{ New House Tour } Foyer Makeover

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

So, I am a bad, bad home decor blogger. I never take “Before” pictures! I promise I’ll try and get better about that as I show you more rooms in the new house. But for now, I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve done with the foyer so far! :) If you’re wondering about where we got anything in these photos, I will put everything I know in a Source List down at the bottom of this post. :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

When Kevin and I moved into our new house, I didn’t want to bring any of our old furniture with us. All of it was at least 10 years old and most of it was hand-me-downs from when we were newlyweds and just starting out. It was time for a change. We kept a few pieces (like our bedroom suite and of course my scrapbook desk! :)) but mostly we are starting from scratch again. So it might be a long, slow process making over each room in the new house, but you can be sure I will keep you updated with each new room! :)


Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

And we are slowly making progress! I’ve got one room down, after all. :) Of course I started with the smallest room in the house, lol! Here’s what our old foyer looked like by the way. It totally cracks me up that this post was SO OBVIOUSLY written before Pinterest, lol! :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

I really couldn’t tell you why I have a random set of antique keys hanging on my door, lol. There was already a hook in the door when we moved in, and I had picked up these antique keys one day and loved them, so I just hung them on the door until I could figure out what I wanted to do with them, and they just kind of stuck. :) I might change it out for a wooden monogram like this one day, or do something like that on the outside of my front door. :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

We didn’t do too much to change the foyer from it’s original state when we moved in. We swapped out the chandelier from a really boring boob light — Sorry I said boob — But that’s really what they look like! And one thing we did have to do was move the light switch. The light switches in the house are in the oddest places. I don’t know what our builder was thinking, lol! I predict this will not be the only light switch we have to move. This one was centered on the middle of the wall, and kind of right at eye level (okay, maybe a little lower) so there was really no way you could hang anything on this wall without moving it. Especially not a full length mirror. But even if we were to go with a smaller mirror, hanging anything above the light switch would’ve been too high — it would’ve looked odd, and I wouldn’t have been able to see myself in the mirror! So anyway, we moved it, and we also added a fourth switch that controls the lamp. And it’s much easier to reach now. I love it!

By the way, do you think I need to center this rug in the space, or in front of the door? It’s centered in front of the door now. But this angle is making me second guess myself, lol!

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

And I just have to give a huge shoutout to my sweet Dad. He comes up on the weekends and helps us out with all our home makeover projects. (Like moving the light switch, hanging the mirror, and hanging the chandelier) This room (okay, every room in our new house, lol!) would not be possible without him! :)

Thanks so much for looking! If you’re wondering about anything in these photos, I’ll put everything I know in the source list below. Let me know if I left something out! :)

{ Source List }

Mirror — Diamante Leaner Mirror from Ballard Designs
Table — Stanley Furniture Gaiola Fortuna Table
Lamp — Home Goods
Vintage suitcases (bottom 4) — Hunt and Found on Etsy. She gets new ones in all the time!
Small box on top of suitcases — Hobby Lobby
Arrow clock — Pier One
Rug — Scroll Tile Rug in Mocha from Pottery Barn
Chandelier — Bellora Chandelier from Pottery Barn
Antique Keys — TJ Maxx
Paint Color — Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe

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