearer ~ Friend of the Bride

The Groom's Attendants
Chris, Jason, Kevin, Andrew, Ryan, and Jeff

The Groom's Attendants
Jason, Kevin, Chris, Ryan, Jeff, and Andrew

The Groom's Attendants
Chris Olds, Chris Peters, Jason Sims, Kevin Bottoms, Andrew King, Ryan Bottoms, Jeff Jerkins, and Stewart Grace

The Bride's Attendants :)
Laura, Rebekah, Meagan, Amanda, Adrienne, and Mandi

Amanda with the guys ;)
Chris Olds, Chris Peters, Jason, Andrew, Amanda, Ryan, Jeff, and Stewart

Kevin with the chicks :-P
Look closely, he's grinning more in this picture than he is with all the ones of me!!! ;)
Rebekah, Adrienne, Kevin, Mandi, and Laura :)

Kevin, Amanda, and Greer Milam ~ Long-time friend and officiating pastor of the wedding :)

Kevin, Amanda, and Ben Fowler~ Piano Soloist at ceremony. Also a long-time friend ;)

Amanda with parents :)

Amanda and Mom

Amanda and Dad :)

Amanda with grandparents ~ James and Helen Green

Kevin with parents ~ Terri and Larry Bottoms

Kevin with Mom

Kevin and family
Larry, Terri, Kevin, and Ryan :)

Kevin and Amanda with Amanda's Parents

Kevin and Amanda with Amanda's Family
Aunt Jane, Adrienne, Paw Paw and Granny, Kevin and Amanda, and Don and Judy Green

Kevin and Amanda with Kevin's Family
Ryan, Kevin, Amanda, Terri, and Larry

Kevin and Amanda with both sets of parents

The Wedding Party :)
Jason, Rebekah, Chris Peters, Mandi, Andrew, Ryan, Kevin, Greer, Amanda, Adrienne, Meagan, Jeff, Laura, Chris Olds, and Stewart Grace

Adrienne putting on Amanda's lipstick :)

Kevin and Ryan hoping this thing with hurry up and get started ;)

Amanda and Meagan :)

A rainbow on our wedding day ... :)
Laura, Amanda, and Adrienne

Amanda and attendants with the rainbow in the background :)
Mandi, Laura, Meagan, Amanda, Adrienne, and Rebekah

Andrew's making sure he knows exactly how he's supposed to walk down the aisle ;)

Amanda and Stewart, her "really hot, *single* usher" ... *ahem*

The Bride's Attendant's fixing Amanda's dress :)

It's Almost Time ... :)

Lighting the Unity Candle
"From This Moment On" - Shania Twain, sung by Laura King and Kevin Webb :)

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lance Bottoms
Probably my favorite picture :)

Aww, aren't we so cute :)

Lakeview Baptist Church

Amanda's rings :)

Kevin and Amanda's Dad, shaking on the deal, I guess ;)

Kevin and Amanda in front of the reception site - The Nunn Winston House at Keisel Park

The Bride's Cake

Kevin and Amanda behind the Bride's Cake

Kevin and Amanda feeding each other the Bride's Cake

It's sparkling white grape juice ;)

The Groom's Cake
Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park ~ The Auburn University Baseball Field

Kevin and Amanda cutting the Groom's Cake :)

Our First Dance :) "I Need You" - Lee Ann Rimes

Kevin and Amanda dance with their parents :)

Kevin and Amanda :)

The Electric Slide? :)

Meagan dancing with her grandfather :)

The Garter Toss :)

Look how bendy Kevin is!! You would think he was doing the limbo or something. ;)

The Bouquet Toss :)

Kevin and Amanda with Chris Peters and Casey Cooper, lucky catchers of the garter and bouquet... ;)

Time to go! ... finally ;)

The Limo ;)

Bye! :)

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Professional Photography by Jack Bentley of Infinity Photographers in Auburn, Alabama

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